Peterson Named Pro Bowl Alternate

Posted by Chrissie Wywrot on December 30, 2009 – 9:20 pm

Head Coach Jim Schwartz announced after Wednesday’s practice that veteran linebacker Julian Peterson has been named a Pro Bowl alternate for this year’s game in Miami.

Schwartz: “We did have one alternate – Julian Peterson got voted as an alternate. A lot of times that stuff comes to light as you get closer to the Pro Bowl when you get injuries or people that get out of the game for certain reasons. Julian has been there before and has had a good season for us.”

Peterson is currently tied for a team-leading 4.5 sacks and has four forced fumbles and two recoveries. He also has 69 total tackles and four pass defenses.

In addition to Peterson, media in attendance asked Schwartz about rookie safety Louis Delmas and whether he was surprised he wasn’t named a Pro Bowl alternate.

Schwartz: “It’s hard for rookies. A lot of times you’re judged on interceptions and he has two, he’s dropped a couple. He’s played well, but it’s going to take a little longer to earn the respect of the whole league, not just this team and this city.”

Delmas is certainly winning over Detroit Lions’ fans, helped by his 101-yard interception return for a touchdown Week 15 against Arizona.

But, as Pro Bowl conversation circulated, Schwartz made sure he emphasized Detroit’s true objectives as an organization.

Schwartz: “That stuff will come, but that’s not our objective. We were talking about our focus being on the Bears and things like that. Our goal as a team and our goal here is not for guys to make the Pro Bowl, our goal is to win games. I’d much rather be the Cincinnati Bengals and be leading the AFC North and have no guys in the Pro Bowl than have a bunch of guys in the Pro Bowl and be out of the playoff hunt.

“In 2002 when I was with the Tennessee Titans we went to the AFC Championship Game and had zero Pro Bowlers. Worry about that stuff, don’t worry about getting recognition. Play well and we’ll get recognition. That really comes from a whole team standpoint; it’s not an individual sport.”

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12 Responses to “Peterson Named Pro Bowl Alternate”

  1. By mick on Dec 30, 2009 | Reply

    Is Suh that much better than McCoy? Their both 6’4 both 300 pounds, can stop the run and motor after the QB. Both have a solid work ethic on and off the field and would improve the defensive line on any NFL team. I remember in the past when a certain QB taken by the Raiders had an impressive bowl game that launched him to the top of the draft. On the other hand it was the Raiders who chose him. If the Rams pass up on Clausen(which I doubt)and chose Suh. Would the Lions be better off with Berry, Okung, or McCoy? Let me know what you think?

  2. By lump on Dec 31, 2009 | Reply

    congrats peterson , you deserve it. Keep up the hard work.

  3. By mohamed turfe on Dec 31, 2009 | Reply

    well mick i dont think they would be better off because suh is a great player and he can help the whole defense out. i think that sue is the best player in the draft and lions need him and dont worrk rams are taking clausen.

  4. By Drew on Dec 31, 2009 | Reply

    The Lions need all the talent they can get! they might need a running back or QB bc we dont have neither solid run or pass game, our WR are good but it dont help much if we get stuck with drew stanton, i dont want 2 keep seeing the lions go , 2 – 14 at best, it gets depressing, the defense is decent so we need need to focus more on offense in the draft first!

  5. By Brandon Inge on Dec 31, 2009 | Reply

    Don’t think Colt McCoy is 300 lbs., and have never seen him stop the run. Would be better off with Suh.

  6. By don on Dec 31, 2009 | Reply

    I just can’t seem to help Myself.
    I am very happy that Julian Peterson is going to be an alternate in the pro bowl.
    Allthough I have to say that even as bad as this TEAM ended up I still think that our LBer group was great.
    I think that they all deservered a spot at the pro Bowl. Peterson,Foote and Levy,and if Simms hadn’t been hurt so much I would be saying him also.
    BUT,I am betting that if this group stays together again for another year that simms is going to have a lot better year next year and the whole unit may be headed for the Pro Bowl LBer unit that is.
    And as far as Ramsey goes I guess if he is good then he should be here.
    I just don’t want anymore projects.
    I mean everyone deserves another chance and all.
    However I just believe that we or this TEAm Needs to pull itself up out from where it has been and Then after we have it really going then jump on the Helping hopefull projects wagon will be OK.
    I want a winner in this city! ANd not just any winner BUT,a pro FOOTBALL WINNER! THE LIONS!
    Stafford will and is a great QB! I know it! I just do!
    WE shouldn’t allow anything to get in the way of his development!
    Every Man that is a part of bringing him to this TEAM is going to be remembered for that great PICK!
    Yes, He has to Get control of when to throw the ball.
    BUT, he will. And this TEAM and these coach’s are going to teach him how to be choosy before he lets the ball go.
    Allright I will shut up. here i go again.

  7. By Chad on Dec 31, 2009 | Reply

    The Detroit Lions are an NFL football team, given that there should be less importance shed on individual players and more to attitude. They need an attitude adjustment. A winning, stubborn, and tough attitude needs to be established in order for the team to win and keep winning. Attitude and pride can fuel a team to become one and start to click. Great teams can develop NFL talent and produce great players almost annually. Every team in the league gets talented guys, but the outcome is so diverse.
    The Lions seems to always get the talent only to have it survive a few years until the next rebuilding period.
    What Detroit needs is pride and expectations that are great, and until that starts to change we are going to continue losing.
    Now, I feel that Coach Schwartz has the power and attitude to turn this franchise around.
    They brought in a great group of rookies, who have a tough attitude and drive to be great.
    Just bring in the guys, who love football and NEED to win. They are out there, but are not always the ELITE talent players so draft and interview carefully.

    Quite simply, this team needs ROLE MODELS.

  8. By Lamond Lynn on Jan 3, 2010 | Reply

    I read the newspaper earlier this week and the coaches are pleased with Backus at LT. So I would believe that they would go after Sue or McCoy. I saw both play in bowls games and I think McCoy is just as impressive as Sue. Do not rule out that the Rams might take Sue if quarterbacks doesnt rate as high on the draft board. I understand that the lions had a good draft. They made a lot of safe picks the best quarterback, tightend, etc. But they need more high picks this year. They need to take more chances. I think this because they passed on Oher and Beanie. An starting OL and RB are more important than a tightend.

  9. By Brian Risner on Jan 5, 2010 | Reply

    Everyone for the most part, has valid points. Let make one rebuttal Chad, and as I know where you are coming from about a winning attitude, you can’t wake up one morning and say, “Ok, here is our winning attitude. Make it work for us.” Speaking of attitude, I am COMPLETELY SICK OF LIONS “FANS” and the incessant desire to criticize and throw people to the wolves; especially on defense.
    –What is the common denominator when it comes to the defense as an almost exclusive rule?—–Anyone has a guess…….IT IS YOUTH!
    DLINE– Avril 23, Cohen 23, Sammie Hill 23, Fluellen 24, Hunter 26
    LB—Levy 22 Dizon 23, Foote 29, Peterson 31 Sims 25
    Sec— Delmas 22, Deangelo Smith 23, M. White 26, W James 30
    NOW ADD SUH IN THE MIDDLE, YOUR DLINE IS NOW POTENTIALLY GREAT; WHICH MEANS THE LB’s ARE FREE TO MAKE IMPACT PLAYS; WHICH MEANS THE DBs DON’T HAVE TO COVER FOR 5 SECONDS! I know we need serious help on the O’LINE, but you all have to agree, giving up 57 TD’s and 6,284 yards in a season will net you about 2 wins a year! We need to draft Suh, re-sign Foote, TRADE SIMS FOR EITHER 2 PICKS, OR A GOOD CB, and let these guys gel by having some PATIENCE, the Defense will be a strength.

  10. By brian on Jan 9, 2010 | Reply

    I really liked detroit’s strategy for the draft of ’09, continue to hope for the best. If Mayhew is making the decision making who they draft, your doing a good job. Slowly re-building but u can’t do it all in one yr.! The whole ’09 draft class I enjoyed watching on sunday even tho the lions went 2-14. There were so many players that stepped up this yr. didn’t have their heads down like last yr. I persoanlly hope to get Suh, Berry or trading down for more picks. Delmas, Berry would b nasty!!!! and then Suh is a freaking beast. I like the technique of most talented available go get him. I can’t wait to see off-season acquistions and watching the draft, hey u never know what can happen.

  11. By bookem-danno1958 on Jan 5, 2011 | Reply

    Its really to bad that Julian Peterson won’t be a Detroit Lion next season,,,,,he could really be a on-field teacher for our young people going to the PLAYOFFS!!!. But as far as DELMAS GOES, IF HE STAY OUT OF TROUBLE AND AWAY FROM HIS BROTHER, He may be as good as the Lions has ever had at his position!!! My goodness has this man have fast hands and feet!! His quickness scare QBs in the NFL, and that’s why they have already tried to stay out of DELMAS area tossing the Pigskin! I can’t wait until next season, I have been a 40 year plus fan of the Detroit Lions, lived through the highs and lows,,,,,,,,,BUT FOLKS THE HIGHS ARE COMING BACK TO DETROIT. AND THE LIONS ARE LOOKING AS A PLAYOFF TEAM FINALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS, AND ONCE THEY GO THROUGH THOSE DOORS ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, NO ONE KNOWS WHAT CAN HAPPEN WHEN A PLAYOFF TEAM GETS HOT, KNOW ONE!!!

  12. By Detroit Lions #1 on May 3, 2012 | Reply

    GO LIONS!!!!

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