FOX analyst John Lynch cites his keys to tomorrow’s NFC North match-up

Posted by Chrissie Wywrot on September 24, 2011 – 8:02 pm

FOX analyst John Lynch weighed in on tomorrow’s NFC North match-up between the Detroit Lions (2-0) and Minnesota Vikings (0-2), which should be an exciting game between two good football teams.

“This is a good football team, in my mind, in Minnesota,” said Lynch. “They haven’t finished (games), which is the mark of a good football team, but they’ve taken two potential playoff teams – San Diego and Tampa – and really outplayed them in the first half. They just need to learn to finish.”

Detroit’s top defensive priority every week is to stop the run, but that is particularly emphasized when up against the Vikings.

“Adrian Peterson, in my mind, is the finest back in the National Football League,” said Lynch. “They know that’s key to their success, but obviously, they’ve got to do other things. They’ve got a guy in Percy Harvin who’s a pretty phenomenal player as well.

“Certainly your No. 1 priority has to be stopping Adrian, but that can’t solely be it. They do have Donovan McNabb. They’ve got (Bernard) Berrian, their tight ends are an explosive group.”

On the flip side, Lynch – a former Pro Bowl NFL safety – is also impressed with the Lions’ secondary, which has proven very capable the last two weeks.

“I love it. I played on a defense like that in Tampa where it started up front and the guys in the back end should be the first ones to appreciate that because it makes your job a lot easier.

“But (the Lions) have really raised their level of play in the back end. Eric Wright’s been key to that. His presence back there allows Gunther to call things a little more aggressive – more man-to-man.

“Chris Houston has raised the level of his game. I’ve always been a big (Louis) Delmas fan, but I think he’s turning that aggressiveness into playing really smart football and (Amari) Spievey was a corner transitioning to safety and you can tell he has a year under his belt.”

Though Detroit and Minnesota have gotten off to different starts this season, Lynch warns against going to sleep on the Vikings.

“You can talk about all the reasons (the Vikings) haven’t finished,” said Lynch. “But the bottom line is that big-time players have got to make a play. If they make one play in that second half, the game’s over.

“They know that, the Lions know that – everybody in this League knows that. They’re 0-2, but that doesn’t put you out. This is the first game of the division, so this is an important game for both teams.”

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3 Responses to “FOX analyst John Lynch cites his keys to tomorrow’s NFC North match-up”

  1. By Rob Coogan on Sep 25, 2011 | Reply

    John Lynch,

    Always one sided, give the Lions some credit, they are also a good football team. Vikings this, Vikings that. Don’t be bias, cover each team equally.

  2. By Keith on Sep 25, 2011 | Reply

    I agree with Coogan, give us a break Mr Lynch what a one sided view. How can you call yourself an analyst. You work for FOX, the most unbiased network out there, not MSNBC. GO LIONS!

  3. By nighttrain1 on Sep 25, 2011 | Reply

    Keith, you need to look things up before you talk, Fox network is and always has been onesided in everything they report. As for the Lions, nobody is going to give them any respect until they start beating teams week in and week out. Any team that needs a win wanted to play the Lions, but that is changing fast. The Viking’s played two playoff caliber teams and lost, but they were given credit for playing hard. The Lions played two playoff caliber teams and won, to the analyst the Lions were not the better team, the other guys just played a bad game. In life respect must be earned, In the NFL respect must be taken by force. When the Lions keep winning,sooner or later some reporter will admit that the Lions are a good team.

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