Delmas to Host Fundraiser Following the Western Michigan University Spring Game to Benefit Haiti

Posted by Chrissie Wywrot on April 12, 2010 – 4:41 pm

“I am doing a fundraiser this weekend as another opportunity to raise money to support Haiti. I thought it was a great idea to do it at Western Michigan being that it’s my alma mater. I got a lot of support. I just plan on going out there and having fun. Hopefully a lot of people will show.

“It starts out with a breakfast that I will be speaking at for about 10 minutes. I will introduce everybody to the field and let everybody know what’s going on with the crisis in Haiti and if they could support.

“We will follow that up with the spring game, of course. Then, after the spring game we’re going to have a barbecue. I will do the normal things I do every day: try to make people laugh and give them insight with what’s going on with the Lions so they can look forward to next year.

“I do have a big following at Western, starting off with my so-called dad, Bill Cubit, and all the rest of the coaching staff that’s been supporting me in my years there. I also have my cousins there. My one cousin and a couple of my high school teammates are there promoting it as much as they could. It’s going to be a fun week.

“Today is my birthday. I want to say I am a big birthday guy, but I’m not. Birthday is another day. I pray to God that I’m thankful just to live another year, but as far as birthdays – getting up and celebrating with a birthday cake … first of all, I hate cakes.

“Chocolate cake, vanilla – I hate all of it. I can’t stand cake to be honest with you. Pie either. Pie, candy, Snickers bar, nothing. Birthday cakes are overrated to me. Don’t get me wrong; I think everybody deserves a cake once in awhile. But, to me, it’s just another day. I’m just thankful to be here.”

Louis’  fundraiser will be held this Saturday, April 17 in Kalamazoo.

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8 Responses to “Delmas to Host Fundraiser Following the Western Michigan University Spring Game to Benefit Haiti”

  1. By Don on Apr 13, 2010 | Reply

    Well, Happy Birthday Louis Delmas. and I hope that you have a great turn out at The Fundraiser.
    I wanted to talk about the Draft Of course also.
    I have been thinking about the draft a lot and Have some theories about it and some Idea’s That I believe May be some to consider.
    I do Not know what the LIONS are planning to do with the first pick or any of the picks or if we might be able to trade down or not.
    I know that the Chargers would Love to get thier hands on C.J Spiller. However I do not know what they have to Offer us for our 1.2 pick in the draft.
    I have been hearing that we may not be taking suh with our first pick in the draft.
    I have to say that I trust that mayhew and Schwartz and the rest of the commitee will figure out what to do and what is best for our TEAM.
    I have been watching film on some of these Rookies on this site I hope that this turns out so that you can go and check them out too. That is where I have got some of my Idea
    s from.
    And with watching the Left Offensive tackles I have come to the conclusion that Okung is a better LT than Bulaga or Trent Williams. In fact when you watch the video’s if you will you will see Trent williams get blown out in coverage pretty badly.
    There are some other L OT out htere if you did want to take Suh and pick one up with the 2nd pick of the 2nd round. Here are thier Names however I might not have their schools for all of them. Anthony Davis OT, Bruce Campbell from Maryland, and the one that REALLY GETS me thinking that we could take Suh and still get anOT is Charles Brown from USC. He Seems to me to be in the same class as Okung. I do not understand why people havent been hearing so much about these tackles.
    I also Realize that it is the same with DTs that if we take Okung with the first pick there will still be Dts left at the 34th pick.
    Either way we go I believe that there should still be RBs left to be taken also.
    and I believe that I found one that I have heard Very Little about at all this year and he is Johnathan Dwyer out of Georgia TECH. This guy is a stud.
    He reminds me of Jerome Bettis. He is big and fast and can bust that line wide open and that is when they don’t make a hole for him to run thru.(:
    I do not however know what type of person he is or anything about him other than the way he runs. and he runs great.
    Javid BEST is a VERY,VERY Great RB. And I also Believe that he would be a great pick up for this TEAM. SO if we picked him with the 34th pick that would be OK with me.
    However if you want to get Both Tackles Defence and Offence then that will have to be done with our first TWO picks.
    But, thats what I’m saying we could do that and still get a RB that can help this TEAM if you Look at Dwyer,Ryan Mathews Toby Gerhart. and possibly even more like the Kid from WAYNE STATE, I wish I was better with Names.
    OH, and there is a CB out there from the same school that Kevin Smith went to and Dante Culpepper. USF And this guy’s Name is Jerome Murphy. and the KID is great. He reminds me of Delmas when I watch him on the field. REALLY this kid Loves to hit and loves to intercept the ball. And he is good at IT.
    and he will probably no dought be a late rounder. SO YOU guy’s should check him out. He might be that CB that everyone else is just not catching onto.
    But I think someone should and it might just be us.
    He REALLY reminds me of Delmas when I watch this kid play.
    Jerome Murphy CB USF.
    well that is all I have for now. Just thought this might be something to think about. So Later on.

  2. By Don on Apr 13, 2010 | Reply

    Oh, and I just wanted to say this to the organization. Thank you for bringing Jared Devries Back. I believe that this Man still has a lot more to give to this TEAM and I’m glad that he will get that chance. Jared went through a whole lot of tough tests in the year that past.
    And I believe that He is an Overcomer. And It will be Nice to see the work that the Lord does in him and with him. As a person and a FOOTBALL PLAYER.
    Bless YOU ALL The whole TEAM to BE Overcomers.

  3. By Daniel Omans on Apr 15, 2010 | Reply

    Hello Mr. Delmas.
    Great job last season; I am happy you are on our team! FYI the INternational Social Work Organization is hosting a fund raiser for Haiti on April 23, 2010 at the Magic Stick in downtown Detroit. Tickets are 10 bucks. It is a world music concert and all proceeds will be dontated to Haitian relief efforts. Great to hear that you are so socially minded. Keep up the good work on and off the field.

    Daniel Omans
    Masters of Social Work Student
    Wayne State University

  4. By seth on Apr 17, 2010 | Reply

    delmas try your baest to get the lion to pick up Jacoby Ford

  5. By seth on Apr 17, 2010 | Reply

    open thing up down the passing game with Jacoby Ford 4 or 5 rounder

  6. By coach mike on Apr 24, 2010 | Reply

    I think that you have grown up a lot since you left NMB, Fla. I am glad to see you still have a big heart, well sort of I got your message about my autograph picture, but I love you any way. Happy B-day and I will tell Sandra to bake you a cake and force you to eat all of it. With much respect kept doing your thing!!

  7. By Sung Yoo on May 4, 2010 | Reply

    what a class act. delmas/levy/avril = my favorite players on the defense.

  8. By seth on May 12, 2010 | Reply

    Bullocks go out there and show them that your the player that we all know you are but most of all just have fun

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