First-Team Offense, Defense Cohesive and Efficient in First Half

Posted by Chrissie Wywrot on August 22, 2010 – 2:43 am

The Lions once again showed cohesiveness and efficiency in preseason play, leading after the first half, 16-14.

The first-team offense played the entire first half, slotting one touchdown and three field goals. Though the offense was effective, scoring in each drive, Head Coach Jim Schwartz would have liked to see more than one touchdown.

Schwartz: “We didn’t score sevens. We missed a couple opportunities in the red zone. We need to get seven on the board. We had a couple drops or (instances where) it was just off our fingertips. And threes (field goals) aren’t enough – people can get back in the game quickly if you keep kicking field goals.”

Quarterback Matthew Stafford spread the ball around, finishing 13-of-18 for 130 yards, including a 20-yard touchdown to wide receiver Calvin Johnson. The touchdown pass came just two plays after an interception by cornerback Dre’ Bly put Detroit on the Denver 27-yard line.

Johnson led all receivers with 34 yards on two receptions while Maurice Morris (1 rec, 23 yards), Tony Scheffler (2 rec, 22 yards), Nate Burleson (3 rec, 19 yards), Kevin Smith (2 rec, 13 yards), Jahvid Best (2 rec, 10 yards) and Bryant Johnson (1 rec, 9 yards) also contributed to the Lions’ passing game.

Stafford: “We had a chance to get a bunch of guys the ball and we’re just trying to take what the defense is giving us. If they’re giving us the underneath we’re going to take it and if they’re giving us the shot deep we’re going to take that. These guys made a bunch of great plays for me out there and we were able to move the ball. We’ve got to put it in the end zone now.”

Detroit also performed well on the ground, coming away with 62 rushing yards. Best led the Lions with 49 yards on 8 carries, including a 15-yard run in which he was pulled down by a facemask.

Defensively, the first-team was on the field for three series, creating constant pressure up front. Untimely penalties hurt Detroit, but the defense did finish with one sack by Kyle Vanden Bosch and the interception by Bly.

Safety Randy Phillips, who started in place of safety Louis Delmas, also had a solid half with a team-leading four tackles.

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9 Responses to “First-Team Offense, Defense Cohesive and Efficient in First Half”

  1. By Jeff on Aug 22, 2010 | Reply

    The one’s on offense and defense look great. I like coach Schwartz would like to see more 7s and less 3s. I don’t see #14 Shaun Hill as being very effective. A better #2 QB seems to be the next project. I’d like to see Drew have more reps with the 2s I suppose. My heart wants the MSU guy…so I am hoping he can step up. I really like the RBs…I think Best, Smith and Morris are solid! Great improvement OL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and DL.

  2. By Jake on Aug 22, 2010 | Reply

    Looking pretty solid. Just need to put up them 7′s. Best is showing the potential of putting up massive yards in both the running and receiving game, but I think Kevin Smith is still going to contribute in both areas. I haven’t had a fair assessment of how Kevin has recovered and how he will play, but to me Best is our starter, no doubt about it. He can score any time he touches the ball, tough to beat that. Perhaps it’s the lack of home-run hitters we’ve had since Barry left, but Best seems insanely fast when he gets to the outside, and he compliments that with the ability to change directions on a dime. Plus, he seems to have an incredible spin move.

    I love how Staff’ is running the offense. He’s utilizing all of his weapons and once we enter the season we’ll be putting up them aforementioned 7′s more times than not, I believe.

    Suh seems to be causing some disruptions. I don’t expect Ndamukong to instantly be a 10-tackles/1 sack a game guy immediately. I’m reminded of Mario Williams for the Texans being picked number 1 and everyone wondered why, and he really didn’t do good until his second or third year before he became a monster on the defensive end. Granted, Suh is a tackle but it still might take him a year before he starts emerging as a solid defensive tackle. As long as he has guys like Vanden Bosch and Williams to learn from, he is going to develop fine.

    On my final note, GOOOOOO LIONS!

  3. By Don on Aug 22, 2010 | Reply

    Great Job By Vanden Bosch and Bly! I Love it when we get the Sacks!
    And I REALLY LOVE It when we entercept The Ball! That was Great awareness Dre. Ijust Love it when we Steal the Ball out of the Air!
    I love when we steal the ball anyway we can, However there is Just Something special About an enterception! It is Just agreat Feeling and I know it Feels great for the Back that Get’s the Enterception. Great Job “D” Defence!
    I think that Once Delmas comes Back that It might be a good Idea to Keep Randy Philips next to him as the other safety. maybe Randy should start Practicing At the other Safety Position at practice Just so he is used to it when Delmas comes Back. Randy Seems like he likes making Plays! (:
    Great Game LIONS! and I am glad to see the Offence Moving the Ball.
    Let’s get 7s though instead of three’s.
    OH, and as for the NEW KID Kicking the Field Goals, He might be a Keeper to Keep around.
    Great Job, It has to be Nerve racking, When you are trying to fill in for Jason Hanson. Get all the advise you can from Jason and we may have two field goal kickers. Great job putting it in the uprights.

  4. By Rio on Aug 22, 2010 | Reply

    The Lions look pretty good from what I have seen. But, once again it is only preseason. For the most part, the defence looked good especially the D-line. Randy Phillips should definately start safety along side Delmas. You can’t go wrong with two hard hitting safeties. The cornerbacks look very suspect except for Dre Bly.

  5. By Lee Battjes on Aug 22, 2010 | Reply

    if no one else noticed dre bly has allways been a play maker…he was a defenceive leader for d-town…on his last run with the lions he was our best player in the secondary sence willie white and bennie blades…i hope bly,chris houston and delmas can hold the wide outs long enough to let the revamped d-line beat up the QB…if he is running scared then thay can just sit back and collect turnovers…GO LIONS

  6. By G. Jones on Aug 23, 2010 | Reply

    That Defensive front is going to be awesome. Now we just need to draft some DB’s next year and we’ll be set to really compete.

  7. By Bruce on Aug 23, 2010 | Reply

    I know that the coaches, and probably even the players dont look at the posts we put up, but if in the small chance they do, Randy Phillips impressed in the small amount of time i saw him on the field. I dont know how hard of a transition it is from free safety to strong safety but i think he needs more playing time, even when Delmas comes back

  8. By Jeff S on Aug 23, 2010 | Reply

    Just dropping a line about my fave team. Favorite play of the game probably was when i believe Ball had the ball and ran smack dab into Suh.. EPIC! thought it was rather humorous seeing him run into Mr. House of Spears like that. I also enjoyed seeing Suh tip a pass. I am so pumped for the season to start and to watch the career of what i believe will hopefully be one of the All-Time greats Go NUMBER 90 AND GOOOOOOOOO LIONS!!!!!!

  9. By T.N.E. on Aug 24, 2010 | Reply

    Nice Win Lions. Everybody looked good. 1st team put up point, and missed out on a few, 2nd and 3rd team’s moved the ball to put us in position to put up points. I guess to tighten up things is all that we need to do. I thought Denver was about to score on the last drive, from how the Defense was looking. I can only imagine being out there to see it..our boy’s were T-I-R-E-D!!! Again, nice win.

    1-1, with 18 games left Lions…Why not start now?
    It was either the year before last, or last season when we finished the preseason 4-0 or 3-1, and ended up having another top 5 draft pick for the next season… I’m still saying Super Bowl.

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