Stafford, Levy to Start Against Redskins

Posted by Tara Altman on October 31, 2010 – 11:41 am

QB Matthew Stafford will get back into the starting lineup today against the Redskins at Ford Field after missing the last five games with a right shoulder injury suffered in the season opener at Chicago.

Said Head Coach Jim Schwartz on Friday in regards to how long it will take Stafford to get back into the “swing of things”, “Pregame warm-ups. They’re going to count the first play of the game so we need to be ready then. It’s not his first time playing. Again, one of the reasons we did so much last week was that we can try to put him in those situations.

“It’s a lot different when you’re competing against your own defense rather than doing cards and scout teams stuff because he had to adjust on the move and he had to move around a little bit. The biggest change here for him is not going to be the speed of the game, it’s just going to be the fact that he doesn’t have a red shirt on.”

LB DeAndre Levy also re-enters the starting line-up today after missing playing time due to a groin injury suffered in the preseason.

Inactives for today’s game include:

  • WR Derrick Williams (3rd QB)
  • QB Shaun Hill
  • RB Aaron Brown
  • CB Brandon McDonald
  • T Jason Fox
  • C Cody Wallace
  • DE Willie Young
  • DE Lawrence Jackson

See full starting line-ups from both teams

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2 Responses to “Stafford, Levy to Start Against Redskins”

  1. By Don on Nov 1, 2010 | Reply

    Yesturday, I went to a Fottball Game In Detroit!
    It was at Ford Field, And A FOOTBALL TEAM Came to play Football!
    IN Fact Two Team’s came to play Football!
    However, One TEAM, MY TEAM, OUR TEAM, The DETROIT LIONS, Came to WIN!
    I was At another Game in my lifetime, In 1991, A Playoff Game in which OUR Team Won the Game in front of 80,000 People. And believe me that was a GREAT game. I will Never forget it.
    Yesterday Though, I was at Another GREAT GAME in My life time.
    Not a playoff Game, Not 80,000 People, Not even a full Stadium.
    Me and My Best Friend WERE there to Witness Our Football TEAM Make A change in the way that they FAce Adversity!
    With a TEAM, With Players that are on thier way TO GREATNESS!
    Yes, It was only one Game out of a SEASON,However I believe that it was Much more than Just that.
    WE, The Fan’s, Got to watch our TEAM Play A full GAME in which our player’s are growing into a TEAM that CAN overcome!
    That when the other TEAM scored,Our TEAM CAME BACK AND ANSWERED Their Opponant With Another SCORE of their own!
    A TEAM that Did’nt give up! A TEAM that would’nt except Defeat Again!
    I hope that our TEAM realizes That they DO NOT EVER HAVE to Except it!
    I am a very Happy FAN Today!
    I am a Fan, We are Fan’s, that have a FOOTBALL TEAM!
    Thank the Lord, and the Men that are putting this TEAM together!
    Winning is sooooo much better than Losing, SO Dust this One off!
    And get ready to do it Again! And again and again and again, and etc. and etc. and etc. and etc.and etc. and ect. and ect. and ect. and ect. and ect.
    One game at a time of coarse.(:

  2. By Doug on Nov 1, 2010 | Reply

    I am a Dtetroit Lions fan forever Not a fareweather fan I no longer live in Detroit, But was born and raised there and had the Oppurtunity to take my oldest son to see Barry Sanders Play a few times in Pontiac on Thanksgiving day!!! What a thrill for us both, I havn’t had the excitement for watching them since then As I had Sunday agaisnt the Red Skins, I am and can Omly hope the new and young players get that same feeling and play with thier heart and heads for the rest of the season, And make it a season worth remebering for themselves and the fans, And something to build on next season!!! Always routing for you in Oklahoma!!! Go Lions!!!!!

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