Schwartz, Staff Prepare for Tomorrow’s Game

Posted by Chrissie Wywrot on January 29, 2010 – 9:26 pm

Heading into this week’s Senior Bowl, Head Coach Jim Schwartz had an idea of what to expect having been to it before as a member of the Tennessee Titans coaching staff.

The week started off rough, but smoothed out as the days went on.

Schwartz: “Anytime you take this many players from different schemes, different parts of the country, bring them all together and have one meeting going out to practice, there’s going to be some rough edges that need to be ironed out. I think the guys got a better understanding as the week went on and were able to show themselves better.

“By the time we got to Wednesday and Thursday they really practiced well and didn’t make very many mistakes and things like that.”

Schwartz, his coaching staff and the Lions’ front office have been meeting on a daily basis throughout the week to discuss players on both teams.

Instead of it being like draft preparation, it is more like training camp evaluation, says Schwartz. Coaches and administrators and walking through players from both teams to talk about what they did well and what they didn’t on a practice-by-practice basis.

Schwartz: “It’s just a good week to evaluate – it’s a good week to be around the players. You’re not just in practice with them, you’re not just in the meeting rooms with them – you’re at social events with them, you’re at media events with them.

“You see them first thing in the morning and you see them late at night. So by the time the week’s over, you get a really good feel for each guy, not just as a player, but as a person and the way he handles his business.”

Coverage of the 2010 Senior Bowl will begin at 3 p.m. ET on NFL Network with the game beginning at 4 p.m. ET.

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10 Responses to “Schwartz, Staff Prepare for Tomorrow’s Game”

  1. By jim o on Jan 29, 2010 | Reply

    Hopefully Schwartz can make some decisions on who would be good players to draft.

  2. By Don on Jan 30, 2010 | Reply

    Man you don’t know how each of us Fans would love to be sitting in on each one of those meetings and listen to what you guy’s were talking about or more so who you were talking about.(:
    Hope it is going well and you guy’s are getting a good feel for whoever it is that you are enterested in.
    There is only one draft and we have to get it right.
    And I am praying that we do.

  3. By jfitz on Jan 30, 2010 | Reply

    For once, I trust in the Lions coaching staff as well as executive staff. I enjoy hearing how much time you spend evaluating players and talking with eachother about the direction, something Detroit has lacked for years. my opinion hopefully Suh is available at 2 and Brandon Graham at 34 for us. Spend the money on an all pro Free Safety and one Corner, welcome Suan Rogers back if he gets released.

  4. By BILLY on Jan 30, 2010 | Reply


  5. By Drew on Jan 30, 2010 | Reply

    Yeah, Hope we can get that Joique Bell guy, We havent won more then 2 games since we picked up Rudi Johnson and cut Tatum Bell! For some belief having a Bell running back is good luck for the Lions, Think about it 2007 (the only year Tatum Bell was a Lion) was also the best year of the decade for Detroit since 2000 season! Hopefully we get our O-LIne and D-LIne fixed and we keep our talented players aboard and draft right! Good Luck in 2010

  6. By brian on Jan 31, 2010 | Reply

    senior bowl was an awesome game 2 watch. i don’t really pay attention to college athletes much until big showdowns like this. i really liked 2 watch b.graham play he’s a freak, i like him more then weatherspoon who also did reallly well. hope he can fall into the hands of the lions. i will contiune to watch, listen to off-seaon activity.

  7. By Don on Feb 1, 2010 | Reply

    It was Great to see this Staff get another Win!
    I expected as much.
    YOU had Players That were going to give you everything they had. ALL of them.
    While I believe that A lot of the Players on the LIONS give you thier all. I am not sure about some of them.
    I hope I am wrong? BUT, whith all the Talent that was on this TEAM in 2009 and we still didn’t win? Something wasn’t right And I didn’t think it was the coaching.

  8. By Don on Feb 1, 2010 | Reply

    And Mr. Ford this is a letter to you if you ever read this Forum?
    I have been telling people for years and argueing with them that I believe and know that you do Spend and put a lot of money into this TEAM.
    And I for one am thankfull for that.
    However This year is to be an UNcapped year.
    And I see a great opertunity to get some very good Rookies for this TEAM and My own opinion is that I think we should get a really good Guard and a GREAT DT
    And then whatever Schwartz believes is needed for this TEAM to BE successfull.(AND MAYHEW)!
    There is a chance though BY spending YES MORE money That we could possibly get some more extra players that might bring us REAL close to haveing a winning TEAM.
    NOW, That doesn’t Mean that I want to go BLOW the whole wad have a great year and then Lose our Football TEAM!
    NO, I would Like to see us Build a TEAM that is going to be a power house for like 50 years!
    There is though a player that is availible now named Julius Peppers. And he would cost a bundle.
    I do not know how much Money that you have? NOR do I care to know?
    However I also know that the LIONS havent been making money the Last few years.
    BUT, If you have the Money to PUT into this TEAM Right NOW would be the Time to show people that you ARE willing to pay it in order to have a winning Franchise.
    NOW,I wouldn’t go and Spend Money unwisely or anything? Like paying Millions to one guy for a year or two or some dumb thing like that?
    However I do wish you could add to the Roster men from FA that could help the TEAM for a long while until we got the Rookies that we needed it would be greatly appreciated.
    I am NOT saying build the TEAM through FREE AGENCY.
    HOWEVER,If we could get some guy’s like you have done and I thank you for. With the LIKES of our own Larry FOOTE and Julian Peterson. Here is another Football player that is Looking for a new home and he is a great DE.
    AND then hopefully get another in the Draft LIKE Brandon Graham And hopefully a REALLY GOOD GUARD TO PROTECT THAT QB THAT IS GOING TO BE GREAT IF HE IS PROTECTED!
    All I am saying is that our TEAM NEEDS a lot And has Gotten really behind a lot these last few years.
    And NOW WE have a chance to Fix it if we can find Great young players at a Reasonable price.
    I just wish that you could spend enough to get the Players that we need to get,to get this TEAM back where it should be and show these people that you will take advantage of a situation where you can spend the money and straiten this TEAM out.
    And for years and years to come.
    YOU have the Right STAFF right NOW to be able to go out there and find quality players at the Right price!
    This Staff (Mayhew and Schwartz) KNOW Football players!
    LET them Find them (The Players) and Pay the Price to get this thing fixed the right way!
    Like I said I wouldn’t try to fix the whole TEAM in FA. However there is a chance right NOW to spend a little more and get this TEAM a Little closer to the goal a little faster If you act NOW this year.
    And another little tid bit.The Chicago Bears went and got Martz for a Offensive coordinator. Which does not Scare me except that NOW they will be Looking for big,Tall,fast WRs.
    And we Need to Strengthen our DB positions and the D-FENCSIVE FRONT POSITIONS TOO!
    I would say that Marinelli is letting Lovey know what we allmost finished here and that that is the direction that they are going in there.
    However I believe that this Offence is just as good if not Better. However we can’t be playing musical QBs any more.
    And we really need to get that other WR to help out Calvin. And a Guard to helpout Stafford.
    That is what I mean we can do it. IT will just take more money. Bumber.
    And a RB also!
    I know this is one Fan asking you to Spend your Money and put This TEAM back where it needs to be. IN the Win colomn.
    And YOU can do it. BUT, IT’L cost ya!
    However Spending the Money at this Time shile you have Schwartz and mayhew here at the Helm.
    AND when it comes to the D-Fence I would have Schwartz DO ALL OF THE PICKING FOR THAT UNIT!

  9. By Don on Feb 1, 2010 | Reply

    Just wanted to say Thank you for having the LIONS!
    And I would rather have them TEAM For a LONG LONG time!
    So If Spending More Money would cause us to Loose the TEAM then just Forget it and stick with the Budget that you have set up And Hopefully we can build it like it is.
    I would Rather have the TEAM then spend too much and take a chance on Losing it.

  10. By Jordan on Feb 4, 2010 | Reply

    one thing i wonder about are we the only team in the nfl that doesn’t have cheerleaders? and why i do not know, but having said that we need and offensive line upgrade like guards and tackles and a defensive line to add to cliff avril the end of the year switch to levy is great for linebackers plus keep an eye our for plaxico buress or brandon marshall or even terrel owens and we would have an unbelieveable reciving core with one of those dudes to compliment calvin johnson and try more screen passes to him once and awhile with a couple of blocks he could get a big one rather than have to worry about double covereage i can feel us coming on strong and soon the world will see the return of the lions as they were back in the 30′s through the 50′s! i will be there on opening regular season against the bears my first nfl game!

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