Stanton Excited for Spartans Return to Final Four

Posted by Tara Altman on April 1, 2010 – 6:59 pm

Michigan State has made it back to the final four for the second year in a row and on Saturday the Spartans will go up against Butler University in Indianapolis as they continue to fight their way back into the NCAA Championship game once again.

State fans, including Lions’ third-year pro quarterback and Spartan Drew Stanton, are looking forward this weekend.

Stanton on Michigan State going to the Final Four: “It’s huge. It shows the ability that (Tom) Izzo has to get as much out of his players as he does. Last year I think that it wasn’t so much of a surprise as is it was this year with them being a five seed and having some question marks going into the tournament.

“It just shows what they’re capable of doing when a team comes together and that’s why it’s so much fun to watch these games. Who would have thought Butler would have been in it at this point in time? That’s why you go out there and play the games and they’ve had a close call pretty much the whole way through.”

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  1. By Don on Apr 2, 2010 | Reply

    I would really like to know if we are going to take this Rob Simms from Seattle?
    He sounds like a good healthy strong guard that can Handle the position.
    And if we are going to Make this TEAM strong thru FA so that we can concentrate on drafting GOOD solid Strong, HUGE, and Talented Rookies then we have to solidify this TEAM somehow.
    I Know I wish that we could go to the draft and get every man that we could and have them fill the positions and just start from there However that is not Reality.Working thru the draft Takes time.
    WE can use free agency to strengthen this TEAM until we have enough good drafts.
    Getting Hargrove would be another great Idea in MY opinion.
    And then we might be able to get a few guy’s in the draft that are Talented and very much NEEDED!.
    We Need DTs,OTs,CBs, FBs,Safeties. YOU can’t get them all in one draft it is imposible.
    However, we should be able to get quality players in this draft at just about every position that I just listed.
    Yes, the later the round the less the talent.
    However, this TEAM should go for Talent first. And we NEED alot of help in to many positions to help us start winning right away.
    P.S If these two guys Simms and Hargrove are that good then what are we waiting for? They could help us to grow for at the very least 3 years.
    that gives us the time to grow thru the draft and still have a winning team In the meantime.
    JUST the way that I think. Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about and I know that I don’t know what’s going on from the players that you are dealing with either.
    Wow AM I Pumped up!
    YOU guy’s are getting me soooo excited about this TEAM this year it isn’t even funny! (:

  2. By Don on Apr 2, 2010 | Reply

    OH yea, and I just want to say Thank you MR Ford and the Ford family for going out and getting The great FA pick ups that you got allready.
    These two guy’s Vandeon Bosch and Burelson ( I think that’s how you spell thier Names).Sorry about that. Anyways these two guy’s are going to improve this Team a LOT. And the TRADE for Cory Williams was Sweet, Mayhew.

  3. By Grant on Apr 2, 2010 | Reply

    let me start by saying ( GO LIONS ) ive been a fan of the lions for over 40 yrs, i was so glad to see last yrs improvements to the team,stafford,delmas,pettigrew,,,,,,etc. but this is the year we can really make an impact in this league, the free agents are there, the draft picks are there,last years team has one season behind them as a team/unit. now all we need is to get the new players in tune with them and i strongly believe thats gonna happen! ive never put comments up before ,but ive read them all i see ppl dissing this player and that player! one has to remember the road to getting better is by trial and error.and god knows we have had our share of errors! the era of go barry go is long gone, i spent many nites in the pontiac silverdome screaming until i had no voice left and long for many more! i just wanna hear positive things from the critics not how bad we are but how there isnt any team thats ranks up there with us for many seasons to come!!!!! got-r-done…lol,,, had to say that GO LIONS

  4. By Lance Manly on Apr 2, 2010 | Reply

    Lions and Seahawks excploring a trade… got me thinking… how about this…

    Lions get…

    Seahawks Round 1 (Pick #6)
    Seahawks Round 3
    Seahawks G Sims


    Lions 1st Round pick

    I know I am dreaming; but giving up a 60 million dollar pick for a 28 million dollar pick; and a pick and player would definately help the Lions.

    This scenario works best if Rams pass on Bradford…

    Just saying…

    Go Lions

  5. By Don on Apr 4, 2010 | Reply

    Happy Easter, Detroit LIONS!

  6. By Don on Apr 5, 2010 | Reply

    I’ve really been doing some thinking about this Hargrove thing and I am wondering if this guy is going to come in here and give us his all? I mean he just Came from a TEAM that just won the Big game. Will it be that easy to convince this guy to give us all he has? Or will he just come in and want a paycheck. We are rebuilding and he knows it. I am just Saying that it might be something to consider.
    Where taking Suh or finding another DT either in FA or the draft.
    These guy’s are hungry and have something to prove. Hargrove has allready been there and when you leave the TEAM that just did it it might be harder to motivate him into believing that he can do it with this TEAM
    I think I might look elsewhere for My DT and it doesn’t have to be SUH BUT, why NOT.
    And I was wondering about (Pacman)? I think I would chance it with him over Hargrove being with what I was talking about earlier and the Fact that (Pacman) has something to prove. He has to know that he can’t screw up again with this TEAM or he will just be done in the NFL.
    Of coarse there are those hwo just have that tendancy to goof up No matter what they do. It is sad and I have known a few in my time that just have to test the waters? I don’t get it. It is heart breaking BUT what are you going to do.
    This Simms from seattle sounds like a sound OG and I am wondering about him. He sounds like he Might fit what we want.
    WOW, I see how hard it would be to do this Put a TEAM together.YOU have to take all things and consider them all.
    anyways with the Hargrove thing I know that he is talented However I would try to find out how much of that Talent does he plan on giving the Detroit LIONS Before I go signing him to some big contract and then have him Kinda just collecting it.
    Maybe it would benafit The LIONS to Look elsewhere if that might be the case.

  7. By Lance Manly on Apr 5, 2010 | Reply

    NFL web site announcing that Rob Sims G (Ernie’s brother) is now a Detroit Lions; traded from Seattle.

    Rob Sims; 6’3″ 312lbs AGE TWENTY-SIX!!!

    This is a good pickup; will lock down our Left Guard positions; he started 14 games last year in Seattle.

    This pick allows the Lion’s to skip on Left Tackle in first round (moving Backus to Left Guard) now securing both “Blind” side positions… thus… can you say…


    I think the Suh backers get their wish now…

    Go Lions!

  8. By Lance Manly on Apr 6, 2010 | Reply

    Rams released Marc Bulger QB, two things…

    First… only reason to release him now is they know they are taking a QB with their first pick… (Suh is available)

    Second… why not sign Marc Bulger to back up Stafford. The man got a $67 Million dollar six year contract in 2007, must have been good at one time. Use him as a back up.

    Shaun Hill isn’t bad, but only 16 starts, if need a backup Bulger would be the more experienced QB.

    Or keep them both and drop Stanton, obvious they don’t think he’s gonna be more than a back up; it’s his 4th year as a Third String QB, and he got a chance last couple seasons to prove his worth on the field… of little value.

    The reason to keep Stanton is the price tag, don’t get much cheaper; but don’t look for wins if he takes the field.

  9. By seth on Apr 7, 2010 | Reply

    eric barry ss trade back

  10. By seth on Apr 10, 2010 | Reply

    hey help out are team talk to lion about you and Parkman Jones and patrick Robinson and Eric Barry think of that tandem one of the beast secondaries in football?

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