Hill to Start at Miami, Delmas Inactive

Posted by Tara Altman on December 26, 2010 – 12:30 pm

The Detroit Lions have announced that Shaun Hill will start at quarterback today in Miami.

Hill has missed the previous three games after suffering a broken index finger on his throwing hand against the New England Patriots. Quarterback Drew Stanton, who suffered a shoulder injury in last week’s win at Tampa Bay, started in his place.

On Thursday, Head Coach Jim Schwartz confirmed that the injury situation of both quarterbacks would play into the decision of who to start against the Dolphins.

Schwartz: “I think both guys are mentally ready to play, both guys have played football this year – I don’t think that’s a question. Physically is probably going to be the question with both those guys.”

S Louis Delmas has also been listed inactive. C.C. Brown will start in his place.

LB Landon Johnson has been listed as inactive after missing the last game with a neck injury.

Complete list of inactives for today’s game:

  • 3rd QB Zac Robinson
  • RB Aaron Brown
  • S Louis Delmas
  • LB Caleb Campbell
  • DE Barry Turner
  • T Tony Ugoh
  • G Donald Thomas
  • DE Willie Young

Full starting line-ups for both teams

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24 Responses to “Hill to Start at Miami, Delmas Inactive”

  1. By CK on Dec 26, 2010 | Reply

    Why in the world would you not start Stanton who has guided the Lions to 2 wins in a row and has helped shed some monkeys off our back? He must be injured?

  2. By deadheadhoodie on Dec 26, 2010 | Reply

    Keep Stanton in……………… 2 games win streak and were gonna change the qb back to Hill……………. what the heck are the coaches thinking ridiculous

  3. By Ghost of Bobby Layne on Dec 26, 2010 | Reply

    I hope coach knows what he is doing.

  4. By Jake on Dec 26, 2010 | Reply

    I was really hoping Stanton would get another shot :(

  5. By Ghost of Bobby Layne on Dec 26, 2010 | Reply

    As game time nears, we have to remember it is just a game and the outcome does not make us, as people better or worse.

  6. By Rick on Dec 26, 2010 | Reply

    You lied to us Schwartz. Stanton is a leader and the team looked liked a team with him at QB for the first time in 4 years.Calvin has had his best days with Drew at QB. Good bye to my season tickets. If Drew had not come back next year, they would have been gone anyhow. At least Drew’s passes go to receivers and not running backs. Best chance to win; you lied!

  7. By Ghost of Bobby Layne on Dec 26, 2010 | Reply

    second quarter, 3 min to play, how long before the bring Drew in?

  8. By Ghost of Bobby Layne on Dec 26, 2010 | Reply

    I get it. Run it up the middle for no gain over and over then punt. They will never suspect that we will keep giving them the ball. How fiendish of us.

  9. By Ghost of Bobby Layne on Dec 26, 2010 | Reply

    OK, here is the game plan with the QB that can’t move the ball

  10. By Ghost of Bobby Layne on Dec 26, 2010 | Reply

    I knew it all the time. I was behind them the whole way.

  11. By Steve K on Dec 26, 2010 | Reply

    3 in a Row ! Eat em raw Lions & bring on the Norsemen ! :)

  12. By Furiousstylz32 on Dec 26, 2010 | Reply

    I have been a lions fan since 1991 and there is no greater feeling thena Lions W….. I nominate that the team theme for next year be ” CAN YOU FEEL IT” it’s a song by the fat boys……….. Let’s Go LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. By lionsfan 91' on Dec 26, 2010 | Reply

    ‘HELL YEAH 3 STRAIGHT’ 17 points in the last 5 minutes we took over this game.HILL OR STANTON WHO CARES WE WON,GO LIONS!!!!

  14. By Don on Dec 27, 2010 | Reply

    I Really hope that This TEAM brings back this forum next year so we can say a bit to the Team.
    DeAndre Levy, I Said some things about you earlier in the year when you were’nt Playing with your groin injury.
    I am not sure If I am glad that I said what I said or not? However I do KNOW this. That You are one Damn good Player and I am Soooo glad to have you on our TEAM! And Knowing that you are schedualed to have Groin surgery After the Season Means that you have been playing injured!
    Maybe Delmas has been Also, I don’t know? But, Man all I have to Say Now is That if you play as GOOD as you play injured. You Must just be A TOTAL BEAST when you are well!
    You have and continue to play great football for this TEAM!
    Thank You DeAndre, Thank you for ALL you are doing and giving of yourself for this TEAM and us Fans!
    And that goes for ALL of you Players on this TEAM!
    Thank You for not giving up and Pushing to be Winners!
    You are Winners and you are Making this city very happy for All your Hard work.
    Great Win!

  15. By Don on Dec 27, 2010 | Reply

    I realize that Javid Best had agreat Game Yesturday With some Good runs, And One real Break away Run that Was Beutiful.
    And Ndamukong Sue Was His Usual Fantastic Self!
    And DeAndre Levy Honestly Had One Heck of a GREAT game!
    Really, DeAndre Really set himself Above Most NFL Second year Players in that Game Sunday. And Playing Injured! With a Grion Pull! Fantasitc Play, And Great to have on the Field for OUR TEAM! (:
    But I do also want to say that I realize that Brandon Pettigrew May have had one or two Drops in the Passing Game yesturday.
    However He Also came up Huge With Some GREAT CATCHES AT key Times in that Game!
    And Brandon may not have been the TOP Pick for most people in the Poll for the Rookies amd Second year players that produced in the game in Miami?
    However with Everything that Brandon has gone through with injuries and Major Injuries at that, And to have him Stepping up and Making the Kind of plays that he did in that Game Make you relize what a Great Game Changer that he will be in the future and that Games May Ultimatly be won or Lost on his ability to Make play’s? And the Abilities of others also.
    However this Young Man Steps up to the Plate and Makes Key plays at Key Times when We need it, And Get’s the Job done!
    I am Trully Happy with the Choice of everyone of these Rookies and second year Players and VERY Happy to have them on our TEAM And I believe that Everyone of them are Key componants To the future of this Organization.
    I Trully Hope that The Injuries that have Occured to Javid, DeAndre and Brandon are just Minor setbacks to what will be GREAT CAREERS For this TEAM and the Championships that we ALL Long for.
    And I will Also Have to Say The Same thing for Two other Players that are Young And that I believe Have a lot To do with this Orginization future and in which direction that it Moves in, And those Two are Mathew Stafford and Drew Stanton!
    Even though they Both have Two Differant Styles Of Play, They Both I believe have what this TEAM Needs in order to get us Over the Hump and into the Playoff Races on the Way to the SuperBowl.
    And Until we have a Way to Keep Stafford Off of the injured list, It is Very Important to Keep Drew on this TEAM!
    And then with Shuan Hill, If we Can Keep them all on this TEAM It will be very hard to stop us. Because even if they hurt one of them the other Two can Step up and run this Offence and Lead this TEAM to Victory!
    This TEAM has Never been this Rich with Good capable QB’s as we are now!
    And we are, I for one sure hope that we keep it that way!
    Anyway’s with what I came here to Say, all thes young men are keys to the future of this TEAM and No matter how the polls turns out they are ALL major componants to this TEAMs Future Success.
    And then we Also have to Remember that we have Rookies Like the DE Willie Young that are waiting in the wings to get there shot at helping this TEAM Reach the ultimate Goal. SuperBowl!

  16. By Ghost of Bobby Layne on Dec 27, 2010 | Reply

    I know it is just a game and of course I don’t want to humiliate anyone. But, if it happens that the Lions absolutely crush the Vi-queens into the turf I will be a happy man.

  17. By Jordan on Dec 27, 2010 | Reply

    jim knows what he is doing this team has learned what it takes to win stanton isn’t going anywhere keep the 3 qb’s continuity keep bobby carpenter him and levy are you’re starters at linebacker great job guys trust in each other.

  18. By detroit on Dec 27, 2010 | Reply


  19. By robert on Dec 27, 2010 | Reply

    I believe we finally found our coach that will take us all the way . it has been a long time coming. I just hope if we keep going we keep staford healthy and use stanton as his back up i think he controls the game better than hill and he gives us a better chance to win than hill.i was disapointed when you started hill instead of drew but i didn,t realize he was hurt.keep up the good work. go lions

  20. By Marty on Dec 27, 2010 | Reply

    I am shocked at all the supposed Drew Stanon fans on this blog who care so much for him that they want him to play with a separated shoulder. Are you nuts? Do you realize the chance they would be taking with one big hit on that shoulder? I think Drew did agreat job for us and deserves tons of credit, but it’s a lot to ask of a quarterback to play with a separated shoulder, throwing arm or not! Maybe in the superbowl next year:)

  21. By Razor30 on Dec 27, 2010 | Reply

    I like where the Lions are going right now. COME ON LIONS! YOU CAN BEAT THE VIKINGS! and win 4 straight. and if we keep playing like this, will be a threat to make the play offs! SO LOOK OUT OTHER TEAMS, LIONS ARE GETTING STRONGER!

  22. By Ralph on Dec 28, 2010 | Reply

    I was hoping for Drew to start, because we won 2 games with him in the starting position, but Shaun is a good quarterback and he can lead the Lions to a win

  23. By paul b. on Dec 28, 2010 | Reply

    Great job TEAM !! Just Keep WINNING !!! Well one more this year anyway.
    This was a total team win .. yes the D sealed it but its was a great team efford.
    With the way this team has come together with second,third, and guys being picked up from other places. Its just great to see. Hope we can pick up the needs we have in FA and the draft but, it looks like most of the players we have now have learned and are picking up the know how now. Keep Up the great work All of ya !!

  24. By don on Dec 28, 2010 | Reply

    I have to say That I love all the QB’s on this TEAM and relize that ALL three QB’s are winners Int thier own rite.
    However, I can’t Help but think that if Stafford Would have been healthy ALL year that we would be Looking At the Playoffs Right Now.
    Really, Shaun Hill Is a really good QB as is Drew Stanton. And both are very capable Winners that could get us into the Playoffs Also,However I Believe that there is a Very Large differance between Them And Mathew, and If we could have Kept Matt Upright that he would have Brought us to the next Level
    this year And Even farther Next year.
    I know a lot of you may not agree with that, However There is a Very Big Differance Between Mathew and Shaun and Drew.
    I just hope that we Don’t have to go through a New regrowth with Mathew because of All the Time that he has Missed.
    And It would be a Very good thing for him and The rest of this Offence to Start Practicing All Over Again As fast as they Can in this Up Comming year.
    So that when they Step onto the Field Together Next year that they are Ready to Totally dominate All Of our Oponants Whoever they are.
    And Even though the League has Treated this TEAM Horribly from the Very Start This year, Starting out with the Scedual. I believe that this TEAM can Play with anyone, so no Matter how we have to play it next year I believe that we can Overcome and Outplay any of our Oponants that we have to face.
    I totally believe that this TEAm has some woek to do when it comes to some of our Players. And getting to know them and what they are About, And I am Talking About Stephen Peterman and Jeff Backus.
    One of our Biggest Problems Is the Protection of Our Franchise QB!
    HOW in the World are we going to Get and Keep Mathew Staford on the Field?
    How can we Stop him from landing on his shoulders? And HOW are we EVER going to get OUR Offensive Line and or Tackles to go out of thier way to make Sure that he does’nt have to take such a Season Ending Injury?
    Anyway’s We are SOOOO close to having this TEAM together to Actually taking the Lead to the Division and the League that it is’nt even funny.
    Well, I hope that Mayhew and Schwartz find the Right Player’s that can Step in and protect Stafford and Open Holes for the Fast and fine RB’s that we have been Blessed with.
    I know that we may have Other Concerns also, Like CB’s, WR’s or at least one more WR on the Opposite side of Calvin.
    With Carpenter we may have found another LBer that can Step in a Take and Keep this Position.
    And Even though Julian Peterson is a Great LBer he is Gettin up ther in the Age and I think it is Time to Look for the LBer that is going to take his place when he is finished. Allthough I believe that he can Still play the game at a high Level.
    OK enough jiberish From me.
    I Love this TEAM! Great Game in Miami !

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