Spievey to Start Against Jets

Posted by Tara Altman on November 7, 2010 – 12:49 pm

Rookie S Amari Spievey will get his second start of the season against the Jets at Ford Field today in place of an injured C.C. Brown. Brown suffered a knee injury against the Washington Redskins in Week 8.

LB Isaiah Ekejiuba will also be out for today’s game with a knee injury.

Inactives for today’s game include:

  • QB Shaun Hill (3rd QB)
  • RB Aaron Brown
  • S C.C. Brown
  • LB Isaiah Ekejiuba
  • T Jason Fox
  • C Cody Wallace
  • DE Willie Young
  • DE Lawrence Jackson

See full starting line-ups from both teams

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11 Responses to “Spievey to Start Against Jets”

  1. By Jordan on Nov 7, 2010 | Reply

    i just don’t get it? you guys ran defensive stunts against the redskins putting suh in vandenboschs spot then fliping at the snap and almost everybody got two sacks against the jets you stayed with the lineup? why? why not try it once or twice if it worked keep it up but at least try it gunther what the fuck!? and with best why go up the middle? everytime he does it’s 1 to 2 yards this guy has got speed run to the edge don’t commit to the play if it is not there, and why not run the screen to best from shotgun? he is to fast and if he cathches in stride 9 times out of ten it is 7+ yards,and stafford i don’t know man i want you as our qb but getting hit from behind as a guy with a shoulder injury why fall on it? prove me wrong i don’t want another qb you are the guy do lats whatever you got to do to get strong and take those hits and thanks a lot jp way to hit the guy out of bounds for the penalty and jim swartz why wouldn’t you ice the guy in regulation? if he makes it you go to overtime anyway so the timeouts mean nothing after that you might of made him miss i love this team but damn some of the decisions are retarded get your shit together come on lions!!!

  2. By Hawk on Nov 7, 2010 | Reply

    Here is something I do not get. Less than two minutes left on the clock and we throw a pass with our 3rd string QB, where the pass is dropped and the clock is STOPPED!!! The coach should have made a decision, what can I do to guarantee that the clock will keep moving..Hmm Run the ball, it does not matter if you get the first down or not, but if you keep the ball on the gound you can at least keep the clock moving and waste another 20 to 30 seconds. The JETS do not have a timeout left.. Did I miss this or was this loss a combination of bad coaching and a bone headed penalty that resulted in a 15 yard penalty? We should have WON this game!

  3. By Don on Nov 7, 2010 | Reply

    I thought that I had a lot to say But, Jordan said just about everything I had to say.
    I will say this, And I know it is’nt THE reason that we Lost this Game.
    BUT, These Damn REFS were calling BOGAS CALLS against US ALL DAY!
    And NOW they are just Getting Sneakier about it! NO,NO they arent Calling them on our Big Plays NOW, NOW th are Calling bosus Calls against our Linemen. Just enough to Keep us from getting Enough first downs to be able to really beat these TEAMS! WE probably would have had at least three MORE TDs in this GAME if the REFS could call a fair Game!
    And another TEAM that KNEW they could’nt beat us unless they hurt our QB!
    And Peterman, What is your Problem Man?
    Every time that this TEAM start’s doing good and getting ahead in the game you find some way to screw it up! And today You found a way to screw it up a couple of times! Were you playing for the JETS or US!
    I’m sorry, I’m ticked! There is NO WAY WE SHOULD HAVE LOST THAT GAME!
    NO WAY!
    They Barely protect the QB,WELL HE DID GET HURT DID”NT HE?
    SO HOW are they going to get the ball up the MIddle?
    I also Can’t believe that we did’nt get a first down when we were trying to run out the clock? Why do you Keep running the ball up the Middle? WhY?
    I’m telling you I have never Seen this TEAM be able to run a runner up the Middle! Never! NOT even when Barry was here. WE have to have a LOT BIGGER AND STRONGER O-LINMEN before we are going to pull that off!
    And Peterman Might be a Strong LINEMAN BUT, The way, and the Timming of his Penalties are beggining to LOOK suspect. This dude Get’s a penalty everytime that things start going good for us. He does it ALL the time.
    I’m getting Long winded, AGAIN!
    And Peterson, Man dude I love having you on this TEAM and I really believe that you are a great player, BUT that ONE and you know the ONE I”M,WE are talking about. WHAT THE? C-MON MAN!
    I do not know what went wrong with this D-FENCE? WHY did’nt we get to Sanchez? HOW did we not STOP them on thier Last drive?
    HOW does that happen?
    And don’t go trying to blame this on the coach’s!
    Allthough there are a few things I might have done a little differant, it was’nt what the coach’s called, It was VERY POOR EXECUSION!
    This game does not end until it ends!

  4. By Lilo on Nov 7, 2010 | Reply

    I just dont understand the Head coach’s stragedy? This guy needs to be fired and Julian Peterson too. The coach does not call a time out to freeze the kicker before to tie. He’s an idiot for that. Then he calls for a pass play before that, than to call a run play and kill the clock more. An Idiot for that too. Then Julian Peterson sucks. I am a big time Detroit LIons fan, but these key “mistakes” cant be accepted and they need to go. Julian is played out already. We can find someone else to build on for that position.

  5. By Don on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    Lilo, Really, You really believe that by Icing the kicker it would have stopped him from scoring that field goal? Give me a break.
    And you want to FIRE SCHWARTZ? ARE YOU NUTS!
    EVEN WITH LOSING THIS GAME AND THE OTHERS, This coach is closer to having a TEAM that will be in the Playoffs Than any coach that we’ve had in ten years, AT LEAST! NO we should’nt fire the coach! SEE that is the KIND od STUPID reactions that we as fans have, and that is a LOT dumber than anything that the coach has ever done. YOU must Never want this TEAM to win!
    Even with the Loss that we HAD to deal with today, WE PLAYED from what the LEAGUE SAY”S ( SO take that with a grain of salt) Was one of the best TEAMS in the League!
    And we played them SO well for 3 and 3/4 of a game That we allmost won.

    Anyway’s I came here wanting to apologise for the way that I was Rippin on some of you players and coach’s. I know it does’nt feel good after a loss like that and it should’nt.
    And Most of you Played this Game With everything that you had and just came up short.
    We have to find a way to Win, in these close games!

  6. By Bill Mi on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    The Jinx’s goes on…we lose a kicker and all we have is a DT to kick an extra point..are you serious?….bad time management..bad penalties…missed tackels…and this QB Stafford’s never going to cut it…he’s got a “Charles Rogers” shoulder and the whole NFL knows it…no running game…
    This team’s got heart but that just ain’t enough I’m afraid…oh well like I’ve been saying for the last 30 yrs…NEXT YEAR..maybe

  7. By jay on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    It seems to me that the late George Allen of the Redskins had it right when he said, “The Prevernt Defense does one thnig——-prevents you from winning!” He NEVER had less than 5 men on the line and used to throw in all sorts of stunting and bliting. You cannot give a Pro quaterback time to throw. Even the worst Qb in the NFL can complete a pass if given too much time. Also, it puts extra pressure on the Def backs. I have seen it time and again where the “D” gives up 10, 10, 15, 10 and they go in for a score. ALL the coaches in the NFL should look at the old game films of Allen’s teams when they were ahead with minutes on the clock. He’s have QBs running for their lives!! He’d stunt a lot (move guys in and out as if they were going to blitz) and would throw in a blitz here and there. But NEVER, I repeat NEVER did I see him rush 3 players as you see in today’s games. PRESSURE is the main ingredient that causes mistakes/inteceptions. Allen understood that. Guys that watched NFL games in the 70’s and 80’s know what I’m talking about. Just an old NFL fan’s opinion about letting teams back into the game when you have them “down for the count.” George Allen was one of the few coaches who understood how to finish off a team when there was little time on the clock!!

  8. By Lilo on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

    Don, what do you mean, I dont want to win? Youre an idiot, along with our Head Coach. I’ll let you see it your “fantasy” way, and stick to those that want our team to grow. What the %$#^ do you know, B$#@%. Lions have been my team since I was in Jr High, so go F#$& yourself. Yeah, and Icing the kicker what of gave us a better chance of winning. But what do you know? Obviously nothing about “Football”

  9. By jeff on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply

    i think we would of won this game had stafford not got hurt. the defense just gave up at that point. too many people with too many negative things to say on here. if you don’t like our team then stop getting on here and go bash some other team, the lions don’t need you, they have enough negative things to over come without ya. the refs especially, that game had to be one of the most vegas games i’ve seen since the bears game. and by vegas i mean played by the refs, so that the other team would win. the lions are getting it together, despite some bad calls by the refs. we still need to get some offensive line help tho, we can’t win if we can’t keep stafford on the field. but hey we all knew coming into the season we would be lucky to make the playoffs this year, so i don’t get why everyone is acting like we haqve to win and win now. just think if we end up losing the rest of the games we get another lottery pick in the draft. huh, what could the lions use more, a top ten draft pick or a bottom of the first round draft pick, i think i take top ten draft pick. then we make playoffs for sure next year. go lions!

  10. By LILO on Nov 9, 2010 | Reply


  11. By stanley blakely on Dec 4, 2010 | Reply

    I have been a lions fan for nearly 40yrs, I love my home team.
    I think the lions need better run blocking and I don’t know where they get all this arm tackling from! ain’t the coachs watching the game films. the secondry player are watching running go by and then trying to arm tackle. It’ll never work!!!!! And that is a coaching issue, you coach your player to tackle better!! and that #66 needs to but set down until he can get his head in the game.

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