Lions particularly excited about a couple undrafted free agents

Posted by ttwentyman on May 1, 2012 – 1:27 pm

The work didn’t stop for Lions general manager Martin Mayhew or president Tom Lewand when the draft ended Saturday night. The Lions instantly hit the phones to try and sign undrafted rookies to free agent deals.

With rookie mini-camp beginning in nine days, the Lions have agreed to terms with a number of rookie free agents, according to various reports.

The Lions won’t officially announce their undrafted rookie free agent signings until those players have taken a physical and signed their contracts. However, in an interview with Mike O’Hara and Ken Brown on WJR last night, Mayhew did single out Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore and Houston receiver Patrick Edwards as two players he’s particularly excited about.

“The winningest quarterback ever, 50-3,” Mayhew said of Moore. “The guy is very talented (and a) very cerebral quarterback and understands the game, son of a coach. He has a good arm and is very accurate.

“He anticipates things really well. That’s the one thing our scouts and coaches really talked about. He really knows where to go with the ball and he gets the ball there before the receiver comes out of his break. The guy is very talented and we were very fortunate to be able to get him.”

The Lions typically bring in more than three quarterbacks to training camp, but Moore looks to have a great opportunity to make the roster behind Matthew Stafford and backup Shaun Hill.

Edwards (5-9, 172) had over 4,500 receiving yards and 43 touchdowns in four years at Houston. He also scored two touchdowns returning punts.

“This guy has also been one of the productive guys in college football the last couple seasons,” Mayhew said of Edwards. “He had (1,752) yards receiving last year, 19.7 yards average per catch and he’s going to be one of our free agents that’s really another talented offensive weapon.

“He’s very fast. That Houston offense throws the ball around quit a bit. He was one of those run-and-shoot receivers. He caught like 89 balls last year, I think, so he caught a ton of balls. He’s been a three-year starter for them. He has over 4,500 yards in his career. He’s another guy who we think has a really good chance.”

Here is the unofficial list of the Lions’ undrafted rookie free agents thus far:

QB Kellen Moore, Boise State

WR Patrick Edwards, Houston

WR Troy Burrell, Wayne State

WR Jared Karstetter, Washington State

TE Alex Gottlieb, William & Mary

OG Rodney Austin, Elon

OT Quinn Barham, Penn State

OG J.C. Oram, Weber State

LB Carmen Messina, New Mexico

LB Ronnie Sneed, Kentucky

DT Michael Cosgrove, Idaho

DE Eddie McClam, Old Dominion

K Derek Dimke, Illinois

CB Alonzo Lawrence, Mississippi Golf Coast Community College

G Pat Boyle, Temple

TE Austin Wells, Northern Iowa

RB Stephon Greene, Penn State

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65 Responses to “Lions particularly excited about a couple undrafted free agents”

  1. By Andrea L. Molinari on May 1, 2012 | Reply

    I, for one, LOVE the signing of Kellen Moore. I saw the little thing that John Gruden did with him on ESPN. I was amazed at his intelligence and savvy. This guy was very productive in college and didn’t fade against “big time” talent.

    Nobody believed in him because what? He isn’t the prototypical 6’5″ Joe Flacco type? So what? How many tall QBs wash out every single year? Drew Brees is no giant and he isn’t too shabby. Doug Flutie had a solid career too.

    Go get ‘em Kellen! I propose that you choose #13…bad luck for all the clowns who said that you couldn’t make it!

  2. By devin2387 on May 1, 2012 | Reply

    I don’t know why everybody is so exited about Kellen Moore… We have one of the top 5 QB’s in the league. Moore was signed as a back-up, and needs to stay a back-up. Nothing more. Not saying he’s a bad QB, I’m saying he’s not nearly as good as Stafford is. So I wouldn’t be getting all hyped-up about him anytime soon because like I said, he’s not taking Stafford’s spot…

  3. By Larry Stokes on May 1, 2012 | Reply

    devin2387…Obviously,,,,,you have never watched Kellen Moore play.
    Read his production for last 4 years. Stafford better play very well.
    ‘nough said……..

  4. By supdm72 on May 1, 2012 | Reply

    Well of course he isn’t taking Stafford’s spot! That’s the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard. Ever think they might want to groom somebody to take Hill’s backup spot once he is gone? Would be smart huh? Lol

  5. By Ryan Harrison on May 1, 2012 | Reply

    With Stafford healthy, everybody forgets what a pickle we were in when he was injured. I think Kellen Moore was a GREAT bit of signing by Mayhew. Smart, even if the kid only holds a clipboard for a few years.

  6. By Feld on May 1, 2012 | Reply

    As a current UH student, I’m super excited about my Lions picking up Patrick Edwards! I hope they’re able to find him a roster spot even though we’re getting stacked with recievers. More weapons to rotate through for Stafford are always a plus, and Edwards has the potential to be something truly amazing. I’m so glad to see the staff is high on him too!

  7. By Dustin on May 1, 2012 | Reply

    Devin2387 think about it.. hill is old.. maybe 2 more yeas left.. stafford get hurt alot… we still wanna win games… so there for you get a really good qb that is ALLMOST as good as stafford if he get hurt compaired to a qb that sucks and detroit will go back to the 0 – 16 team they once were

  8. By MarkPotocki on May 1, 2012 | Reply

    I bet a lot of people in New England thought the same about Brady and Bledsoe. I’m not saying your wrong, I’m saying you never know.

  9. By Ryan on May 1, 2012 | Reply

    I still think they should’ve signed Chase Minnifield. So he had a knee injury. So What? The guy was crazy awesome at corner.

  10. By che on May 1, 2012 | Reply

    No, he won’t take staffords spot. However I do think this is a very good pick up that warrants excitement. A good backup qb is a great luxury to have, besides the fact that the good ones with the right grooming and “potential” have a tendancy to turn into high draft picks

  11. By chuck on May 1, 2012 | Reply

    Stafford is a damn good QB, at this time Moore will be a back up, nobody expects him to come in and dethrone Matt. That being said Matt is prone to injuries, as a fan of the Lions and of Moore wouldn’t it be great to have a top notch QB come in and take over. I’m not big on Hill, I think Moore will end up sitting in second spot, thus giving the Lions a chance as using Hill for trade bait.

  12. By Dan on May 1, 2012 | Reply

    …..Kellen moore is the best thing that will happen to Detroit in a long time…..And since they took one of his old receivers last year….this is the time for Kellen to shine….

  13. By lionsfan14 on May 1, 2012 | Reply

    Its not about trying to get Kellen Moore to be a starter, but a solid backup in case Stafford gets hurt. This is why everyone is excited, besides Shaun Hill will not be on the team that much longer. Moore is young and can develop into a solid backup, which is always needed, or he could turn into nice trade bait.

  14. By lionsfan14 on May 1, 2012 | Reply

    We got him to be a solid backup not a starter, Moore will take over as backup QB next year. He also is great trade bait, which I don’t think Detroit plans on trading him, but you never know what you could get for him.

  15. By BRUCE H on May 1, 2012 | Reply

    Yes getting Kellen Moore is a big steal. This guy knows how to win. With the tendancy of Stafford to get injured, it is vital to have an excellent backup QB. With the proper conditioning program his arm strength will only improve and he can learn the pace of the NFL from Stafford. So this is a win win for all.

  16. By Puppy Love on May 1, 2012 | Reply

    devin2387: I think it’s fair to say that Moore was signed as a backup, but to say he should stay a backup is not fair to him or the team. And how can you say he’s not nearly as good as Stafford when you have never seen him play one down in his life as an NFL QB. Give him a chance before judging him. He knows the game, is very accurate and he’s a winner.

  17. By rockbo1955 on May 1, 2012 | Reply

    Boy have the lions fan turned so fical! and have all become professional football Wizard on drafting Enough it was a very good draft everybody in the country thought it was except the detroit lions fans now I know we couldnt get a good coach in here because no body wanted to deal with the fans here! I thought mayhew and schwartz did an excellence job considering all things! and they our not done the got Kellen Moore a steal best collge numbers in college football and 50-3 as quarterback ! I bet somebody wish they had been awake before that happened what about stephon greene from penn state this guy has real speed and speed is what you need in the pros and there our more on that list that could surprize some people Greene will play! because he has that speed and cathes the ball out of the backfield I think this is the greatest coach and gm this town ever had and I for one belive for third time they made the best choice in the draft and got what they could and there alot of undrafted players playing in the nfl that make it! this is quality work the entire teams scouts and coachs the work very hard to find diamonds in the ruff and they make it work! GO LIONS

  18. By BiLL Brown on May 1, 2012 | Reply

    You won’t be sorry for getting Kellen, if you saw the Virginia Tech game a year ago
    sept. he had one minute to take the team sixty yards for a score and win the game, only thing was there was still 20 sec. on the clock, haha, but the defense held up! It was a great game !

  19. By Bob Hyer on May 1, 2012 | Reply

    I’m a dolphins fan but love Moore and wish we had picked him. I really believe he will be a great quarterback. You are very luck to get him and having lots of Georgia alumni in my family I like Stafford but getting kellen moore is a sweet, sweet deal, not to mention he’s a good kid. I wish him all the best. I think, I know he’s a winner and let’s go play football.

  20. By Scott on May 1, 2012 | Reply

    I think the Leos will hold on to Moore as long as they can, but eventually he will have to move on to a team where he can start. I just keep thinking of Drew Brees when I watch him.

  21. By Tony W on May 1, 2012 | Reply

    I absolutely love that they picked up Kellen Moore and Patrick Edwards after the draft more then I liked the rest of the draft, which, I actually thought was ok. Good pickups

  22. By jukemove on May 1, 2012 | Reply

    When I first saw no one was picking up Kellen I thought teams were nuts. I was quietly hoping the Lions would pick him up as insurance for Stafford and wow, we actually got him! All he did was win, win, and win! He may not have played at a Big Ten, SEC, Or Pac Ten school, but he sure put an obscure university most of us never gave a second thought to on the map.

  23. By Packer29 on May 1, 2012 | Reply

    As you can tell I am a Packer fan and I am from BSU country. As I watched the end of the draft thinking Kellen is not going to be drafted. I begun to wounder which team he would fit the best. Of course I was wanting the GBP’s to pick him up. I slowly realized that the Lions and a couple of other teams would be a better fit, Lions first. An hour later headlines are reading at home, Kellen Moore to the Lions! It has been a true honor to be able to watch someone so gifted play each week. Kellen may not be the starter or even play today but he will give your team more than you will realize from just being a winner. This Packer fan will be a Lions fan each week, except two of course.

  24. By Nasty Nate on May 1, 2012 | Reply

    I’m more exited about Kellen Moore than some of our draft picks. If Stafford gets hurt again we need a decent back-up. Hill is getting old and let’s face it, he wasn’t exactly one of the greats in his prime. Moore is intelligent and has alot of potential. I think he’s a perfect prospect to groom for a back up. He could very well turn out ot be our go to guy in the future. We don’t need somebody to take Staffords spot, we need someone good enough to hold it down if he gets hurt again.

  25. By Ryan on May 2, 2012 | Reply

    Rockbo is a quagmire…I just think it’s awesome that the Lions just signed someone from Mississippi Golf Coast Community College.

  26. By Don on May 2, 2012 | Reply

    I think that it is Fantastic Bringing guy’s in here for a shot at Making it on a Pro Football Team. When They are from Small Colleges.
    A Ton of these Guy’s may not have gotten even a good look from most teams.
    And there are some Players out there that can Play and Play Good, and would not get that shot even if it is small one at the NFL.
    Good for you Mayhew and Schwartz and Lewand..

  27. By LSDessert on May 2, 2012 | Reply

    I am glad to see the Lions putting forth such a good effort to strengthen the team. Bringing in Kellen Moore as a backup is such a great idea. You want young quarterbacks to sit for a season or two and learn from the veterans, and while I hate giving him credit because I feel he is overpaid and he went to the University of Georgia, Matthew Stafford is a quality quarterback. But once Moore learns the system and what to expect in the pro game, if Stafford gets hurt again, I think Moore can steal the job eventually. Also great job on trying to improve the O-Line.

  28. By CJ on May 2, 2012 | Reply

    In college, every new player is all-league, all-county or all-state. But, it’s talent and dedication that finds its way onto the field. Same for the pros. All-conference, first team whatever doesn’t mean squat at the next level. All that said, the Lions have scoured the small college ranks for that diamond in the rough. For good reason too, Jerry Rice – Mississippi Valley State University is not on at prime time. A receiver from an unknown school, pretty good pick. Did the Lions find another Jerry Rice – not likely. Something close wouldn’t be all bad. Here’s hoping.

  29. By Mark on May 2, 2012 | Reply

    I am really happy for the lions, considering where they were sitting just a couple of years ago. Look what happened when we got rid of Matt Milan, and all the other bums on the coaching staff. Now that we have Real coaches, a Real GM and we are actually getting a Real Team Together. I have bee a Lions fan, since Eddie Murry kicked a wide right 32 yrd FG in the NFC championship against SF and lost. I have been so disappointed in the Lions over the Decades since but never left there side. So take pride as to what they are doing now. So whatever the Lions are doing now, there is a damn good reason for there actions.. GO LIONS

  30. By Ray on May 2, 2012 | Reply

    I’m excited about Moore being there, because I’m from Boise State and a Lifetime Lions fan. I knew Titus a little too. The 2 of them r united again. I think He’ll be great to practice with.

  31. By Mike G on May 2, 2012 | Reply

    More RB……RB RB RB…we need more to look at in camp ..going into camp with the 3 made of glass backs we had last year could prove to be a mistake we will all look back at come mid season and say why oh why ……maybe the team intends to pursue a FA? Here’s hoping! If we dont produce on the ground we may as well put a target on Staffords back and just say come and get him!

  32. By BiLL Brown on May 2, 2012 | Reply

    Trade bait, you will give up a Super Bowl Ring if you do, and thats no joke ! BiLL from Idaho !

  33. By James on May 2, 2012 | Reply

    Did anyone forget how many games Hill won for the Lions when Stafford was injured.

  34. By Kirk S. on May 2, 2012 | Reply

    I leave it as it is and as real as anyone can be. Great cheap pickup, AWESOME trade bait if developed properly, and at worst an solid winner at backup in case Staffy hurts his hand again (Id rather see raw rookie than Staffy Gloves again this year).

  35. By Mike Higdon on May 2, 2012 | Reply

    I’ve watched every game Patrick Edwards has played in since his redshirt freshman year and I will attest to the fact that he will really make you proud and will give you a lot of excitement. He is a very fine young man and a hard worker — and fast! His combine time was slowed by a hamstring pull; but he has a legit 4.3 speed.

    Just one clarification; Houston hasn’t used the Run and Shoot since John Jenkins departure in 1992. We use the same spread offense that Baylor and Oklahoma State use.

  36. By Scott B on May 2, 2012 | Reply

    Moore will be a capable backup to Stafford and Hill. He will put blood, swear and tears into helping them be better and do everything he can to help the team win. Give him a chance, he’s not trying to slip in the back door, he is a hard working, team-first winner.

    In Kellen We Trust:

  37. By juice5114 on May 2, 2012 | Reply

    if he can beat out stafford then he should be the starter im sure everyone in the building is excited about this guy i am for sure, but if he is better then they will play him this is about wining games nothing else

  38. By Karsten on May 2, 2012 | Reply

    everyone who is saying kellen moore could start, please stop being idiots and think about what you are saying. we waited so long for a franchise quarterback, and now that we have one, you want to dump him for someone who was undrafted. There will be no quarterback competition, or controvresy. I love the pickup, but for a third string quarterback.

  39. By Tyler on May 2, 2012 | Reply

    Stafford will be the best QB the league has ever seen. Period. And this will stand true for a long time. Go Honolulu Blue!!!

  40. By cash b on May 2, 2012 | Reply

    Well it is about time detriot. You haven`t had a good QB since 1957, so you know how long i`ve been waiting. Kellen Moore is the best QB and I`am real happy that you picked him up. Yooper

  41. By snowi10730 on May 2, 2012 | Reply

    We’re in trouble if Stafford goes down again. Hill is so immobile that he is bound to get hurt with our OT’s. Hopefully Moore will develop quickly.

  42. By BiLL Brown on May 2, 2012 | Reply

    As you can tell from my comments, I’m from Idaho and a BSU fan, always rooted for Uof I, but when BSU beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl I was hooked. Then came Kellen Moore, 18 year old kid and I thought no way will they win games like before, was I ever wrong, he is just unbeilieveable, Oregon was so bent out of shape when they lost, a player from Oregon punched a Boise player, remember that, was on ESPN. Now I don’t expect Kellen to replace Stafford, but I think his football I’Q will help the whole team. Just remember the three games they lost was by five points, if the field goals were made he’d be 53 and 0. Ok enough, Go Lions !

  43. By John M on May 2, 2012 | Reply

    Lion fans, I didn’t have time to read everything, and I’ll agree that Kellen Moore is good, but we have Stafford…Stafford ! An what did he do after playing one full season…5,038 yds a playoff and all without a running game for most of the Season. Most of the people out there snub the SEC, but Stafford played there and played well, that was Moore’s problem, it was where he played his college ball. I’m not saying he isn’t good, 50-3 speaks for itself, however at Boise he played 1-2 nationally ranked teams a year and lost three of those games. The usual SEC QB is going to have to play 6-7 games a season against Nationally ranked teams, and for the most part they are all in the Conference! Don’t get me wrong, I want Moore to be the best he can be for the Lions, but Stafford has been snubed enough since the end of last season and I don’t feel that Lion fans ought to contribute to that in any way. GO LIONS!

  44. By john on May 2, 2012 | Reply

    My guess is that, this year, like the last two, our third-string quarterback will be better than our second-string one. I’d take Stanton and Moore any day over Hill.

  45. By Caleb on May 2, 2012 | Reply

    afonzo lawrence PERIOD remember that name bc this juco kid is gonna make a name for himself. he’s gonna be one of those Cinderella stories that everyone is talking about 2 or 3 years down the road. He is 100% pure raw football talent

  46. By paperlyin on May 3, 2012 | Reply

    Kellen Moore was basically free. This is salary cap era folks. He is an immediate upgrade to Stanton. It would be real nice if he can get the back up role in another year and traded for a second round pick in 2014-15. If the Lions are still playing well, getting higher picks is crucial, because we aren’t looking at getting top ten picks anymore.

  47. By Holly on May 3, 2012 | Reply

    I live in Boise and am a huge BSU fan! Kellen is an unbelievably great guy and fantastic football player. I’m soo very happy that the Lions got him, You have gotten a phenomenal football mind on and off the field. He is a coach on the field, and I sure hope he gets to play in some regular season games, obviously as a backup. But ya never know…lol What’s great too is that he gets to play again with Titus Young! Did you know that Titus Young caught Kellen’s very first TD pass in Boise in 2008? Titus actually caught most of Kellens TD passes in the years they played together. Also the fact that your OC is the uncle of a BSU player named Gabe Linehan # 87…another great BSU player!

    To straighten out John M..BSU lost 3 GAMES by a total of 5 POINTS in 4 YEARS to 2 TEAMS…TCU 2x and Nevada 1x…neither which was a BCS team at the time…all lost by the KICKER…NOT Kellen. Boise State is 6-0 against BCS Teams…5 of those games of which KELLEN was at the helm!!! Just sayin… Congrats Lions!!! Thanks for welcoming Kellen to your city and team!!

  48. By Detroit Lions #1 on May 3, 2012 | Reply

    Kellen Moore has been a winner every day of his football life, great pickup and I can’t believe he wasn’t drafted!

  49. By Sam Armstrong on May 3, 2012 | Reply

    We need depth at QB pos. and Kellen Moore is an unbelievable snag are you serious? I thought we needed more depth at running back and they past on Lamicheal James!!!! This is a trend in the NFL now a quick scat back like sproles, it works in New Orleans. But NO! we pick a WR????????????????? that floored me.. We have a QB that has thrown for the 5th most yards in a season in NFL history and we pick a WR. WOW!!!! is Millen picking for us again?????

  50. By Jason on May 4, 2012 | Reply

    Y’all picked up some nice FA’s. It is also good to see some Nittany Lions going to the Lions. They will gove it their all and not shirk. Good luck !!!

  51. By Watch The Tapes on May 4, 2012 | Reply

    Kellen Moore was undrafted for a reason- yes he is smart, had great success in smaller division, and put up great stats- BUT to even compare his arm strength with Stafford is pitiful. Moore has little arm strength, he had to anticipate throws in college to make up for it- watch any tape from QB competitions when he lined up next to other QB’s, every announcer is saying same thing- his poor arm strength is a major flaw. Smart good productive guy, without a doubt…NFL starter talent, not even close. The NFL is all about passing, 32 teams passed on him hundreds of times during the draft for a reason, his lack of arm strength limits his throws, causes him to have to throw early and hope that the window is there…that alone nullifies him for serious consideration for NFL QB role. Stop chasing college stats thinking it’ll translate to NFL…have you all forgotten Andre Ware??

  52. By dreameagle on May 4, 2012 | Reply

    the kid seems cerebral, like maybe Frank Ryan or Ken Anderson;

    my wonder is the kid’s left handed;

    believe me, there is a world of difference the way the ball comes at you as a WR from the left side of the QB’s body as opposed to the right, especially across the field on deep outs;

    should he develop as expected, he’ll have to go elsewhere so his own receivers get used to his velocity off the reversed rotation of the ball;

  53. By 1lionfan4life on May 5, 2012 | Reply

    Moore is a good pick up because if he pans out we have something big for nothing and if not we are not out anything. If he does turn out to be to good to keep as a back-up then we have a good piece of trade bait. Look at what the Eagles got for Kolb, or the Patriots got for Cassel. If we can keep him as a back-up to Stafford that would be great, but if he does good and is looking to start somewhere that just means more high round draft picks for us. Lets face it if Stafford has the same kind of season as he had last year, he isn’t going anywhere for about 15 more years. IF this kid can even grasp the pro level he has A LOT of things that would have to happen to even see the field. Anyone thinking Stafford should loss his job to this undrafted kid needs to learn something about football. I can’t believe any true Lions fan would be willing to give up last years Matt Stafford for anyone, especially a kid that 32 teams left on the board after 200+ picks. I have never seen so many people get so excited about a possible back-up that went undrafted. Not like he was a first round pick…….. or well any pick! GO LIONS!!!!

  54. By BiLL Brown on May 5, 2012 | Reply

    Hey,,,,DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY…. TItus Young caught lots of Moores passes, Remember Ken Stabeler from the Raiders when Madden was ther coach, he could tread a needle also and make it catchable, being a lefty has its good points also !

  55. By Free Stuff And Free Samples on May 5, 2012 | Reply

    Good pick ups! Can’t wait to see how talented we will be this year! Exciting team to watch for sure!

  56. By UnknownWriter on May 6, 2012 | Reply

    With injuries plaguing the Lions RB corps, I think RB Stephon Greene is an excellent steal. He is probably the fastest back we have and is a real threat to turn a corner on every play he gets the ball. If Smith, Leshore, and Best ever get healthy at the same time, we could have four RB’s that could each bring their own skill set to the table and really confuse defenses and finally give Detroit a running game it so desperately needs. That being said, Detroit has to not force the run issue until the offensive line gets a little stringer (ok, a lot stronger).

  57. By Juan Castro on May 7, 2012 | Reply

    Granted he wont be taking Staffords spot but someone please tell me how Moore isn’t better ? … I’ll wait.

  58. By BiLL Brown on May 7, 2012 | Reply

    Hey , you non-believers of Kellon Moore, none of us Boise fans expect Kellon to take your QB’s spot unless he gets hurt or he was a fluke last year, why didn’t you go further in the play offs, tell me that, most of you haven’t even whatched Moore play except what minimial coverage ESPN puts on the so called EXPERTS shows. Like I said before, ask Georgia, Virginia Tech, TCU, Oregon, Oregon State, and Arizona State what there coaches think, they were pulling their hair out trying to stop Kellon, now go take a cold shower and wait and see what he can do for the Lions !

  59. By john on May 7, 2012 | Reply

    I honestly think that Kellen Moore was a great pick up, one that we’ll sooner than later be happy we made. But, notwithstanding that, I still think our defense is porous. We still don’t have an adequate pass rush, and we still can’t stop big, quick runners. Even Kellen Moore can’t address that.

  60. By Edd on May 8, 2012 | Reply

    Alright… I will say that there are many free agents that i think should have been drafted, and there are a lot of talented rookies waiting for the coveted phone call. but, we (the Detroit Lions) don’t need to be looking anywhere and everywhere, when there is so much talent right next door. I don’t understand why we didn’t jump on getting VanBergen. Instead we let the panthers grab him. They got the steal of all the free agents. the cowboys got an extremely talented DB by grabbing Woolfolk. We snag Gottlieb and Wells with Koger still out there. I know Koger is big and not all that fast, but of the TE’s still out there, he is one of the best. I expected he get drafted…really suprised me that he didn’t. Look at all the available talent right in our backyard!

  61. By BiLL Brown on May 8, 2012 | Reply

    NCAA records. Kellen Moore— BSU– 50–3 as starter for 4 years, record that won’t be broke,,142 touchdowns, second in nation and he went to the sidelines in the third quarter in about half those games his senior year, otherwise would have been a lot more, passing yards, second in nation but would have been lots lots more if not on the sidelines, Coach Petersen didn’t try to pile on the points to disgrace other teams, Kellen was always happy with it ! OH, interceptions–27 over 4 years, he won’t embaress the Lions ! When does rookie camp start, all espn talks about is Luck and Griffen and Tannihill ?

  62. By prince313 on May 8, 2012 | Reply

    Burrell, is going to be another good WR that can get into the mix, y’all need to check him out on YouTube, the kids got skills

  63. By UnknownWriter on May 8, 2012 | Reply

    NEWSFLASH: Detroit Lions Coaching staff sign Kellen Moore, Then Detroit Lions don’t look at him again, ever!

    Does this sound even close to right? Schwartz seen something in this young man to make the call to sign him. With our QB’s record where both our starter and backup was injured at the same time, does anybody think he won’t be taken seriously and trained to be our QB? He’s going to get snaps. If he does good in front of Schwartz, he will be assigned our number 2 QB. If he does great and even stellar, does anybody think that Schwartz would deny the Lions a better QB than Stafford?

    Kellen Moore will do as good as he can. He will be happy with where his talents lead him. What he wouldn’t want is a fan base trying to force the issue of where he should be. Let’s just watch him develop. If he’s real good, I’m sure Coach Schwartz will give him a chance. If he’s just plain good, I’m sure Coach Schwartz will be happy with a quality back up. If Kellen Moore wants to try and become a starter, I’m sure Schwartz will allow him to try the FA market or even trade him. Anyway you slice it, everything is on Kellen Moore now. Not his fan base.

  64. By Mtz on May 9, 2012 | Reply

    Look-out for Carmen Messina LB, from New Mexico. He will proof you wrong. One of the best LB around.

  65. By Merrie on Aug 11, 2012 | Reply

    Lions fans who aren’t enthused about having Kellen Martin, the winningest QB in NCAA history, please send him to the Seahawks. We are well aware of Kellen Moore’s capabilities, and the statement made during the NFL draft about him: “he’s so well trained in how to think as a quarterback, any team will be liucky to get him.” As far as being only 3rd string, Stan Gelbaugh was 3rd string his first year in the NFL after playing NFL Europe, but after Moon and the 2nd string QB went out on injuries Gelbaugh finished thee season as 1st string. Remember, much though we might not like it, QB’s get hurt and have to be replaced by 2nd and 3rd stringers. You Lions fans may be grateful yet to have Kellen Moore.

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