Linehan Optimistic Moving Forward to 2010

Posted by Chrissie Wywrot on January 28, 2010 – 7:26 pm

Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Scott Linehan sat down with Sirius NFL Radio on Wednesday to talk about this year’s Senior Bowl quarterbacks as well as the state of the Detroit Lions offense heading into the 2010 season.

While Linehan has been working with Central Michigan QB Dan LeFevour, Oregon State QB Sean Canfield and Cincinnati QB Tony Pike from the North squad, he has also taken a look at the South squad quarterbacks in Jarrett Brown (West Virginia), Zac Robinson (Oklahoma State) and Tim Tebow (Florida).

During his interview on Sirius, Linehan was asked about tinkering with the mechanics of these players this week.

Linehan: “I think the things with what people are saying about Tim or Tony – those guys are going to get better at it because they’re great athletes and they’re great competitors. They understand that there are certain things that they’ve got to improve on that maybe they haven’t been working on to this point because of a different type of system or something like that.

“But you start with the fact that they’re winners and they’re great players and they win a lot of football games – that’s the fun part is getting them better at some of the fine points in their game.”

In addition to the college players Linehan is working with this week, he was asked about Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and his development throughout the 2009 season.

Linehan: “I was real proud of Matt his year. This only disappointing part about his season was the injuries. We’ve got to get that in the past and keep him upright and do those things. Somebody asked me the other day the question about rookies coming into the locker room and all that, I said, ‘Certain guys get it and Matthew is one.’ He was the No. 1 pick, highly touted, highly paid, all those things, but he came in and was just one of the guys and he didn’t try to be anybody but himself. We respond to that.”

Linehan says Stafford’s ability to walk into the locker room and be “one of the guys” really showed up with his grit and toughness.

The most memorable game for Lions fans is Detroit’s win over Cleveland in which Stafford rallied the team with five touchdowns to win in the final play.

Linehan: “I think everybody knew he was, but it’s extremely off the chart. That’s the kind of guy you rally around. He drags himself up off the turf and he’ll play with anything. We basically had to shut him down – he would have kept playing, but he was really banged up. He’s got the skill set, he’s got the mindset, got the great leadership kind of aura about him. I just think he’s going to be a fantastic player.”

Also discussed was Detroit’s offense and how it will respond in 2010 after spending a year in Linehan’s system.

While Linehan says things won’t “be easy” by any stretch, the fact that the players are familiar with both him and the scheme will prove beneficial.

Linehan: “We do have a couple pieces in place that we can rally around. If we continue to build around those, improve on things that weren’t good enough, continue to build on some of the things that we’re happy with – with a young team, with a young quarterback that you believe in and a great receiver like Calvin – I think we’re only going to get better.”

Listen to Linehan’s full interview on Sirius NFL Radio

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3 Responses to “Linehan Optimistic Moving Forward to 2010”

  1. By Don on Feb 24, 2010 | Reply

    I know that most people are more concerned with the d-fensive Line and I also Know that the D-Line is a concern and Needs to be delt with.
    However with TEAMS in our Division like the BEARS for instance.
    Well lets just put it this way,these TEAMS are going out and also “BEEFING UP” thier Defensive Lines.
    From what I hear the bears are looking to pick up Julius Peppers and they are also looking at Aaron Campman and others. Well, that football.
    However we have to think about the fact that the Bears QB would love nothing better than to see our QB Mathew Stafford flat on his back.and I believe that, that LOW LIFE QB that they have on the BEARS what’s his Name? would love to see Stafford get hurt in a way in which he would not have to compete with Mathew.
    Seeing how,for whatever reason The Bears QB has a problem with Stafford all it says to me is that he will try to influence his TEAM mates to take stafford out of the game. (I do not know why I cannot think of his name). Anyways .(probably because he is a cry babY)
    I just believe that weather in the draft or in FA something MUST BE done to protect Stafford from getting slammed this year. Because THAT is what are foes usaully do to our QBs when we get a half way decsent QB and this Time we have Better than a Half way decsent QB. SO there is even more insentive to put Matt out of commision.
    I know that this TEAM Needs a guard Bad to help protect Stafford, However we also either Need a FB or Felton must prove that he can cover that position and make those blocks when he is supposed to.
    He has had plenty of time to learn this position and yet he is still comming up short.
    I love Jerome Felton as a FB when it comes to running the ball and even going out for a pass,However when it comes to picking up the man he is supposed to block it is a REAL ISSUE!
    I am pretty sure that this TEAM and or coaching staff is aware of this problem. However I have not heard mention of it at all.
    I thought that it Might be mentioned when the blamming of Jeff Backus was in full tilt once again.
    I think I may have even put some blame on Backus when in reality it was not Backus that was missing the blocks at all. It was Jerome.
    Look,I love Jerome felton and believe that he has the potential to be a great player.
    However,that doesn’t help when our QB is flat on his back.
    So, even though the Poll in the front of this web site is going to be over run with the fact that everyone wants a DT. And we do Need one of those too.
    I just hope that THE O-LINE is also fixed THIS year.
    TO Pay all that Money for what I believe is going to be a great, great QB in the near future. And then NOT get the protection that you need for him. Is (Ludicris?)I think that is how it is spelled.BUT, you get the Point.
    REALLY, after that is taken care of and this Offence and the Valuable QB Mathew Stafford is well protected then, I am all OK with whatever direction that this TEAM chooses to go.
    I also want the D-fence built up!
    I want (after checking into it a little more)Suh,and or McCoy. ANd I would LOVE to get Brandon Graham on this TEAM. And I also like the kid from Boise.And a few others that are out there that could help our backfield.
    Am I wrong about this?
    I mean I know that there is Need for a guard and that there has been a problem with the left side of this O-LINE for a long time.
    And if it isn’t Backus (which it isn’t)and I know that putting in another Guard will help.
    BUT, I also know that even with the whole front line covered there is still holes that are not being closed.
    When,Marinelli got the FB from the 49ers (Oh,what’s his Name?)Anyways that was starting to improve a lot of our troubles on the O-line. Maybe it was Mayhew who actually picked the guy up.
    anyway FB is a problem also and I hope that the Guard and FB situation is taken care of before we take the field next september.
    Thank YOU very Much.
    I love the LIONS!
    P.S. Sorry Jerome, I like you a lot but it has to be said. I want you on the TEAM I just want you to make those blocks.

  2. By maynard on Mar 16, 2010 | Reply

    i think they should try to get roy williams back plus to get half offensive and the other half dfense in the raft and go though the preseason and see how makes big plays and sign them into the roster

  3. By alie faraj on Apr 18, 2010 | Reply

    d town should draft…ot(okung) …dt(terrence cody)…..not a runnin back…cuz they can go after unga without draft pick sacrifice..use the rest of picks on defense

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