Four Downs: an ill-timed whistle, run defense, injuries and missed opportunities

Posted by ttwentyman on January 8, 2012 – 6:19 am


An ill-timed whistle by one of the officials Saturday night cost the Lions a defensive touchdown and a chance for a big momentum boost.

Lions defensive end Willie Young got to quarterback Drew Brees just as he was throwing a pass in the second quarter and the ball popped loose.

The referee behind Brees let the play continue but another official ruled an incomplete forward pass and blew his whistle.

Unfortunately for the Lions, linebacker Justin Durant had picked up the ball and was being escorted to the end zone.

The officials still gave the Lions the ball after gong to the replay and determining that Brees did, in fact, fumble the ball, but they took the touchdown off the board.

“That should have been a touchdown because every other time in this league, they let that play go and they don’t blow the whistle,” said Lions coach Jim Schwartz after the game. “We were a victim of that last week with them continuing plays and for some reason, in this game, they decided to blow the whistle when that would have been seven points in this.”

The Lions offense went three-and-out and punted following the fumble.


The Lions entered Saturday’s game as the 23th ranked run defense in the NFL.

It’s surprising it was that low after watching the Lions on Saturday.

For as much attention as Brees and the Saints’ passing attack receive, people forget they have the league’s sixth-best rushing offense this season, averaging more than 132 yards per game.

The Saints outdid themselves against the Lions, racking up 167 yards with a 4.6 yards-per-carry average.

The Saints obviously had a plan to exploit the Lions run defense heading into the game and the Lions obliged them with missed tackles and poor technique.

The Lions had little chance of stopping the Saints offense coming into the game and that chance became even smaller when the Saints began running the ball and opening up their play-action game.

The Saints out-rushed the Lions 167-32.


It wasn’t just the Lions’ pride that was hurting Saturday night in New Orleans.

The Lions themselves were hurting pretty bad, too.

Cornerback Chris Houston left the game in the first quarter with a separated shoulder but was able to come back and play in a limited fashion the rest of the game.

Starting left tackle Jeff Backus tore the bicep in his right arm in the fourth quarter and did not finish the game.

Linebacker DeAndre Levy left the locker room on crutches after hurting his left calf.

And safety Amari Spievey said after the game he believed he suffered a concussion.


The difference between teams that win in the playoffs and teams that don’t is that winning teams take advantage of opportunities.

Cornerback Aaron Berry had a chance at two interceptions against Brees Saturday and let both of them slip through his arms.

Eric Wright played a Brees pass perfectly and dropped it. Wright would have probably scored if he made the play.

“If the quarterback throws the ball to you, you’ve got to intercept it, you can’t give them another opportunity to score a touchdown a play later or two plays later, kick a field goal a play later,” said Lions coach Jim Schwartz.

“(The Saints are) obviously a high-powered offense and you need to take advantage of every opportunity that you get.”

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46 Responses to “Four Downs: an ill-timed whistle, run defense, injuries and missed opportunities”

  1. By Bill Mi on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Well after 35 years of let downs I really wasn’t surprised by the results. I know many will blame the officiating and it was pretty bad but in the end it was poor tackling…dropped interceptions…and no running game; where the Saints could do either easily. Heck I don’t think they punted once in the game. It was a fun year but hearing ” oh, in a couple of years the Lions will be contenders” is getting old.

  2. By Superman on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    still a great year..

  3. By Don Groeneveld on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    well I finally have some confidence that the Lions will make good choices in draft and free agency to continue to improve this team and that these players can learn from this year and be true superbowl contenders. Let’s go Martin Mayhew

  4. By Josh on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Well Bill, a couple years is exaggerated. We are contenders right now. Have some pride in our Lions. We have some weaknesses that were exploited by a brilliant team. If they correct run defense and sharpen the run offense in the offseason, then we are still completely in this thing. We didn’t lose to the broncos or the Texans in the post-season, we lost to the team that will probably win this whole thing again. Now i’m not trying to ride you on this, but I do think you are being very unfair to our Lions after how far they’ve come and fought for the fans over these past few years.

  5. By pam tinkham pugh on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    tackling has got to be a major teaching point off season, obviously. but how great that we don’t really have to worry about the offense. all in all, it was a fabulous season, i had a great time and am counting down the days (already!) to next season. thank you to the schwartz, the staff, and the guys for giving us real football. i’ve always been a lion, and being a proud lion makes it so much better.

  6. By Dewey on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Thanks Lions for a great year, hope to see you all back next year and lets win the whole thing.

  7. By paul b. on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Yes great year for our team and the fans. Could have been better with a win but learn from the things that happened and get better. The refs still screwed us again i am very sick of the they take the momentom away from the game to help out the so called great teams . Still think if the NFL fined them for the bad calls they (refs) would work harder on getting them right each week . They do the to the players and maybe keep a cam on them and watch them like they do to player they think are dirty players. That may help. Yes tackling sucked in this game but it was bad all year. I can not believe how many times i saw guy shoulder tacking people Warp them up guys . Two arms. We still need a O-line that can run block better but , they did a good job . I think that on side kick was a bad idea at the time too . I know they wanted to get the ball back but, that was not going to work with this team then. Should of kicked it deep and hope the D-fence could stop them. But anyway all in all it was a great year . Live and learn . Lets get some grades for the team for next year.

  8. By Elle on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    It was a disappointing loss, but it’s nice to finally have confidence in the team again knowing that they can beat anybody in the league. Improve in the secondary, tackling, & running game and we will be a serious contender next season. Well done Lions..stay hungry.

  9. By dean on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    it is unreal how many td’s the refs take away from us year after year. calvin’s td against chicago(woulda been a win), young’s td against the pack last week(and oh we kicked a field goal and lost by 4), the blown whistle on the fumble and the horrible spot on 3rd down w the saints at their own 10?????? they subsequently scored on that drive. who needs to punt when the refs just give u the 1st down right? refs make bad calls in every game but it always seems to be on scoring plays or lead to opponents scores for the lions.
    how bout a personal foul for touching the wide receivers’ helmet in the endzone???? what the hell was that? and they called it a td. the ref was more worried about calling a rediculous penalty than watching the catch. OMG….

  10. By dean on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    i can say this tho…I CAN RUN AROUND ON THE FIELD AND GET RUN OVER BY THE SAINTS RB’S NO PROBLEM. durant, tulluch, and levy should be ashamed of themselves. sweet, we have em stopped for a 2 yd gain…oh wait, sproles just ran over all 3 of our linebackers for 8 yds….again…OMG…

  11. By jordan on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    we need corners the guys we have are not physical why we don’t play bump and run i don’t know as far as the run game we have it but we only ran the ball 6 times?????? it’s like run 5 yards run loss of 1 ok our run game didn’t work lets pass the rest of the game you got to run at least 15 times to see what you got lets get a corner with our first pick then o line the rest of the way

  12. By tom on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    We’ll another year has gone by and what a great year it has been. I am proud to be a die hard Lions fan. “for life” in thirty five years this is the best football team that I have enjoyed watching, I feel we have some players that well be Hall of Fame’rs and possibly the best that has ever played the game we are young. Though the years the lions not only have had to beat other football teams that’s bad enough but the officials still seem to call different games when it comes to the lions another game that the officials have been able to change the momentum, good job reefs. we need a defense I mean “REALLY” That was disgusting. To the coaching the front office and the ford family Thank you we are finally on our way. “GREAT JOB” looking forward to next season enjoy your off season you have earned it. Thank you

  13. By mark on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Well I thought the lions would have won only 9 games and miss the playoffs this year. I was happy to see them get to the playoffs but was doubtful of winning in them . They still make to many mistakes, at first, the offence with the glove then D-fence secondary. We need better O line for running game as well as a great running back. The defence needs a lot of work they lost the last 2 games. The officiating has stunk, the saints were holding on more plays than I could count. The refs almost looked like they were paid to look the other way Maybe the league should start fining the officals to get it right as paul b stated. It was a great season none the less. Looking forward to seeing an improved Lions team next season.

  14. By Paul Mink on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    I love our Lions and I so appreciate their efforts this and every year. It is clear that we are getting better every year under Jim, Martin and Tom and that they really know what they are doing. The only problems I see with our team is depth with superb quality backups, when we sub for our starters, the talent/experience level drops off considerably outside of our D-line. I am excited about our upcoming draft and off season acquisitions- quality vets are going to want to play for us! I love our Lions and I believe!

  15. By dean on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    corner, SS, right DE, left tackle. thru the draft and/or free agency, either way we have some serious holes to fill on DEF. houston and wright are marginal starters/nickel guys, spievey is definitely a backup, and vandenbosch is old and not a starter anymore.

  16. By Dave "Waz" on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    REALITY! … Come on all you nay sayers. This is a franchise that made the playoffs this year when most “experts” predicted a .500 finish … maybe? And we did it playing against the refs on numerous occassions. ONe NFL analyst even said this team is a year ahead of itself. It’s time to take a little pride in this team. We have waited too long for some bragging rights. Is there room for inmprovement? You betcha. Martin Mayhew is a genious. There should be some free agent talent out there that can shore-up our weaknesses. And don’t think for a minute they won’t jump at the chance to get on a team with this much potential. This is a team of the future. This was our year to grow … and mature. I believe we did both. Yes! We made several mistakes along the way. But it’s OK as long as you learn from them and not repeat them again. Mistakes can turn into positives. We showed the world that are a good (and scarry) team when we play disciplined football. Because we are in the growing process, we still have some areas of weakness. But with the committment that management has made to winning, I have no doubt that these areas will be addressed and I am soooo looking forward to next year. I for one am proud of this team and the achievements we have made over the last 3 years. Next year … a Super Bowl???!!!

  17. By stormin norman on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Remember what we had before Cunningham came here we could not stop a guy going deep in a hoveround.This is the best we played in years just blew to many chances.I dont understand why a d-line this good cant stop the run at the line more its like they just have sack on the mind.I know its old but i cant wait for next season.

  18. By Frank Brough on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Great season. Many reasons to be optimistic. Have to rethink entire defensive scheme.
    Good bye Gunther. Ton of talent on defense. Terrible scheme. The NFL is a cruel league. Poor schemes get exposed. It’s time to move on from Gunther Cunnigham. The Lions improved game after game in every area except defense. After the 5th game of the seasons Cunnigham’s scheme was totally exposed and one after another the NFL team copied the team before them and tore his scheme apart

  19. By Jarett on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    The Lions are a pretty good team. If they get the right players in the off season they will be in contention next year. C. Johnson is simply a beast. The Saints also went through this experience a few years before winning the superbowl. No reason to be dissapointed here.

  20. By dean on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    here’s something that many people dont get about the lions def philosophy: this is now a passing league, right? so what cunningham is doing is limiting the big play by the pass and giving up the big play by the run. its a lot harder to score on running plays than passing. so the idea is sound. the lions were close to the top of the league in giving up 20+ and 40+ yrd plays. and big plays are what win games in this league now. i think he is ahead of the curve as a def coord. with more talent in the secondary next year the lions D has great potential. our coaching staff and management are the best weve had in 50 years!!!!!!

  21. By RICH on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    If by chance any lions players actually read these, i would like to say “thanks guys” I’ve been a hardcore fan for 30 years and this was one of the best seasons I’ve seen since Barry! Now that being said, somebody pay the damn refs like the other “big” teams apparently do and buy us a superbowl title already!!!!!! Good luck next year and practice your butts off in the off season, come show the world!

  22. By jswendner on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Doesn’t matter what the lions get from the draft and free agency if they don’t ever learn how to tackle..Jeeze I don’t recall a lions team in the past 40+years that tackled good. They have more than enough tackle dummies s each year..WTF? Is this like over the coachs head.tackle,wrap em up and take em down, learned that in jr. high..embarassing!!Yup refs were piss poor again,Mr Ford find the right palms and grease em good..Good season guys, but could easily have been much better….Itoo am tired of waiting til next year as my calender gets shorter each year.. Been a fan since 1957 and not one super bowl!! Me and old man Ford are both gonna be gone before they appear in one?? I really don’t care too much about him(no disrespect) but a little concerned about me!!!

  23. By LA Lite on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Just remember that every year we have improved under this coaching staff and management. I look forward to draft day and free agent signings in this offseason. I predicted an 11-5 season with a loss as the wildcard before the season started and was close to being correct. I’m very pleased with this season for the lack of depth on this team we stayed in the thick of it for pretty much the whole season. The so called experts on panels were correct in there prediction of our team falling to the Aint’s. They also said before the game don’t be suprised IF the Lions won though. We have VERY good potential in this team and the coaching staff will shore it up for next year when we fight for the NFC Championship. I have faith in this organization that they won’t play favorites and will get who needs to fill voids wherever that may be. BACKFIELD would make me happy on both sides of the ball. D-cordinator can’t be aggressive as you seen with a backfield that gets exploited everytime.

  24. By SlowMovinOutlaw on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Interested to see what new rules come into effect for next year’s officiating due to a bad call against the Lions. We already have the “CalvinJohnson rule”, maybe next season they’ll review TD’s and not require a challenge if the refs make a bad judgement call. It seems to me like the Lions get more bad calls against them than any other team I watch! Don’t know if it has something to do with so called dirty players and the refs just have it out for us. Or if they all stick together and didn’t like Pettigrew “shoving” their co-worker? There needs to be some kind of check/balance in place to limit bad calls/bad ball spots, etc. It also seems like teams with “elite” QBs get all the good calls from refs. Brady, Rodgers, Brees… it’s like the refs all have man crushes on them.

  25. By Dick on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    I live in Wisconsin, but grew up in Detroit and have been a Lions fan for over 50 years. I am getting real tired of hearing the Packer fan run down our team. But in some respects they are right, sure we have improved and had a good season, but when I saw the playoff game I realized that our team really has a long way to go. The defense is lousy against the run,rushing the quarterback and pass defense. I thought our defensive line would be the best in the league, but now way, they are not even average. To me this is not a season to celebrate. I have been waiting to long for a contender and it seems like I will be waiting a lot longer.

  26. By Don on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    I am Very proud of this TEAM and all that they have done to improve this Team.
    This was a very good year, Far, Far from where we were just a few short years ago.
    Yes, it was very disappointing from the aspect of what the officials do every year. Any of us could take film from games in any year and count the Horrible calls that the REFS have made against us. It would be totaling up into the hundreds and Maybe even thousands of wrong calls against THIS TEAM if we took and checked back about ten years or so.However with this TEAM we could go back and count from 50 years back!
    And I do hope that the Fords, Coach’s Schwartz,Cunningham,Linehan, Martin Mayhew and us Fans Really make a point to the NFL that ‘something Must be done about these referees.
    Everyone Know’s that Someone has to Loose, and when you Loose a Game that is Totally on the UP and UP, Well that’s the way it goes.
    However, with the Way’s that the Refs have been handling OUR Games.There is NO way that I believe that the Refs are on the UP and UP.
    Weather the Refs are betting on the Games themselves or they are involved in calling of unfair and unjust call’s For some other Reason, There is Deffinatly something Rotten in Denmark.
    And ALL of the players in this League should want to put a stop to it.
    People can say whatever they want But, with the League going on and on about the Lombardi Trophy being in GreenBay where it Belong’s.
    But, Coach Lombardi I believe would NEVER Want it With cheating involved.
    Coach Lombardi was a Great Man With Great Moral’s that went to church Every Sunday and Every day. And he would expect his Players to play with everything they had. But, the way that this game is being played today and the way that the Refs are Controling Games, He would Not be proud of the NFL
    These Referees should be fined and fined Hard!
    The Player’s are Fined when they Make thier Big Mistakes and the Referees Should be fined ”””’also!
    The Calls that were Called That either, should’nt have been called and the penalties that should have been called but were’nt and the Plays that were Stopped before they should have been stopped and should never have been stopped at all. All of them should be finable Calls.
    And Every touchdown played should be reviewed.
    The Fans are the ones watching the Game, Buying the Tickets and doing the Rooting for these TEAMS We the fans should be able to get an honest GAME CALLED EVERY WEEK.
    The Officiating has been so Bad against the Lions at Keys Times of Games and in Games that are Very important Games.
    That if the League will not do something about it then there should be some way to take the League OR the Referees to court over these Calls.
    It is that Bad! Like I say, If we loose and it’s a fair Lose, OK thats the way it is.
    But the way that it is being Played it is embarassing watching a Game and knowing that there are grown Men Calling a game and these Men don’t have the Moral capasity to call it Fairly.
    And it is embarassing knowing that the rest of the World watches these Games and see’s such Horrible Call’s being called and that Games are being desided on the wim of little blind, def and dumb men in black and white Shirts.
    And are you telling me that Any Player in this League can Really be proud of What is put into the HALL OF FAME on False pretenses.
    The Lions palyed a Great season this year, and Even though there is a lot of growing to do yet We, The Coach’s and the Players should be proud of our TEAM. I know that I am and that thousands of Michigan and Detroit fans are very proud of what this TEAM has Accomplished.
    Thank’s for a GReat year Detroit LIONS!
    And hopefully we can get things changed around on the TEAM a little and with the League a lot and have an even better year Next year.

  27. By Scoutmaster10 on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    The Lions just happen to make it to the playoffs in a year when the NFC was probably the toughest it has ever been. The offense was in it, we sure missed Leshoure and Best in the run game, and I thought the TE’s would be more involved in the gameplan.The Saints took advantage of our aggressive D-line and ran right by them. I fully expected the linebackers to play better after teams have run on us like that all year. Not sure the Wide 9 defense is the way to go. It only works if the front 4 can get to the QB. I love Gunther Cunningham, and the toughness he has instilled in this D. But the lack of adjustment to a defensive scheme that was not working, is troubling to me. The Saints adjusted at half time, and never looked back. We did have a ton of missed opportunities for INT’s, and chances to stop them on 3rd and 4th down, but I would have liked to see a few blitzes since Brees had a very clean pocket all night long. We still need players, but I think the failure to make a defensive adjustment was our undoing. Live and Learn Lions. Thank you for a great, and exciting season. You have lifted the spirits of this entire state, and Lions fans scattered across the country. Next year you should get the Respect that you have fought so hard for. You certainly have earned mine.

  28. By rebobmi on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    I’m looking forward to watching the Lions next year, when they get their running game back. I just hope the NFL gets rid of alot of the official who where against the Lion’s. I have been watching NFL football for decades and have never seen such bad officating, as I have watched this year. The Lions have no reason to hang their heads. It was a great season and a pleasure to watch them play. Thanks for Restoring the Roar!

  29. By Nia on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    It was a great season; however, the defense needs to rebuild for next year. Last night was depressing to watch the second half. It really looked like the defense gave up. We couldn’t stop anything the Saints were doing. THis was proven with the fact that they converted all ther 4th down attempts. We couldn’t stop the run, the pass, and we gave up way too many long balls. Granted the offense wasn’t perfect, but they didn’t have too many opportunities either.

    Detroit needs to get used to the fact that officials will never give us a break so we need to fight on despite that.

    With all this said, it was a fantastic year and hopefully we will be back next year. I have been a proud Lions fan through the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is nice to finally be back to good!

  30. By kelly on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    was alot more exciting to watch the LIONS this year than it has been in the recent years! yes we got a ways to go yet, but we did make the playoffs! so we obviously have come a long way! I too get sick of ” wait till next year” , but I really think it means something now. We got alot of young players, & a lot of veterans that will stick around, so we could be sitting prettyu for a few years to come. We finally have a great coaching staff, and the available talent that it takes! Thanks LIONS for a great year & got high hopes for next year!!

  31. By john smith on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    agree with the fan a lion fan for 49 years i would like to see if we can file a class action suit on the nfl and the offical

  32. By james on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    I want to congradulate the lions on a great season ! As a fan i appreciated every game as i always do ….. win or lose ! I would also like to voice my displeasure with the referees !!! Last week when they robbed the lions of a touchdown ….. and we lost by 4 …. the 4 points they robbed us of ….. a friend said well ” at least you still made the playoffs ” and i responded …… yes , but now we go to new orleans , they dont call penalties on them for anything ….. not that they dont commit them ….. and im sure we can look forward to a obvious lions touchdown being called back ….. if they can overcome that and the bs calls against them ….. they have a shot “…… true to form ….. the exact thing happened …… am i psychic ???? uuuummmmmmmmmmmm no …… the last saints game …..3 offensive pass interfance calls in a row …. what else oh throwing a ball at an opponent ….. lets see your already down the 5th guy lands on you trying to cause injury ….. you get up with the guy in your face cursing out your moms …. you toss the ball to him as you walk away ….and its unsportsman like conduct ….. it seems it should have offset …..isnt taunting an unsportsmanlike call ……. How about 5 yards offside on a fieldgoal block ???? Didnt notice he jumped off sides ??? ( it was a rhetorical question)….. It becomes more and more frustrating the better the team gets ….. That was just the time before we played them …… Who didnt know they would cheat for them again ??? I feel the worst for the players …… I talked to a couple of guys who play in the nfl …… They say its all political ….. So the nfl has the highest market teams in the post season …. Sounds about rite to me …… Someone
    should get to check the refs bank accounts before and after the games …. FINE THE REFFEREES FOR BAD CALLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like the time we played the 49ers and the ref says …..Carolina has
    won the toss …………. Were does he think he is ?????? Cant tell whos playing by the city your in ???? Or perhaps the helmets of all the people around you might just give you a clue before you make an a$$ of yourself on national TV ???????? Did I think he was going to call a good game after he didnt know who was playing even though he was standing in the middle of the field ?????? FYI >>>>>>> didnt we all quit watching boxing for the same reason ???????????

  33. By Richard Heyman on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Coach Swartz is exactly right when he says that the officials screwed them 2 weeks in a row with crappy calls. The Brees fumble and Durant possible TD may have changed the course of the game with the Lions dominating the First Half, and going up 2 TDs. Instead No get a FG which closed the gap to 4 points, and then they got the ball at the beginning of the second half changing momentum of the game for good. Up 2 Tds the Lions could have gone for more blitzes. It is unusual that in 2 successive games officials make blatantly STUPID mistakes costing the Lions 2 important TDs. No Sour Grapes, just accurate observations.

  34. By jordan on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    All i can say is that was a great session . That office was great to watch there is nothing like watching Matt and Calvin making all of those great play’s 44tds for Matt and 18tds for Calvin bad ass .braking a lot of records this year passing yard’s with 5034 yard and Calvin with 16 td for the session . all we can do is hop we can get a little bit better on the deference and a little bit heather in the running game and don’t for get are office line and that really ant that big of a problem right now they gave stafford a lot of time this year to throw the ball. big name going to free agency . like Mario Williams and Champ Baily two big name that won’t be a bad move and the big thing to do this year is to sigh Calvin to a big deal lock him up for along time

  35. By AROD420 on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Well Mr. Bill up there needs to find another team “let down” thts the dumbest thimg i have ever heard. This season was more sucessful than any of us could have honestly dream Stafford cemented himself as a top 5 qb in this league and getting Lesuer back nxt season is only gonna help everyone forgets about him cause he was hurt all yr but he will b a dominant rb in this league as well the d-line fell off a lil bit but thts ok it was a great season capped off by a highway robbery cause the nfl wants to see brees and rodgers shoot it out in the nfc championship if the refs allow j.durant to run back tht fumble it makes the score 21-7 and its a totally different gm after tht i have been watchin football 25 yrs and ” have nvr seen a play lk tht ” it was just rediculous tht we were the victims of the same type of play 6 days ago but even thts ok IT WAS A GREAT YEAR GO LIONS i will b here for u guys till the day i die and they put me in my lions casket oh yes everyone they have detroit lion caskets and i will definately b in one when i go but till then cant wait till NXT YR GOOOOOOOO LIONS !!!!!!!!!!

  36. By Robert Hale on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    As a 50 year Lions fan (born & raised in Detroit) I was heartened by their season. The true turning point of the game was not the bad call downing the fumble but the 3rd quarter gift of a failed 3rd down conversion by the Saints/refs. It was clearly short and should have been challenged. Things went downhill after that.

    That being said the Saints were the more seasoned team. The Lions path led thru Green Bay and that would have been tough to navigate, especially on the road…a near impossibility. Defense was porous in the second half and no running game.

    But the most exciting football team in Detroit in 40 years.

  37. By Sheryl on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    Uh, one more thing, they do need to improve on their tackling. Nuf said.

  38. By rufo on Jan 8, 2012 | Reply

    The Lions better find a secondary. What the hell happened to the secondary that was showing up earlier in the year? Houston and Delmas would be the only 2 that should come back from that secondary.

  39. By rob s on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    Our focus should be def 1st, OL 2nd next year. We definitely need some CBs. It is pointless to pick a CB in free agency. Good CB are rare and if they are able to be picked up in FA, then they probably aren’t good enough to be a number 1 CB. Also, I really appreciate Cunningham , but I think we need a new defensive coordinator. Everyone wants to blame our line for the lack of a run def, it is that scheme. There is no way anyone should be running against our line, Suh, Fairley, Williams, Hill, Avril, Young, I mean seriously. That scheme we run is why there are so many holes. How can you be a contender without blitzing? If you watch the NO game, our LBs were just covering air and our CBs play soft. I dont know if they are coached to play that way or are just that way, but either way, that scheme needs to change. All NO did was have more blockers than rushers and send all the receivers deep. With the LBs covering air, in the middle, Brees just pickd us apart. We def should draft a CB 1st pick

  40. By terry on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    There is a lot I want to write but just too tired, lol. The very 1st thing they should do is tell Aaron Berry that he is done with this team if he doesn`t have a contract for next season.

  41. By Randy on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    Yes! I totally agree With Coach Swartz, The Lions Players, Who Played their Hearts out and Other Fans about a botched whistle that cost the Lions 7 Points!
    In addition, The Lions defense Stopped the Saints a yard or more short on a 4th down try. Instead of it supposed to be Lions ball, The Official Placed the Ball a yard or more further than the saints had gone! That also cost the Lions 7 more points! After what happened at Lambeau field,(TD Not Counted From Stafford to Young), I was shocked to see those Mistakes by the Officals happen in Back to back games! Botched calls, in my opinion, Cost the Lions the Game again and a Possible Shot at the Super Bowl, this year! Oh Well, May God Bless. I still am SO Proud of the Lions! Go Lions, This Fan supports you and next year we will make it to the Super Bowl!

  42. By ajb in GR on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    once again there lousy corners were exposed and poor tackleing where
    were the linebackers in the second half preatty sad that they let them convert
    4th downs over and over it was a game for 1 half then brees killed them
    with his arm they really need to upgrade the secondary and stop getting
    used up corners

  43. By Randy on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    I have a Feeling that in the Off Season, the Lions will Find a way to aquire the personel needed, on the Defense, to slow down the ground game against opponents. I Have always Loved the Detroit Lions! This year The Offense Led By Mathew Stafford has been The Best I’ve Ever seen! The Lions Did Play their hearts out for us! I say, May God Bless Them! In the last 2 games, The Officials have cost the Lions at least 14 points! In Closing, At least once in the second half, the Saints Failed to get the 1st down on 4th and 2! The Official Placed the ball over a yard than where the rb went down! Have all the heart aches over the years. I’m Standing by This Team! They will Go Father next year! Fof anyone interested. The NFL network, is showing NFL replay Lions @ Saints at 12:00 AM Thursday on the 12th. The Nfl has admitted that the officials made 2 mistakes. Lastly, When Chris Huston got hurt. His replacement just could not hold on to the interception. God Bless, the Lions for the Joy they gave me this year!

  44. By SK in A2 on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    Besides the whistle on that brees fumble, how about that blatant hold on Williams while sproles ran right past him for the putaway score? Hate to say it but this whole league is and has been for quite some time, all about entertainment and a popularity contest instead of football. Why the hell else would Eli manning make the pro bowl over Stafford, who clearly led him in all categories??? Sad but true.

  45. By dundeepete on Jan 9, 2012 | Reply

    I don’t want to even get into the whole officiating thing again. I’ve been complaining about it for a few years now. As I said earlier this year, the NFL has it’s agenda. The Lions just don’t generate enough revenue to be considered an ‘elite’ team…..yet. Consequently, the officiating will continue to be bias against the Lions and other teams in this category. If you think different….you’re just being naive. It’s ALL about the money…as usual. But again, I asked this earlier in the season, and I’m asking again now: does anyone know the stat of how many times the opposition was called for offensive holding against the Lions this year? I REALLY want to know. I have a feeling it’s an unbelievable figure. Thanks.

  46. By Detroit Lions #1 on May 2, 2012 | Reply

    The freaking league always finds a way to screw us over, I’m sick of it!!!

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