Evaluations continue for Lions at Senior Bowl

Posted by ttwentyman on January 24, 2012 – 6:28 pm

Lions president Tom Lewand told me today that the team is getting a lot done down at the Senior Bowl. The Lions have been busy interviewing prospects and are doing a lot of off-the-field work as well as evaluating players on the practice field.

Here are a few tidbits from some of the national draft writers on how Day 2 of  Senior Bowl practices went.

–Sports Illustrated’s Tony Pauline wrote that the most impressive players to come out of the morning practice on Tuesday was Michigan defensive tackle Mike Martin and UConn defensive tackle Kendall Reyes.

“(They) were both impossible to stop and set up shop behind the line of scrimmage,” Pauline wrote on sportsillustrated.com.

–The National Football Post’s Wes Bunting remains impressed with Ohio State offensive tackle Mike Adams.

“What’s so impressive about Adams is the way he easily moves his 330-pound frame around the field,” Bunting wrote. “Even this morning, when asked to block in motion, Adams quickly gets out to the second level and is able to adjust and block linebackers thanks to his agility.”

NFL.com’s Pat Kirwan had this to say about Adams:

“Adams passes the eyeball test for certain and has the feet to be a fine left tackle,” he wrote. “He clearly demonstrated an ability to roll off the line of scrimmage and run block at the line of scrimmage or at the linebacker level in the 9-on-7 drills. Simply stated, he likes to finish a defender in the run game.

“His pass blocking has some issues when it comes to having the punch to neutralize a rusher. He is patient and disciplined enough to not go chasing a wide defender but he is inconsistent in re-routing a rusher. Adams often has his arms fully extended with little pop, which in turn causes some waist bending. It is all correctable and he is a fine athlete.”

–Bunting wasn’t as impressed with cornerbacks Alfonzo Dennard (Nebraska) or Janoris Jenkins (North Alabama), two players who the Lions could be interested in at pick No. 23.

“He allows his cushion to be eaten up far too much in his drop and lacks much of a burst/second gear when asked to turn and run,” Bunting wrote of Dennard.

As for Jenkins: “Jenkins looks rusty,” Bunting tweeted Tuesday. “Letting receivers get too far into his cushion, allowing receivers behind him.”

All of this is a matter of opinion and perception, though. There were others who thought Jenkins showed well, Tuesday.

“Jenkins has looked good,” Pauline wrote. “He’s fast, easily stays downfield with opponents and, despite playing at a low level of competition last year, looks as though his ball skills have improved. Scouts have to be thinking first round for Jenkins after his performance.”

In the end, the only evaluation that really matters will be those of Lewand, Lions general manager Martin Mayhew, coach Jim Schwartz and the rest of their staffs.

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6 Responses to “Evaluations continue for Lions at Senior Bowl”

  1. By Bull Run on Jan 25, 2012 | Reply

    Both Dennard and Jenkins are under 5 feet 10 inches, with Dennard 5ft. 9 inches. I’ve dated girls taller than this Neither of these will be in the 1st round. In fact I wouldn’t draft either of them till the 3rd. round. WR are bigger, taller and stronger every year, and can extend another 2-3 feet in a jump catch. Maybe these CB are great college players, but not in the NFL..

  2. By Kevin Kbakil on Jan 26, 2012 | Reply

    Maybe we should consider converting college WRs into DBs or just try our best to cherry pick any SEC defense. If the players we need are not there, trade for players. Youth is over-valued in the NFL. Speed is paramount.

  3. By jason on Jan 26, 2012 | Reply

    man, i would love to see us draft David Wilson from Va Tech, i got to see him play a few times, he is a freakish athlete and his potential is off the charts. I hate to say it but he would make a good replacement for No. 20. He has some serious moves and low center of gravity as well as the ability to flat out run over defenders. I guess it all depends on the health of the other two backs Best and Leshoure. Sorry i know that there will never be another no.20 but Wilson sure is exciting to watch.

  4. By gibbyfan23 on Jan 27, 2012 | Reply

    i guess somebody else is seeing the same things i am, we need a tall DB, Jermaine Thurman,Montana, 6’2, good cover,fast and ain’t afraid to hit, WR’s are tall we need to match,(see seattle) they have tall DB’s and they were handling them selves pretty good at the end of the year,other things i’ve been saying, take a WR out of college and turn him into a DB, our DB’S acted like they are afraid to tackle, i can understand not wanting to get hurt,but your in the wrong prof. for that(berry is not only a jerk,but a sissy) we need players like CHAMP,REVIS, a Darrell Green, Mayhew & Schwartz, will address this, i’m sure, 2 very smart individuals, great football minds.Isaih Pead, is another great draft,RB in the 3rd.Why i’ve been saying, trade our 1st. draft, stock up 2cd&3rd for years to come,(see New England,formula) this is our year to set ourselves up for years to come, take advantage, even if we don’t get a 2013 1st. rd. out of it, we can stockpile a bunch of 2cd & 3rd.

  5. By LIONNUTS on Apr 27, 2012 | Reply

    I think the Pack just drafted your DB from Montana gibbyfan. I am trying my hardest not to trash on Schwartz, but a WR with a tore ACL? WOW.

  6. By Detroit Lions #1 on May 2, 2012 | Reply

    Judging from the excellent draft class they brought in, I’m assuming the evaluations went VERY well. Bentley in the 3rd round was a steal!

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