Johnson: “I’m just taking it game-by-game, that’s all you can do right now.”

Posted by Tara Altman on November 30, 2010 – 2:32 pm

“It was definitely big to have a couple of days off, catch up on my sleep a little bit. I didn’t travel so I got an extra day in since travel kind of takes up the whole day when I go back to Atlanta. I did some shopping, caught some sales and got some of my Christmas shopping out of the way, sat on the couch and kicked my feet up.

“As far as the game, we were feeling real good about what we were doing out there and then come the second half, later on in the third quarter, the turnover and the adversity there, it kind of unwound for us on offense and defense. It was tough, but it’s something that we have to learn to fight.

“There were some frustrating calls made, one in particular that was called on Brandon Pettigrew. I have no doubt in my mind that we would have gone down and scored on that drive. When we get in the redzone, we’re automatic. It (the penalty) was baffling, but that’s our fortune right there.

“I’m just taking it game-by-game, that’s all you can do right now. Chicago, they have a heck of a defense, a real good front defense. It’s going to be very important that our line come with their mind right and have a good week of practice – and not just them, but everybody. It all starts up front. If they do their job up front, then we’ll be alright. It sucks that we’re 2-9, so there’s no playoffs in the picture, everyone is just playing for their job right now.”

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  1. By Ghost of Bobby Layne on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    It has been and is very disappointing for the team and fans. We all had high hopes for this season. It is sad that teams with poor records have the worse calls. I think Refs should be fined for bad calls.

  2. By Jay Pess on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    If we come out trying to run first then we’ll take another loss. Pass first and then mix in the run. We have improved our talent its our play calling and our ability to overcome everything else. Penalties, big plays and miscues. Keep Scraping.

  3. By tim on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Please, johnson just don’t give up on us yet! You are a big piece of the puzzle! We can be a playoff team next year, I know it sucks losing week in a week out but we need you!

  4. By shane lemcool on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Ya know ghost thats the thing these stupid ass referees they use these teams that are struggling and experiemnt it seems there were alot of questionable calls and even more bad ones i mean really suh had buddies hair and they called him for a horse collar i swear that they do (referees) to hold these teams back and prevent them from winning and yes the refs should be fined for bad calls instead of the league office saying we stand behind our refs why dont thay stand behiind there teams like that i swear on everything holy the boys in detroit are gonna come out next year and wreak havoc u all jus watch and see i will never stop loving my lions and coach is bringing it all together but i am wondering and maybe a lil curious if gunther will be around next season he seems to be unable to bring the defense up to where we all know they can be

  5. By wornblue on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I’ll tell you, when we do start winning, we will blow teams out on a consistent basis… We will take it out of the refs hands by virtue of high scores. It’s going to happen and as soon as it does, We will hard to stop…

  6. By Ghost of Bobby Layne on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Yeah Shane, the refs don’t bring money into the league, the players do.

  7. By Rick comerford on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    If it were’nt for bad calls at critical moments, Our Lions would be 6-5 or even7-4 right now. but thats the way the league wants to keep it. So the Lions will just keep getting screwed until the refs are held accountable.

  8. By david on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I agree with you Calvin on the call on Pettigrew…we are so close in getting these games our way…Lets close out these season on a high note..I had a chance to see and speak to your family in Dallas they sat in our section…your Parents look real good and your sister looks just like you

  9. By Arreal Riggs on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Calvin I like how u stay humble and positive and just keep working hard iam a die heart lions fan and i play college football. By me being a QB having stafford injuried prevents a lot play calling u can normal do with his arm strength but thats not a excuse shaun hill is working hard and just keep fighting and lets beat the bears cause they took one from us that game.

  10. By vernon on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I think Schwartz need to go off on some refs when he knows there wrong. Its his job to not allow the treatment of disrespect the league refs have been showing his players.I don’t care if we lose a game over it, or some large fine.Its got to stop, make someone feel the raft for the disrespect. That Suh call would have been perfect to bring light on the problem, and have the team rally around you.Oh yeah, and the state of Michigan. Schwartz is a good coach, maybe great coach and maybe this problem will just go away with winning. But what came first the chicken or the egg??? I lean towards the egg..

  11. By Lee on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Sorry but the pats, jets,every body gets bad calls and penalties, but they don’t make the same mistakes over and over and over and over and over and over and over. STOP GOING OFF SIDES. Just go one hole game with out an off sides penilty see what happens. Sorry just upset that a team like this is 2 and 9.

  12. By Ralph on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    You’re doing good Calvin, just keep on doing what you’re doing. Taking a step at a time. It’s hard in the NFL, I can see that. You’re going be a hall of fame reciever one day and I believe that the Lions will become a contender one day

  13. By Tony on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    This season has been plagued with bad calls but that doesn’t produce a 2-9 record. The simple fact is that a hand full of players in Detroit are not playing at a high enough level. These players continue to have penalties causing drives to stall, which takes the momentum out of Detroit’s corner and leaves them trying to make to many big plays. I believe that the key pieces to make this team a contender are in place, I believe that with the Coaching staff and these key players its just a matter of time and attitude before they accept the fact that there are no excuses for losing. With this years draft and free agency I believe they will add the final pieces to a very dangerous team, and I for one can’t wait. So while “bad calls” continue to be made I say we focus more on the calls that could have been avoided, and try 4 quarters of good football.

  14. By Wichita,Ks#1LionsFan on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    After this year, demote Jim Schwartz to D coordinator, and hire a proven coach like Jimmy Johnson, Bill Cower, Bill Parcells or Dick Vermiel!

  15. By honolulu blue on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I think one of our biggest problems is that the D misses so many tackles, and the big plays are killing us. The penalties are a big issue too, we gotta play good consistent football the whole game. Come on Lions, make me proud.

    Also, Calvin you are a beast out there, I enjoy watching you play, and I (and I bet the whole city of Detroit and the state of Michigan) admire and appreciate the ammount of heart you put into every game. Don’t give up on us, because we won’t give up on you.

  16. By terry putman on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I don’t know if this is something u can talk about but I was wondering how u felt about the possibility of parcells coming to Detroit in a manager type position? I was also wondering how the players feel about coach Schwartz? I myself think Schwartz has the heart and at this stage anybody should b given at least 3 yrs. To turn around this franchise. Lastly I hope u see the potential for success in the coming years and decide to re-sighn with the team!

  17. By Steve K on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    It’s as I’ve said before all mental now . The Bears are very much beatable . Both lines must be penalty free . If that can happen then we smoke them . :)

  18. By Steve K on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I’m almost expecting an offside penalty every down of late . This really has to be sorted out !

  19. By Ghost of Bobby Layne on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Terry Putman: I hate to say this, again, but Calvin does not read our posts and may not write the blog. Tara Altman writes it either from what she knows about Calvin or through a general conversation with him. But this is a good place to share our feelings and vent and make suggestions. The players do not read the blog but it makes us feel better.

  20. By g-man360 on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Calvin just go out there and play hard for the love of the game. That will always make you a better player and it will help your team become a better team. Play for the love of the game. I’ve been a fan of the lions and football for 30 years and just because theres no playoffs don’t think I won’t be watching all my lions perform because of the love of the game.

  21. By LIFE LONG LIONS FAN on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    I agree with similar posts. JOHNSON DONT LEAVE WE NEED YOU..We all know that our team is so close to making a huge turn around, bad calls, injuries are killing us. Our draft picks are getting better starting with number 81.. Stick with us and the fans will stick with you. Keep some positivity in the locker room, we can do this.

  22. By Edward Huffmaster on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    …i can’t believe they are thinking about starting Drew this week against the Bears, he will get killed out there, what are they thinking, are they worried we might win or something, just play the regular guys and we will loose and lock up that #2 pick in the next draft, no need to panic these guys have worked hard all year to be one of the worst teams in the nfl so they will find a way to loose,..i’m sure of it !!

  23. By santerchieff on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    go calvin go we need you

  24. By Jordan on Nov 30, 2010 | Reply

    look look at the film of the redskins game not because we won but all the stunts we ran with vandenbosch and suh the opposing o didn’t know how to handle it since then we haven’t tried it why not gunther? please start bobby carpenter at lb not just special team i want to see what he can do i bet he can tackle yes pass first set up the run then play action that shit to calvin or burleson next year its playoffs or bust stafford hit that gym baby build up them shoulders you can do it man and please lets destroy the bears play smart guard the stick on third down we owe them a little something that they took from us in week one!

  25. By Mac on Dec 1, 2010 | Reply

    we as fans have to just support the team. excuses are just that, excuses. the bears didn’t rob us of a win….calvin didn’t make the catch according to the rules. period. that is why that game was a L ultimately but there were many opportunities to come up with a W in that game and many others our Lions have played this season. this is a good team that is getting better. ghost of bobby lane is right, this isn’t something that CJ comes and reads more than likely but it is a place to voice your opinion about our guys. just support them is all i ask, go to games and make the guys on the field feel like you have their backs. wins will come for this team, there is ridiculous talent on our club. it will just take that right set of circumstances to get the results everyone wants. don’t get it twisted, i am from the instant gratification era as well and i am tired of seeing these guys lose over and over again but it isn’t like they aren’t improving. wins will come, go out there sunday and kick Cutler’s butt with the defense and mop the floor with the secondary because we can do that. GO LIONS!!!

  26. By GMoney67 on Dec 1, 2010 | Reply

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…We be f u c k e d!!!

  27. By Ghost of Bobby Layne on Dec 1, 2010 | Reply

    Ya gotta point there GMoney67

  28. By BILLO313 on Dec 1, 2010 | Reply

    honestly, i always say next year. but im really thinking that next year may be the same ol sh!t. we got mad talent, and just cant come together. thjey need to own the field from the beggining. aint no reason we should be losing like this every year. what happened to the guys that went 6-2 to start the season a couple years back?!?

  29. By Don on Dec 1, 2010 | Reply

    I just want to Write to the Lions and So I do hope that someone in this Organization does read these LiL blogs that we write. And I also believe that someone in this Org. Does read the Comments that people write here, And with that, I would like the Fans and this TEAM to relize that This TEAM is going to probably experiance a game at home that is Like an AWAY game.
    I do not know for sure, However experiancing Games in the Past at the Silver Dome When the Bears had had a TEAM that was doing anywhere near Good that the Chicago Fans would show up Here to support their TEAM.
    I believe that the BEARS are an 8 and 8 TEAM. And even though that Makes me want to puke because it is SOOO discusting to have our old head coach that totally destroyed our TEAM and now won’t let his men play if they Arent good enough to do the job, when he Totally would let anyone play on our TEAM no matter how Bad they would play. HMMMMM!
    What was he up to?
    Anyways, I Know that this TEAM ( the lions) Can win against the bears, Weather we will or not i don’t know?
    So I just hope that our TEAM relizes that just because the game is sold out it does’nt mean that it is sold out by LIONS FANS.
    And I hope that this TEAM is’nt playing with a chip on our shoulder because of what happened in Chicago in the First meeting. Because that Never Seens to work out for us when we have a Score to Settle.
    Just go out there And Settle it because you want to win, NOT because you want vengance.
    I really hope that we pull this game out with a WIN!

  30. By Ghost of Bobby Layne on Dec 1, 2010 | Reply

    Very well said Don. But I doubt anyone from the organization reads these comments.

  31. By Lionsbustedyearagain on Dec 1, 2010 | Reply

    Alright. I am soooo tired like all of you guys on here watching this team lose. The same excuses, same sob stories. Our corners are awful, we made Branch look like a pro bowl receiver. This guy is a mediocre player but yet we made him look superhuman. Our defense line is great in the first half of games and then they just fall apart in the second half. I know they are tired but that is not an excuse. This team has no push, no heart, no care. There is no energy out there. We have the talent to play with all these teams but never seem to close them out. Either a costly penalty, turnover, or a long gain or touchdown by the other team just kill us ever week. Something needs to be done. I can’t stand watching the Lions lose. This losing is a combo of coaching and players not making their plays or losing their head. I am tired of hearing excuses or them crying about this or that. Just play the game!!! These players get paid the big dollars and yet we always have 2 or 3 wins at the end of the year. Can this team ever turn the page?? I thought this was the year but again I think that every year. Ownership and management really need to figure things out after this season. You have some pieces there but we are the same old lions. We just know how to do one thing and that is lose!!

  32. By The P Factor on Dec 2, 2010 | Reply

    I love my Lions. I’m not giving up and neither should anyone else. We need one more DB to help delmas and one more solid linebacker. We are good. we took a lot of injuries this year and the first game screwed us. It would be a different year if we would of got that first win with our back up QB. I hope Shaun Hill will stay next year just in case we need him.

  33. By JHBLionsFan on Dec 2, 2010 | Reply

    Referees should be calling the game and not interfere or direct the outcome of a game which seems to be the trend over the last few years. I am a Lions fan for 55 of my 57 years and own all the gear their store offers and still wear it proudly – but guys…. I haven’t much time left!!!! I don’t want to hear wait till next year or we tried but, blah – blah – blah. It is the first time I have seen an offence so classy and well rounded and with a John Elway clone at quarterback. The injuries are unfortunate but Stafford will guide us through the desert when he is healthy and better protected. Our problem is still at corner and I know people don’t wanna hear it but we have a medium to poor linebacking core. If we are going to “wait till next year” fix the linebacking positions and the corners and offences will not be able to have their way with us at the end of the game when ours are tired from spending so much time on the field. GO LIONS!!!

  34. By Jim on Dec 2, 2010 | Reply

    “Please, johnson just don’t give up on us yet! You are a big piece of the puzzle! We can be a playoff team next year, I know it sucks losing week in a week out but we need you!”
    They will not be a playoff team next year but likely to be a .500 team providing Stafford stays healthy. There are many pieces to the puzzle that have to be found yet before they can be a serious contender.

  35. By Don on Dec 2, 2010 | Reply

    Listening to Lovie Smith Talk just tick’s me off!
    And even though I have Really liked Lovie in the Past, he is Really rubbing me the wrong way right now!
    When he is Talking in his enterview and saying that injuries are something that Every coach has to go through. Really?
    When has he had to go through his Starting QB Being hurt for a LONG period of time? Not this year for sure!
    The LIONS are my TEAM However sometimes they tick me off!
    I would like to See this TEAM take Cutler out of the Game for the rest of the Year! Return the Favor that they gave to us.
    And if anyone on this defense could get a great SHOT in on Marinelli on the SideLine that would’nt bother me either!
    Julius Peppers can come over and say he is sorry for taking our QB out ALL he want’s and he can say that he does’nt want to hurt anyone ALL he want’s.
    But, the Fact remians That he DID do what he say’s he does’nt want to do.
    He DID take our QB out!
    And our DEs should return the favor.

    And I have to remind everyone something about this TEAM, I did expect More wins this year also.
    However, that was with Stafford Healthy, Which the Bears Started him out by taking him out for half of the year.
    Today OUR TEAM should return the Favor.
    Also this TEAM is Better, However, we are Still not Built to be a Strong team yet.
    Taking the Defensive front for Example, For Backup’s and fill ins the Best Man that we have back there is Sammy Hill Which I know we havent heard a lot about this year, however I believe that he is Developing very well.
    NOW we need a Couple more DT’s that can come in when our NO.1 line is tired out. And as far as DE’s we have the New guy from North Carolina That I believe is Going to end up being a True powerfull DE in the future.
    WE need a Few More DT’s that are Able to come in and really effect the Game when our 1st stringers have to take a break.
    On The Offence we all knew that this Line Needed More help, and I Know that we are Developing a Man for the LT Position, The Rookie from Miami.
    And we have to do even More in Looking for Solid 1st stringers on this OL and then for them Backups that can come in and fill in when they get tired.
    I know that with all the New players that we got that it Looked as if we could actually take our division. But, In Reality we are still only Half way Built
    And WE have a secondary That has Played Very well this year, however I do believe that they have played above some of thier ability. And we also Need Maybe Another CB.and some BU men for them also.
    With our WR Core Again our 1st Stringers in Calvin and Burlson is pretty Damn good. However Bryant Johnson and This Williams kid I hope are released as soon as the Season is Over. Let’s just say it the way it is, those two WRs just out and out SUCK!
    And they Never should have made this TEAM.
    And We ALL know that the Kid from Grand Valley State could have out played Bryant Johnson any day of the Week and that is the Guy that this TEAM let go.
    Anyway’s this TEAM also Needs that, another 1st string WR.
    I wish I could remember the Kids Name from GVS.
    With him this TEAM probably would have had about another 800 yards recieving added to whatever we have.
    This TEAM is A LOT better than it was, and I do believe that it is because of Mayhew and Schwartz, However we have a lot more to go when it comes to the behind the scenes players. BACKUPS! And the Choice of those TWO WRs really hurt this TEAM more than anyone thinks about.
    It was allmost the whole other side of the feild that this TEAM could’nt count on.
    It was a good thing that we had GOOD TE’s.
    This TEAMis getting there, and I believe that if we stay the coarse and Get what we NEED for BU’s and a few more 1st Stringers that this TEAM should take off in pretty good condition Next year. WE will however have to keep Stafford on his Feet. And if we can’t then I hope that we can Keep Hill on his.
    Hopefully next year we should have a Lot of those Holes filled that did’nt get done this year.
    However this TEAM can’t Make Mistakes as the TWO with B.Johnson and D.Williams. Hey they are OK guy’s, Pretty good people as far as I know?
    But, as WR’s Where were they?
    I know that there is a lot more than just those two thing’s that have to be changed But, Right there is a good start!
    Yea, I expected More wins. And I still do expect to win a few More, I just hope that this TEAM play’s for Stanton this Week and I do believe that this Kid Can win against the Bears for us. However, this TEAM that he has behind him is going to have to give it all they have. And Stay away from the Penalties.
    And maybe send a few REFS SOME KIND OF MESSAGE.
    I’m Not Saying that any of our players should lose thier bearings and not know where they are on the field and end up knocking a ref silly or anything?
    But, Somehow these players should let the refs know that they are really SICK AND TIRED OF THIER CRAP!

  36. By Ed on Dec 2, 2010 | Reply

    Hey Calvin,

    Happy Holidays!!! Sorry this team is terrible again this year but if Matt can get strong and be healthy next year. We all know you will make a run at a wild card spot so keep working.

    Also, to Ghost. You would have to be crazy to think in these technological times that the players or some people from the organziation don’t read this stuff. They may stop because it’s depressing but twitter is popular because these young kids are wired in like other young kids. I guarantee some players check this out along with other blogs

  37. By Ghost of Bobby Layne on Dec 2, 2010 | Reply

    Well Ed, I am crazy but the doctors say I am getting better and better every day in every way. I don’t think they care what we have to say. They live in a world we are really not part of. These are high paid professional athletes motivated by ego and money. Not that that’s a bad thing. There is a joke in Green Bay: What do you call a bunch of millionaires sitting home watching the Super Bowl. The Detroit Lions. I am the Ghost of Bobby Layne because I have been watching and supporting them from the early 50s through today and will until I draw my final breath. But I do wrap my self worth in them anymore. Its just a game and kind of amusing.

  38. By don on Dec 2, 2010 | Reply

    Yes, Your Right ghost of Bobby Lane it is just a Game.
    However it is a game that a Very Lot of Important Money is used and that Makes it more of a seriuos Game than JUST a Game.
    And I am Not a Gambler or anything like that.
    I am just a Fan of the GAME who was never Good enough to get anywhere near what these players have Gotten too.
    However it is the LOVE of the GAME that Urges Me to want to see a REAL game. One that is Played as Fairly for any and every TEAM so that in the END WE really Know who the Winners and Loser’s REALLY are.
    It is Awefull to watch games that JUST do not have validity to them or feel as if they don’t.
    I FEEL even worse for the Players that Play the GAME today and the ones that have played the game in the past.
    I trully believe that MOST EVERY player wants an UP and UP Game.
    I DO NOT believe that there are many players anywhere that would want to win under false pretenses. Or lose under them.
    However when TEAMS play against the LIONS they have to be wondering if the GAME is on the Level?
    Yes, the players are playing on the level or at least I believe that most every player is playing on the UP and UP and there are a LOT of Players that I am positive are playing on the UP and UP.
    And for those Players it would be a real crush to find out that one of thier TEAMMATES werent or that the Games werent.
    Anyway’s I am Very tired of complaining about the refs and the game and weather or not this TEAM is being treated Fairly or not.
    And SO I am going to STOP COMPLAINING and just watch the games and hope that things get better.
    And even though it is very hard for me to see what seems to be injustice and not do or say something about it, I will stop!
    If the coach’s the Owner, the GMs, Players And the rest of the Fans would rather just let things go the way that they are then I will just sit back and watch.
    I know that noone believes that I will stop and shut up about it, But I will.
    Ya’ll do what you want to do. I love this GAME and this TEAM.
    And if the LIONS are at home watching the Superbowl every year there is’nt anything that I or most of us Fans can do about it !
    I will do all I can to put my hope and trust in the Lord that he can fix what I or we Cannot. And if the Lord is’nt going to do anything about it then what the heck do I think I can do?
    I have tried to open eyes to problems that I have believed were there for a long, long, long, time. And I guess that everyone must be happy about things just as they are. OH,well?
    Anyways, GO LIONS!

  39. By Starkicker on Dec 2, 2010 | Reply

    I’ve been hard on our guys this year but I’ve come to realize this just wasn’t our year. Bad luck, bad calls and injuries have conspired against the Lions. But we have accomplished one important thing: RESPECT. The league respects this team, coaches and players, and that is a huge improvement. It has been frustrating because we’ve been soooo close, but not quite there. We’ll get there. My faith in the Lions has been restored. So hang in there players, coaches and fans, good things will come soon enough. A win over the Bears this weekend would be nice, but long term domination is even better. Play with Lion pride and think about the incredible days ahead. LIONS FOREVER!

  40. By Ghost of Bobby Layne on Dec 2, 2010 | Reply


    Yup. Its all good, life it too short to worry about the nickel and dime stuff. I have leukemia so I have learned to treasure moments in time.

  41. By Mike Diz on Dec 3, 2010 | Reply

    Calvin, You are the best thing that has happened to this football team since Barry Sanders. I have been a long time fan and I have a feeling of your frustrations as a fan. I recall watching the Lions growing up in the 90’s and to this date, I think this year’s team is the BEST that we have had in the last 10-20 years. (Even though I am only 28yrs old.) haha.. Regardless, I hope you dont give up on us yet. We have all the pieces and you have a good QB and RB helping you out on offense along with solid TE’s and WR’s. Also our defense is shaping up to be force in th league. The team just needs to jell a little and eliminate all these penalties. I can honestly say that every team this season we could have won. Just penalties killed us.

    I think with another solid draft pick next year and another season in the books of the team playing together. We will be a great team. Just have to keep everyone healthy. I am glad you are on the team big guy. A good season is coming soon of us. GO LIONS!!!!!!!!

  42. By MC on Dec 3, 2010 | Reply

    I’m coming from Chicago this weekend with 40+ friends. Let’s putt a whooping on these LUCKY Bears. I know you can lay down 150+ yards and 2-3 TD’s on them Calvin. You are a GREAT receiver and we definitely need you on this team. I will proudly be wearing a #81 jersey every game day.. Even in Chicago where there are so many stupid haters and band wagon jumpers. Sign that contract extension ASAP. We have all the right pieces on the team. The coaches just need to learn how to piece things together and BAM… we are a winning team. We just need to learn how to close out the game and go for the kill. I hate seeing us with the lead and playing so well in the 1st half and then coming out and losing the game in the 2nd half. The Lions will be a winning team in 1-2 years GUARANTEED!!!!!!!! GO LIONS!!!!!

    It’s Bear Hunting Time!!!! Hope the defense picks off Jay “Mr. Interception” Cutler 4 times and runs them all back for an TD.

  43. By Edward Huffmaster on Dec 4, 2010 | Reply

    Why is it that when these coaches are working for another team they are talked about as the best in the business but when they coach the Lions they suck and then when they go to another team they are great again,…can anyone figure that out, just listen to ESPN when they talk about a team, they always talk about how great the coach or coordinators are, and the first thing that comes to my mind is (they used to coach for the Lions) or (how come they weren’t any good when they were with the Lions) is it just me or do guys wander the same thing ?

  44. By Matt on Dec 4, 2010 | Reply

    quit with the stupid penalties, Williams quit with the offsides on defense ur right over the ball watch it. quit trying to call out players williams, ur a TEAM start acting like it, play like a team,maybe if u guys got the money taken away you might start playing real football, com ‘on man! Calvin Doin’ a great job hold on to the ball ur 6’5″ beat the defenders, our defensive backs suck. ya’ll need to step it up, i hope you don’t think if you let a play get awa that you try to get some compassion from schwarts,its not gonna happen. DEFENSE WRAP UP FOR CRYIN” OUT LOUD.TAKE THE BALL CARRIER DOWN!!!!!!!!!!

  45. By Don on Dec 4, 2010 | Reply

    I am VERY sorry to hear that Ghost.
    I really enjoy reading what you have to say, and even though I don’t agree with everything that you have to say you do have some good insights to the going’s on of this TEAM.
    I have to say that I REALLY hope that we WIN this week against the Bears.
    I DO believe that Our LION’s are a good enough TEAM to win against The Bears.
    I do not understand How SO many of our Players that are our top players are all out of this Game though?
    I do believe that we have Better BU players than we had Last year, However I am not sure how Much better we are. Our Men are going to have to give everything that they have. And then some.
    I hope that our defensive players Play this Game the Way that they should and I hope that WE are Smart enough to stop that Tackeling at the Shoulders Garbage! Every Defensive Player should have learned in JR. High that you don’t tackle high. Really, that is SOOO embarassing to watch our Grown up players Tackle at the shoulders.
    At any rate, This Game would be a great game to win.
    For this Year it would be the Best win of the year.
    It is very conveniant for that Weasel QB that the BEARS have to have ALLMOST ALL of our REALLY GOOD players out of the Game for him.
    I wonder if we will ever get the Chance to watch cutler go up against Stafford Strait up? With Both TEAMS Healthy.
    And it was SOOO conveniant for cutler to have Backus Just Loose his Mind long enough to allow Peppers to be able to take OUR GREAT QB out of the Game. How Many Times has Backus Done this?
    There have been a Few times for sure, The TIME that he was completely turned around with his hands on his hips looking up into the Crowd I guess?
    No one knows what he was looking at? ALL we know is that he GOES blank for a time being. Long enough for one of the DE to take our QBs out of the Game ALLMOST insuring a Victory For the Bears, Oh and he did it with the Vikings last year. When he was in LA LA land and Jared ALLEN had the CLEAR OPEN FEILD TO JUST RUN IN AND TAKE THE QB OUT.
    How is it that a LT that plays SOOO good ALL year BUT, At the Most Critical time THE VERY FIRST GAME he Looses it and allows the QB that EVERYONE is counting on to be taken out of the game?
    And then there is the FACT that Cuttler is Afraid to face Stafford on the Field with a Completely Healthy TEAM Like we were in that Game.
    It ALLmost blew up in thier Faces with Shaun Hill though, did’nt it. Man ALLMOST! Well then they still had the REFS to help secure the WIn.
    It ALLMOST seems as if Backus does exactly the Opposite When it comes to protecting Our 1st string QB? He Actually Leaves an Opening for the other TEAM to completely ruin our Season by doing exactly what needs to be done TO ruin it. Leaving an Open shot to the QB in the 1st game of the season.
    Right at the Very beggining of the Season he does what has to be done in order to ruin it for everyone.
    I do NOT trust BACKUS! AND NONE of our QBs should trust him Either.
    And I don’t Care how good he plays AFTER HE SCREWS UP THE MOST important play of the year.
    IT is his JOB to protect the QBs and you can say that he plays good ALL year and How Sound of a player that he is and all that garbage.
    Bottom LINE, IT was HIS so called Mistake That ruined the Season for the rest of Us. It was HIS job to protect Stafford AND AGAIN, AGAIN He Just could’nt DO his JOB at the MOST imposrtant TIME. I don’t care about his being in every game, and How good he has played every since then.
    THERE IS NO excuse for what he did.
    It Really was The thing that had to be done in order to insure a victory for the Bears and everyone else in our division and on our Schedule.
    Shuan Hill Helped t make it Possible to get another win. And of coarse the rest of the TEAM Played very good in a lot of games.
    However with Stafford and a few other Players that we have, I DO believe that we would have at the very least be tied up with the Bears right now, However with us Beating the Bears Then we would probably be leading our division Right now.
    THAT screw UP by BACKUS was the Key to us having another Horriable year and the Bears being in the Lead in our division.
    If the Oppisite would have taken Place I am ALLMOST positive that everything would be Oppisite of the way that it is ending up.
    Fans, If Backus does’nt screw it up (which he did of coarse) we would have won our division this year. Look at allthe games that we ALLmost won.
    Look at the Game in which Stafford was in. And how we won that game.
    I’m done about Backus, and believe that this TEAM is ALLMOST there.
    But, we need to make sure that every player is ON this TEAM!
    When Backus Allows These things to happen it is like he is Playing for the other TEAM.

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