Johnson: ‘(Losing) is a sickening feeling. Especially after what we’ve come to experience this season.’

Posted by Chrissie Wywrot on October 19, 2011 – 3:38 pm

“It had been awhile since we lost. Kind of forget how it feels to lose, but it’s definitely a feeling that you don’t want – I’ll put it like that. We’ve got to do everything we can to just do our job on the field so that it doesn’t happen again. Nobody wants to have that feeling. It’s a sickening feeling. Especially after what we’ve come to experience this season. It’s a drop-off for us, but it’s still early.

“San Francisco is disciplined – I have to say. Especially in the red zone. They’re very disciplined in their secondary. I could see that from watching film of them being in their spots where they’re supposed to be at. They didn’t give me any one-on-one down there so we could put the ball up or anything like that. They did a good job. I have to give them credit for that.

“It’s to that point in the year that, when a team does something successful to stop somebody that’s making plays, somebody else is going to do it too. But at the same time, these coordinators like to stick to what they do. Some of them are are set in their ways and really don’t change much. But at the same time, there are those who are going to do whatever it takes to win. If that means copying somebody else’s play, that’s what they’re going to do.

“I felt I did my job, from watching the film. That’s all I can do every Sunday. I feel I did my job the best I could. Whether I’m getting balls or not – even if it’s through blocking – I have to do my job in all aspects of the game. I felt I did that.

“This week it’ll be another good challenge. Atlanta’s not exactly like San Fran, but definitely a good challenge like San Fran was. We’ve just got to be fundamentally sound, be sharp in our techniques. If everybody can just do their job we’ll be alright.”

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  1. By thetigerreport on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    Calvin you guys just need to keep working, and everything will fall into place. I am glad that you and this team are not used to the losing anymore. So let’s get that nasty taste out of our mouths and handle the Dirty Birds.

    The Tiger Report

  2. By BILLO313 on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    yes!!! oline… open a hole to run thru. do your effin jobs!!

  3. By smdb on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    the refs handed that game to them at the end. period. that being said, they’re a decent team but their fan base is one of the worst in the league.

    nuff bout the whiners tho. onto the dirty birds where i know u guys will get back on track. go lions!!!!

  4. By JFITZ on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    Even though the offense so called “fell short” from what we have seen all year, and even though I am and always will be a huge fan of all Detroit sports, I really thought the only disappointing performance of the game was Backus at LT. HE seemed like he could not come close to handling the rush of the 49ers. The camera showed Stafford a couple of times getting off the ground and looking right at Backus like a c’mon man look, but I am sure that will never be admitted.

    My bigger concern is our run defense. I have coached forhte past ten years, why is it so difficult for our LB’s to fill the gaps to stop the run. I understand the scheme to get pressure with only the front 4 but the LB still has to be accountable for stopping the run. It seems as though they are to consumed in the pass coverage that they get caught on their heels when the run is coming down hill.

  5. By Josh on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    First off, I don’t care if they have 7 cb in on defense and they are all guarding Calvin. When we are inside the 10 yard line we have to throw at least 1 ball (out of 3 plays) up for Calvin to out jump everyone because he will. Second, when we play a run heavy offense we need to change the philosophy just a bit and focus more on the run. Like JFITZ said, our LBs need to be a little less worried about the pass and make sure to stop the run. I would much rather have Alex Smith beat us than Gore. If we let Turner run all over us like Gore did we will have a good chance of losing this game too. Granted the defense of Atlanta is no where near as good as SF. Lets go Lions!!!

  6. By Dave Satterlee on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    I still can’t believe the front office let Jake Long go to Miami and didn’t grab him when they had the chance, what? 3-4 year ago?

  7. By Richard Heyman on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    CJ, I get the drift that your number was not called enough last game? I agree! If the other receivers are not getting open, when you are double covered, they should give you an opportunity for the comeback pass. I don’t know why they don’t throw in Stoval in a few sets with you and Pettigrew. He got open and made solid catches in pre-season and he is another BIG body.
    You and Stafford should have that comeback pass as a regular routine like Herman Moore and (?) QB had years ago. Also, why do they insist on wasting downs on the run with Best if there aren’t any holes being opened?

  8. By JFITZ on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    @ Cali Packers Fan, first off aint no one commenting about the adversity that your packers went through. Secondly I aint crying moron, I merely made apoint that the only one who did not pull their weight in the game was Backus. On top of that, both your rookies o nthe line are still better than Backus so what is your point? If you want to come to a Lions blog and be a troll just to talk trash then you are not much of a true Packers fan to begin with. The Packers are the best team in football right now, act ike you have been there before, don’t just brag because you are on the bandwagon of a SB team scrub.

  9. By nate on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    First off rodgers has been getting blasted also the his drops arent as deep thats why all his throws are long or back shoulder because he rarely has chance to set his feet

  10. By JFITZ on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    Rich, I agree with you, the Lions seem to waste a lot of first and second down plays with obvious formations of run and poorly designed runs. Even with a week line you can still run the ball. The WAM play that the 49ers ran against us is a great example, a great designed play. The 49ers do not have an even good rated line but designed a play that sprung their backs free. Inthe beginning of the year Gore struggled big time trying to have the O-Ling man block and they were ate up on the run, scheme is everything. Lions need to create a better run blocking scheme or continue to be thrid and long.

  11. By nate on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    Everyone knows backus is our biggest liability on the o-line its sad because rob sims is the only lineman who doesnt need help backus needs TE help all the time but things will change mayhew sees whats going on and should get early gm award he will address the o-line backus,raiola,peterman are all bad and undersized cherilus would make a descent back up

  12. By Buxton Heyerman on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    Remember and use the feeling, try to avoid repeating it. Think 15-1 is still achievable, otherwise you’ll need some help with the Packers. Does Coach think about platooning WR’s? Thank you for a good season so far!

  13. By JFITZ on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    Believe me, no Lions bandwagon here. Straight from Grand Rapids and am a Detroit sports fan period along with the University of Michigan. I am proud of my HOME team and don’t have to claim another states team. True champions don’t purposely ruffle feathers they have confidence and act as true as they are and are greatful to have one a championship in a sport that you can go from first to wrost in literally one season.

  14. By nate on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    The lions arent a bad def they get beat a play here and there by being out of position jamaal charles 50 yrd run, adrian 44 yrd run,forte 40 yrd run and the 2 by gore all and all its just being out of position time to time. offensively the line is made for 3 step drops thats it not for running not quick enough off the ball or mean enough when run blocking thats there issue.

  15. By JFITZ on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    Nate, Yes indeed , Mayhew defintiely sees the weaknesses, left tackle will have to be addressed next off season, but for now we need a double tight set just to give backus help.

  16. By nate on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    Yes i agree but the only thing about that is theres no surprise ppl know dbl TE means run and that takes petti and scheff out of the game it sucks though the running formation they have is out the shot gun and still dont gain enough yrds to get in short yrdage situation. BEST is good but 2 unsure on where to go he loses yards trying to bounce everything hopefully ronnie brown can help a little bit more and u dont lose production.

  17. By nate on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    Go lions all the talk about roddy white now time to really see

  18. By JFITZ on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    One thing also is we only use an ace back. I have never known a good running team without a true full back. A true pro set with a single TE, flanker, wideout, FB and HB can keep th defense on the toes. But we have too many receivers right now to go to a set ike that and it is not Linehans M.O. It is too hard to run out of an ace set let alone shotgun, not sure Brown will fair much better without a full back, and I like Brown.

  19. By Eric on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    @ Cali Bandwagon fan…the more that you type, the more you make yourself look like a fool. Grow up because we can all tell that the only football that you watch is fantasy football, because you obviously know nothing about real football. You call us bandwagon fans…lol! It’s funny because bandwagon fans don’t go to the team website to talk about them. They just say that they are a fan…and some of them say that they are a “true fan” (i.e. you) when everyone can tell that they are one of those fake fans like CJ2K talks about. Do you know who goes to other team’s website to talk trash to their fans for no reason what-so-ever? Idiots who were raised by idiot parents to have no respect for anyone. Now, have a good afternoon, ma’am.

  20. By zedrick on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    Cali wish we would get rid of cj so u guys could pick him up,he’d be the best receiver for the pack.What the hell you doing on our blog anyway!because we lost one game…talking about our team never been through adversity 0-16,about a decade of losing records that is adversity.You just hate to see us on top of the NFC north.The only adversity the wackers have been through is losing Faver

  21. By marcus on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    Stafford stop having happy feet stand in there and sling that baby just trust your offensive teammates accept for JEFF BACKUS! I dont have to be there and be a part of the team too see he is garbage I dont care what the coaches say of him they couldnt pay me to shake his hand.

  22. By Joe on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    The Lions get beat on long run plays from the incredible pass rush they present on every down. The issue with the 40 yard plus runs is that the secondary is not recognizing the run or communication is breaking down. Maybe as simple as a hand gesture from the guys up front to know it is a run. Secondly, we had the lead until just under 2 minutes in the game. We could have put the niners away if we could affectively run. That was exposed greatly by the niners. It is something that will kill us the rest of the year. We now need to figure out how to play with a lead and win.

  23. By Motlee92 on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    zedrick, was that adversity “losing Farve” or “losing to Farve”?

  24. By Chris on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    Backus got destroyed. He definitely hindered Staffords production.

  25. By BigM53 on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    It was certainly a team loss !!! With all the emotional wins these past few weeks, they were due to have a bad game. The 49ers walked into “the cage” and played with a edge,that the Lions couldn’t match. With that said, they still were in the game some how !!! As far as Stafford,all his throws seem to be really high and his receivers are put in bad spots. I know coming out of Georgia,that Matthew wasn’t known for accuracy, but geez, seems like his throws are either high,too long,spiked in the turf or just plain thrown out of bounds, and alot of the time he has wide open receivers…… The Ronnie Brown trade, I like !!! It’s really a no lose situation with picking Brown up for that price ,but unfortunately its the same o-line,we’ll see maybe he’s got his mojo back and he may just provide a spark in the running game,it is a free agent year for him, so he may be playing for a contract next year. They picked him up, because Best cannot take the pounding..I hope I’m wrong, but Best is heading for a short career !!! Before I vote for Mayhew,GM of the year, I need to see more out of the top picks that he was a part of !!!…The ‘D’ seemed flat last Sunday,Sure there was some individual plays made, but it sure looked like thet were lost for most of the game. Where is that tackling machine that they signed from the Titans,he got chewed up on Sunday and was a non-factor in the game…. The Lions ‘D’ will regroup and play much harder against the falcons, but expect the same thing from the offense…..50+ passes again from Stafford,lets hope he hits a few receivers this Sunday !!!!

  26. By Oldcat on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    It’s becoming more apparent that Stafford’s accuracy issue is something he can’t shake, making him unreliable. A strong arm means nothing if you can’t consistently hit your targets, especially when they are wide open. I worry that Stafford might be the Lions’ Achilles heel in tough games against elite defenses. And if the Lions were to make the playoffs by chance, unless Stafford can play more consistently they wouldn’t make it far. However, the way he’s playing of late, especially in the first half if games, it would be a miracle to see the Lions make the playoffs.

  27. By Michael on Oct 19, 2011 | Reply

    Cali Packers you are a real loser. I over looked every comment you had. Go to your Packer site and cheer for your Packers. You are a Loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. By Rick on Oct 20, 2011 | Reply

    Cheesebrain just proved that Packer fans suck.
    Don’t be surprised if the fudge sticks get humbled very soon.

  29. By Detroit Sports on Oct 20, 2011 | Reply

    I think Stafford is a young QB and he will have good games and bad games. And i think to judge him on his inaccuracy is very unfair. He still through for almost 300 with two TD”S and no picks. And completed 60 percent of his passes. As one of the annalists said on, Stafford puts the ball in tight places and makes beautiful throws a lot of times. The niner pressure got to him a little. But guys, hes only 23. Hes our franchise QB and in no way will ever be the cancer of our team. With that said, as far as the niner loss goes, we came off of an emotional win on Monday night, short week, no excuse but we were not going to win them all. We are an extremely young team with a ton of talent. Keep your heads up Lions fans.

  30. By TDT on Oct 20, 2011 | Reply

    Man, who is this clown on a Lions page claiming he’s a GB fan??? He only places his messages on the Lions page because he’s unwelcome on what he claims is his home team. It must be fun rooting for your team on someone else team page. LOSER!!!! The truth is he really is a LIONS fan who’s waiting for the end of season to make his bandwagon late decision. Otherwise GO HOME BOY! Talk trash on your teams page or have you been barred?? I don’t see no LIONS fans on a GB page trying to prove to themself that they are better. You’ll have your day for your team to prove it. Now GO HOME little boy!! Your childish bickering is annoying and your time will come to get your Green Butt spanked!! You are sickening, but you can tell a true LIONS fan because they always speak up on a LIONS page. ( Undercover Brother ) Yeah we understand. You’re just waiting to see which boat sinks before you get off : )

  31. By TDT on Oct 20, 2011 | Reply

    To improve the run game we have to depart with two players. Obviously Jeff Backus, He’s going to get Stafford killed and he don’t have that killer mentality. TOO SOFT! And sorry to say this but, Dominic Raiola is too small. Granted he’s a very smart and talented player, but, they get no center push in the middle on running plays. It’s always plugged. We need a bigger and stronger Center to blow the middle up and take on the next level Linebacker. I think of them both as being good back ups but not starter material. You’ll see if that happens that the run game will decisively get better. I’m not the coach but anyone can see this.

  32. By Motlee92 on Oct 20, 2011 | Reply

    @Cali, Well, we can only hope.

  33. By 1000% lions fan on Oct 20, 2011 | Reply

    first off mrs packer go blog on your own site your team is very good period and u guys r the defending champs so why are u even talking shut up! lions fans dont hate on your packers so stop being a b**** ! WE R real fans o-16 & we still here f the haters ! go lions

  34. By Dale Waterman on Oct 20, 2011 | Reply

    Mr CJ who would ever say you were not doing your job?. I have watched this team for 35 years and it has been exciting in good times and bad. The last 3 years I have cheered for you, felt sorry for you, and this year cheering so loud my wife shuts the windows and people don’t invite me over to watch with them anymore. In all that time I NEVER, EVER, felt you didn’t do your job……This week if you listen to the noise I will be part of it and shouting out loud enough to be disruptive and doing it from Freeland Mi 86 miles away. We finally have it all and we just got started…….Go Lions…Listen Sunday, that will be me.

  35. By TDT on Oct 20, 2011 | Reply


  36. By SISUHSAVER! on Oct 21, 2011 | Reply

    Yes backus got beat often but matt put the ball in the hands of our recievers and they dropped it we had alot of dropped balls last week I think our recievers werent as focused as they have been but a loss more often than not will cure that were goin another straight 5-0. Oh and can we get a few more screens each week? if we cant push a hole then lets move it where we want it.

  37. By SISUHSAVER! on Oct 21, 2011 | Reply

    Hey “oldcat” F&$% OFF! dont bring that negative crap here lions football is america love it or leave it Stafford is the best weve ever had in this city hes 23 for gods sake if we dont back him then the momentum that hes built will be lost.

  38. By Eddie Hiller on Nov 20, 2011 | Reply

    I think we need to play better on offense we to mix up our offensive play calling. I think scott Linehan has done a great job at developing are young offense. We just need to attemp to run the ball more.

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