Pettigrew’s Rehab Progressing Smoothly

Posted by Chrissie Wywrot on May 27, 2010 – 8:31 pm

“Rehab is going good so far. I’m still trying to get my strength back. Now it’s just pushing through the tenderness, just the tightness of the tendon.

“I just have to keep doing what I’m doing. Until my doctor releases me, all I can do is just train and get ready for training camp. Hopefully I’ll get to play some preseason games, but if not, then just train until the season.

“Having more players on the field is good. At my position, we’ve still got a couple guys down – (Tony) Scheffler’s coming back from a small injury. But, with numbers it’s always better because you don’t have to get burned out going every rep.

“Within our group, everybody kind of has their roles. Scott (Linehan) seems like he has some stuff in for us, doing some different things and moving everybody around. I see what he’s doing right now, but I think he has a lot more that he wants to do, too, that we’ll do through training camp.

“Right now, though, I’m just looking to come back and hopefully I can get a chance to make more plays than I did last year. I made some, but just trying to make more and get myself in the game plan a lot more than I did last year.”

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  1. By Anthony W. Gibbs on May 28, 2010 | Reply

    My goodness….I surely hope so. The lightbulb was just starting flicker on when he got hurt in the Thanksgiving Day game. That, and the injury suffered by Kevin Smith really threw off the development of that offense.

    I’ve seen so many rebuilding efforts, and this needs to be the right one. The hater fans, the doubters, and the jokesters have had enough of a say. It’s time for us to get it going. It’s time to stop being the NFL’s practice squad and generate some fear around the league. I’d like to go the fan sites and see some love, not fear and trepidation.

    I want to believe, like that poster Mulder’s office. I want to believe that these Lions, this year, have something special and nice going. I want to believe that Delmas will have seven INTs, and I want to believe the Matt Stafford will pass for over 4,000 yards, and Jahvid Best and Suh push for rookie of the year. I want to believe that Schwartz is finally the right guy.

    I really want to believe. I hope my faith is rewarded. I hope my love is requited.

  2. By Mike Sawson on May 28, 2010 | Reply

    Without a doubt, TE is the most underrated position in football. The Lions haven’t had a great one since Charlie Sanders. During the draft last year, my wish was finally granted, best of luck Brandon!

  3. By Lions#20 on May 28, 2010 | Reply

    Sounds good Brandon! Back by the start of season?!? People were saying you and Kevin wouldnt be back until midway through next season, so what are yall saying now??? Keep up the good work, and make sure not to do too much and come back too early! We need ya…

    Keep up the belief Anthony, we ready for em this year, Im predicting at the very least we double our wins, and by next year we make a push for the playoffs and sneak in! Let the haters cry and whine, Dont stop…….. Believin’!

    Love this site?!? Love to talk lions?!? Come talk Lions anytime guys, we need some fellow fans, its an upstart site with moderators for some team rooms needed, with a vision for insult free Lions talk and a spam/company advertisement free board!!! And no haters, haha jk! Put it in your favorites with the rest of all your favorite Lions sites like, Mlive, etc.!

  4. By Don on May 28, 2010 | Reply

    This is the Best Rebuilding TEAM that I have ever Seen in this City as far as the LIONS go.
    I trully believe that this LIONS TEAM IS the REAL deal.
    And this TEAM WILL overcome it’s past and be the Winner that it is ment to be!

  5. By Eric on May 29, 2010 | Reply

    Every winter we wait on our Lions!! Its our time baby!..2 the what delmas an vandenbosh do PLAY HARD..I was very pleased we got suh!! I think hes gonna suprise people..secondary its time 2 make it pop!..we tierd of these recivers burnin yall..stay outta tha away from these hoodrats here.i think Stafford is the real deal..maybe the next montana..if u can protect him..get bullocks..this is a must..mayhew reminds me of dumars..o line..u guys gotta open up some holes so smith an best can get off..!!

  6. By ROGER4643 on May 30, 2010 | Reply


  7. By jim wood on May 31, 2010 | Reply

    Hope to to see #84 on the field really soon! Work hard brandon! Play harder!

  8. By TD on May 31, 2010 | Reply

    Great news for BP! Can’t wait to see him on the field tearing things up this year with all of those new weapons we’ve added. A fully recovered Pettigrew equals a probowl year for the big guy. Proud of my autographed #84 jersey and can’t wait to wear it to a home playoff game soooooon!!!!

  9. By Michael Cote on May 31, 2010 | Reply

    Brandon, I have to say that I am a huge fan and I’m glad to see that you have a great attitude about it all! I think you will be a vital part of this offense and have a great career!

  10. By Lance Manly on Jun 1, 2010 | Reply

    Brandon can’t wait till you’re back on the field.

    The flashes of brilliance on the field last year were a good tease; but you are definately a “Pro Bowl” caliber Tight End. Hopefully, you’ll get your first of many this season.

    Keep the faith; it will be worth it!

    Go Lions!

  11. By Machine on Jun 1, 2010 | Reply

    He started to really show up last year as a target. With him and Tony things should start to flow. Any word on if they contacted this guy for back up QB. I think he could be an asset for the team, city, and state.

  12. By fred Moseley on Jun 3, 2010 | Reply

    I just read How Suh , Young , Bosh and Williams are getting it in first thing in the morning around 6:30 in the weightroom where is Sammy Hill !

  13. By Don on Jun 3, 2010 | Reply

    Just another one of your Fans that Can’t wait to see you in action!
    I have to say that I wanted you on this TEAM since before you were drafted and mayhew Made me a very happy man when he Selected you in the draft!
    I knew the Minute that I watched you on YOUTUBE that you were the real DEAL and a very special person besides just a great Football player.
    I am hopin that will will be here for your entire Career and that you will end up in Many Pro Bowls and the Hall of fame when your Career comes to an end Brandon. and I am hoping that that is a long long Career.

  14. By Don on Jun 3, 2010 | Reply

    Now What I have to say Next Might not be Liked by very many players on this TEAM and one player for sure probably won’t like what I have to say.
    This is about Mr. Suh.I guess that maybe I shouldn’t even consider this any of my Business. However I think that I have to say something.
    This City and these People here have Wanted you to come here With the hopes that you would be the Man that could Help our D-fence to become the the ELITE D-FENCE of the centry. And I believe that this can happen with this crew and very little has to be done to make it happen.
    When I saw however that you were Charging People $45 to$55 per autograph That made me sick to my Stomach. I mean you say that you understand the finantial situation that these people are in,in this city? Even if it is Men trying to make money from your success? That is a VERY SMALL percentage of them doing that. VERY SMALL. The rest is just pure FANS that want your Autograph. And yes some of us will even pass your Autograph on to our children and grandchildren That jersey with your signature.
    However there are families like my own that will Keep that autograph for thier whole lives and never sell it to anyone. EVER.
    WE in this city Have paid the price threw the years and with this TEAM it has been sometimes Very testing to say the least.
    Don’t make it hard for us to get close to you? To Know you? Is this REALLY the way you want it? Charging people that don’t have it?
    Mr.Suh, WE know that it is a business BUT to some of us it is more than that.
    It is a BOND with a City and it’s TEAM. AND it’s PLAYERS. A Kind of Friendship.
    Please give it some thought.
    And as far as your contract and the not holding out thing? Do you really believe that you are worth what the QB is? For that Matter any QB?
    You want his kind of Money? I’m sorry BUT, YOUR a DT. AND all be it a really good one.
    However, your a DT and even with your great College Career you are still unproven at this level.
    And I know that you believe that you are the greatest and that is a great mind set to have.
    However this Franchise also has to sign a First round RB that Looks to be pretty great himself.
    And he might be closer to the QB kind of money than you.
    I believe that you are not the type of player or person that Albert Haynsworth is. And I am sorry and I do not want to judge anyone However with what Albert has done in Washington is SOOOO wrong that I don’t even know what to say? And I guess that I won’t say. I do however wonder if he trully believes that he is doing the right thing. It may all be within the rights that he has to do what he is doing but, doesn’t anyone believe that he would be more greatly blessed by trying to be more helpfull towards his employers.
    Anyways All I am saying is that if you take it all we wont have any for anyone else. And we need other players. Unless you can win it all on your own?
    Also I LOVE the game of football, However, there is a price that I will pay to watch the game. However, at this time funds are low for many,Many people in this city and the price that we will pay has allready gone as far as many of us are going to pay to watch this or any other team play.
    Bottom LINE is that Maybe you DON’T understand what this city is going threw.
    and the way it looks is that most players don’t and they don’t seem to care either. They just want thier Money. Well it might not happen here. why?
    Because we don’t have the Money!

  15. By Don on Jun 3, 2010 | Reply

    I want to let MR. Suh know that I do believe that he is a great player and that I do think that he should be paid and paid well for his services.
    And from what I can tell he seems to be a good person that works very hard at what he does And that is a VERY,VERY good quality for anyone.
    And I am and will be proud to have him on our TEAM.
    WE in this City MR.Suh Want to win the SuperBowl. Do not be fooled into thinking that because we have lost for so long that a few wins will Satisfy any of us fans or even the TEAM that you play for. And that is the same for any player that comes here.
    And the only reason that I am concerned with the money at all and seeing that it is not MY money and so then really not my concern.
    However, as a FAN, I just want to know that there is enough Money for every player that we need in order to get the TEAM, that can and will win the SuperBowl.
    Winning a few games is not the END goal of any of the Fans in Detroit.
    I have lived in this city all my life and this state. And Knowing how these fans and myself have had winners in footbal when it comes to Michigan and Michigan State and even those smaller Schools like Central Michigan and Eastern and Western. This is a Football STATE.
    And we have been Missing the Most important win of them all and that is the PRO FootBall Championship.
    And we want it.
    So Really if you are the complete answer To weather or not we will win the SuperBowl then MR.Ford can Pay whatever as long as THAT job is accomplished.
    So are you the Total Answer as to weather or not this TEAM WILL WIN the SUPERBOWL?

  16. By Don on Jun 3, 2010 | Reply

    Sorry about My Rants. I am Totaly excited about seeing Zack follett as the Weakside LBer. I believe that this man will be very much the type of LBer that Spielman was. I man who loves to hit and is on top of every play.
    This whole defence is excting.
    Alot of people are worried about our DBs However even there, These Men that we have now DO have the potential to play thier position at a Very High Level. And I do Believ that By strengthening the front that the Back will benefit from that.
    With Practice And using your heads This secondary can overcome what people are talking about and become great Ball Hawks That can pick that ball out of the air more than anyone would expect.
    I know from what I have seen of houston and Spievey that they have what it takes to be a great tandom. YOU must believe and have the confidence when playing this position. SO THINK BIG! THink FAST and think with your EYES and your HANDS!
    ANd BEAT your Opponant To the Ball and TAKE IT OUT OF THE AIR!
    And Then there is also the Matter OF making them pay when they TAKE our Ball.
    And from what I have SEEN From HOUSTON,SPIEVEY,and DELMAS. There should be a lot of hurting comming to the other TEAMS in our division and the League.
    There is the Other Safety Position and I have NO Idea who is going to take that position away from the other competetors But to the Victor goes the spoils.
    There is a lot of Talk around the League and in the Media that None knows what the LIONS are going to do.
    Well the Men that are there are going to step up and become the PAIN TRAIN AND DO WHAT HAS TO BE DONE!
    Never Let anyone Tell you that you are this or that. BE what you want to be!
    GREAT! and you are and WILL BE! OVERCOME!

  17. By James on Jun 4, 2010 | Reply

    Couple of things here.

    First of all, being a lifelong Lions fan I can certainly understand why the comments section was shut down for most articles. The history of this team has created a stigma that even six Lombardi Trophies won’t fix for some people. I am all for skepticism and criticism; but the flat out relentless negativity needs to go. We finally have some finally gentlemen steering this ship and they – as well as most of these players – had nothing to do with 0 – 16 or fifty years of whatever you’d like to call it.

    That said, I am very happy they brought it back at least in the blog formats. As some have said, even posting on something like this with all of eight responses feels different than commenting on a random forum with 300 replies. This is the actual site and that makes it something more important.

    As per the actual blog itself, I say nothing but good luck to you Jumbotron. You showed the flashes and being a rookie I expected nothing more and nothing less. Barring health, you are going to be an elite athlete at your position in this league. Lucky for us fans, Trigger (Mr. Stafford) is well aware of that. Look no further than him throwing you the ball to win that Cleveland game, resulting in two rookies creating one of the most exciting moments Lions fans have ever seen and giving us a small glimpse of what we can hopefully expect for years to come..

    Onto Mr. Suh, I really have no idea why there is so much criticism and hate coming about from this autograph thing. I mean has anyone reported that a good portion of it wasn’t for charity? Even if it wasn’t, who cares? People might not be in the best financial situation in Detroit nowadays, but there is still free will. Those people who came down and paid for that autograph chose to do so. They earned that money, they can do whatever they want with it. Could $300 bucks pay my cable for the next three months? Absolutely, but if I want to spend it on an authentic Suh jersey instead, that is my right, as it is anyone who came out for the autographs.

    Does anyone really think that if Suh is walking down the street tomorrow and some kid comes up and asks him for his autograph he’s going to respond with, “Sorry little man, that’ll be $50 bucks”. Of course he won’t. It was an organized, planned event and there are sometimes charges for these things.

    Don is right, there are people that will cherish that autograph for generations (and one would ask, is $55 such a steep price for that?). There are also the exact opposite people who will throw that thing on eBay the second he records 10 sacks and makes his first pro bowl; and those people will make a lot more than $40. Good for them as well. There is nothing wrong with a tad bit of entrepreneurship on one’s behalf. It is America after all.

    Personally, I don’t care if he charges money at planned events and I don’t care if Jumbotron is a week behind or a week ahead of his recovery. All I care about is that these two gentlemen are on the field come game time so we can finally start to see some of the changes being made around here yield some results.

    Good luck Pettigrew, go get ‘em Suh, and GO LIONS.

  18. By Don on Jun 8, 2010 | Reply

    I was Reading about What Willie Young was Saying and I really like Willie.
    I really hope and believe that he will make it and become a great player for this TEAM.
    With Willie for me it happened about the same way with him as it did with Pettigrew Last year.
    I just saw his YOUTUBE video’s and really didn’t know much about him.
    (well I had heard More about Brandon a little earlier than I did willie)?
    But it was like I saw these guy’s and was hopeing that we would draft them BUT, didn’t think that we would pick them. when it came to the actual draft.
    But, knowing that if it where me that I would pick them.
    However with Willie, I didn’t really get to see him play on you tube.
    because all I could find were his enterviews after his College Games.
    Anyways and then Mayhew picked them. I know that it was just coinsidence
    But it really seemed weird.
    Anyways I am very happy to have them both on our TEAM.
    I know that Willie still has to prove himself. But I believe that he will.

  19. By Lance Manly on Jun 9, 2010 | Reply

    Don – long rants, but skimmin’ them – about Young.

    Young works weights with first team D-line before practice (KVB, Corey, Suh and Devries) – that kind of mind set… doing what the best do… will earn him a spot in 1st or 2nd string DE by next year.

    This year; Lion’s are deep in DE; KVB, Devries, Hunter and Avril – not to mention Corey and Peterson can play the spot on occassion.

    Avril has this year to prove himself; if not, or not so much, then Young is his replacement.

  20. By Don on Jun 10, 2010 | Reply

    James I have read what you have to say and I have to say that I agree with what you have to say.For the Most Part. However I have also been at the Open practices and there are a lot of Players that come and sign autographs for free.
    And Mr.Suh has not had his chance yet.But, as far as I’ve seen Stafford hasn’t spent much time giving his autograph at these events.
    And there is one thing that I do not understand? Why do you Mention HATE along with Critasism? Know one HATES any of these people.
    And yes, they have the RIGHT to do whatever they chose with thier time and thier Autograph.
    And Noone has heard much about thier charities all I ever heard was about the 45 to 55 dollars.and that is great for those who have it.
    When it all comes down to it it really does NOT Matter, it is Just an autograph.
    However Bringing hate into it is something alltogether differant.
    Don’t throw that into a Speech unless you are positive that that is the Motivation. Hate is a Serious emotion and it should not be confused With confusion.
    It confuses Me as to why he might do this or that? And I may not understand.
    However Hate is NO where in the equation.
    I have wanted and still am very Glad that Mr.Suh and Mr. Stafford are here in our city to play football for us.
    Hopefully they can win a superBowl for us.
    And for them selves.
    And Is the blog portion going to Leave this section of the LIONS post?
    That is to bad.
    Sorry to see it go.allthough I have to say that in giving opinions Not all of them will be Liked.
    I am trully sorry if I have offended anyone. However I give My opinion the same as everyone else.You don’t and probably don’t agree with what I have to say and that is OK.
    BUT, Please don’t HATE ME!

  21. By Don on Jun 10, 2010 | Reply

    Allright this is why I was comming to this Blog today.
    I was and am wondering, Even though I do believe in the Men that we allready have in the secondary unit.
    I am wondering if the LIONS are considering talking to and possibly Bringing O.J. Atogwe Into the organization.
    I realize that he has gone through a lot when it comes to Injuries and we certainly do not Need to bring in someone that is just going to end up on injured reserve.
    However I am wondering if this would be the case?
    And if you know anything about his health issues and weather or not he could be any use to this TEAM?
    He sounds to be a very special DB that could Maybe help this TEAM out.
    However you would know weather he would be a good candidate to bring into camp or not.
    and I am also not sure as to how Much he might want to come and play for us.
    I hear that he has been a fan of the LIONS as he grew up in Windsor watching the LIONS.

  22. By Lance Manly on Jun 11, 2010 | Reply

    Don – O.J. Atogwe.

    Yes, they are considering it.

    I mean, they have to… Delmas and O.J. – safeties would be set.

    Issue is the money. O.J. wants a bus load 6+ annually to even converse with him; winning team may end up pay 7 to 8. At that rate; what do you tell Delmas?

    Unless the Lions can get him for 6-ish I think O.J. will go somewhere else. This is a precursor to what the Lions will have to pay in a couple years in order to keep Delmas.

    Go Lions!

  23. By Jizzle on Jun 11, 2010 | Reply

    Pettigrew is definately a key piece to the Detroit Lions puzzle….with him and Scheffler getting about 75% of the p.t. at TE those two should team up for at least 1,000 yds. Plus you got Calvin getting 1,200+ yds, Burleson with 800 yds and Bryant Johnson gettin like 500 yds. Stafford will have near 4,000 yards if not more this season with 24 touchdowns and 16 interceptions.

    After saying that; lets say one of top the recievers goes down in the beginning of the season…..does anyone think the Lions would pick up T.O. for a one year deal under a million?

    I think this year is a big step in building the offense for the future and also for keeping a Calvin Johnson or our teams roster. If we dont start proving to him that we are going to win then he is gonna be out of here and everyone is going to be baffled because they didnt see it coming….good this is we would most likely get a 1st and 3rd round pick when that happens.

  24. By Don on Jun 14, 2010 | Reply

    Yea, Jizzle
    This should be a great year and a Fun one with all these weapons!
    I don’t know if the LIONS would go after T.O? However I think that he would be a great pick up! However, we are pretty Deep at the WR Position. NO one like T.O Of coarse But, we do have some talented Pass catchers.
    and NO I can’t name them all. I do know that they have one that was at Geogia that stafford Connected to a lot while he was there. and there are even more.
    In fact there are going to have to be some that just can’t make the final 53.
    This TEAM has a Full house at Most positions with a lot of Talent at most of them. It’s going to Make it tuff at decision time.
    BUT, It sure is Nice to have enough talent that it makes picking them hard.

  25. By Don on Jun 14, 2010 | Reply

    The Question and answer thing with Stafford was great.
    It would be nice to see more of that.
    Even though I didn’t particapate.
    Stafford your da MAN!

  26. By MJE on Jun 15, 2010 | Reply

    This is a very exciting time to be a fan of the Detroit Lions. We (as “Michiganders”) have a appreciation for hard work and stories of “against all odds” come backs.

    If your unfamilar with how Michigan shaped and formed some of the greatest accomplishments that our country have enjoyed then take the time to do some google’n. Start looking just at our Great Lakes history. All you will see is Hard working ppl logging, locking the lockes, and shipping for the steele. Michigan ppl are bred with the hard working gene. Nothing gets me more excited about Lions Football then reading a group of Vets and Rook’s coming together, hours earlier than required, working together to better one another for no other reason than professional pride.

    I’m unable to clearly understand what can be said in a professional locker room to my peers while being taken serious. However, If I was fortunate enough to play at that level I would be so far up my teammates corn holes about willingness to put forth, matching these efforts, they would either fill that weight room at 6:30 with my obnoxious self or headlines would read in the Free Press, “So-and-so strung up in Lions locker room”.

    Football will always show what team has put in the effort, together. What can that do for your pysche? I can only imagine lining up across from someone and think “I’ve been in the gym everyday this off-season by 6:30, you haven’t. I will own you” That turns into belief.

    Michiganders want to/will believe in hard-workers. Ask the Pistons how many consecutive games were sold out when they would “go to work”.

    “If you think you can or you can’t, your right” -Henry Ford (sums it up to me, all about belief). GO LIONS!!!

  27. By Lance Manly on Jun 15, 2010 | Reply

    Jizzle – Agree. With three 1,000 yrd recievers on the team 3,000 yrd is expected and 4,000 is in range. Plus you didn’t even mention Best – who could be a 1,000 / 1,000 yard rookie!

    Don’t discuss the “I*” word… sshhh!

    T.O. – don’t need him now that the Lions have Nate. Remember Bryant Johnson and Northcut are still on the team. Plus, Williams (receiver of Stafford’s first TD in preseason) and TOOOOOOONE are hopefully going to develop into good receivers.

    I think TOOOONE has great potential to play the slot; his numbers were great in college – not including his punt return ability.

    The offense has big up grades (Nate, Schefield, Best and Sims) and the offense’s best friend the D-fense has major upgrades as well.

    Go Lions!

  28. By nldcollector on Jun 19, 2010 | Reply


  29. By Don on Jun 20, 2010 | Reply

    Yes, It’s Me again. (:
    Starting off I would Like to say “Happy Fathers Day” to all of you that are father’s and to all of you that Have father’s And to all that will someday be a father.
    NOW, I have something to say About the OTA days that were Taken away from all of you and all of us.
    I do not Believe that It was anyone from this TEAM that turned it into the League. Being how everyone has Seemed Like they all had one common Goal.
    TO WIN! And To get to the SuperBowl.
    I have seen these things Happen a lot in the 50 years of Losing in this City with this TEAM.
    And I believe that it was or at Least could have been an outSide influance trying to Disrupt Our TEAM and cause Friction Within the Organization.
    So To all of you that Still have that Common Goal I am Begging you to Keep it!
    And to any of you that may have seemed to lose it because of this I would try to put it Behind you and Keep Pushing ahead Toward A winning Season.
    It would and could have been plenty of people that could have done it.
    There are at Least three Anylists and reporters that I know of from Major Sports Programs or television show’s to Radio personalities to sports writers that are Fans of other TEAMS in our division that Could and would do it.
    And then again it could be one of the Players.
    And all I have to say if it is is, SHAME ON YOU!
    Remember when you are crying or Whining about the work that you are doing that you are Lucky enough and Blessed enough to get to play for this TEAM and in the NFL.
    And you are probably Making More Money than Most People in this country!
    Or at least More than a Lot of people in the city are Making and YES, I’m Talking about the reguler JOE!
    So If it was one of you That is Just Sad cuz you don’t Know what you have.
    There have Been plenty of men across this country that would love to do the Job you are doing and if they had to put in a little overtime to do it would be glad to.
    So Allthough Noone knows who did it, It just comes down to the fact that it stinks cause This TEAM for the Most part anyways WANTs to WIN!
    It has Been 50 years since this TEAM has won a Championship, and to any of our rivals that is all well and good. So don’t let this split the TEAM UP NO matter what!
    And I Really Really do NOT believe that it was ANYONE on this TEAM!
    I REALLY believe that everyone on this TEAM has ONE Common Goal and that IS to WIN!
    AT least it has REALLY seemed that way until Now.
    I just hope that weather it was someone on the TEAM which I really don’t think it was or From an outside source.
    I just HOPE that you all stick together and And Make THIS TEAM the greatest!
    ALL the TEAMS in this Division TOTALY WANT to Keep this TEAM down.
    And I trully believe that the Other TEAMS in our division are getting Worried for once. Allthough everyone of them would deny it.

  30. By Don on Jun 22, 2010 | Reply

    Why would anyone from this organization Let these two Radio brodcasters come on our or your site and talk to the people of Detroit about the Lions?
    These two Fithian and Caputo Are some of the most Negative People that You could have come on this show. They don’t have the Backbone to stand up to people and Tell the People the way it is. The Minute that they get some guy comming on and ranting About the TEAM Instead of backing up the TEAM, they go and start agreeing with the dude.
    These two Men Look at the Lions as if the LIONS are just Losers and they Never Believe that this TEAM is there or Going to be there or anything Like that.
    They take the Least little thing and blow it up to be another reason why the Lions can’t win and Pick the TEAM apart by Looking for all the Negative things that they can.
    They Never Look at what is good about the TEAM and if anything they Pull people away from your Stadium than they bring them to it.
    People stopped comming because they want to see a Winner!
    If you (THE LIONS) don’t start convincing People that this TEAM is going to be good and that Radio People Like these two are wrong about are TEAM you will have less and less people!
    I have to tell you that there is NO way that if I owned this TEAM that I would have these two out there talkking about my TEAM on my own site.
    This TEAM has Grown a TON in the Last two years and I believe in this TEAM!
    We have brought Talented people onto this TEAM and that Means the Rookies and the Veterans.
    And I believe that this TEAM could Win ten games with this TEAM I won’t say that the LIONS will win that Many BUT, I will say that we have Enough Talent to get that much done!
    Caputo is a Bears Fan from the way that this guy talks.
    And fithian I have No Idea who he roots for.
    I don’t think that they do it on purpose? BUT, that is the way that they have been programed to think! And them with a lot of people in this city have been. so, when the Subject of the LIONS comes up and someone starts talking about the Lions they go to auto Neg. In other words they can’t find anyhting even remotly close to a positive statement to say about our LIONS!
    It is a chore for them.
    They are LIKE sheep being led to the slaughter that have no hope of anything good in the future!
    Every single Thing that came UP about the Lions and why the LIONS could be good they come back with Well on the other hand.
    So what about the other Hand, Just Shut up and tell something good that Helps me to be a positive person about the situation.
    These two don’t get that and they don’t understand it unless they are talking about their favorite TEAM DA BEARS!
    Caputo has Came on the air and continually telling everyone in this city that the other TEAMS in this Division is better than OUR TEAM.
    He does NOT even give this TEAM or any of our NEW players Vets or Rookies a chance.
    How does he know that the other TEAMS are Better?
    It is a new year, And we have a New TEAM. and a Younger TEAM just about.
    that Means that we should be getting better than the other TEAMS in this division.
    Everyone says that we have closed the gap.(except these two)
    Well if we did then we should win most of our games because most of our Games were close before.
    So Now that we have gotten better we should either Tie them all or beat them all!

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