Houston Comfortable in Detroit

Posted by Tara Altman on April 14, 2010 – 5:16 pm

When cornerback Chris Houston got word that he was being traded to Detroit, his main concern was how his coaches and teammates were going to be when he arrived.

After a couple of weeks of getting adjusted during the team’s offseason workout program, Houston has become “comfortable” with his surroundings, reconnecting with some familiar faces and learning the new system.

Houston: “First being traded, you never know what to expect and you have to go through the process all over again with meeting the coaches and the new team. Of course when you’re comfortable with a certain place, you don’t really want to leave because you have friends there and people that you’ve gotten close to. But as I got here and I’m surrounded by my teammates and some of the guys I knew already like Calvin Johnson – we worked out in Orlando together when we came out (of college) – so I talked to Calvin a couple of times and I talked to Eric King.”

With OTA’s, mini-camps and training camp coming up, Houston’s main focus will continue to be showcasing his skills and proving how he can better the Lions’ secondary.

Houston: “I think I have great speed and I can be physical with the press technique that the coaches are establishing within the DB group. They want us to be more physical and coach Gun (Gunther Cunningham) and coach (Jim) Schwartz liked that in me and I think I can give that to the team.”

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  1. By Lance Manly on Apr 15, 2010 | Reply

    Houston; yes physical.

    Bump those receivers and frustrate them. With Suh; or hey, maybe Haynesworth, the D-Line will pressure the QB allowing you to press cover.

    Without pressure, then, it is nearly impossible to cover a guy for 6-7 seconds.

    I believe Schwartz is putting together a D-line that won’t need the help of a blitz to get after the Quarterback, which is a corner’s best friend.

    Enjoy, glad to have you on the team, and maybe get you additional help with Lito Sheppard.

    Go Lions!

  2. By Don on Apr 15, 2010 | Reply

    I trully believe that it would be a great Mistake to take Albert Haynsworth.
    I do not believe that he is what he once was.
    And I believe that taking Suh you would get a LOT of more years of Good penatration through the Line and he is younger And doesn’t have as Many issues as Albert has.
    I know that you may be thinking of the Days of OLD However I believe that this could be your big Mistake.
    Coach Schwartz, I love you as our coach However I am asking you and the rest of the commitee to REALLY think this Over.
    It just Seems LIKE a lot of Money for a guy that was great. WAS being the BIG word an that sentance.
    Please think about this. I just do not believe that this is the right way to go. I know what It was in Tennessee BUT that was Like two years ago now.
    Things HAVE changed since then.
    Anyways I like Albert and know that he has BEEN really great However I TRULLY Believe that he is getting past his prime.
    I believe that it would be Better to go YOUNGER, FASTER, AND HOPEFULLY cheaper. IN that area I might be wrong about the Money and what it costs.
    However It might cost More to go with Albert.
    And I know that I wanted to get SOME FAs However it seems that we are forgetting about the Draft all together?
    Basically we Have four really good Picks and after that it’s a crap shoot with the 7th rounders.
    And yes, we may find some diamonds in the ruff in the 7th round However I believe that that is really reaching.
    I would Like to see this TEAM win! FOR YEARS!
    And I believe that the choices that we have made in FA have helped us in the REBUILDING of the TEAM However at this POINT to take Albert I believe that you begin to Put the TEAM on Much Slower road recovery.WE have been doing pretty well at getting younger.
    I just think that this is going to slow the process in the rebuilding Process.
    AND it Looks to Me that you are doing, what you said we werent doing and trying to win it all right now instead of building for the LONG haul.
    WHY? WE want a TEAM that CAN win for years and years. NOT a ONE year Wonder?
    OH well, Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, BUT, It Looks like it looks.
    I am ONE FAN that wants a LONG HAUL!
    And I hope that it Happens for us with or without ALBERT.

  3. By TyraP23 on Apr 16, 2010 | Reply

    Goodluck Chris with the Lyons. I’m happy to see that you are away from those Falcons! It’s funny cause they still talking about u and I see that you have moved on. Keep working hard and being prayerful! Don’t look back only keep looking forward and don’t read the blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I always wondered how people who have never played a sport in their lives can be the reporters and bloggers of sports news. That’s like me going in to do surgery and I’m only a housekeeper…lol!

  4. By Jeffery on Apr 17, 2010 | Reply

    I want to know why the Loins don’t get kirk morrinson from the raiders for a thrind round pick. Somebody tell the loins this! He will be a nice upgrade at the LB position

  5. By That Wave on Apr 18, 2010 | Reply

    Due to the crazy off season I Believe Albert Haynesworth could be in a Detroit Lions uniform by simply trading picks and a 3rd rounder(costly though) also hes become a headache already with one of the no nonsense coaches in the NFL BUT.. Were Rebuilding and need youth on our side. DO you think Haynesworth would be an angel in Detroit ? NO, though talented Mayhew Knows what hes doing and doesnt want a Big Baby JR. I Would love having him But its Evident You Need good character guys on your team if you want to be successful. Im young and witnessed the wasted talent of Charles Rogers and Shaun Rogers to name a couple in the Millen era. Not too high on Ndamakung Suh but he will change alot of peoples uncertainties once on the field. This is going to be the BEST Draft in the last 5 years. I was somewhat on the bandwagon of Trading back Due to the lack of consistency of defensive tackles drafted high. THAN I began thinking hes going to be paired with a decent cast on the line Espescially with the underrated Korree Williams who I believe will be a difference maker for years to come. Detroit is 2 years Away from being a contender What Goes Up must Come Down meaning the aging Power teams in the NFL. Andy Reid has the right idea going with youth over veterans in the right scheme though it may take time to get to the BIG GAME you have to keep adding the right pieces to the puzzle. Games are won in the trenches and if you plan to see a good Lions team thats where its going to start. That being said, Next Week The Detroit Lions Hopefully go; DT (SUH) DB(Any one of the top 4) OT (Veldheer will be the best thing to come out of Michigan for a while if groomed properly, Maybe the most under the radar player IN THE DRAFT!) If no trades become imminent Mayhew will handle the draft excellent Unlike you know who.. IM a Realist Detroit will be picking in the top 12 next season Thatz when you get your DE’s (plural) And RB To head the Future AND THATZ WHEN YOU SEE THE DETROIT LIONS ON TOP OF THE NFC NORTH.- If Favre isnt there a

  6. By seth on Apr 18, 2010 | Reply

    if lion don’t tack Eric berry they will regret that pic from now to that end of time he the next ed read i think better then read

  7. By Steve Redmond on Apr 18, 2010 | Reply

    If Hayesworth is available at a bargain price (minus the $21 Million bonus he recently got) take him but I agree that Suh is almost too good to pass up at #2 pick in the 1st round. The Lions took best player on the board last year and it worked well why stop now ? The Lions still have many needs and are 2-3 years away from being a consistent force in the NFL. Build for the future not just to win at any cost this year. If the Lions make a significant jump in wins this year say 8-8 their top draft status will diminish. Take the best building blocks you can while you can. Look at what the Steelers did in building a good core group that went on to win 4 Super Bowls. I believe the Lions should continue building their team to become a dominant force in the game not just a one year wonder.

  8. By Paul on Apr 19, 2010 | Reply

    How about this? Since they say that Suh is a multidimensional player, I could see drafting Suh and then getting Haynesworth for a third or fourth round choice. I would put Suh at end. Reggie White made the transition from DT to DE, why couldn’t Suh? He has the quickness, strength and athleticism to do it. I heard an interview on ESPN that he would be willing to make the switch. Just a thought….

  9. By seth on Apr 20, 2010 | Reply

    the trade we just made doesn’t help us any thing we should go trade with the redskins Albert Haynesworth their first are first don’t act like they dont won’t a one of big dt. and we can git berry and a dt that proven him self as .and a ss that well help a gents the pass and then robinson and Joby ford. stop that pass and open are passing game UP!!!! go lion we love you any way you go

  10. By Don on Apr 21, 2010 | Reply

    Ok Tomorrow Is the draft.
    And all I am asking as a fan is that we stay at NO.2 and TAKE Suh.
    Then after that Do whatever you think is best for this TEAM.
    TRADE down, trade whatever, and or Pick whoever has the right Talent for this TEAm to become a competitor. So that we may move foreward and enter into a SuperBowl someday and win it.
    That can be this year or in the years to come.
    I do believe that this is the Staff to take us to the SuperBowl.
    And I mean from the front office to the position coach’s And For sure the Head Coach Jim Schwartz.
    and from the front office Martin Mayhew.
    When I say to please stay at NO.2 and to take Suh it is because I believe that he is the Most Talented Player that has come out of the draft since Mathew Stafford and Brandon Pettigrew,Louis Delmas, Sammy Lee HILL,Aaron BROWN,Zack Follett,Deandre Levy,and Derick Williams.
    I also love all the FA that we went out and Added to our TEAM.
    And it will be nice to have some more young talented rookies that can come in and be part of this TEAm and hopefully contribute early.

  11. By seth on Apr 21, 2010 | Reply

    fuck suh he got bad ne s and after some one fall on them and there go number two you will wish we had pic berry

  12. By seth on Apr 21, 2010 | Reply

    Schwartz. they can’t fucking stop you go lion

  13. By jim on Apr 25, 2010 | Reply

    Eric berry may become great, but the best DB’s in the game can’t cover WR’s completely when a QB has all day to throw. Im no weekend coach/ football expert so i wont try to be one. But i believe Suh was by far the best choice here and I for one am 100% happy with the choice. I think with the other additions on the line it added great support to drafting Suh and plugging him in to complete it. Once they can get pressure, I believe the DB’s we have are more then capable of doing what they are supposed to do without being relied on to do WAY too much. Not to mention Suh’s off the field character is fantastic, and that translates to a better long-term, problem free talent.

    On another note, I don’t know the role for Sheffler. I have always liked Sheffler (though I am not a Denver fan whatsoever)…but I also think Pettigrew has the ability to be great as well. And Best, well I don’t know a ton about him, so i wont pretend I do. But from what I have been hearing I hope it’s all true and he can come in and help out the run game. More weapons the merrier for Stafford imo!

    End of the day I at least feel like the team is on the right track, to the point that people can be excited for the next season and not worried about it. I am ready for opener NOW! lol.

  14. By Trevor on Apr 25, 2010 | Reply

    Glad that CH is out of ATL love him against Steve Smith but other then that not so great..
    GREAT pick up on Tim Toone he is AMAZING and I have a class with him great guy great returner great hands great slot reciever in the NFL good scouting guys! :]

  15. By Don on May 2, 2010 | Reply

    Well, With everything that I have wrote here I would just like to say that I did read this Blog and I just Wanted to Say WELCOME TO DETROIT Chris Houston.
    I am Vey Gald to have you Join our TEAM And I can’t wait to watch you pick of those Passes and turn them into interceptions.
    I used to play Corner a LONG,LONG,LONG Time ago And That Is the best part about it.Well Knocking Them out of Mid air isn’t bad either.
    But, To Take that Pass away and change the Whole outlook of the Game.
    Picking that Ball Off makes you feel LIKEa Million dollars.
    And I’m hopeing that your going to Feel like OH, somewhere around 7 to 10 Million dollars this year Criss.
    Wouldn’t That be NICE!

  16. By Neal on May 22, 2010 | Reply

    I wish the Lions would consider using throwback uniforms. The Honolulu Blue and Silver seems to have changed slightly over the years. The modern look is ok, but I love the traditional uniforms.

  17. By Don on May 31, 2010 | Reply

    I did not see this until just now on my e-mail. I like the Old throw Back uniforms also and I was hoping the the LIONS would go that Way when they talked about changing the uni’s. I am Not sure that The throw backs are considered Honolulu Blue and silver. Being that the Jersey is so much darker than the jersey’s that they wear today. However I have NOW Gone out and Gotten myself a new Mathew Stafford jersey So I am in NO hurry to see them change the uni’s at all at this Time. However I do think that it would be good for the LIONS to wear those throw backs at least twice a year every year as it seems to Give the LIONS players a little bit more confidance When they wear them. I however am one that also liked the Black Jerseys. I am also one that was hoping to see the Lions change thier colors to a darker Blue with a dark blue helmit and the Same color Lion as we have Now.When seeing that Honolulu Blue LION on a dark background the LION shows awsomly.

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