Lions Get a Week 7 Bye

Posted by Tara Altman on October 22, 2010 – 11:17 am

The Detroit Lions will not play this Sunday as they enjoy a Week 7 Bye.

It’s the hope that this weekend will allow players who have been battling injuries to get healthy while giving their bodies a break and focusing on what they need to do to come back and play against the Washington Redskins at home.

Head Coach Jim Schwartz: “It’s a long road in the NFL from the time training camp begins; it’s a long offseason, there’s not a whole lot of time. There’s something to that of breaking things up for players and trying to get a fresh start. The bye-week is always a good opportunity to do that. We need to get some things worked on, which we’ve done.

“We practiced a lot. Matthew Stafford’s got some really good work out here as a result of that. We’ve also had a chance to have a week without playing so hopefully we get some players back from injuries, but then the last component to that is we need to be fresh mentally when we come back and be able to roll for ten games, and I think it will help to get guys away. That’s the same thing that occurs right before training camp and the same thing occurs after the season is over before the offseason program. There’s definitely a benefit in that.”

Several players who can afford to take a break from the practice field were held out of practice this week to get the rest they need after the first six games. But many of the players who didn’t practice need more than rest.

Schwartz: “We’ve had I don’t know how many guys held out today. I think we held 16, 17 or 18 – I don’t know. A lot of those players would still not be practicing if we were playing on Sunday. That’s where we are injury-wise. It’s not, ‘Hey it’s the bye-week and a dozen of your guys don’t practice.’ There’s a significant portion of (them) that wouldn’t have practiced today even if we were playing on Sunday.

“It’s been something that we’ve had to work around this year. It would be nice to get those guys back. I think as much as our injuries have been an obstacle early in the season, there’s also a silver lining into that: that we’re getting those players back now. Whereas other teams that were healthy in the beginning of the year, now their facing not having their guys for four to six weeks or even an IR situation and losing them for the rest of the time. So there is a bright light at the end of that tunnel, the fact that these guys are going to be back. Hopefully they’ll be back after this, back for Washington, but if they’re not then they’ll be back pretty soon.”

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  1. By kevin cecchini on Oct 22, 2010 | Reply

    What is the deal with 16 week seasons? Why does baseball, hockey and basketball get 100 and some games and the best out of 7 for playoffs and championships. Football fans get ripped off. 16 games and 1 playoff game decides who is the winnner, and 1 super bowl. I, as a fan of football ask why can’t there be the best out of 3 for the playoffs and super bowl. I also feel that there should be a bye week every other game, then the players would be rested, the coach could practice longer and study the other teams better, and the season of football would last much longer. The fans could rejoice. Why does the radio d.j. tell us of every base-basket-ball or hockey game. They should try letting 10 games add up and then talk about it, since there are so many games. Football fans are ripped off.

  2. By william rhoads on Oct 23, 2010 | Reply

    i beleive your right some times those extra day off our just what the doctor order and i hope come back next week roar and kicking some but great bunch teamates you have shown you got heart and hopefully it will fall altogether and bring out the best of everyone, iknow the battles i am vietnam vet and i am dieing its terriblewhen they send me too the hospital and put me on steriods and insulin because i am wheezing so bad that have to use this to try to get me breathing add two kideny failures that almost killed me from anitibiotics so my optoins our running out you guys have a life ahead of you so you guys get to feeling down be thankfull your not in my place i dont like steroids and what they do to your personallitysoi win one for me and use me for motivation our however you guys have to remmeber when things get tough you have to play harder and just as you never know how many chances you get and there is always somebody out there that has it worse than you do play for them, do that one more rep, an extra lap, catch the impossible catch for them and run for those extra yards for them you will get to enjoy the party and mabye even win each game at a time for the team but for also that our sick and dieing and may not see a game again for ever i have been a detroit fan along time i would love to see you guys go out a winner for the rest of the season i hope i get to see it and be nolonger the dormat for the league to make fun of the team, the team i have always loved and barry sanders is one the player i have ever seen his is the best running back ever and great example OF A HUMBLE MAN WITH A HUGE HEART AND A GREAT GIFT.

  3. By Lee Deschamps on Oct 23, 2010 | Reply

    Thanks, Soldier, for fighting for us and paying the price you have. I’ve been a lions fan since Bobby Layne and company in the ’50’s. You’re right about Barry Sanders, and you’re right about the new heart of the Lions. A few holes to fill yet, but I’m looking forward to watching them in the playoffs next year and for years thereafter. Hey, the way the season is going around the league, who knows? We’re not out of it yet this year! Humility, heart, hard work and talent will get you a lot further, and the Lions now have all of that, from the Top down, and it sounds like you do to, so keep on.

  4. By william rhoads on Oct 25, 2010 | Reply

    look its unrealistic epople same to be alot of that going around never satisfied, the only other game that comes close of the three you mentioned is hockey, base ball and basket ball have contact but nothing like football its obvious other than go int home plate for a collinson to shake the ball loose, look most of the hit our vicus and have ended many carreers earlyand they our at the max number now and when a team gets alot of injurys its hard to win. number i love and played football ,baseball,basketball, as an older fan baseball and probasketball our boring and i prefer college basketball ,baseball is to long and so is basket ball pro, college is right amount of time and better you say football a rip off i dont think so its a comment like yours that is wrong because you obvious dont know all the games be cause football is much more dangerous and freak injury these guys that play today games our in for long and painful retirement there our some many head injury and i can speak with proof i have had 16 concusion i couldnt rememeber your name even if i wanted to i have migranes since i was nine, you obvoisly didnt read the report of an nfl player refuse to let his son play football because he knows now what its like as he is getting older he is in alot of pain i beleive he has that right to keep his son from playing football so there your answer to obivious quetion that never should have been written because you defeniately have no idea what your talking about and if you read what you say you will see what a ridiculus remark it is !

  5. By Larry C. on Nov 1, 2010 | Reply

    Let’s get the Bobby Lane train moving while there’s yet still time. We can make it to the next terminal smoothly by having a 4 reciever set with ( 3 on left, 1 on right ) or vice versa. If you want to know how send me a mailing address & I’ll send you a drawing on how it works.

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