Jansen Happy to stay in Detroit

Posted by Tara Altman on March 11, 2010 – 8:56 pm

After re-signing with Detroit as an unrestricted free agent, 12-year veteran and Michigan native, tackle Jon Jansen, is looking forward to spending another season in Detroit.

Jansen: “I’m very excited to be back in Detroit for another year. I think we have everything headed in the right direction. I want to be a part of returning the Lions to where they should be and I think this year is going to be a major step in doing that.

“It’s my hometown and the state of Michigan is where I’ve always lived, even when I played for Washington. To be able to be close to home, family and friends and to be able to be close to the University of Michigan are all important factors in deciding to come back to Detroit.”

Having spent the first 10 years of his career with the Washington Redskins, Jansen signed as a free agent with Detroit in 2009 and served as a back-up offensive lineman. He was active for 11 games, including two starts.

While Jansen didn’t receive significant playing time on offense, his veteran leadership and experience has served as an invaluable addition to the line and is something that he prides himself in sharing with his teammates.

Jansen: “I obviously want to come in and compete for a starting spot, whether it’s right tackle or anywhere across the offensive line. I understand there are some positions that are probably secure and in that I want to push those guys to get better and also use my experience to relate some information to Gos (Cherilus), Jeff (Backus), Dom (Raiola) and all of those guys up there. I want to use what I’ve learned over the last 11 years in the NFL to help better our offensive line.”

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  1. By ILL_Lion on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    Jansen is the man. Between him and Backus, Okung should have a lot of veteran experience to help accelerate the learning curve.

  2. By BILLO313 on Mar 12, 2010 | Reply

    well lets try and give Stafford enough time to look where he is throwing the ball. you guys are pros. no reason why we cant get the ball down field. i still have faith in my LIONS. this will be our year.

  3. By Blair Doty on Mar 12, 2010 | Reply

    I am a lifelong lions fan and am so happy with the way things are going…i really like stafford and the coaches…still think we need more defense a shutdown corner and and someone big in the middle i thought grady woulddo better….

  4. By MBENJA02 on Mar 12, 2010 | Reply

    The offensive line is key to the Lions sucess. We have added reciever help for Calvin and the line needs to give Stafford the time get the ball to them. The offensive line can protect, they just need to be more consistent and do it on every down.

  5. By jim o on Mar 13, 2010 | Reply

    Hopefully besides Jansen they can find a good draft pick lineman or free agency so stafford is not always running for his life.

  6. By Tim Corcoran on Mar 13, 2010 | Reply

    Looking forward to this season..very excited

  7. By stephie on Mar 14, 2010 | Reply

    we all need to give the new coach and the players to prove that better days are ahead for all of their fans.It will be a fun season so lets believe and back are lions. lets restore the roar. we have the players and a good coach so lets pick the best pick in the draft.

  8. By angel o on Mar 14, 2010 | Reply

    I think Jansen still has a year or two in him.Besides no one has stepped up on the line.

  9. By KENROGER on Mar 14, 2010 | Reply

    Sure Jansen is happy to stay in Detroit. Since Mayhew and Swartz are keeping Backus and Raiola, he is guaranteed to stay in Detroit as backup to these losers.

  10. By Luke on Mar 14, 2010 | Reply

    I have always been a fan, and know we will have a better seasons than last year. Let do our homework on the people that we want to draft.

  11. By Dino (georgia) on Mar 14, 2010 | Reply

    looking forward to 2010!!!! Looking good!

  12. By Joe (Indiana) on Mar 14, 2010 | Reply

    I’m hoping G/C Pouncey is available in round 2. Although I can’t see him getting by Indy.

  13. By Always a Lions Fan on Mar 15, 2010 | Reply

    I have been a Lions fan my whole life, I hope this staff can turn this team around once and for all, I just don’t know, as long as the Ford’s own this team I am going to be skeptical. I hope Coach Schwartz and the team prove me wrong, I would love to be wrong about the Lions because I really love this team!! I like the fact that they picked Stafford, they just need to protect him like Green Bay did with Farve. Mathew will be a force in the NFL if the Line can keep him safe! Go Lions

  14. By Lance Manly on Mar 15, 2010 | Reply

    Jon Jansen’s two starts last year proved he is still a good run blocker and decent pass blocker AS LONG AS the opponent doesn’t know if you are running or passing.

    Near the end of the game, when everyone knew the Lion’s had to pass, Jansen committed back to back holding penalties basically killing our final drive before it started.

    In certain situations, during the game, he can still contribute. The first drive of the same game; Kevin Smith started with three runs for two first downs right behind Jansen’s blocks.

    A good acquisition for his back-up role.

    Go Lions!

  15. By Ewen Galbraith on Mar 15, 2010 | Reply

    Just lost Foote. Things are crumbling and we are not significantly improved on the D side yet. We need to take D on every pick in this draft. I am sick of sitting at Ford Field every game to watch blown coverage and 5 to 6 second drops by opposing QB’s releasing the ball untouched. We even made Brady Quinn look like a Pro Bowl player.!

  16. By Don on Mar 16, 2010 | Reply

    I am just hoping that Delmas realizes that a lot of the DBsHaave changed and I am hoping that he like gets together with all of them and makes it one big DBs family.Along of coarse with the rest of the BIG TEAM family.
    I am for one very impressed with the changes in the Secondary and am looking forward to seeing them become one of the most respected secondaries in the League.
    AS far as Russel Okung goes I am also one that would like to see him become part of this TEAM also.And NOT just because he shares the same name as my late great father russ.BUT because I for one have had my eye on this young man and really think very highly of him.

  17. By Don on Mar 16, 2010 | Reply

    Sometimes I hate those polls at the beggining of the forum,Becauseon this last poll I want to mark them all down.
    However,I can put them in orderof how I like themwith not getting to know themthat much yet.
    Kyle Vanden Bosch DE
    Nate Burleson WR
    Corey Williams DT
    Chris Houston CB
    Johnathan Wade CB.

    And I believe that we got some really great men for our TEAM.

  18. By Lance Manly on Mar 16, 2010 | Reply

    Lion’s Cornerbacks – there are 8 (9 if you count Pratt listed as a DB) guys with 4 or less years in the league. I spot checked half of them have 4.5 40’s or better time.

    That is a large group of young speedy corners; the standouts are Houston and Wade, just acquired; but there is also a CFL MVP Johnathan Hefney who signed in January.

    I also liked Eric King; prior to his injury last season, hopefully, of the eight there are two starters in the group. I would still like to get a 2nd or 3rd round CB from the draft.

    Anthony Hargrove DT; New Orleans, 6 year vet is an interesting possibility. Coming off his best year; 5 sacks, would salidify our D-Line which is a Cornerbacks BEST FRIEND… no time to throw because no corner can cover for 7+ seconds. Only down side to
    Anthony is a drug suspension and personal issues; hopefully that has been resolved.

    Go Lions!

  19. By keith on Mar 16, 2010 | Reply

    even if we do sign hargrove, I still think we should sign suh or mccoy. then if we are really that impressed by okung trade up for him in the draft for a late 2010 draft pick and a 2011 pick. but its a must that we get suh or mccoy. we picked stafford last year with our first pick because we thought he had the most talent and it was a good pick, so we gotta do the same thing this year and get the most talent we can with suh or mccoy.

  20. By matt on Mar 18, 2010 | Reply

    If the loins are looking for another half back id go with the young back out of stanford toby gerhart if he falls to the 3rd round like some anilists think but in dont think we should rule out geting a proven vet. Brian Westbrook when not injured put up a 4.7 yards per carry last seson. y not pick him up and when he gets hurt he can still teach our young kevin smith! GO LIONS

  21. By Don on Mar 20, 2010 | Reply

    Here I go telling people what I think. O WELL?
    These guy’s are in the order that I feel that thier Talent Level is at Barring in MIND that I do not get to go and watch them at the Combine or indidual Pro days or anything.
    Talented DTs:
    Ndamukong Suh
    Gerald McCoy
    Dan Williams
    Jared Odrick
    Brian price
    Talented OLINEMEN: HGT. WT. ARM Length
    Russell Okung 6’5″1/4 307 361/4
    Charles Brown 6’5″3/8 303 351/4
    Vlad Ducasse 6’4 3/8 332 343/4
    Mike Iupatii NO STATS
    Bruce Cambell 6’63/8 314 361/4

    OK anyway I guess that what I am trying to say is that if the RAMS don’t do what everyone thinks that they should and take a QB with the First pick and they Take Ndamukung Suh instead. that we have a good group of men with Talent .
    In fact watching some of these guy’s at the combine and the Senior bowl (missed the other college bowl game for the seniors or whatever)
    I saw a lot of Talented men at these positions.
    I know we want the Most Talented at every position that we chose so some of these men may not be being considered or even on our boards.
    And I also know that I am NO scout allthough I would love to be.
    Anyway I am sure that we will do fine in this draft and that going with the Most Talented and not the position is the right way to go about it.
    I am VERY pleased with the way that FREE Angency went for us.
    And I can’t wait to see what happens during the Draft.

  22. By Don on Mar 20, 2010 | Reply

    P.S. I wish that I had the stats on the DTs also.

  23. By Ryan on Mar 20, 2010 | Reply

    We need to pick up one of these FA Runningbacks, “whats the hold up Mayhew?” were not gonna get the premiere back we desperately need in the draft in less its in the first or second round and that can’t happen when we need trenchwork, besides theres an abundance of backs in FA this year that can fill a starting role and go after a back in next years draft, mayby someone like Mark Ingram with the 7th overall pick the lions will likely have next year
    I would like to see Mayhew pickup 1 of these guys
    for maybe a 1 or 2 year contract
    Jamal Lewis
    Willie Parker
    Pierre Thomas
    Justin Fargas
    Ahman Green
    Brian Westbrook

    2010 NFL Free Agents – Running Back
    Jackie Battle RB RFA 6-2 238 3 Chiefs Chiefs Insiders Only
    Ladell Betts RB Released 5-11 224 9 Redskins Insiders Only
    Chris Brown RB UFA 6-3 235 8 Texans Insiders Only
    Rock Cartwright RB Released 5-8 213 9 Redskins Insiders Only
    Justin Fargas RB Released 6-1 220 8 Raiders Insiders Only
    Kevin Faulk RB UFA 5-8 202 12 Patriots Patriots Insiders Only
    Ahman Green RB UFA 6-0 218 13 Packers Insiders Only
    Larry Johnson RB UFA 6-1 230 8 Bengals Redskins Insiders Only
    Thomas Jones RB Released 5-10 212 11 NY Jets Chiefs Insiders Only
    LaMont Jordan RB Released 5-10 242 10 Broncos Insiders Only
    Jamal Lewis RB Released 5-11 245 11 Browns Insiders Only
    Willie Parker RB UFA 5-10 209 7 Steelers Insiders Only
    Adrian Peterson RB UFA 5-10 212 9 Bears Insiders Only
    Gary Russell RB RFA 5-11 215 4 Raiders Insiders Only
    Jason Snelling RB RFA 5-11 223 4 Falcons Insiders Only
    Aaron Stecker RB UFA 5-10 213 11 Falcons Insiders Only
    Chester Taylor RB UFA 5-11 213 9 Vikings Bears Insiders Only
    Pierre Thomas RB RFA 5-11 215 4 Saints Insiders Only
    LaDainian Tomlinson RB Released 5-10 221 10 Chargers NY Jets Insiders Only
    Brian Westbrook RB Released 5-10 203 9 Eagles Insiders Only

  24. By charlie on Mar 21, 2010 | Reply

    I Honestly feel Mayhew is doing the right things. Shaun Hill was a great signing as with van and others they have signed. It would be nice if they worked on the O line and use the second pick on suh or McCoy. Our defense has allready got better and with an addition like suh or McCoy we can dominate, I am not s huge Gunther cunningham fan but like the 4-3 . Hopefully in tme a younger agressive defensive coach can make it even better. They get an A- with there moves and adressing the O line they will earn an A+

  25. By Lance Manly on Mar 22, 2010 | Reply

    Don; looking at your lists of Tackles and DT… here are my thoughts.

    None of the Tackles are going to be there top of the 2nd round… about 6-7 tackles will go first round.

    Two or three of the DT’s will be there in the top of the second; especially if the Rams and Lions go QB and Tackle.

    Taking Suh/McCoy will give us a dominate D-Line; but have Stafford on injured reserve again this season.

    The Lions need Okung to dominate the Stafford’s blind side; give our Franchise QB a fighting chance for survival.

    I hate passing on a talent like Suh, but it would be sacrificing a talent like Stafford.

    Only possible exception to my analysis; taking the 2nd or 3rd best GUARD in the draft top of the second to protect Stafford; left guard, maybe that will allow Backus to protect better on the blind side…

    Here’s wishing!

    Go Lions!

  26. By daniel quinn on Mar 22, 2010 | Reply

    we all know you cant build a team through one year of FA and the draft.
    However, since we started the D-line with KVB and Williams, finish it.
    Draft suh/mccoy and have at least one position of strength. The second round if a decent lineman on the o side is available and worth the money, take him. If not then a pretty good safety should still be available as Delmas proved last year.
    This way our defense will be able to get off the field quick enough to allow our offense to wear out their defense. They can not cover Calvin or Nate let alone Pettigrew when tired out. This alone will make the O line better.

    Go LIONS

  27. By keith on Mar 23, 2010 | Reply

    once again the webmaster of this site is slacking. The lions are considering signing or making a trade for anthony hargrove, and at the same time they might pick up adam “pac-man jones from free agency. yet no one is bloging about it on this site because there’s nothing about it here. I would be phsyched if we could pick up pac-man. we havent had a decent return man since eddie drummond. and he could help out in the secondary as well. as for hargrove, i dont really know how good he is. i know he helped the saints get to the super bowl last year but how is he going to be better than a Suh or Mccoy?

  28. By Lance Manly on Mar 23, 2010 | Reply

    Keith: True; the blog don’t seem to update that often; topic wise.

    So let’s start on your topic Pacman/Hargrove; my two cents…

    Pacman; still runs a 4.45 40yd dash – that would be third best for his position in this years combine. Talent – definately. I watched him play for the Cowboys; seemed to be out of position often… too often; but his best years came under the teaching of a familiar coach; Schwartz. Problems: Major off field issues and drugs – not good.

    My choice: Sign him; almost automatically becomes our #1 CB; but should easily be #2 or Nickle CB. No up front money; good bonus for making it 16 games without suspension or off field bad behavior.

    Hargrove: Didn’t know who he was till recently; investigated; again drug issues. He seemed to resolve them last year; hopefully learned his lesson. Got 5 sacks last year; good, helpful. For a third round pick; why not. Deal would have to include 3 years because that is what we’d get minimum with a draft pick. Would make three out of four new starters on our D-Line. Hill (rookie) would complete our D-line and would be improved.

    Compared to Suh or McCoy; definately not in the same class; but see earlier posts on need for Tackle. Assuming our offense can’t afford not to take a Tackle; the Hargrove makes perfect sense to strengthen our D-line.

    Go Lions!

  29. By Tom U on Mar 25, 2010 | Reply

    Here’s what I think:
    Trade down anyway possible & pick up any extra draft picks or even a Hargrove?
    Pick up Hargrove = proven NFL player……
    then take an OL = 3rd Rd or anywhere!
    Experience far out-ways any college draft!
    I beleive you should have to prove yourself 1st…..= to get the unreal amounts of money the owners float to these guys!
    Go Lions!!!!!!
    Always a True Fan!!!!!!!

  30. By scott on Mar 26, 2010 | Reply

    I have loved the lions since birth, but until they get an offensive line, they will never be good. i love all their acquisitions as of late, especially last years draft, but it doesnt matter if you have pettigrew, calvin, stafford, or anyone else if you have to worry about your life every time you say hike.

    im all for drafting suh, i think defensive lineman can make more of an immdiate impact than offensive anyways. but if anyone thinks the lions will be good with jeff backus, or either of their no-name guards, stop kidding yourself and admit we will have another single digit draft pick in 2011.

  31. By Gary on Apr 1, 2010 | Reply

    Interesting thing about Hargrove is that he is also very effective from DE, Where he began his pro career.
    Vanden Bosch, Corey Williams, Suh/McCoy, and Anthony Hargrove on one line…It would be a drag race to the ball every snap…

  32. By seth on Apr 4, 2010 | Reply

    take the LT Sim and pacman j he a CB that was good and more sold then the CB we alrighty have and then draft Barry throw a secondary together that can play i still thank bull locks can play at SS but then we have rotating sf or SS

  33. By damon on Apr 11, 2010 | Reply

    I think the lions should trade shaun hill for micheal vick because he gives us more of a weapon on offense. And makes our offense more unpridictable. because I think the lions are a one sided team on offense. which equals to losing games.

  34. By longtimelionfan on Apr 25, 2010 | Reply

    After watching the lions draft over the past two seasons and whom they have aquired through free agency, I am satisfied that they are finally moving in the right direction. Suh was a fantastic pick. Last year the opted for Stafford over Curry, I whole heartedly supported that move, I have watched Stafford over his career in college and he did some pretty spectacular things but did not have the best tallent around him. I know many fans wanted Curry, but I still think the current coaching staff made the right decision. Deondre Levey was a steal for us, his impact as a rookie was fabulous and he is only going to get better and better. The off season free agents are solid, not like past aquisitions when the lions get players no one else wanted. Vanden Bosh, William, the trades that brought Peterson and some of the others here. TE Brandon Pettigrew. This staff is doing it the right way. After all the heart wrenching seasons lions fans have had to endure, maybe just maybe we will finally make it to the promised land.

    Go Lions – Great Job Mayhew, Schwartz and the rest of the coaching staff!!!

  35. By Mark on Jun 13, 2010 | Reply

    I have to say that having Ford Jr. and Mayhew heading this up has been the best thing for this organization. Ever since we took on a D-fense first mentality by hiring one of the greatest D-fensive minds in Coach Schwartz things have really looked up for this team. It also helped that he had a stint as a scout before becoming a D-fensive coordinator cause it shows in the improved draft picks and free agent acquisitions both this and last year. Now of course it would be nice to keep some of these players longer, such as L. Foote; but this is a business and that is the nature of the game. However, him and Linnehan going out of there way to acquire some great off season finds in VB and Burleson shows their commitment to seeing this team improve. I agree with the earlier blogger about improved D-fense will improve the offense by making their D more tired. Start here first as Schwartz has done. If we add maybe one more piece like Atogwe to the puzzle, our D will dominate this year. On the Offensive side. We have improved the O-line slightly by adding Sims and keeping the team tight with veteran leadership, we have an improved QB in stafford who will have more time in the pocket, though is mobile if their are any breakdowns and plenty (almost countless) weapons to throw to, C.Johnson, N.Burleson, B. Johnson, B. Pettigrew, T. Scheffler, and J. Best. With that many weapons opening up spots on the field, Stafford will look more like Brees this year as he will be able to pick and choose his targets. I will be the first to predict the Lions will have a winning season this year. Thanks, I’m out!! Go LIONS ~ Restore the ROAR!!!!

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