Hanson has another memento in Canton

Posted by Chrissie Wywrot on September 23, 2011 – 4:26 pm

Hanson's football on display at the Pro Football Hall of FameIn last week’s 48-3 win over the Kansas City Chiefs, kicker Jason Hanson set the NFL’s record for most career games played with one team and became the seventh player in NFL history to record at least 1,900 points.

The football Hanson kicked through the uprights on his first PAT from that game – the point that gave him 1,900 for his career – is now sitting in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Read the full story – ‘Scoring another one for history’ – on the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s website.

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11 Responses to “Hanson has another memento in Canton”

  1. By smdb on Sep 23, 2011 | Reply

    the ageless wonder strikes again. congrats jason. no doubt there will be another ball when u get to 2000 points :)

  2. By Jeff Lamphere on Sep 24, 2011 | Reply

    Congratulations Jason, hopefully when it’s all said and done, you finish your career here in Detroit you will be a “shoe in” (pun intended) for Canton too… first ballot of course ! I am so looking forward to watching my Lions annihilate the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, I hope that all of you keep your heads up during the game, because the Vikings are desperate for a win, and I wouldn’t put it past them to try and take out as many Lions as they possibly can. Good luck, and keep the throttle pressed firmly on the floor for all 60 minutes of Sunday’s game against the Viks. Roar on Detroit !!!

  3. By Derek Sinka on Sep 25, 2011 | Reply

    Jason Hanson is no doubt one of the all time lion greats…How many years has he been detroits’ only offense. Congrats Jason! It’s been great watching Mr. Automatic over all these years.

  4. By Eddie Hiller on Sep 25, 2011 | Reply

    Jason Hanson is one the greatest kickers in the NFL. It would be great if we can when a super bowl For him.


    Detroit Eddie

  5. By Juan Limon on Sep 25, 2011 | Reply

    Jason, I was there when you replaced Eddie Murry, You have been a bright spot, and my choice for you @ Canton too! Great players like you , always keep Lions diehards in check! Keep Roar- nn!

    Juan Caledonia,Mi.

  6. By Bob Cooper on Sep 26, 2011 | Reply

    I remember early on in Jason’s career he made a comment after a touchdown saving tackle on a punt/kick-off?? return that the interviewer should not be surprised because he is an athlete. Well. it was not just lip service. His body of work has backed that statement up many times over. Now he is a fan favorite and representing Detroit in interviews as one of their leaders. Talk about Hall of Fame.

  7. By David Hilden Sr. on Sep 26, 2011 | Reply

    great job mr. Hanson may your your accomplishments and career hold nothing but the best for you.

  8. By BoomerQ on Sep 26, 2011 | Reply

    Super nice work, Jason. You’ve always been a star in my mind.

  9. By Steven Lindberg on Sep 26, 2011 | Reply

    Congratulations Jason Hanson! Your the best kicker ever in my eyes, keep up the awesome work! Awesome to see a Mead High School Alumni breaking records! Die hard Lions right here for 20 plus years you cant stop the Rooooaaarrrr! Lions baby Lions!

  10. By Robin on Sep 26, 2011 | Reply

    Congrats Jason I just call you Mr Reliable

  11. By amyandsammckee on Oct 3, 2011 | Reply

    Congrats to all of our amazing lions who are showing us a very exciting season! It has been truly stressful, especially watching/listening to games like this past Sunday again Dallas!!! But, we love the WIN!!! Go guys and keep us all smiling :) Great job to Jason!! WOW!!! Simply amazing!!

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