Four downs with Tim Twentyman

Posted by ttwentyman on November 24, 2011 – 7:26 pm

First down

One of the reasons Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is so difficult to defend is because he’s perfected the back-shoulder throw with his receivers.

Rodgers completed several throws Thursday with Lions corners draped all over his receivers. The back-shoulder throw made those catches possible.

“It’s just a read,” said Lions corner Aaron Berry. “If he sees that you’re on top of the route he’s going to release it so quick and he puts it on the money. It’s a tough play but you have to make it. You win some, you lose some.”

Second down

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford had a few throws Thursday he wishes he had back. Stafford threw three interceptions against the Packers Thursday.

Over the last three weeks, Stafford has thrown nine total.

“The first one, D-lineman didn’t rush, tipped the ball. Clay Matthews made a great play. You know, the second one, they made another great play. I was trying to go to (Brandon) Pettigrew over the middle and the guy jumped way up and made a great (one-handed) pick. On the last one, guy just took it, you know. I thought it was, you know, a good play, he just made a better one.

Stafford finished 32-of-45 passing for 276 yards with a touchdown and those three interceptions. His quarterback rating was 66.5.

More than the interceptions, though, it was a few missed passes early on that halted a couple good drives.

With three added to their total Thursday, the Packers now have 22 interceptions for the Packers, which leads the league.

Third down

The boo birds were out at Ford Field when coach Jim Schwartz decided not be aggressive at the end of the first half and put points on the board.

The Lions got the ball at their own 29-yard line with 30 seconds remaining and one timeout.

Stafford completed two short passes to running back Maurice Morris and time ran out on the half.

“We were trying to get it to midfield so we could take a shot at the endzone and we were just a little slow getting it,” Schwartz said. “There was one second left when we called our timeout, but if it was a little bit quicker, we would have been able to get that shot from half-field. Thirty seconds, one timeout – not a whole lot of time there.

“We were able to make one play in there, try to get up on the ball quick and try to put ourselves in position to try and take a shot. If we had completed a long one, we needed that timeout to be able to get a field goal on the field. We just needed our operation to be a little bit quicker on the other stuff and that was difficult because our receivers were down the field when we were checking it down to the back based on the coverage.

“But, obviously, they knew it was 30 seconds also and they weren’t going to allow us to be aggressive in that situation. It’s one thing for us to want to be aggressive; it’s another thing for the defense to say … they know there’s 30 seconds and we have one timeout.”

Fourth down

Safety Amari Spievey bounced back nicely Thursday after a terrible game against the Panthers in which he was benched for missing tackles and taking bad angles at runners.

Spievey, who started the game, led the Lions with seven tackles (six solo) and played well in the box against Packers runners.

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5 Responses to “Four downs with Tim Twentyman”

  1. By Richard Heyman on Nov 24, 2011 | Reply

    Tim, No excuses. Lions could have won, but they made too many stupid Mistakes….AGAIN! Burelson’s holding call after a nice run by Smith when they were driving for the go ahead TD. That stupid NON-interception when Woodson stole the ball from Pettigrew. The inability of any of our CBs to actually look for the ball when covering a WR. AAron Berry allowing the WR to catch the ball, then miss the tackle and let him run for 19yards??? Suh’s assinine penalty when we were just down 7 and held them to a FG! Stupid holding penalties. AND NOT throwing to CJ near enough when he is our only playmaker! Once Suh went out Rodgers lit them up!

  2. By Steve Saunders on Nov 24, 2011 | Reply

    The Lions lost the game because of stupid penalties. They moved the ball well in the first half (over 200 yds of offense), but every time they got in position to score they committed a penalty.

    Two Stafford interceptions led directly to two Packer scores. He looks like he believes that he can throw it past defenders ala Farve.

    Suh’s penalty was nothing but ignorant ! He needs to grow up and play football and ignore what the opponents do. I don’t care what he says, that stomp was deliberate. Watch the video, he picks up his leg and stomps on the guy’s arm, he is NOT just placing his foot down. We don’t need that kind of play from any member of the Lions.

    This team has talent, now they need to learn to play without penalties.

  3. By uplion on Nov 24, 2011 | Reply

    Detroit Lions… really!

    I look forward to watching your games week after week and hope that you will make me (us) proud. Today’s game did not do it. Was this game today on Thanksgiving 2011 really your best effort? If so that’s too bad. If not, will we ever see it? We have a lot of Green bay fans here in the UP of which I am not, however in so many ways they showed thousands of people today that they are the better team.

    I have been a Detroit Lion fan all my life waiting for a Detroit Lion’s team to win it all. Just once in my life (and in every other lion fan’s life) could you please try to make it happen for us? Starting slow, making penalties, then making more penalties, and yet making even more stupider penalties, handing them interceptions, making the same mistakes over and over and over, keeping the same quarterback in all game even after making several interceptions; all of these things give the other teams just more momentum and more opportunities to beat us. As a matter of fact, if we could just stop defeating ourselves before the other team even gets a chance to, but instead play smart football and play by the rules, we might find out that we can win.

  4. By WTBill on Nov 25, 2011 | Reply

    One BIG QUESTION. How did ERIK WALDEN get away with tring to BREAK Kevin Smith NECK at the 6:34 mark in the frist quarter? 2 plays early Kevin ran for 15 yards. Also, AJ Hawk was in on it. No Call, after No Call, after No Call with plays like that, all season long, but everyone around the NFL says, the Lions are the bad guys.

  5. By Detroit Lions #1 on May 3, 2012 | Reply

    I want to season Jim Schwart cut down on unnecessay penalties this upcoming season, we left some W’s out there last year with some dumb penalties. We clean that up and we’ll be above 10 wins this year for sure.

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