Schwartz Says QB Improvement is Best Thing to Come Out of Offseason

Posted by Chrissie Wywrot on July 30, 2010 – 6:55 pm

When asked what he thought of the offseason program, Head Coach Jim Schwartz first commented that he didn’t feel the offseason was over.

Schwartz: “To me, training camp is still part of the offseason. Anything that’s not part of the regular season is part of the offseason.”

He cited personnel moves as a key piece of this year’s offseason program, but the No. 1 thing the Lions got out of it, he said, was the further growth and development of second-year quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Schwartz: “He was here March 16 or 17, whatever day the first day of the offseason program was. He was here every single day. He was throwing on the field, he was working out, he was studying film, he was in the playbook – all those different things. He went into that day (the first day of the offseason program) as the starting quarterback.”

Last year as a rookie, Stafford wasn’t able to work with the team until early May. With the full offseason this year, Stafford was able to focus on football without the distractions every rookie encounters.

Schwartz: “His whole objective was just to learn and to get better and get better, not anything else. Not trying to find an apartment, not trying to find his way around the city, not trying to earn a starting job. He’s our starting quarterback.”

Additionally, the value of a full offseason with Detroit’s offensive skill players shouldn’t be overlooked.

Schwartz: “I think that’s probably been the biggest thing in this offseason is Matt’s ability to work with Calvin Johnson. His ability to go out there and throw with Nate Burleson and Bryant Johnson and (Dennis) Northcutt and Derrick Williams and all our wide receivers and tight ends. Just getting out there and doing it on a daily basis has made a big, big improvement of where we are offensively.”

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5 Responses to “Schwartz Says QB Improvement is Best Thing to Come Out of Offseason”

  1. By Mike Whitman on Jul 30, 2010 | Reply

    i thought drafting a QB with the 1st pick last year was the dumbest move ever! and its obvious that Mayhew and Schwartz are continuing to make many more dumb moves! Yeah, dumb like a fox! these 2 guys together are FAR more crafty than i ever imagined, and EVERY move they’ve put together since the outset, has been stamped with long-term improvement in mind. maybe nobody could see it, but their first baby steps last year all went into a plan, and that plan continues to manifest solidity. mark my words, this team is going places! the Lions are coming around gradually, and every season will show that upward trend. in 3 years ….. LOOK OUT !

  2. By Don on Jul 30, 2010 | Reply

    I just want to Let this TEAM Know How much that I believe in you Men.
    I know that there are a lot of anylists out there that are not giving you the benefit of the dought.
    Well, I for one, am one that is giving you the the benefit!
    I would and do have this to say, and that is that ALL of you should do all you can to stay clear of the Media, Or at Least not read the articles Until you get yourselves established anyway’s.
    I believe that the Most important game of the season is the Bears Game in Chicago. And I TRULLY believe that if you do your homework And prepare to the best of your ability that you,we, us can go in there and come out the winner!
    Take One game at a time. And then move on to the next!
    From where I sit I cannot do a lot to help this TEAM, But, with my writing I have tried to help, particularly in the Relm of the Media and the OUTLOOK that they have on this TEAM. And I have to tell you that they are a Very stubburn bunch.
    And I also know that there have been many other’s that have been trying to change the Way that this TEAM is Looked at. And, to build up the way that our Fans View this TEAM. With a More Positive outlook!
    I have said things at times that either were not very nice Or maybe have appeared very Negative. for that I am sorry.
    Me, as Allmost every other fan, Have grown very tired Of the way that this TEAM is viewed By the Rest of our American Brother’s and Sister’s.(:
    I know that this is a business, However I would hope that all of you on this TEAM would take it a Bit farther than that, And turn this TEAM into a brotherhood of Players that turn this TEAM from one that is viewed as a loser to one that is viewed as a Champion! And in More way’s than just the SuperBowl . But, The SuperBowl and Beyond!
    As the Epitamy Of Hard Working, good Men that form a BrotherHood of Men that are Proud to BE LIONS!
    I really believe that this Is One of the best DETROIT LIONS TEAMS that I have seen In this city and you havent even played a game yet.
    BUT,this Group of player’s Is a large Group of men that Seem to be Very respectable in the way that you all live your lives.
    So I am hoping for the best for all of you, And a great Season for all of us.
    God Bless,The LIONS!
    P.S I know that everyone in this 2ndry Has been hearing a Lot of Negative from the Media and evn some of the Fans, and they have said thing’s about the LBer Positions Also.
    STOP! don’t listen to that Garbage, YOUR IN THE NFL!
    YOU didn’t get here because youcouldn’t do the Job!
    All YOU Back 7 Must Keep an attitude OF full confidence! and even cockyness!

  3. By Don on Jul 30, 2010 | Reply

    Oh, One last thing, Well that’s probably not the Last thing?
    BUT, for now. The Fans that have been backing you guy’s and going toe to toe with some people on wheather or not this is a Good TEAM or not.
    Which I believe that it is.
    Anyway’s We Can only do and say So Much. Now, the rest is in your hands,and feet and Legs and arms and Brain’s And all, to get this Job done and done right!
    This TEAM CAN WIN! Not just get Better. THIS TEAM CAN WIN!
    WIN NOW!

  4. By Chris on Jul 31, 2010 | Reply

    Cant`t wait to see Stafford in action this season. After watching the NFL`s mic`d up footage of the Cleveland game last season, and seeing how he handled that situation as a rookie, my respect for this young QB has doubled. I think he played very well last year and gave us many glimpses of his talent. Now with a full offseason to work with the receivers and study the offense I believe the sky is the limit. Go Lions! Restore the ROAR 2010!!!

  5. By Richard on Aug 1, 2010 | Reply

    And now for my two cents:

    1) The media are simply puppets. They don’t think on their own. I think there’s an unwritten rule that says they can only talk good about New England, or Dallas, or New Orleans, or Indianapolis, or Brett Favre. They must be told that if they say something positive about Detroit or any other team that has struggled that they will be fined or fired.

    2) Hopefully Suh gets signed soon and gets into camp. And once the season starts, looking forward to the two games that he can be turned loose on one Brett Favre.

    3) This team is improving. The offseason moves and the good draft this year proves that we have the right men in place to lead this team and build it into a contender every year.

    4) I hope that when this season is over, the so-called experts and analysts and talk show hosts will be eating their words about the Lions. That will be the greatest victory. We the fans have endured through all these years of struggling. Now we are starting to see the turn around.

    Thank you Mayhew, Thank you Schwartz, Thank you team

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