Suh, Johnson in the Pro Bowl Mix

Posted by Chrissie Wywrot on December 16, 2010 – 12:52 pm

Lions’ fans – don’t miss out on your opportunity to vote your favorite Detroit Lions into the 2011 Pro Bowl.

Currently, rookie Ndamukong Suh is the leading vote getter amongst NFC defensive tackles while Calvin Johnson is third amongst NFC wide receivers.

For the Lions, Suh would mark the first rookie to make the Pro Bowl since Barry Sanders in 1990 and the first defensive rookie to make the Pro Bowl since Al “Bubba” Baker in 1979.

Suh is currently first amongst all defensive tackles and all rookies with 8.0 sacks. In 13 games as a rookie, he has also registered 52 tackles, one interception and one fumble return for a touchdown.

In his fourth season, Johnson is putting together numbers that rival those he put up in 2008 when he finished with 1,331 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns.

With three games remaining, Johnson has an NFC-high 12 touchdown receptions and is tied for fourth among all players in the NFL in total touchdowns. He is also fifth in the NFC with 916 receiving yards.

If elected, this would be Johnson’s first-career trip to the Pro Bowl.

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24 Responses to “Suh, Johnson in the Pro Bowl Mix”

  1. By terry putman on Dec 16, 2010 | Reply

    These guys deserve this more then anyone in the nfl. Period

  2. By DanyoInDaLionsDen on Dec 16, 2010 | Reply

    lets go lions… we got more to come!!!!!!

  3. By Rocky! on Dec 16, 2010 | Reply

    Congrats on the pro-Bowl Recognition Boys!!!!

    We can only hope that the winning-est quarterback is under center this weekend in Florida, because you don’t have to be a genius to understand that if you lose many,many more games than you win, you don’t deserve to be playing, no matter how much the coaches keep drinking the cool-aid! Shaun Hill might be a wonderful person and he might be able to win with a loaded team, but he’s only won one game so far in all his starts with the Lions and I am through with this team if they trot him out again to lose again. I’ve seen what he can and cannot do in the 10 games that he’s played in, and I am convinced that his OH SO SLOW, PASSING ARM does not belong on our field any longer!!
    Just my two cents worth! :o)


  4. By wendymaddy on Dec 16, 2010 | Reply

    i trust the coaches to know who to play when. the lions stand a very good chance against Tampa Bay because of the Bucs’ many injuries, three suffered in their game vs. the Redskins. If you will recall, we beat the ‘Skins by more than an extra point earlier this year, whereas the only reason that Bucs-Skins game didn’t go into overtime on a tie is because the snap to the kicker went astray and the extra point was lost. So they’re not all that, and it’s nice weather in Florida this time of year, too. I am looking forward to their fourth win of the season, then their fifth and sixth for a 6-10 strong finish! They certainly deserve it, having played their hearts out this year. Everyone knows the Lions are a talented team and that the coaches are, too. The running game improved under Drew Stanton, and many important benchmarks have been achieved this year to give the Detroits Lions new standing and respect and self-esteem. The fans just love this turn of events, and they have packed the crowds in every time except the one time they didn’t realize that there was going to be a big, exciting, slam-bang game win. After that, nobody has wanted to be left out of the fun of watching this team reinvent themselves! This team has a ton of heart and enthusiasm, as they well should! Watch ‘em roar in Florida, then come back to finish off the Vikings as dessert!


  5. By Ralph on Dec 16, 2010 | Reply

    Oh yeah, Calvin and Suh can do some great work in the Pro Bowl, I will vote for them and hope they will get there. GO LIONS!

  6. By McIvor on Dec 16, 2010 | Reply

    I love seeing Suh and my boy Megatron getting some love! How many receivers make it? Is 3rd place gonna get a guy on the team, or would he just be an alternate?

  7. By sam on Dec 16, 2010 | Reply

    how has calvin not been to the pro bowl hes so good

  8. By Mojoe on Dec 17, 2010 | Reply

    Let Stanton finish the season he’s getting better every game. This is a great team we have this year. Hopefully next season all those 2 3 and 4 point losses will be wins. There were 5 games that we should have won..So far..

  9. By Danny on Dec 17, 2010 | Reply

    *Pettigrew should be considered, and Logan should be a lock. Unfortunately for Logan, the fans are voting, and voting for names, rather than performance, which Logan is leading the NFL with almost 29yds per kick return. Kind of like the way Vick is leading all voters, when theres atleast 3 or 4 QBs who have much better numbers than him.

  10. By Billy on Dec 17, 2010 | Reply

    Calvin is in the top 5 wide outs of the league. he’s better than Fitzgerald because he can work in triple coverage with a trashy quarterback like Kitna why he hasn’t made a pro bowl yet is beyond me

  11. By Jon on Dec 18, 2010 | Reply

    Great work CJ and SUH! I dno how CJ hasn’t been in a pro bowl yet.

    2008 – 1,331 yards -17.1 Avg – Long 96 – 12 TD. Cmon how is that not a probowl year!?

  12. By Jordan on Dec 18, 2010 | Reply

    yeah logan should be in the mix too you guys deserve the nod

  13. By Lion Mike on Dec 18, 2010 | Reply

    Rocky – Do you know that Shaun Hill is something like 5-1 in games after Dec 1st and that gives him the 3rd highest winning percentage behind Rivers and Ryan…just trying to bring some sunshine into your life brother… LION FANS…KEEP VOTING FOR THESE GUYS. SUH IS GOING TO MAKE IT, BUT CALVIN DESERVES IT THIS YEAR ALSO. IT’S UP T US TO GET THESE TWO IN THE PROBOWL.

  14. By Lion Mike on Dec 18, 2010 | Reply

    Sam – The players only make the probowl by fan vote. It’s a popularity contest, not based on production. Vote often for guys like Calvin, Suh, Pettigrew and Logan. It’s the only way they are getting in because other team fans aren’t likely to vote for players on a 3-10 team.

  15. By bob on Dec 18, 2010 | Reply

    Lion Mike- The pro bowl is determined by 3 factors, the first factor is the fan vote, the next factor is the coach vote, and the last factor is the player vote. Also with the amount of alternates who get to play i am sure Calvin, Suh, and Logan will all find places on the team

  16. By Rhonda on Dec 19, 2010 | Reply

    I am women,,,,44 almost 45 hear me ROAR……Do the math….When I was 13 I developed a love for football DEFENCE. Al “BUBBA BAKER” Kick &^^! My first FAV! SUH, SUH, SUH….here we go again….Lions History….AT 15, “BUBBA” was a poster on my wall. I’m just so excited to see someone as exillerating from my younger years. See you at the game Jan 2. I hope.

  17. By Bucsrock on Dec 19, 2010 | Reply

    Bucs should run over these lions.

  18. By Mike on Dec 19, 2010 | Reply

    The last few years have been rough but they are doing great. I can see a better team in the near future. They may not be winning at the moment but every loss has been very close. Lets go Boys.

  19. By Lion Mike on Dec 19, 2010 | Reply

    Bob – Then we need to do our job on the 1/3 fan vote! Keep voting Calvin in. Andre Johnson hasn’t won anything in Houston and basically signed a lifetime contract extension. I think it’s because he is getting credit for being one of the best players in the league. Calvin deserves the same recognition. Lets get him to Hawaii…


  20. By lionsfan 91' on Dec 20, 2010 | Reply

    Lion mike – the pro bowl is not in Hawaii no more but we still need to get Calvin and Suh to the pro bowl where ever it is?

  21. By BILLO313 on Dec 20, 2010 | Reply

    i am VERY PLEASED to see that our boys are getting the respect they deserve. CALVIN SHOULDVE BEEN THERE EVERY YEAR!!! I think its great that they will be repping for us! Suh, you are far better than anybody wouldve guessed! congrats on a wonderful rookie season and well deserved pro bowl selection!!! you should get DROY in my eyes!!! pettigrew, logan should be considered also.

  22. By YBARRYY??? on Dec 20, 2010 | Reply

    Lionsfan91 – The pro bowl is at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, HI. on Jan 30th this time. Lion Mike was right. Bottom line is both of you are right, lets do our part to get him there. Considering the way they play defense in the pro bowl, or don’t play, Calvin could put up some really scary numbers. I’m so happy for the players that have a winning mentalitiy, the coaches, Mayhew, and maybe most of all the loyal fan base that has not bailed on this team. Of course there will be those who have dogged the Lions and taken part in making jokes about the team, but for those who have been here through thick and thin and grinded out this horrible skid…congrats to you us!!! This makes Monday’s a lot better. I can get used to this.

  23. By Jared on Dec 20, 2010 | Reply

    I think Calvin Johnson and suh should be considerd for the pro bowl they both deserve it and i think suh should be in the mix for rookie of the year too.

  24. By loinsfan81 on Jan 2, 2011 | Reply

    Drew stanton and Calvin johnson are good to together so i belive they need to play more together well Calvin good to hear your playing the last game hopefully they play so you make some touchdowns well good to see the loins are winning keep it up so you guys get the playoff next year i see it happen good work

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