Lions Prepare for Rival Bears

Posted by Tara Altman on September 30, 2009 – 9:52 pm

One of the contributing factors to the Lions victory on Sunday was the running game which produced 154 yards on 36 carries.

Of those rushing yards, running back Kevin Smith produced 101, marking his third career 100-yard rushing game.

Smith, who left the game in the third quarter after suffering a shoulder injury, has been a crucial part of the Lions offense by not only gaining yardage on the ground, but also creating opportunity in the passing game.

Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan on the disappointment of Smith’s injury: “Well, injuries are part of it. It’s always disappointing when you lose players for whatever reason, but injuries – that’s part of the game that you’ve got to deal with. It’s another person’s opportunity to come in and make a key play like Maurice (Morris) did on the touchdown and that’s why you have a full team.  Kevin will get back; you’ve just got to handle that … that’s some of the adversity that’s going to happen in games and in-season that you’ve got to deal with – it’s part of the game.”

This week the Lions prepare to head to Soldier Field to face the rival Chicago Bears, which will be another big challenge for the offense in protecting the passer and running the ball.

Linehan: “Well, they’re playing great defensive football. It seems like every week we turn around and we’re playing one of the best defenses in the league. They’re playing extremely well. They’re playing exactly how they’re built, getting teams in tough situations, and letting their athletes run around. They’ve got 11 guys flying to the ball; very athletic and fast defense that creates some real match-up problems for you.

“We’ve got to sustain a lot of things both on the ground and through the air. Stay on the field; keep drives alive and stay out of unfavorable down and distance situations because these guys can flat-out get to the quarterback.”

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  1. By cmonroe on Sep 30, 2009 | Reply

    you want motivation for this weeks game read the blog from chicago tribune
    writer steve rosenbloom called rosenblog. see the way he talks of the lions.
    he made me so mad reading it i want to put the pads on myself. let all of the players read it if that don’t fire you up nothing will.

  2. By don on Oct 1, 2009 | Reply

    Well hello MY LIONS TEAM.OUR LIONS TEAM! DETROIT’S LIONS TEAM!Well Bryant Johnson Last weak looked a lot better in the catching dept. And I hope that it gets better and better and I believe it will because I know you have it in you! This week these Bears got you figured out though! So the Scheme should change up some.Northcutt your the man that should do more catching this week and the Tight ends. The bears have the Johnson and johnson thing maped out! So weve realy got to get the running game going and start using some other men at catching the ball.
    The bears arent going to let that one work out if they can stop it!
    Mathew I love the aggresivness and want it to continue! However when you hit the RED ZONE and your trying to put it in there sometimes you might want to try and lob it into your WR’s like I have watched you do in GEORGIA! So I know you know how to get it there! And I don’t mean every pass into the endzone but some just need that little lob over the defenders and into the arms of our WR’s.Try that agressive soft touch when your in the red zone sometimes.
    YOU know when it is called for.
    Defence,WELL be ready for everything. They are going to Run and pass and I havent gotten to watch thier games so you know more than I do!
    BUT,I would really be trying to rip that ball out of thier hands and try to get as many interceptions as possible.
    And remember to HOLD onto the ball Offence RB’s and make that catch WR’s because you want to remember that Marinelli loves to get those turnovers!
    Thats his thing! Create Turnovers! So watch how you carry that ball!
    All in all I believe that we can win this game However you have to keep your head in the game at all times this weak. Lovie and Mrainelli work well together much like Schwartz and Gunther.
    Now I know that you,we,us the LIONS believe that we won this game allready right!
    We can win this game and any game we get into!
    The whole Game all the way through till the end.
    PLay them all.
    And NO matter what happens even if we have the lead and lose it we can get it back.Everytime we score we have to take it back and score again every time they score we have to score right back. And I mean Right back! NOW!
    I believe that we can win the division. That Means that we can win against anyone in this division!
    WE can make up the Minnasota game next time we meat them ! But,for now we take down the bears!
    Isn’t winning so much NICER!

  3. By don on Oct 1, 2009 | Reply

    OH P.S. I know you don’t need my advise!
    And there are Three great coaches on this TEAM with a dozen more great coaches behind them.
    However it sure feels nice when I think that my little two cents matters weather it does or not!
    anyways GO KICK some bear Behind!
    And in the wild if you took a LION and a bear and put them to the fight the LION would win!
    So LETS do what the LIONS would do!

  4. By don on Oct 2, 2009 | Reply

    Bryant Johnson I am done giving you guff. You did great last week! Let’s keep it up! I know that both Johnson and Johnson can go up and pick that ball out of the air and hang onto it in the mid section!
    All I was getting at anyway is that I know you have that hustle in you to go get that BALL! So go get it every sunday and Lets win these GAMES!
    WE WAnt to BEAT the BEARS and I KNOW WE CAN!
    And Let’s shut up that Rosie cheeks guy! or rosenblunder or whatever his name is.

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