Father of Lions DT Andre Fluellen dies in charity basketball game

Posted by ttwentyman on February 27, 2012 – 12:09 pm

The father of Lions defensive tackle Andre Fluellen collapsed and died of an apparent heart attack Saturday during a charity basketball game in Georgia.

Rev. Charles Fluellen was participating in the “Pastors vs. Politicians” basketball game that pitted Cartersville community ministers against local politicians in a fundraiser, according to a story in the Cartersville Daily Tribune News.

The Rev. Charles Fluellen, 57, was director of the Bartow County Transit Department and pastor of Glory Harvester Church.

The Daily Tribune News reported that the minister complained of chest pains and lost consciousness during Saturday night’s game, and was later pronounced dead at Cartersville Medical Center.

Andre Fluellen has been a versatile player along the defensive line for the Lions, playing both end and tackle. He finished his fourth season with the Lions after being drafted in the third round by the team in 2008.

Funeral arrangements for Charles Fluellen will be announced by Mack Eppinger & Sons Funeral Home in Cartersville, according to the paper.

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12 Responses to “Father of Lions DT Andre Fluellen dies in charity basketball game”

  1. By redwingliger on Feb 27, 2012 | Reply

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Andre, and the Fluellen family at this difficult time in your lives. I know what you are going through as I also lost my father a few years ago and he is dearly missed every day of my life.

  2. By Robin on Feb 27, 2012 | Reply

    I lost my father this past year I am so sorry for your loss. I will keep you in my prayers.

  3. By Mark on Feb 28, 2012 | Reply

    Im so sorry for your loss Ande. I lost my dad a year ago and i miss him dearly . my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  4. By Leslie Ann on Feb 28, 2012 | Reply

    I lost my parents due to heart attacks, my father was in our yard and we never seen it comin’….my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family today..God Bless!!!

  5. By Dave Millar on Feb 28, 2012 | Reply

    I’m recovering from a Heart attack I had early Super Bowl Sunday. I’m 58. I watched my family hurt, as I slowly starting recovering from the biggest scare of my life, and that’s why I can feel your pain. There’s nothing more important than remembering every good, and positive moment of the times you shared together. Live the Positives, you learned from him, and he will live through you forever. THESE were my thoughts, when I was most scared. As I pray for a chance to continue getting stronger, I’ll include your fathers name (Charles Fluellen) in my prayer today!

  6. By Caryl on Feb 28, 2012 | Reply

    Your Dad is one of God’s Angels now. Peace be in your heart.

  7. By Megan Wilson on Feb 28, 2012 | Reply

    You poor man, I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose a father so young. We’re praying for you.

  8. By Chuck Nida on Feb 28, 2012 | Reply

    I knew your father for over 20 years. Many times we talked about the Lord. He was the second person I met when we moved to Cartersville in 1992.He was a blessing then and remained that throughout the years. Our prayers are with you and your family.

    Chuck Nida

  9. By Rev. Michelle Rizer-Pool on Feb 29, 2012 | Reply

    May the God who never fails, never lies, never sins, and knows all things comfort you. Thank God that you had a father, and knew your father. He loved you so much that you are able to know the building blocks of making a man. As you proceed in life, be a good reflection of a godly man. May you look for opportunities to be a role model to some young man or boy who did not or does not have a “father figure” in their life. Teach them what it takes to be a MAN OF GOD and A REAL MAN. I know that your father was very proud of you.

    My deepest sympathy to you and your family,

    Reverend Michelle Rizer-Pool,
    Pastor, Mount Zion A.M.E. Church
    Shady Dale, Georgia

  10. By gibbyfan23 on Feb 29, 2012 | Reply

    Dear Andre, Please except my condolences for your loss, i lost my father last year and my mother was murdered when i was 15, so i feel your pain brother,GOD will shine on you my friend, make you strong, you are NOW the patriarch of your family, be strong and hold your head high, your a role model now, not just because of what you do, but to those that LOVE YOU, and i’m sure there is many, may your father rest in peace my brother, GOD BLESS YOU.

  11. By mason on Mar 2, 2012 | Reply

    Andre i am so sorry for your loss and i hope you pull through OK you seem like a strong man. and i be-leave you have and will always make you dad proud. i am sure that when he talked about you the had a smile on his face . god bless and you and your family are in my prayers

  12. By Detroit Lions #1 on May 30, 2012 | Reply

    This is really sad, my condolences to the Fluellen family.

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