Johnson: “Eight penalties on offense, that’s just unacceptable”

Posted by Tara Altman on November 17, 2010 – 4:52 pm

“The thing about the game at Buffalo is that we weren’t able to get too much going on offense. You figure when the defense holds a team to 14 points, offense can do enough to win that game, but we weren’t able to do enough to get things going and we couldn’t get a flow going. It was tough and it was frustrating, but one thing we do, we keep fighting. We tried to sneak one out, but we fell short.

“I didn’t even know until the end of the game that we had like eight penalties on the offense alone and I was like, ‘Man, that’s ridiculous.’ I remember some of the penalties early because we kept getting backed up and then had another penalty and we were backed up even more. Eight penalties on offense, that’s just unacceptable.

“Bad field position puts stress on everybody. It makes play calling harder and there’s a lot of stuff and really when you’re in that situation you really need a big play to get out of that situation and get a drive going and if you can’t do that, it’s tough to get out of those situations with just running the ball.

“We just haven’t been able to run the ball the way we’ve wanted to and that’s tough alone because it allows the defenses to play a lot of coverage to us and until we can prove that we can run the ball, that’s what we’re going to see.

“This is the toughest span of the season, having three games in 12 days starting with Buffalo, so it’s a very tough stretch and it’s tough on the body. No doubt would I prefer to have a home game the game before Thanksgiving, it’d be great if we could do without all the traveling and have three straight home games, that’d be perfect, but either way it’s strenuous on the body.

“Physically I’m a little banged up, but everybody is right now, nobody is even close to 100-percent right now. Mentally I’m fine. You just have to keep on pushing, that’s one thing I’ve learned. Being here we haven’t had a chance to have winning seasons, but at the same time, you have to keep pushing. Shawn (Jefferson) is in my ear all the time, ‘You’ve got to keep fighting, you can’t ever stop.’ That’s one thing that I feel has rubbed off on the whole receiving group.”

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  1. By robert on Nov 17, 2010 | Reply

    just keep playing like you are you are one of our best hopes to finally start winning.. you are one of the ones we hang our hopes on .just keep plgging.

  2. By M.Walker on Nov 17, 2010 | Reply


  3. By Tiger Hebert on Nov 17, 2010 | Reply

    Thanks for continuing your blog Calvin. I am eagerly awaiting the day, that you guys just get over the hump. But as a fan, I can appreciate that you guys still go hard every day. Despite what the outcome is.

    Thank you and God’s Blessings in your life,

  4. By Ryan on Nov 17, 2010 | Reply

    Penalties really are the crux of this team’s issues. When we start seeing more manageable down-and-distance, we will sustain drives. We have the talent, now show the discipline.

    Hang in there, Calvin! Everyone loves you. There are some bright seasons and games ahead, as long as we cut down on these penalties.

  5. By Ghost of Bobby Layne on Nov 17, 2010 | Reply

    Wow! I am thrilled and impressed to hear from a real live Lion. I am so glad you have the attitude you express in your blog.

  6. By Ralph on Nov 17, 2010 | Reply

    It is unacceptable, penalties kill any football team. You have to know how to play the game without getting any penalties or more, especially on scoring drives

  7. By Baxter on Nov 17, 2010 | Reply

    Calvin. You are the MAN! If you can keep on producing offense, we will have an excellent chance of winning games.

  8. By tired of losing on Nov 17, 2010 | Reply

    This team is just another group of players that in 70% of positions would only be 2nd string on good teams! the lions are going to lose the rest of thier games . always for a diff. reason but always a loss. they will lose sunday and all the rest of the road games. they will lose to G.B. CHI. and MINN. at home and thanksgiving N.E. will KILL them by at least 20 pts. Every year the same past present and future

  9. By Jordan on Nov 17, 2010 | Reply

    come on boys we can do this lets get the cowboys one play at a fucking time change up the play calling and remember the audibles silent counts and best if the play called is not there run it on your own the best backs in the league do this you are one of them i know you go with the play called but you have to have the vision to see if it’s not there fuck it bust out to the outside you are faster than them and scott try the screen on 2nd and 10 please!

  10. By Gator on Nov 17, 2010 | Reply

    How many times is Steve (False start/holding penalty) Peterman going to cost this team.
    I say they cut all 5 starters on the offensive line next year and draft 5 rookies
    to put in their place!!! Maybe then you can run the football and keep your Quarterbacks upright and on the field instead of getting them killed each week.
    Stay healthy and I look forward to seeing you play football in Florida real soon.
    Like the day your contract expires!!!

  11. By big buck on Nov 17, 2010 | Reply

    I went to a Dakota Highschool Football game on Saturday and between the two teams they didn’t have eight penalties. How many times can one offensive lineman get a caught doing thing same stupid thing time and time again. The coach claims he don’t teach it. I have been a fan since the early 70’s and nothing changes. NOTHING. Nothing to the point of why waste your time. The claim they have the talent but I don’t see it. How can a true Lions fan not walk out the Ford field and say I am glad I ccaught that game today. Everyear its the same old song and dance. The end result is why waste your time because NOTHING has change. They don’t have Millen to blame so what is it. I wonder what film that the coaches are watching Monday morning. Good luck this week with the other 2 and whatever team they play.

  12. By Jeffrey Wells on Nov 17, 2010 | Reply

    I think that Calvin is the example we should want all kids to look up to as a athlete. Modest, hard working, but make no mistake he plays hard every down, every game,as hard as he can. I have watched him his entire carreer in Detroit. Thats what this team needs, provided they have Vandenbosch type players as well. Calvin does not claim to be a leader in the locker room, he shows it on the field. Let the vocal people do what they need in the locker room, and let Calvin lead by example. Don’t give up we can see the light at the end of the tunnel Calvin.

  13. By Ian Collins on Nov 17, 2010 | Reply

    M. Walker has it right, Whatever.

    Im so tired of excuses. Penalties didn’t lose this game and its short sighted to just blame penalties.

  14. By Edward Huffmaster on Nov 17, 2010 | Reply

    wow !! like we haven’t herd those excuses before, listen, i believe two things have to happen in order for the Lions to put a better team on the field and losing is not one of them, God knows they lose almost every game and they still sell out the stadium. #1 Ford must sell the team to someone who really cares about putting a wining team on the field, #2 we need another pro team in Michigan, if the Lions had to compete for customers they would put a better product on the field. As far as the o-line goes i can’t believe there isn’t a couple of better guys out there, first of all you have all the line men from the last few drafts that never signed with anyone, second you have the CFL and Arena Football League, not to mention the minor leagues ,..C’ MON MAN got until the start of net season to find a couple of guys so why not get started now !! lets start by having try-outs open them up to everyone, what do ya have to lose you are already losing.

  15. By tired of losing on Nov 17, 2010 | Reply

    as long as the ford family owns the lions they will always fail. even a brain dead moron could have put a winner on the field once in the last 50 years. Dear NFL please, a new mercy rule… 50 years of failure and you get to sieze control of a franchise and give it to someone who gives a damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. By AJ on Nov 17, 2010 | Reply

    lets go lions you can do it

  17. By Alex on Nov 17, 2010 | Reply

    To tired of losing. If you don’t have anything nice to say about the Lions. then don’t post anything. you sure do bring up some stupid comments. I think the Lions may another win or 2 before the season is over.

  18. By tired of losing on Nov 17, 2010 | Reply

    alex its punks like you that have helped make the lions pathetic. people like you are the reason management has no pressure on them to win. you accept failure and thats the whole fucking problem

  19. By Alex on Nov 17, 2010 | Reply

    I accept failiure, don’t make laugh. to tired of losing, your the one thats being a punk! you just don’t believe in this team!! Admit it!!

  20. By Steve K on Nov 17, 2010 | Reply

    The mistakes have to stop . This is a fine squad of players who are not used to winning & ergo lies the problem . Winning is getting the basics right which is a huge part of the game . Get that right & other things fall into place lickety split .
    As far as I can see so far this Org. is committed to building a winner , it shows but then gets blitzed by mistakes which are indisipline & nothing else . Get disiplined ( & Calvin , get rough with those DB’s , use your power) & things will round into form .

  21. By tired of losing on Nov 17, 2010 | Reply

    after 50 years of failure and the way they play this year give me one reason to believe in this team hell no i dont believe they suck! I am trying to see things like you do but i just cant get my head that far up my ass

  22. By Ghost of Bobby Layne on Nov 17, 2010 | Reply

    Tired of Losing: I hear your anger, no, rage and frustration. I used to be this way too until I realized that I was addicted to the Lions. I still love the team and support them but not addicted to them. It took me a long time to get over it. I went to the movies on Sunday afternoons. I could not be around a TV because my addiction and anger took over and I could not stop watching them. After a few years I learned that my self worth was not tied up in a team. I didn’t make any more or less money if they win or lose. I am the same person on Monday morning no matter the outcome of the game. Maybe you could look into your heart and try to figure out why this makes you so angry. You are still a good person no matter what they do.

  23. By tired of losing on Nov 17, 2010 | Reply

    your right i am a bitter and angry person when it comes to the lions VERY VERY ANGRY

  24. By Alex on Nov 17, 2010 | Reply

    Tell me this. Tired of Losing. name 1 thing the Lions really need to turn around?? from going bad to being good. and to Steve K, I agree with you, The Lions do need some displine, if not, they need more. and I do know we have a bad owner. maybe the son will do better, if not find somebody else, that does care for this team.

  25. By Mark on Nov 17, 2010 | Reply

    Its amazing how long we stay as lions fans. Same thing every year. I feel bad for people like Calvin, so talented and on a team that does not how to win. It is time for a new owner, like everyone in this state thinks. It is annoying being a fan of a losing team for so many years.

  26. By Steve K on Nov 17, 2010 | Reply

    The foundations are in place & Rome wasn’t built in a day , let’s face it . This team is getting built & will become a winner . It’s a need for disipline & all playrs/coaches being on the same page , plus a few more good draft picks . We’re getting there folks , slowly but surely :-)

  27. By Nick on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    Ok! Gotta get it right and tight for Dallas! You guys have got to get a win this week. There isn’t much more to be said.

  28. By Mac on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    lets just bash the lions on their site! wee! stop the negativity guys. damn. this blog is for calvin to tell us what he is thinking and for us to respond to his statements. he is a great player, probably in the top 5 players in the entire NFL so i look at being able to give feedback to the blog as an opportunity….maybe he reads it. who knows? what i do know is that the lions are improving and they are my football team, period. it is frustrating to lose (two years in a row) to teams that had 0 wins. but it is football it happens. this team is getting there, i hope we go into dallas and kick their friggin teeth in just like philly did to washington. i want the cowboys to come out thinking oh, its just the lions we got this…….that should fire our boys up and we should get a win. the lions are talented, they haven’t been this talented in a long time, they just need to turn the corner and stay there. if any of you say you haven’t seen brilliant flashes of the potential this group has you are all blind. GO LIONS! Kick Dallas’s ass on Sunday and then tear Tom Brady’s head off by his long girlie hair and put that on the Turkey Plate.

  29. By Bill Mi on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    Thanks for the blog Calvin…as you can see there are many angry and down in the dump fans.I too am guilty of that.I’m glad the Lions have a good player like you and Suh and others as well,and I do see an improvement and i must say you guys lose tough …you don’t quit.Keep in mind many of us fans have been pulling for this team for a very long time..for me 32 years.There are a lot of fans who have been pulling for their teams and haven’t gotten to the dance..Minnesota,Buffalo,Cardinals..etc…it sucks going thru so many losing seasons but why do I come back rooting the next year?..because I don’t quit…not on my team..not on life…now everyone else in my family are Cowboy fans so get out there and whup them boys so I can bask in some glory!!

  30. By Ducksnatcher on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    I am a Lion’s fan from the UK, they are playing hard this season!! They’ve lost a load of games by just one score and were absolutely robbed against Chicago. Stafford, Johnson, Suh, Best and Delmas give this team a chance to win and they WILL win a couple more this season. Hopefully next year, Stafford stays healthy and the Lions compete for a wildcard – a couple of weeks ago, the Lions were poised to move ahead of the Vikes in the division if the jets hadn’t sneaked one passed us and the Cards lost in the 4th. GO LIONS!

  31. By Lee Deschamps on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    I have been a fan since 1953, when I was not yet a teen, and am perhaps more frustrated than most of you, but let’s keep things in perspective.

    Rome wasn’t [re]built in a day. We have gone to being perfectly imperfect to being VERY competitive. I think the front office has done an excellent job in the last couple of years, and I’ve got confidence in their ability to keep us improving.

    We have a dedicated and very competent front office and coaching staff from top to bottom. They didn’t just have to save a sinking ship, they have had to raise it from the depths on the bottom and get it seaworthy before y’all can go sailing again.

    No one could predict the injuries we have undergone, including those that don’t make a player unable to play but do cut into efficiency. Don’t forget that we in fact beat at least three of the league’s better teams, (Giants, Jets, Chicago), and have not been blown out in a game this year, compared to being blown out in the first quarter in games last year.

    All of that with a back up quarterback, who is good, but is a back up.

    The coaching staff has got to know something about Stanton that they are not sharing with us, but I trust their discretion.

    We are a young, eager, and relatively inexperienced team in only their second year under new coaches and a new system.

    We’re on the right track, and given a few less bad breaks (Stafford, Hansen, Referees, dumb end zone catch rules, turf toe, etc.,) we would probably be in first place right now,

    So how ’bout some of you “fair weather fans” take another look at the situation and earn the right to celebrate when that Lion’s ship comes in and finally reaches the dock.

  32. By Brian on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    I believe the Lions have better talent this year and Calvin can be a monster player in the NFL. The coaching staff needs to losen up, open up the game plan some more and attack the opposition. It’s like they’re afraid to open up the play book because they fear failure. I realize you have to game plan on the other teams weakness but sometimes you have to make the other team stop you and kick them hard. Make them beat you instead of yourself. I think the pass can open up the run. Good luck with the Cowboys looks like they are a different team with the coaching change. 43 years Lions fan

  33. By skizzo on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    I have been a Lions fan since Barry Sanders rookie season. and i am 35. I believe i am a realist when it comes to my sports teams. I know the difference btween super bowl teams and basement teams. I have seen alot of really bad lions teams. and offensively this is the best i have seen in like 15 years and its still improving. We need to draft or trade for blind side help BAD! Poor Stafford!
    As for the running game Ja-Best is NOT effective as a runner so split him out and put K-Smith in at back.
    Defense is getting better we need more line help and LB’s
    We just need a few more smart decisions like SUUUUUUUHHHHHHH!
    Rebuilding the Buccaneers of the new century is a daunting task for any1. Todays society has no patience.

  34. By tank on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    All our loses can be fixed by establishing a power run game . We need to run more two back sets and use our full back to block . This will open up everything but you have to stay with it . I cant see us ever winning first and second down in a single back set . This will also simplify the game and cut down on penalties.

  35. By Tampa Lions Fan on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    Penalties! Penalties! Penalties! Need I say more? Calvin, we’re behind you 100% as well as the rest of the team. Don’t get discouraged…I believe in this team and I think they can win football games, but we’ve got to come to PLAY TO WIN!

  36. By blair doty on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    yeah im the guy that always says “we should be able to get a win this sunday” and i say it cause i believe in what this has been doing i have seen great stuff out of this team… every sunday i have had alot of fun wattching these guys…great plays happen every week….and the coaches know whats going on…they know the o-line needs help,discipline,and a new attiude…they know the whole team has talent and they know the fans are starving for success…if you cantt see the improvement and the light at the end of this long gloomy tunnel of despair ….then you arent looking…i am saying lions end the road streak in dallas……GO CALVIN AND GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. By Tampa Lions Fan on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    Lee, you said it all. The Tampa Bay Bucs really had a hard row to hoe for a long time, but they eventually won a Super Bowl. Any given Sunday!!! This team can grow and eventually we true fans will have a HUGE celebration!

  38. By Tampa Lions Fan on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    Right on Blair! No wagon jumpers here!!

  39. By Preston on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    This team knows how to play but they keep going away with what works. They need to target the TE’s more and the big screen plays. Throw to set up the run.

  40. By Starkicker on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    As a fan, I would like to demand that the Lions organization improve. I’m sick of losing. I’m sick of spending money and time on a team that that can’t get it done. I wouldn’t buy Fords if each car was a piece of crap. I’d find a better product. I’m close to finding a better football organization that wants to be the best it can be. I simply can no longer support a product that has no interest in improving itself. Lions, you are on notice … show some interest or I’m done.

  41. By dick on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    I live in Wisconsin, but born in Detroit and am a devote fan, but i get so tired of year after year seeing them lose close games that they should have won. It all started with the 63 yeard field go kicked by Dempsey; some years ago. This year I feld things were going to turn around. The play against the Bears that was not ruled a touchdown, really says it all. The Lions coach should have protested the call and instead he brushed it off as O WELL!!! Iam not happy with the errors and penalties committed by the team and our coaching staff neeeds a good swift kick in the butt, and then pass it on to the players.

  42. By Eric on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    Well, obviously, Starkicker is not a true Lions fan. He is a wagon jumper. Oh well, I’m here for life, no matter if we win or lose. I don’t even live anywhere close to Detroit or Michigan, but I’ve been a fan for over 30 years, and always will be. I am starting to see that in the next couple of years, we will be contenders. The only thing that is bothering me is, are the Lions going to give Calvin the big contract to make him stay. His contract is almost up, and he sure is starting to act like he is ready to leave. All I ask, is that you please, please, please give that man a huge contract. Oh, and please get us some O-Lineman in the draft. Gosder is doing really good, but he needs some help. GO LIONS!!!

  43. By Ed on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply


    Your a class act and the fans appreciate that. I don’t know what to think anymore. It just seems like the excuses keep coming.. It’s super frustrating for the fans and I am sure for the team as well.

    But if you can keep your head up, so will I.

    I dream of the day you get a chance to show your stuff in the playoffs and I hope it will be in a Lions jersey.

    Keep working…..

  44. By True Lions Fan on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    I can’t believe how many people come in here to make silly, rude comments about how this team sucks. It’s quite ridiculous. If you’re not a fan, then go to the team’s page that you ARE a fan of, and leave us TRUE fans alone. I agree with Eric. We need OL and we need to give CJ a big payday. Without either of those 2 things, we will probably continue to lose. We need OL to protect our young, fragile shouldered QB (lol), and to open holes for our explosive RBs. And without CJ, well, I don’t want to think of the heartbreak we will have if we lose him…so give him more money!!! NOW!!!

  45. By Geo on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    Steve Peterman is not the only one making mistakes. I thought Brandon Pettigrew was going to be an all star tight end. He can’t make a third down catch to save his life let alone any other down. Fix the mental errors and win a damn football game.

  46. By Tom Denbrock on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply


    I have been a Lion fan every since I saw the game on Thanksgiving day with my Dad in 1963. I was 5 yrs old. I understand your frustration and penalties need to be accountable. This Team is raw in Talent but it is starting to form into Great Foundation that will be a winner for a long time. Calvin you are in the building stage and we as Lion fans need you to stay and see us through. You are the Micheal Jordan and Derek Jeter that the teams needs to build around. We will over come. I’m not saying you will be leaving but!! I know the Lions will win a Super Bowl in the next 3 yrs.. I know!!! I hope you do stay and see it with us and not from the other side..

  47. By GMoney67 on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    Rome wasn’t built in a day but apparently you can build a winning football team in 2 seasons or less, see St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Oakland, Atlanta, Kansas City. What’s the common denominator here? QB and Head Coach. That is all.

  48. By Eskyman8 on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Megatron keep doing your thing. I was at that Buffalo game one of the very few lions fans in the stands. I will always stand by you as a team leader because you lead by example. You are a beast and the city of Detroit is lucky to have you on our team. I could not believe how freaking big you are in real life. TV doesn’t show it. I would of loved to see us pull one out against the Bills but at least I got to see what I wanted. You caught a TD. Keep on keepin on.

  49. By LIONNUTS on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    I’ve been a die hard fan of the Lions for over 30 years. I take a lot of crap from other fans for that. I approach every week believing the Lions will win. Call me crazy or just someone who will never give up on my team. My wife says when the Lions make it to the Superbowl, I will probably be watching from the clouds because I will die of a heart attack from the excitement. I hate to say it but I think Stafford may be a little bit too fragile for the NFL. I know he is a great player, but you have to be able to take licks in this league. Yes, he came back in last year with a seperated shoulder and won a game. But does he have the nads to play this game? I just don’t know at this point. I will say this, I defend the Lions every week! MY TEAM DOES NOT SUCK!!!!

  50. By LIONNUTS on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    I was born in Saginaw, MI. On Thanksgiving when I was a kid, I used to pretend I was Billy Sims & play football with my brothers. Now, I will wear # 81 and the tradition continues in the yard at half-time in Colorado! GO LIONS!!!!!!

  51. By Steve K on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    The best way to get the ship righted is to head down to Dallas & bury the Pokes in their own backyard . I believe this team is fully capable of that ! Eat em raw Lions ! :-)

  52. By LIONNUTS on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    Dallas picked a bad week to get there heads out of thier A’s. But, It is still just Kitna & Williams how ever you look at it. I know our defense can handle that. Strike hard and often D! Calvin needs to get the ball. Yes, they will try to shut him down as all teams do. We have so many weapons it’s crazy! Spread the ball, but the main target should be # 81! Test them deep every chance you get. I have faith that Calvin can out jump anyone. Focus. Penalties are the result of lack of focus. It’s not like our front four are rookies(except Suh). I understand Calvin’s frustration. We all feel it. The prize is there for the Lions they just have to go get it!

  53. By Starkicker on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    Hi Eric,
    Nope, not a wagon jumper. I’ve been a devoted Lions fan since i was a kid and my dad used to take me to the Thanksgiving games against Green Bay. I’ve been a Lions fan since 1985. Last year I went to see the Lions play in Seattle. I had to travel over a snowy mountain pass, take three ferries and spend more than $1,000 to watch the Lions blow a 17-0 lead. What I can’t understand is why people think it is acceptable to suck. it isn’t. In order to improve the entire culture of the team nothing less than winning can be acceptable. The New England Patriots fans don’t accept losing, neither do the Colts or the Giants. They boo their teams when they suck. Lions fans go “we suck and we’re proud!” That is the definition of a loser. I don’t want the Lions to be losers anymore, and I want to wear my Lions jersey with pride. At this point I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I hope I’m wrong.

  54. By LIONNUTS on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Starkicker,
    I wear my LIONS jersey with PRIDE! Yes they may not win many games . Maybe you should go get you a Colts jersey. Not trying to bash, but love ‘em or leave ‘em! I guess I’m just a looser because I stick with my team. My dad was born in FT. Wayne, so I guess I could pick the Colts. But wait… I was born in MICHIGAN, so the LIONS are my team. WIN OR LOOSE! If that makes me a looser than to hell with it…
    Do me a favor, when the Lions win it all, don’t wear your jersey and run around town bragging about how good your team is…. ok

  55. By LIONNUTS on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    I didn’t intend to be harsh on you Starkicker. I remember back in ’91 when the Lions were in the NFC championship game -vs- Washington. We kicked the crap out of Dallas to advance. We whooped the Redskins earlier that season. One game away from the Superbowl. We lost badly. One of the worst feelings I’ve had on my long run with the Lions. I just have this crazy dedication to the hopes that the Lions will some day overcome this drought. I know you wish it too. Never give up!

  56. By Steve K on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    My own personal feelings here . The way this team is being built , I think the Lions can be in a Superbowl game within 5 yrs . This is an attractive & talented football team , plagued at the moment by brain farts . That can be remedied .

  57. By LIONNUTS on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    I agree Steve K. The Lions look great on paper. Our front 4 are the best in the NFC right now. Chemestry is everything. Once they mold as a team. IT’S ON!

  58. By Rocky Bass on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    Totally unacceptable. From the entire team. Front office to water boy. Stafford: time for you to go, Hill: Ditto. Lots of good back-ups out there that CAN complete a pass.
    Coaching staff: You have not corrected the massive penilties the team commits? Starts with you.
    No more excuses, you lost to the frickin Bills? COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m wearing a paperbag over my head next game I attend, OH thats right I quit attending games 3 years ago, as I also quite buying Lions gear UNTIL they wine 50% or their games in a season.
    Yeah I speak with my wallet.

  59. By LIONNUTS on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    Even the jack wagons on ESPN & NFL Network agree that Calvin Johnson is one of the Best in the NFL. It is up to the offensive coordinator to understand that and act on it! Calvin must be involved in over half of the offensive yards gained!

  60. By Steve K on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    “Totally unacceptable. From the entire team. Front office to water boy. Stafford: time for you to go, Hill: Ditto. Lots of good back-ups out there that CAN complete a pass.
    Coaching staff: You have not corrected the massive penilties the team commits? Starts with you.
    No more excuses, you lost to the frickin Bills? COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m wearing a paperbag over my head next game I attend, OH thats right I quit attending games 3 years ago, as I also quite buying Lions gear UNTIL they wine 50% or their games in a season.
    Yeah I speak with my wallet.”

    How can you attend a game if you swear that you don’t . Speaking with yer wallet & all ?
    Get a grip FFS , m’kay !

  61. By Steve K on Nov 18, 2010 | Reply

    Leo’s 30

    Pokes 9

    My prediction fer Sunday :)

  62. By Lion Mike on Nov 19, 2010 | Reply

    Just going to have to grind out another year of losses and disappointment. The losing record isn’t the most disappointing thing, because anyone with half a brain realizes the turn around was/is going to take at least 2 years. I believe we are on the right track at this time. However, I also think we should really consider moving Backus to right guard next year, playing Jason Fox at LT and drafting a center in rd 2 or 3 of the draft. That would give us a new line with a few true bulldozers up front. Gos is playing well and so is Sims. Backus is terrible in pass protection, but only because his feet are slow. Move him inside and he will be fine. Drafting a CB in rd 1, OLB in 2 and C in 3 should really improve this team by next year. I think a major overhaul is necessary for the offensive line. There is no way it can always be the RB and QB fault. Start up front with the big nasties and get us another OLB and shut down CB and we are moving up. Oh yeah, Calvin is the man and I love the attitude. He’s a true talent and leader. You won’t see finger pointing out of him like you will some of the other guys.

  63. By joe on Nov 19, 2010 | Reply

    i cat see how we can hammer teams like the red skins and take a lose to buffalo. im groing tired of waching this team get killed on pernaltys and loseing games that they sould have one. eaveryone keeps talkign about an improvement to the team and how the games are close. but haveing only 2 games in the win side of the baord isent cutting it. qas for jonson hes a good player when he comes to play. a man with his tallent sould neaver drop a pass, or miss the timeing on any play. he should neaver reseave any penltys at all. i know its just not jonson the intier team is a penalty magnet. if they cut the penaltys they could have a contending team. we have the tallent now we need to get that tallent to play tight football.

  64. By HuskerVikingFan on Nov 19, 2010 | Reply

    @Lion Mike: I agree with your assessment. Lions Fans, it could be worse. You could be a Vikings fan instead. I still think the Lions have to look at the positives. This is only the first year in rebuilding. Your defense is looking much improved. Not to sound trite but, rebuilding takes more then one season – as opposed to the Vikings who have demonstrated it is possible to self destruct in less then one season…….without even trying. Lions have a good head coach and they will continue to improve, the signs are there. I’ll continue to pull for the Lions….. except when they play Vikings.

    Hats off and salute to Ndamakung Sue: University of Nebraska announced it is retiring his jersey at half time of the NU – Colorado game, the day after Thanksgiving! God I miss watching him play at Memorial Stadium or throwing Colt McCoy around like a rag doll, on national television. Congratulations SUH! We miss you!

  65. By Dave on Nov 19, 2010 | Reply

    The Lions have always been the same team since the early 70’s. They need to get an o-line. They will never run the ball without them. It seems like they would get that point with all that money sitting on the sideline again. How many more shoulder injuries can he have before he is done?

  66. By Dan on Nov 19, 2010 | Reply

    Tired of losing? YEAH, I’m tired of losing! I get all mad on Sundays when they lose but, that feeling goes away by mid-week. I’ve been a Lions fan since the 60’s. Been through too much with this team and I will not quit on them. I get upset with guys who live right down the street (yeah, in Michigan), who are Chicago Bears fans or Dallas Cowboys fans or – – – – whatever! I bleed Honalulu Blue & Silver!

    Quit screwing around LIONS! Let’s kick some butt! Beat the Cowboys! DO IT!

  67. By Starkicker on Nov 19, 2010 | Reply

    Hi Lionnuts,
    No worries, man. I’m with you and the Lions. Just fed up. Nobody but the fans are going to light a fire under this team. Just a little tough love and venting. I know I would puke if I had to wear a Colts jersey, or any other jersey for that matter. Honolulu blue all the way.

  68. By wtf ever on Nov 19, 2010 | Reply

    ok i see all these comments and some of you bring valled points… point one is the penalties, they are killers, i watched that bills game along with the rest of the games and these lions dont give up and in my 20 yrs. of lions football fan ive seen the worst and these lions are going to be very good next year with a healthy squad and a few changes at offensive line and maybe a vetran cover guy e will rule the field!!one thing this coach hs brought to the team is attitude i know you have to see the difference in that … GO LIONS!! Bring back that top 10 draft pick and see wat next year brings.i know im tired of hearing that but i really think they are on the right track

  69. By BILLO313 on Nov 19, 2010 | Reply

    Lions will have there time. its always something and yes im always pissed that they lose every week. BUT… i AM a fan. i would still pay to see them play. they WILL get over this hump and when they do watch out. to those basjhing them saying they just suck, they will prolly be the same ones throwing their panties at the players when we win our first superbowl. yeah, i said it… SUPERBOWL!!! im just patiently waiting for these guys to snap, and start cracking some skulls. we may have lost alot this year, but we havent got BEAT. 5 points or less each game. and look at all our mistakes. you do the math. just wait. GO LIONS!!!

  70. By rebobmi on Nov 19, 2010 | Reply

    Having been a Lions fan, since the1960’s. I have watch them come close so many times and I have come to realize. These guys are supposed to be Pro’s. They get paid to win games and not get penalties. As soon as they realize that they are losing these games. Maybe they will prove me wrong and show me that they are Pro’s. Other wise they should return any money they think they earned!

  71. By dereck on Nov 19, 2010 | Reply

    i know everyone is frustrated in the lions and who can really blame you but you must not be real football fans if you cant see the gigantic improvement in them over the past 2 years. matt millen gutted the whole team into practice squad talent and since mayhew took over we are already competetive. and we have impact players now on both sides of the ball. run blocking, penalties,and better offensive play calling are the only things holding them back.rome wasnt built over night,and if you cant see that your an idiot. the mayhew era has started out flawless from a team talent level.

  72. By dereck on Nov 19, 2010 | Reply

    lions would have beaten some of the best teams in the nfl this season if stafford would have played consistently. week 1 we were robbed of a win and stafford only played a quarter, if he plays the whole game against jets we win, they could very easily have a winning record with stafford even with all of the penalties. over one season the defense went from a joke to being very formidable and having one of the best and deepest d lines in the league. but there has to be accountablilty for all the penalties so stephen peterman should be benched and eventually released. and that should go for whoever else that cant learn from there mistakes and fix them.

  73. By GMAN on Nov 19, 2010 | Reply

    Man, it’s hard to read these posting. Like some of you I’ve followed and continue to follow the Lions. I preformed than 20 years of service in the Navy and took all I could, never once did I come to a point in my life where I said I would give up. I’m still with them and always will be, I no longer live in Detroit however, the pride will always be there for me even if we win or lose. No one likes or wants to lose it’s a part of the game.
    Yes we can feel frustrated because that too is a part of life, just keep this in mind players come and go. To some it’s a business however, no one person that has ever been active in team sports go out to purposely lose. We’re losing but no one can say that we haven’t looked this good in years, to me we look better than we did the year we started out 6 and 2.
    I live in a small town now In Lemoore, California, where each pre-season I begin to fly the flag and wear the 3 jerseys I own. I will tell you that for me its football season everyday and I will be hopeful that we, our team can get some wins and lift not just a city that was once very prideful but fans all over. All we want is something to brag about, be it one good a** kicking to one of these remaining teams we have left.
    I always leave my friends this note when I close my mail “and of course go Lions!!!!”

  74. By Steve K on Nov 19, 2010 | Reply

    CJ81 needs to be involved more , no doubt . But 50% ? that’s a bit much . What needs to be 50% or close is the running game. Soften em up with the run & the coup de grace with the pass . Need a body or two more on the OL & make some adjustments there as well .

  75. By Lee on Nov 19, 2010 | Reply

    that one hurt! wow did that hurt!

  76. By GMAN on Nov 19, 2010 | Reply

    That one did hurt, as did the bears, jets, giants, bills you know what I mean?

  77. By GMAN on Nov 19, 2010 | Reply

    4 or 5 could change the way a lot of us will feel if we can pull this off.

  78. By Lion Mike on Nov 19, 2010 | Reply

    The running game doesn’t set up the pass game on this team. It also doesn’t for teams like NE, NO, INDY or SD. I think we are built a lot like those teams in terms of the passing game is the bread and butter of the offense. All year we have proven that we can’t get the run game going, so it is crazy to use the run to set up the pass. We need to do the exact opposite and come out passing to stretch the defense and then use the draw and screen to Best. If we continue to run to set up the pass, then I would really like to see the coaches make an example of one of the offensive linemen by pulling them out of the game. Multiple false starts…pull them. Multiple holding penalties,..pull them. Missing assignments on run plays…you got it…pull them. Just hold the o line accountable! They aren’t giving up sacks this year, but we are doing nothing more than 2 yd run, -2 yd run and on 3rd and 10 dumping it off to a RB.

  79. By tom d. houston on Nov 20, 2010 | Reply

    calvin, i love ya dude – BUT, you have to pick your game up! to be a no. receiver in the league, these tough catches, you HAVE TO MAKE! I don`t wan`t to here anything about (lack of concentration!). i expect that from a MacDonald`s employee – not a super talented N.F.L. Football player. It`s all about attitude – either you believe you are better than the other team – or you don`t! that simple! play every down as if it was the super bowl, in other words, after every 40 seconds, bust your behind for the next 10! either you refuse to lose or YOU LOSE! THAT SIMPLE. Now, play like all the $ you make dosen`t matter! play your position like Vanden-Bosh plays his and you`ll be in the Hall of Fame! If you don`t play like that, you`ll just be another over paid Lions Loser. It`s on you!

  80. By shayne greene on Nov 20, 2010 | Reply


  81. By Don on Nov 20, 2010 | Reply

    Yes, I know that things Look pretty bleak as the Winning goes. And for that I am NO happier than any of us Fans can or could be.
    Losing Stinks!
    However, sometimes while you are losing somethings are being changed!
    Yea, and 50 years there has’nt been enough changing for my liking.
    However, This Time is differant, even with the Owner Mr.Ford. I really believe that he is Trying to put this TEAM together so that it is a true Winning Football team.
    I do NOT understand the Millan thing that we all had to go thru, But, Now this Time it SEEM”S to be real.
    He put the right man into the GM job and it Looks as if he Might actually stick with the coach and allow him to finish the Job that he started.
    And I don’t know about the rest of you But, I believe that this coaching staff and the players that we have added so far are the real deal and going to improve even more yet. And I also know that this job is’nt finished.
    You can only add so many players per year, and every year for a long time after having an 0 and 16 season is going to be a year for growing until it is ALL brand new. And that should be next year.
    Some team’s seem to be able to do that a lot faster.
    We will get there if we stay the coarse.
    I know it seems that it should be here now, however most of us knew that we werent that close yet.
    And with ALL the injuries that this team has endured i am surprised that we have played as well as we have. Not winning, maybe, but, being IN every game that we played and ALLMOST winning all the games that we have been in.
    I hear people saying that some of these games were lost because of time manangment and other things. NO I don’t think so.
    I tend to believe that with a little more effort and self disapline and less injuries that we would have taken the games that we lost.
    Except of coarse those games in which we won and the league or refs TOOK them from us.
    This TEAM is improved and Will keep improving.
    I believe that we can win in Dallas, Weather we do or not is going to be up to the players that play in the game.I know that we are beaten up physically and I know that our first stringers are not all out there, However, I believe in our backup players Like Aaron Brown And shaun Hill and whoever fills in for the DE position. We have capable BUs.
    GO WIN this Game LIONS!
    I know we are growing Because we grow thru our failures Most of the Time.
    And “We can do ALL things thru christ that is in us!”

  82. By Jonas Turner on Nov 20, 2010 | Reply

    Lions must win against the Cowboys. I can’t stay Roy Williams. We cannot lose against them!! As for Thanksgiving Day game…I think our tradition there is to lose. :( Unfortunately…this year is gonna be extremely rough to win…but I have faith. I am hoping to bring the Lions luck vs the Chicago Bears. I have never been to a game where the team I am cheering for loses…so I HOPE the Lions keeps my record up on Dec. 5th…haha. :) I will be about 13 rows back on the 40 yard line.

    As for the penalities…Lions needs to step it up. I honestly think some of those old timers…it’s time they be replaced. I will NOT give up on my Lions. I will wear my clothes with pride every Sunday…and speak the good word about them. True fans will always support their teams…win or lose.

  83. By 74lionsfan on Nov 20, 2010 | Reply

    I’ve been a fan of the lions as long as ive been alive. win or lose, ill always love the team as long as they play like they take pride in their job. Its the players,coaches or the other members of the team that get that attitude that they get payed either way so if their down by 10 or more they just quit. I definitly agree the worst thing that ever happened to our team was the hiring of matt millen( i think he should return atleast 20 mill to the city of detroit for ruining our football team) All players should play with pride even in the smallest thing the do like clapping their hand in support of a fellow teamate doing a good job. Something as simple as that can boost the moral and spirit ofthe whole team to be positive to work harder to win.

  84. By BigJeff on Nov 20, 2010 | Reply

    I’m a believer that things aren’t as bad as they seem (Lions lose to Bills) and as good as they seem (Cowboys with new coach upset Giants on the road). It’s time the Lions win a road game.

    As a longtime fan, I can’t understand why there isn’t more anger from the Lions regarding their road history – if I was a player and part of that history, even if I wasn’t there for the 25 losses – it seems to be the 800 lb. gorilla that everyone aviods – it started with Marinelli when he was here and continues with Schwartz.

    Just start reciting the facts: 25 straight road losses (that’s over THREE full seasons), haven’t won in green bay since 1991, Minnesota since 1997, Chicago since 2007 – teams they play EVERY YEAR. Have never won in Washington EVER!!!!!

    I want Lions coaches and players to feel embarrassed and get as angry as I am as a fan! C’mon Calvin, Suh, Schwartz and the rest of you – show me you’re not the “same old Lions” – start chnging some history, starting tomorrow – beat them Cowboys!!!!!

  85. By Alex on Nov 20, 2010 | Reply

    I do want to see the Lions against the cowboys. but I’m also worried about the game too. are losing streaks needs to end.

  86. By blakhornets football on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    the only thing that matters is punishing them cowboys tomorrow. nothing else really matters right now.. keep hittin them harder and keep gettin to the ball faster.. beat em good..

  87. By blakhornets football on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    now them lions are gonna be bruisin not losin,,,watch that defense slaughter teams, they aint kiddin, go lions… rip em up…it starts today.

  88. By Don on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    I don’t have time to write to much this time.(:
    I Know this TEAM STILL has enough talent to win this game today.
    Yes like I said I believe in our Back-up players also!
    So Let’s go into Dallas today and play mistake free Football and show everyone what this TEAM Really is.

  89. By neil on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    ok,i’am a lions fan and sick of people claiming to be a lions fan,saying the lions will lose there remaining games i doubt that they will win at least 2 to 3 more games this season.

  90. By neil on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    they should have won against the bills when you have alot of penalties then you derserve to lose.they should have won against the bears but got robbed by the refs.

  91. By neil on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    that game that they took away the calvin johnson td if a bear wide receiver would have had a catch like that they would have gave him a td.

  92. By Ghost of Bobby Layne on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    Don and others: You do know that the players do not read our comments, right?

  93. By LIONNUTS on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    One more Sunday. I am going to cheer my A off and just know the Lions will win. No matter how you look at it, right now, it’s Kitna and Williams. I mean come on they are Lions has-beens for crist sake. We should stomp the crap out of them. GO LIONS!!!!

  94. By LIONNUTS on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    Got my SUH jersey on! I’M READY! Not much trash talk from the Cowboy fans this week. Nobody thought they’d be 2-7!

  95. By Steve K on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    Let’s kick some Cowpoke arse !

  96. By Debbie on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    YA THINK!!!

  97. By Rev. M.E. Bradfield on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    There are so many frustrated fans, but listen, when the Lions start winning and winning, watch all your boos turn to cheering, lets keep supporting Calvin and a team of professional athletes that risk their bodies every week for a complaining crowd of fans. Calvin you are a great player and I am encouraged every week. Go Lions!!!

  98. By Jettro on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    The lions will NEVER win with the STUPID, NON-DISCIPLINED, penalties that they are guilty of. The lions Organization needs to FINE these people because this is apparently the ONLY thing these players are likely to understand.$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!! 31-yard gain (no gain) because of a STUPID penalty!

  99. By Steve K on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    Penalties again ! Dammit we should be outta sight by now ! >:-(

  100. By Jettro on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    Will always be a lions fan, BUT

  101. By Ghost of Bobby Layne on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    fewer penalties, bad call on the hair pull. I thought we had a chance in this game. Have to work on those penalties.

    I have tickets for the Bears game. Sigh.

  102. By tired of losing on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply


  103. By Ghost of Bobby Layne on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    Dear Tired of Losing:

    I suggest that it might be helpful for you to select another team or find something to do on Sundays like go to a movie, take up model trains, bowling, hiking, hunting. Something to get you out of the house on Sunday afternoons. I am afraid you are going to have a stroke.

  104. By Steve K on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply


    Take 2 aspirin , call me in the morning , m’kay :)

  105. By Frustrated Fan on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    Has anyone noticed the amount of stupid “penalties” against our team remains consistent through the years? I’m not saying the refs lose the games for us because thats simply not the case. However, its mind-blowing that week after week, season after season, we watch the refs call penalties on our team that are obviously not supposed to be penalties. Why is nothing done about this? These types of penalties discourage players and fans alike. Do all teams have to deal with this at the same rate as the lions? I know refs are human and make bad calls from time to time. But, its not from time to time with the lions. Every week we get calls against us that are absolutely ridiculous. 2 horse collar tackles this week that weren’t even horse collars cost lots of yards that were crucial parts of this game. We have Logan hit after waving for a fair catch (granted it wasn’t a hard hit but a hit nonetheless) late in the game and no flag gets thrown. Then with 0 left on the clock we get the ref calling another penalty on us! Its frustrating enough watching a team with this much talent lose week after week but to also watch the refs call a ton of B.S. penalties is like pouring salt on the wound. Why doesn’t Goodell take some action against these refs for not doing their job? I find it hard to believe that any other team in the NFL has these types of penalties called on them nearly as much as the lions do. If they do then it outrages me even more that nothing is done about it. I’m seriously considering completely giving up on the NFL altogether. There is plenty of other football to be watched that isn’t near as frustrating as the NFL. I watch my wolverines who should be on top and aren’t without getting half the frustration because when they lose they lose. They go down to a team that simply out played them. When the lions lose they dominate through most of the games or at least hang tough and through a few big plays and/or bad penalties they end up losing games. Don’t get me wrong, as a team the lions do their share to lose the games they do but I tip my hat to the players that come out and don’t give up regardless whats actually happening on the field. How the players and fans alike haven’t gotten fed up and started demanding some sort of action to improve the unfairness of these types of penalties is beyond me. If these penalties went in the lions favor sometimes it might be easier to understand but it simply seems as though Goodell doesn’t care or wants it this way because of some grudge against the Ford family.

  106. By Ghost of Bobby Layne on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    I do agree with “Tired of Losing” in that if the Lions ever become a winning team it will be in 10 to 15 years. I have leukemia so I won’t see it.

  107. By Steve K on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    We are beating ourselves Ghost , it’s purely a mental thing now . That can be remedied & you’ll see em win :)

  108. By tired of losing on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    if any of you people think that the lions are only 1 or 2 things away from winning consistantly your kidding yourselves. they only have 1 off. lineman thats a starter on any other team; no good running backs only 1 maybe 2 decent def backs; and for whatever reason they are just about the worst team on kickoffs and punt coverage. they also are jinxed. examples are Utley; Andolseck;reggie brown; and now stafford . I know im angry but I tell you yhe truth THIS FRANCHISE WILL NEVER WIN ITS UNEXPLAINABLE

  109. By Steve K on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    I think you need to take a walk & cool off mate . There’s no such thing as jinx’s , m’kay .

  110. By Pete on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    I agree with some of the comments. Peterman should go after costing the Lions fourty yards for an illelgal block to the back on a player know where near our ball runner. It cost the lions from being on the Dallas 10 yd line with a first down to being backed up to the 50yd line. Railios the center also has been
    bad to with way too many penalties. We have got to find an offensive line.
    That’s why Detroit cant run the ball.

  111. By richard hill on Nov 21, 2010 | Reply

    There is a serious problem with the lions.The coaching staff continues to waste downs running into the heart of the opposing defense,and keeps getting caught in obvious passing stuations.the officiating is as poor as the Lions play.there seems to be no imagination in the offensive scheme.Need more well practiced play actions.The defense is not consistant enough.every time the team gets a lead they cannot hold on.Big plays called back on penalties.dropped passes,Lack of blitzes, giving quarterbacks way too much time.Lack of effort to attack the ball in pass defense.I guess that all these things happen,but should not happen often.And way too often this team has these defacits to correct.

  112. By Scott on Nov 22, 2010 | Reply

    HATS OFF to YOU GUYS!!! I cannot even fathom how frustrating it must be to play your ass off while 1/2 of your team kills itself each and every week. GOD BLESS you guys that are out there day in and day out busting you asses for this team and its shitty ownership. CAL, SUH, VnBOSH, HILL, and a few others, you guys ROCK~ Just pray for a trade. I wish you all the very best!

  113. By Jack on Nov 22, 2010 | Reply


    You guys have lost four games by 3 points or less – the Jets and Patriots have won about as many games by that margin. And then there’s Chicago . . . I know the rules, but that one has to change.

    Only a couple of games that weren’t really close.

    That’s how close the team is right now. Thanksgiving is the Lions’ big day; I know you guys will give your all, with a packed stadium and (rare for Detroit) the attention of the whole country. The Patriots are not unbeatable at all: they lucked out yesterday as the Colts were driving at will, just as they lucked out with the Ravens and Chargers.

    They’re not unbeatable, by any means . . . just ask Cleveland. . . .

    I know the team will fight hard, and give it all out there. Make us proud.

  114. By Ghost of Bobby Layne on Nov 22, 2010 | Reply

    You folks know the players don’t read our comments, right? But this is a good place for us to vent.

    I have been a fan since the days of Bobby Layne when we won on a regular basis. Thats how I got hooked. Anyway, I think the Fords were in it for a profitable business for decades. As long as the team made money winning was secondary. Now they are looking more at winning as important. But it will take another decade to overcome the last 50 years.

  115. By Jack on Nov 22, 2010 | Reply

    Yes, clearly the glory years of the Lions were in the 1950s with Bobby Layne and Doak Walker. But don’t forget: 6 playoff appearances in 9 years in the 1990s. Barry was great, really great, the most exciting runner I’ve ever seen (with O.J. and Gale Sayers). But you don’t make it to the playoffs that many times in the NFL on one guy’s shoulders. He was just such a threat to be respected that the passing game had to open up.

    A really competitive team is not far off. With Stafford, Johnson, Suh, etc., there are excellent young guys at key positions. Right now, I think a good running game would tip the balance, freeing up Johnson, Burleson, and others.

  116. By Ghost of Bobby Layne on Nov 22, 2010 | Reply

    I watched the Cowboys Lions game and later the Colts and Patriots and the
    Eagles and Giants. The difference between great teams and the Lions, even as improved as they are, is like — well I don’t know what it is like but the difference make me realize how far we have to go and I just don’t think it is as close as most of you do.

  117. By Lilo on Nov 22, 2010 | Reply

    They need to fire Jim Swartz and need to get rid of Matthew Stafford. He’s a freakin’ puss. I do not see how they dont fire the coach and get rid of a lot of players that really suck. Stafford needs to go.

  118. By Starkicker on Nov 22, 2010 | Reply

    The difference between a good NFL team (Patriots) and a crappy one (Lions) is the details. A good team works and works and works on the details, resulting in smart play on the field. Proper positioning, footwork, film study, etc. Good coaches are detail freaks, and run their players through drills until they can do it in their sleep. Until the Lions commit to that, they will always stink. Simply having ‘good players’ on the roster is not enough.

  119. By Timothy A. Owens on Nov 22, 2010 | Reply

    You are right ! the weak, game ending, penalties the lions have been recieving from the ZEBRAS are unacceptable!!!

    I suggest, If you are going to lose a game via penalty, then make them count!!!!!!

    Become the dirtiest team in the NFL!!!!!! Maybe then we will get the respect we deserve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. By Steve K on Nov 23, 2010 | Reply

    We’ll get respect far quicker by executing properly & playing to our true potential . The Philly Flyers of the mid 70’s were a damn fine hockey team skillwise , nobody remembers that though . ;)

  121. By steve w. on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    these are all good comments but does any one see that the zebras make ghost penalties on the lions or is it just me? im not sayting they are inocent by any means its they creat the ghost calls because they do make alot but have no fear guys next year is goin to be a break out of this 60 year slump and im tired of saying that too but i really believe that they will be in the playoffs

  122. By Jack on Nov 25, 2010 | Reply


    Didn’t you watch the Eagles, Packers, Giants, and Jets games? These are good teams, and they just barely got by the Lions.

    The team hasn’t quite developed that edge that gets you over the top in close games. Also, again, really need a running game.

  123. By Ghost of Bobby Layne on Nov 25, 2010 | Reply

    Yes I did see those games. Close is only counts in hand grenades and horse shoes. I do agree that this is the best team since the Fontes years when we got into the playoffs a few times. I hate to beat a drum, oh heck I do like to beat this drum, Millen got us into this fix and it is slow coming out. I hope I am wrong but I have my movie at the ready.

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