Nate Burleson: “Bonehead plays are behind us”

Posted by ttwentyman on December 7, 2011 – 5:16 pm

Lions receiver Nate Burleson and the rest of his teammates have been warned that the after-the-whistle penalties that have hurt the team the last two weeks will not be tolerated any longer by coach Jim Schwartz.

“Coach, pretty much at this point, (has) a zero-tolerance policy that’s been instilled,” Burleson said. “We have to abide by that. I don’t think you’ll see too many more bonehead mistakes.”

The Lions were flagged three times against the Saints for penalties after the whistle.

Over the last two weeks, they’ve been flagged for two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and two unnecessary roughness penalties. They have a total of five in 12 games.

“We have to put not only last week, but really, for the most part, the past month and the inconsistency of the past month behind us,” Burleson said. “Now we have a quarter (of the season) left. We have to knock out these four games and our attitude is good.”

Talking with the media after practice, Schwartz said players who hurt the team during this playoff stretch with selfish plays will not be available to do it again.

“We are going to do whatever we can to win football games,” he said. “Guys that hurt the team aren’t going to be available to be able to do things like that. We are going to do everything we can to win the football game.”

They haven’t been winning many football games, lately, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that the penalties and mistakes, especially on offense, have prevented them from winning.

“Most of the time when we’re having struggles moving the ball on offense it is because of self-inflicted penalties,” said receiver Calvin Johnson in his blog. “Just because these penalties were personal fouls and things like that it gets more attention, but throughout the season that’s been our thing.

“We’re not moving because of self-inflicted penalties, whether it’s a false start or a misalignment or something like that. Just because these last two weeks have been personal fouls that have been on national TV, they’re going to get a lot of attention.”

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15 Responses to “Nate Burleson: “Bonehead plays are behind us””

  1. By Dave "Waz" on Dec 7, 2011 | Reply

    “Bonehead plays are behind us”…thank the almighty!!!! I’m a “transplanted Michigander and it’s not easy to be sporting your Lions license plate frame, wearing a jersey or a cap and have to be constantly on the defensive with this team. When you are in MI, you basically talk over the problems with someone else with the same compassion or interest in the team. When you are out of state people can’t wait to jump all over you and it’s flat out embarrassing. I’m REALLY looking forward to some sort of vindication. Right now I feel like an over done roast…totally charred on the outside. I’m no bragger. I simply sport my Lions or Redwings hat, stay low key and it’s much more pleasent when people walk up to you to discuss the turnarounds and sucesses of my teams. Guy’s…please don’t swallow any more “stupid” pills before the game and bring the “pride” back to the Lions (and me).

  2. By lions lifer on Dec 7, 2011 | Reply

    I couldnt agree more with “Waz”. I’m a transplanted Mighigan boy myself. Its hard wearing your gear around when all you get is “Flack” from other NFL fans. We have a winning record, we look better than we have in the 41 years I’ve been a fan. Yet for the first time I’m reluctant to wear my gear in public for fear of having to explain why I’m still a fan. I’ll be at the nearest joint with the NFL package for Sundays game wearing my gear and chearing you on as usual. Please make it easy on me this time. Lets both walk out with our heads high! No matter what the outcome! GO LIONS

  3. By VA. fan on Dec 7, 2011 | Reply

    I agree drivig around in Virginia is getting rough, now after those bonehead penalties. I sport Lions license plate and decals and other drivers automatically assume I’m a rude driver. So all of a sudden I getting the middle finger and horns. Please LIONS restore the pride and play smart!!

  4. By Mike W. on Dec 7, 2011 | Reply

    I can appreciate your comments, Dave “Waz” but try being a Detroit native and life-long Lions fan living in another state who has PROUDLY worn his jerseys, shirts, jackets, caps, shorts, and more in various locations and endured the jokes and put-downs for decades. I love my team and the players and I’m happy to hear them say they are putting the past month behind and focusing on winning!!! Now, I just want them to back up the words.

    GO LIONS!!!!

  5. By dundeepete on Dec 7, 2011 | Reply

    I’m in the same position being a life long Lions fan living outside Chicago! It hasn’t been easy. What I’d really like to see the rest of this season from the Lions is something I asked at the beginning of the year. How about we start a precedent in football….none of those asinine celebrations after a score or sack. And of course, no more of those stupid penalties. I realize many of the calls and non calls this season have been bs, but let’s just concentrate on playing football the way it used to be played..without all the showmanship.

  6. By Don on Dec 7, 2011 | Reply

    Come on Lion’s! Get that Winning Attitude! NOW!
    I know this TEAM can Make it to the Playoffs and beyond!
    Get your Heads in the Game, Your Head’s Held up High And your Bodies ready to Go and take what all the Others want to stop you from getting!
    If this TEAM want’s the Playoffs and beyond then your ALL going to have to go and take it! And that Might Mean overcomming everything and everyone to get where you want to get to!
    I know this TEAM has what it takes to not only overcome the Past, But to instill The confidence in each other to Lead the way into a winning Detroit Lion TEAM, Now and for the future!
    This New Detroit LION”S TEAM is Just Getting Started. SO, Stop with the Sulking and the Getting Angry And do one Better! WIN!
    GO LION’S! GO LIKE MAD! Don’t get mad! Just Go LIKE MAD AND Conquer!
    conqour it ALL!
    Pick yourselves up dust yourselves off,put the Last couple of games behind you and go take what you want!

  7. By Marcus on Dec 7, 2011 | Reply

    I hope burlesons words hold true!! I have a prediction for this week… the Lions win of course, but in the process Tony Sceffler will score a TD and have a elaborate hilarious celebration that results in a personal foul and him being benched indefinitely haha

  8. By Sagmich on Dec 8, 2011 | Reply

    I am with you Mike W. I have been sporting my Lions, Red Wings, Tigers and Pistons since I moved away from Michigan years ago. the only good thing right now is, you see I live in Pennsylvania and the Eagles well we all know how they are doing. Eagles fans have left me alone this year. I am proud to be a Michigander and I am proud of all my teams. I do hope they have put all the nonsense behind them and play their hearts out Sunday. GO LIONS!!!

  9. By BigM53 on Dec 8, 2011 | Reply

    All the talk with the Lions on how they are going to change their ways, sounds great ! But I won’t believe it,until their actions are louder than their words. Anyone that has ever played sports knows that one of the first things that was installed in you as a young athlete,was conduct yourself with complete sportsmanship. Win and lose with class! Sounds like the Lions brass has put their foot down and are now starting to demand professionaliism, about time ! I have two concerns with two individuals on this team, the first is the obvious one, and that is Suh ! I think all this media hype on him has created a monster,literally ! He needs a serious head check, cuz he is out of control, certainly not the same player on or off the field this year. He was a humble rookie last year trying to make his mark with his game,now I feel that he feels he can do anything and its allright because he’s Suh…my other person of concern,is the head coach Schwartz. Schwartz set the tone on the sidelines with his antics like, yelling at opposing players during games,and of course the altercation with Harbaugh ! The Lions need Schwartz to conduct himself as a professional, the players have followed suit with their own pathetic displays . My question is Schwartz gonna be accountable for his actions, and who is going to hold this on him ?

  10. By Who Dat Izz on Dec 8, 2011 | Reply

    I want every player, coach trainer, ball boy to take a long hard look at how Barrry Sanders conducted himself as a player on the field. He displayed great ability, but also was humble. When Barry scored a touchdown , he simply handed the football to the referee. You guys need to take a page out of Barry’s book and act like you have been there before. IE:score a touchdown, make a tackle, sack or any play! I am all for celebrating with my teamates, on the sidline, in the locker room. After the game while eating dinner. Please gentleman make us proud to be a loyal Lions fan.
    Thank You
    Jamey Adams

  11. By GMoney67 on Dec 8, 2011 | Reply

    Man, I’ve worn my Lions gear in the south, east, and west for years, and dared anyone to say something about it. What does Suh’s mental problem have to do with me? Nothing.

  12. By BOWHUNTER54 on Dec 8, 2011 | Reply

    I certainly understand where everyone is coming from, I feel the same way…This crap has got to stop and stop NOW!!!! I live in Packer Country, and needless to say, after the Thanksginving game was bad enough hearing from them, and now the Saints game, has only added coals to the fire…I have been a fan for 45 years and I won’t give up on them…They need to learn to not give up on themselves…For CRYING OUT LOUD!!! It is just words…Sticks and Stones guys…This isn’t High School, it is the NFL…You are suppose to act like Professionals, because you are getting paid to be THEM…You have a responsibilty to the Fans, the Franchise, the City, The Coaches, and most of all, to your teammates and yourselves…You are mentors to young kids, what do think they are thinking with this going on…Now is the time to turn this thing around, make the playoffs and beyond and show everyone what this team is truly about….You can talk the talk, let’s see if you can walk the walk, INCLUDING THE COACHES!!! GO LIONS!!!

  13. By ken on Dec 8, 2011 | Reply

    Sorry Nate, but I have been a Lions fan for 50 years, while there is a lot more talented players on this team than in the past, I am still seeing the same “Bonehead” things. I will believe it when I see it.

  14. By jswendner on Dec 9, 2011 | Reply

    Right!!! Detroit should change their name to Detroit Boneheads!!

  15. By Detroit Lions #1 on May 3, 2012 | Reply

    I love the leadership that Nate shows, he is such a smart and stand up guy. I love how he said he’s going to have a talk with the young players who got in trouble this off-season as well.

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