Johnson: ‘There were too many mistakes’

Posted by Chrissie Wywrot on September 20, 2010 – 5:35 pm

“After the game, Coach said there were a lot of good things that we did. He was proud of the way we fought – making it happen at the end there – but there were too many mistakes. Too many penalties and missed opportunities.

“We went into the game with just three receivers, so once Nate went down, it was just two receivers left after that, so we had a tight end playing the receiver position. The only difference was that there might not have been as much speed in the slot as we’re used to, but that’s about it. We should have been fine.

“The main thing is that for some reason after halftime we stall a little bit. We got off to a pretty good start – we put up 17 in the first half. You want to repeat that in the second half, but we weren’t able to do that. We were able to put up some points late, put up 15 there in the last six minutes of the game, but it was all too late by then. Like I said, there were a lot of missed opportunities that happened before that.

“Not being able to convert on that last drive was tough, especially since we had the chance there at the end. But we weren’t able to convert. We’re 0-2, we’ve got 14 games left. We still have a good shot. We have a big divisional game coming up, so really that’s the big focus for us.

“Minnesota has a very rambunctious crowd. They get real loud in there. I’m used to it, I’ve been there a couple of times. All of us have been there a couple of times, so we’ll be ready to go there and put up our best effort.”

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  1. By Joe B on Sep 20, 2010 | Reply

    Everything sounds ok… except the last sentence fragment. i think the word effort is important but overused, or perhaps improperly used. forget about going there and giving your bets effort. Decide to win. Sean Connery has a great line in the movie ‘The Rock’ about trying your best. ‘…Carla was the prom queen.’

  2. By tone mosley on Sep 20, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Cal…I liked the performance in the first half! I was excited that we were able to get big plays and the offense was flowing well enough to have a halftime lead, but i agree when you said in the 2nd half we stalled! The ball needs to be worked down the field more. Our offensive line has played well and although the dump downs are ok we have YOU and other players who can stretch the field. Also,in the first half especially on the 1st td drive we ran the ball right at the undersized eagles defense and hammered them. In the second half we ran outside and got little to no results. I hope next week that we dont go away from what works but we go deep on minnesota and get after favre! They dont wnat to run AP all game and thats obvious form the 1st two games they’ve had.

  3. By M.Walker on Sep 20, 2010 | Reply

    Hello Mega Man this is not a comment this is advise. You are a gaint compared to the defensive backs please run them over get a offensive foul or something cause people in general calling you soft. Another thing this team is super young from all the draft picks from us being so terrible back then and you newer players have to carry on this tradition lucky you gettting millions cause you probably would have quit already. So when the team is young and the roster is new its going to take a minute like this up and coming game minnesota is beatable they are really struggling. And one favor make Scott Linehan do push ups eveytime yall score 25 points or less yall to easy to coach.

  4. By Don on Sep 20, 2010 | Reply

    I Know that this Team did play a good Game on Sunday. I was there and it was very exciting.
    However I agree with you Totally about the Game and I don’t know what happens But, I do know that it does, Even with the Fans.
    All the Fans went out at Half time and when the Second half starts a lot of the fans arent even back from going to the bathroom and gettin thier eats and drinks. So just after the Half there is’nt as much fan support because either they are still out of thier Seats Or they are getting hit with that Little rest stop that hit’s a lot of us after we eat.
    Anyway’s, It took some time after the half to get the crowd back into it and, by that Time the Team had lost thier momentum.
    What I don’t understand is how the Opposing TEAM can come back out with the Momentum that they do, and, yet even at Home it is hard for our Team to come back out with Mometum?
    I do know this, that we need you to start hitting those catches over the Middle in the Hash marks And have you take it into the endzone like you used to do.
    And Maybe Minnasota is the Place that you should start doing that again.
    Seeing how That is where we left that play at After those ding bat vikings hit you and gave you a Concushion.
    It sure would be nice to Slam Two or three TDs in thier Face Real fast like! If you all Look at this season the Way that I am, I think you might hold onto your confidance a bit more!
    WE won the fisrt Game weather the NFL admits or not!
    And in the Second Game i feel it is a lot closer to the way the first game was.
    In the Fact that there were penalties IN that game that were completily overlooked by the Refs.
    There were about three Face Masks that the Eagles should have been hit with and there were also holding calls that went by the wayside
    That the blind Refs just can’t seem to see for some reason.
    So in that, we also won the second Game also, weather the NFL Say’s so or Not. They werent as easy to notice as the One that they stole from you in the Bears game. BUT they were there, the Penalties.
    Only this Time we are going to score More Point’s than they do and it is’nt going to matter what the refs try to do.

  5. By ROCKY! on Sep 20, 2010 | Reply

    Calvin, we love you and we want the Lions to win every game! But why is it in the crunch of things, when the game is really heating up and we’re on the door knocking, do these stupid false start, motion penalties creep back on us and stall everything we had going?? I am the man that wants to be up in the bottom of the ninth, two outs, down by two, two men on……..Let me be that guy!!!
    Does the rest of our team feel the same way, or are we invaded by cowardice, non believing players, that just cannot keep up the concentration during the heat of the battle…….it totally baffles every Lions fan out here!!
    ! I am with you on the stalling part, but I am sure that our offensive coordinator (Linehan/Lineman?sp?), doesn’t have the Kahunas that Tom Moore-(ex-Lions, current Colts), has, or we wouldn’t be on the same page of frustration together on the play calls!!!. Get out the play book and use it, if you can’t roll with the action on the field, move over and let someone who can get it done!! The interception at the goal line, by Hill and #85, is totally in-excusable!!!! What a farce that was, and why were you and him at the same point at the same moment anyways??? Using Burleson going down as a crutch was a cop out…if you can’t go with only two, they better have 4 suited up next week……….Dumb Planning on their part is no excuse for the loss!!!
    Just my 2 cents worth.


    P.s. If my starting quarterback can’t get it done, I’m moving him to the back of the line and going with Stanton. Hill’s stat’s are terrible for the talent we have on offense~

  6. By Mich on Sep 20, 2010 | Reply

    This is not just for Calvin,but for the entire team.After the first 2 weeks of the season,I`m extremely proud of all of you and although the results haven`t gone our way(if you can call the Chicago game that,what a ripoff!!!!!!!!!!!!!),it has not only been exciting to watch the play of the team,but even from home,you can sense the confidence/teamwork is growing and improving.I`ve been a loyal Lions fan since 1968,never missing a game on TV or radio,and after all the failures and disappointments us true Lions fans have been through in the last 20yrs.(1991 and Captain Wayno was a lot of fun!),I know you guys are going to turn it all around and still finish with a minimum of an 8-8 record this season,I can just feel it in my gut.I`m still behind you and “Go Lions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  7. By Jake on Sep 20, 2010 | Reply

    What baffles me Calvin is the fact that in the last possession you went away from Jahvid Best. He was wide open and could have got you into field goal range. You guys should be 2 and 0.

  8. By Joe Deighton on Sep 20, 2010 | Reply

    Go beat those Vikings Calvin! We all know you guys are capable this year.

  9. By dave on Sep 20, 2010 | Reply

    I feel that the coaches were the one’s who made the most critical mistake, when they went for it on fourth down with a little over 7 minutes in the game trailing by eleven. If they would have kicked a field goal there, you would have been down 8. So when you scored the last time and got the two point conversion the game would have been tied.

  10. By Chris on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    Lets go lions!! We know you guys can get it done, we just need to start doing it. You are one of the most talented WR in the game CJ, lets prove it to the vikings and prove that we know how to win and that we can win! Smack favre around a little and get those points on the board, we are behind you guys. GO LIONS!!!

  11. By John on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    I am still a fan after all that has gone on .Seen great talent here wasted from too many protection breakdowns that dont allow the play offensively to develop.There is no excuse.FIX THE O -LINE PROBLEM AND YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO WIN A LOT OF GAMES.This line is practically the same the past 5 years.

  12. By Patrick on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    Just make some plays, You had 11 chances and caught 4 balls, two on back to back scoring plays. ONE catch in the 1st half? Be a playmaker not just a reciever, bring some game to your fame. I have sat and watched this team for 31 plus years and in the end it is not about how big, fast or skilled a player is it is his heart, his desire to WIN every battle and feel cheated if he doesnt . Find the fire and play football with some true desire to fullfill your potential and this team is 2-0, this 0-2 is on you.
    Patrick K.Whalen
    Season Ticket Holder

  13. By Geoff on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    Ok, Schwartz. No more excuses. You either find a QB who is willing to get Megatron the ball so that we have more chances to score, OR he’s gonna leave to a division rival, like Green Bay, as soon as his contract is up. Then, and only then will you realize what an awesome offensive weapon this guy is. The pieces are all in place on offense, RB, WR, TE’s. We just need a QB. Stafford has proven himself to be injury prone. We need a good backup QB, NOT Shaun Hill. He overthrew receivers so many times during that game, we had to leave at least 2 other touchdowns on the field, AT LEAST 2! C’mon man, the time is NOW! Take advantage of Vandebosch before he gets too old. LET’S DO IT NOW!!!!

  14. By Craig on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    Am I the only person that thinks DREW STANTON should be getting time????????????????????????????????????

  15. By Don on Sep 21, 2010 | Reply

    Yes, Craig I believe that you are. Well, Maybe not, But, It was’nt all hills fault Sunday. I think that a Lot of it was the Playcalling by Linehan.
    However, I believe that Linehan called a pretty good game except that he did’nt find a way to use calvin and Bryant Johnson.
    I do have to apoligize About saying that we lost this Game again because of the Ref’s making bad calls or no calls at all when they should have seen them.
    My Wife did me a solid and taped the game for me so that I could watch it at home after seeing it at ford Field.
    anyway’s after watching it again I have to say that Schwartz is right at least about this Game. WE had plenty of oppertunitees to win the game and it was OUR play that was’nt up to par enough to win.
    I forgot all about the First TD attempt that was intercepted. and if we would have scored it we would have been Farther ahaed and in a better potion to win the game.
    And if Johnathan Wade would have intercepted the Ball that hit his Hands that would have helped us to win the Game.
    The interception by ellis Cobb in the third Quarter!
    4th Quarter 11:35 left in the Game and we try to prove ( Something)? By trying to Pound the Ball thru for a first Down in the end of the 3rd Quarter?
    A little pass to the side might have given us the 1st down Or giving the Ball to Aaron Brown and lettinghim take it far enough to the Side of the Lines Instead of trying to force it thru The wall. That they stopped us with Twice allready.
    And we should have been watching the Play a little Closer and threw the RED FLAG when McClan Pushed off Houston to make the catch in the EndZone which I still am not sure if he caught the Ball in the endzone or not.
    Anyway’s all of these things are Reason’s that we lost the Game.
    So, Coach Schwartz, You are right we left just a few to many things on the field or we would have Taken the win.
    Because if not for these things We had it. It was a great Game. I loved watching tha Game. And it was very exciting because this TEAM is changing and is getting better.
    I totally believe that we can win against Minnasota.
    However, I know that favre does’nt want to lose to us, and that he has had our Number for YEARS Now! But, This is not the SAME OLD LIONS!
    This is the New LIONS and we a going to Minnisota to get a WIN!
    They will have the same old thinking towards us I’m sure, so let them think that we are the same old Lions And then Kick thier behinds.
    We Can win this Game!
    and I have to tell you that I hope that this Team would find a way to Air it out and come down with the Ball. And it would Really be nice if we could hit Calvin with some of the old across the hash marks and into the Endzone Plays like he used to run across the field in in full stride and catch it and take it into the Endzone with noone near him.
    Calvin has to find a way to break away from these defender’s, Turn his Burner’s on and Zip past them and catch the ball while running at his TOP SPEED and just start taking the game away from these other TEAMS.
    If we can get him to run and catch the Ball the way that Jerry Rice did And have and use that breakaway speed that I know he has, then This TEAM can take a differant Seat in this years Standings.
    well, I believe that I am done running with my thoughts for now.
    The thing is that yes, we should have won that Game last week Sunday and the Sunday before Too in which I still believe that we did win.
    We are just as good as the EAGLES OR any other TEAM in this league, We just have to come through on a few more things. And keep our eye’s open for a few more things.

  16. By M.Walker on Sep 22, 2010 | Reply

    Mega Man, just play football smart football.

  17. By Eric on Sep 22, 2010 | Reply

    We are winning these games! Calvin i havent seen them draw up one reverse for u this year>>PLEASE get Calvin the damn ball..Stafford gettin hurt sucked..if he had played we would be 2 an nate done went down..and williams hasnt played..wat the hell is goin on..? Why do u guys not like drew staton??? the true number 2..matt is hurt let your other young gun get some burn..hill cant move the ball..staton is mobile an he can pass wtf??? i know u guys are coaches..but damn take some risks..we tryin 2 get it crackin least we are in the game..this year i see much improvement..but the coaches need 2 man up an play who u should be playin… GO STANTON…..why isnt alfonso smith starting at corner..and u cut dre bly! bet he would have made those picks..damn mayhew whos callin the shots..dont mess up this budding nfc power..and do anything 2 keep calvin here..

  18. By Garrett on Sep 22, 2010 | Reply

    Calvin I think its time to start getting a little bit upset. The liuons are using you as a giant decoy. Grab whoever you have to Qb, Coordinator I don’t care and tell them its time to start including you into the offense. Even in double coverage your bigger badder and can jump higher. Tell them just throw the ball high and you will go get it. If they really want there offense to work then they would make the other team respect your ability to go deep and get a ball.

  19. By terry on Sep 23, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Calvin! Unfortunately by the time u read through alot of the moronic views of some of the fans u probably shut the computer off b 4 u get to mine. In my view i think the injurys we had comeing in to the season put us at a disadvantage in some key areas. Then theres the reputation and record which is the lions. Now we go in to week 1 and loose the 1 man who is clearly the future of the lions. Now we go into week 3 and the (fans?) are starting to turn on the players. Did everybody forget that detroit is looking better than they have in over 20 years and have lost by a combined total of 8 points with a q.b. who has only playd 17 more games in the nfl than me. If Stafford was playing Calvin would b well on his way 2 a 2000 plus yard season and stafford would b thrown the ball up for Calvin 2 bring down alot more than hill is able to do. He doesnt have the accuracy or convidence to make that throw and calvin is always going to b to covered for anything else. I dont think any of the players on this team feel like anything else but world champions and that says a lot about an 0-2 team. These guys know they can bring it with any team in the nfl and as soon as we get back a few key players were gonna steam roll through this leauge and theres gonna b a lot of people eatin their words but this fan wont b one of them. If hill is a true back up then this is the week he has got to do it and if not then maby stanton should b brought in, in the last half of the third. We also need to get a good lead so we can get a few of our hurt guys off the field no mateer whos taken the snaps. Calvin maby you should b gettn some plays in the secondary untill stafford gets back. you and pettigrew could cause a scene and could really stir things up with our running game. Were gonna have a great season and i cant wait for that to start. Wish there wasnt so much Hee-Hawn when it comes to staffords condition but either way i think ur comin home with a road win!

  20. By Matty Staff on Sep 23, 2010 | Reply

    I think the solution to more success on offense is to use you, Calvin. It’s upsetting to see that you don’t see any balls till late 3rd quarter and 4th quarter. You should be thrown to at least 10 times a game, c’mon. Out, GO LIONS!

  21. By LYDELL (Detroit) on Sep 25, 2010 | Reply

    Bless you Calvin
    (AKA- Megatron)

    I just wanted to take time and possiably give a little encouragement to you and the team collectively. From my point of view all the events leadiing up to this game with Minnesota have simply been trial/error runs. I was taught that we must learn to crawl before we can ever expect to walk. OK! As a collective unit the team now is ready to walk!and runnn!!! See, that is the key takin what we do best and running with it, SPEED: (a fact) “it kills” and Javid is killing em! Who? the oppisition/competition as it presents its self. How? with speed,coulped with determination, and commitment to stick to the basic fundamentals that make all successful teams successful! With that, let me state that this is the same mind set what made you so successful during the worst of times with the Lions,for instance; during the last two seasons it is quite obvious that the rest of the team suffered horriably. How is though that you soard and genenerated so much success? Speed,determination,and your commitment to the basic fundamentals( of being the best you could be) that lead to your successes! You were killing em! So, now what? Well, in my ‘Al copone’ impersonation I would say it like this ” lookit hear see..this is the the NFC North…OKk…and up hear we play black and blue football,,,yeah!..and we dont ask yousee..and we dont take no for ah answer oKk..we simply take what we want!..ya Git it’!! Exactly! Because in this game it is well known that he who holds the ‘speed,tenacity,and masters the basics also holds the keys to enevitable success. The elements are not to be utilized ‘pasively’ but contrary they are used to take or to be ‘authoritative’ to excert our will without asking, we take posession of the invisioned destiney,goal and this is taught,spread and should be ‘contagious’ throughout the teams environment.

  22. By Judd on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    Okay. Here is your new gameplan coaches.First down three step drop deep lob to calvin, or pump to calvin and go to bryant. Trust me lions fans want to see the risk. If you guys go three and out everytime thats okay. But stop passing then running an obvious run up the middle on 3rd and two or three. If i am at home and know whats coming then clay mathews will or the williams guys in minn. I do believe hill is doing an okay job. However stanton did not get a fair shake. he was a stud at state. then again i didn’t want stafford, thought we should have just waited for vick, and drafted that lb that is ripping it up in seattle. Oh and will you guys please give brown a few more touches. The dude is an arian foster waiting to happen. But he is not a between the tackles runner. To the ownership of the lions!!!!! DO NOT LET JIM SHWARTZ GO. we have an insane schedule this year.afc east nfc east and our division are you kidding, we will be lucky to get 3 wins. But it is time to win in the north. None of these teams are that much better. they just take shots. So this week against green bay do all the nfl a favor, go deep 3 straight plays and just let calvin dominate. bryant was a 1st rounder also.You will get one of three things, a flag, a huge gain or TD or a pick. But you have to commit. not one shot then some stupid draw play. Last thing after half time just go hurry up until we are winning, GB can’t handle it they proved that monday against the faker bears led by that baby cutler. Pick 4 plays two pass two run and just go. you have the talent we just play toooooo slow and predictable. GO lions

  23. By Judd on Sep 28, 2010 | Reply

    I just posted a few thoughts, but i had a couple more. Bench wade CB he is ten yards off and does not tackle. We have a great fresh pass rush, BUT!!! when the corners are ten yards deep and only throw a shoulder, farve, rodgers and cutler, are going to check to a slant and get six yards everytime. Have delmas and suh conduct tackling practice cause the rest of you need to relearn the fundamentals. Arms wide and wrap up. Letting bly go was a mistake but give spievey a shot he can’t really do worse then wade. Or even vasher or smith we have the guys we just need to bump. Look at the tape farve threw atleast three passes on wade’s side cause he was so far back. And they were just straight over to the reciever, he never moved, because there is no threat of wade taking him down. So again go deep every play for the first quarter with pettigrew as the check down at about 5 to 8 yards, flank brown and best and just see what happens. Then winning or losing hurry up for the third quarter. I would bet we win. Probably 4 to 5 sacks also. if coverage gets tighter. Make a statement and beat GB by like ten or more. Go LIONS!!!

  24. By Rand Gearld DesRosiers on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    Brother Calvin I need you 2 do me a favor Bro. with you as the best receiver of all time, please use your authority to get a much needed fine instilled to the league as soon as possible!! it will cut down the penaltys, as we do lead the league in this catagory! make a scale for the amount on each one.. with the salarys as high as they are, be stiff with the different calls. 50 grand for holding on an offensive play that gains 10 yrds or more. U DA MAN !! GOD I LOVE WATCHIN U PLAY BRUZZ. IM SO SO SORRY 4 THE TD U SCORED AGAINST THE BEARS. BUSH LEAGUE CALL BRO! NOT YOUR FAULT AT ALL KIDO. I WAS SCREAMING AT THE BAR HERE IN TX SAYING WERE GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS!!. BUT LOOK AT THE PENALTYS, IT’S COST US THE PLAYOFFS. GOOD LUCK THE REST OF THE WAY. DALLAS JUST WENT UP BY 9 3RD QUARTER. 28–19 WE CAN STILL WIN!! LATE

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