Leshoure: ‘Today was definitely pretty tough for me, but it will get easier from here.’

Posted by Tara Altman on July 29, 2011 – 2:45 pm

“My first practice was definitely a little tough for me, especially because I had to do my conditioning test this morning instead of last night, so it kind of lingered over into practice a little bit. My legs were a little tired and the speed is a lot faster (than college), so today was definitely pretty tough for me, but it will get easier from here.

“I definitely think missing the rookie mini-camps put us (rookies) at a disadvantage from the previous years because we weren’t able to get into the playbook and get a feel for the game speed and all of those things before camp.

“It’s kind of all hit us at once, which is definitely a bit of a disadvantage, but this team specifically, has a lot of veterans and a lot of people who know the system, so it’s only the rookies that need to learn the system. As rookies, we have to get on our job a little bit more and get after it.

“I’m learning the playbook. I’ve always been a quick learner, so I don’t think it will take too long for me to feel comfortable in the offense, but it’s definitely a learning process.

“As far as the running backs, everyone is cool. Everyone is helpful. There are no selfish guys in our group; it really seems like everyone is looking forward to working with each other.

“Having a former player, Sam Gash, as my position coach is good because you feel like what he’s preaching, he’s been through it. It’s not like he’s just a guy that’s never played football before. It definitely feels good that he’s an ex-player and knows what we’re going through so that he can handle us a certain way.

“Before coming to Detroit I was training, traveling, visiting family and friends. I’ve never really had a break like that before because in college we would be going through spring ball, summer workouts and stuff like that.

“Basically I’ve just been relaxing, enjoying some time off and staying in shape, so that I’m ready to roll. I’m very, very, very excited for the preseason. I can’t wait.”

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Johnson: ‘It’s only our first practice and Stafford is already testing me’

Posted by Chrissie Wywrot on July 29, 2011 – 1:46 pm

“I was in Atlanta during the offseason. Went to the Caribbean for a little bit on vacation. Other than that, I was just training. I worked out with trainer Tom Bender and a bunch of guys I went to school with at Tech. We trained at a bunch of places, but mostly Georgia Tech.

“We focused on a lot of stuff that is designed to prevent injury. I started working with him last year and it kind of paid off, so hopefully we have those same results – if not better – this year. I feel 100-percent … or at least I did before this first practice. I’m recovering right now, but I’ll feel better.

“Right now we’re just getting our legs up under us. You can be in top-grade shape, but until you get here and start doing football stuff – football drills – you’re not really going to be in ‘football shape’, so to say.

“It’s only our first practice and Stafford is already testing me. He’s putting the ball all the way out there – he thought that was funny. I worked out with him a little bit this offseason – he looked good and he still looks good right now.

“We’ve got a good thing going right here, right now. We’ve just got to keep our key guys healthy this year and there’s no telling what we can do. I’ve been the underdog my whole career, so it’s kind of cool to have some good light shined on you. I don’t think anybody is going to get a big head here or anything like that.

“We’ve got a group that works hard all the time. We’ve got the same core group of guys here, so we’re going to keep on working hard and having a good tempo of practices. As long as we have good practices, that translates to Sundays.”

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