Foote comments on Sunday’s loss

Posted by Chrissie Wywrot on September 21, 2009 – 10:06 pm

In his first year with the Detroit Lions, linebacker Larry Foote is showing his leadership abilities both on and off the field. Despite a pair of losses, Foote has turned in two strong performances; at New Orleans and against Minnesota.

Regarding what the team could do different regarding Sunday’s loss to Minnesota, Foote simply said, “Get the win. When you win, your little mistakes don’t mean (anything). The coaches might even overlook it, but when you lose, those mistakes remind them of (your mistakes).”

Coming from a Super Bowl winner to his hometown of Detroit, eyes have been on Foote to see how he would react if adversity were to hit.

Foote: “The main thing is: you can control your attitude. You can’t control what happened last year or you can’t control what happened Sunday. But Wednesday when we get out there and practice, my job is to just be upbeat, be positive and be encouraging to the other guys.

“But we’ve got to win. We’ve got to get a ‘W’ around here. Confidence builds by winning, not by talking, and going out and practicing. Confidence builds by closing games and winning on the road and beating good teams.”

Foote’s take on the team? The locker room is positive and upbeat to continue the season.

Foote: “We see the positives and we also see the negative things, but we can handle the negative things, we can control it. It’s a lot of mental stuff, and that’s the good thing as a football team – you can see a lot of our breakdowns are mental.”

As far as what those negatives are, Foote says the New Orleans game saw the majority of the negatives this season. He says, “When we’re on our stuff and doing the right thing we can being a good team.”

As far as the positives, Foote says:

“Defensively, we play hard. When you’re studying opposing offenses you can see their defense and sometimes around the league teams don’t play hard. I can’t say that about us because we do fly to the ball and in the long run that’s going to pay off.”

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5 Responses to “Foote comments on Sunday’s loss”

  1. By Kuvon Tucker on Sep 24, 2009 | Reply

    Whats up doe Foote.Great game I know you will bring Detroit Lions a Championship.If you get my story (PAY IT FORWARD!)

  2. By R. Ramirez (Texas) on Sep 25, 2009 | Reply

    whats up Larry Foote! Much love on the move to Detroit! I would have done the same thing to help out my hometown team win games!! appreciate that man, watched you play for Pittsburgh..glad you came to help the Defense in the D much respect! That was a honorable move right there. I know you all are playing hard! Its noticeable, it just hasn’t gone our way..keep fighting and working hard..This is the best defense for me in my history as a lions fan! GET ‘EM LIONS!!!!!!

  3. By Amari Miranda on Sep 28, 2009 | Reply

    Hi my name is Amari I am 11 years old and I just wanted to leave a comment for Foote! I play in the northern youth football league for the Lapeer Steelers, my position is defensive tackle and I love it!! Sometimes Coach makes me play offensive guard to cuz I’m kinda big for my age he says and I can keep em off our QB but anyway I just wanted to say that I read your blogs all the time hoping to get that extra info or insight to be a better defensive player AND because you give great advice on staying positive even when you lose real bad…like us we lost every game last season and every game until Saturday!!! AND guess what? My Mom and Dad got tickets for Sunday and we came to watch Defense ROCK Ford Field. I watched defense hold them redskins back and I hope you guys aren’t real banged up cuz I KNOW DEFENSIVE LINE WAS PUTTING IN WORK!! After such a long time losing I was happy to win my own game you know but after watching Lions vs. Redskins I realized how important my position was on defense and that defeat, losing streaks are all MENTAL!! I WAS ON TOP OF THE WORLD after watching that win and defense really HOLDING IT DOWN!! I’m no football expert u know – maybe one day but that defense had my heart coming out my chest in the last quarter!!!! Putting in hard work pays off !!! Staying positive, believing in yourself and all those things you talk about really mean something to me. I been following you for a long time cuz u really are an amazing athlete. I wish u all the best and I believe the recent win belongs to THE LIONS DEFENSIVE LINE!!!!!

  4. By Greg M on Oct 5, 2009 | Reply

    I’m not going to criticise the effort of the team, it’s obvious that there is enough of that going on. I couldn’t watch the game as I was volunteering at the Palace today.
    Instead I looked at the play by play instead of listening to the bashers. What I saw was indicitive of the score easily could have been a much closer affair. Please investigate the black and white play by play and really truely ask yourself. If I had a real job would I get a chance to blow it in front of my boss by creating multiple infractions on the job? The answer should be no.If the average NFL player only gets to play between 3-7 years then you guys every Sunday should be getting on each others cases about the mistakes now because in the real world on the job you would be told to pack your bags and get out now.The return game on the road isn’t helping with field position as you have created a huge headache for the offense and deffense but in hostile territory it’s not always as easy as we think now is it? I will say this much though that Jason Hanson while he is the man I respect the most on this team is having a difficult time in keeping the ball high enough to allow our team to be effective on your containment team.See the stats not just the big run back. Looks like averages around 20-28 yrds per run back.Sad
    Although these are things that can be corrected… it’s up to the players and not the coaches to make these changes happen. Take Pride in being able to go to a teamate on your own and help them at every chance you can and become a brotherhood.This is the example you should leave on the field for those who really work their tails off for years at a time and take their own hard earned dollars to pay for your salaries… not the guys who sign the paychecks.

  5. By Detroit Lions #1 on May 3, 2012 | Reply

    I thought Larry Foote would have been alote better for us, coming “home” and all… But it didn’t turn out that way.

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