Backus is on schedule recovering from bicep surgery

Posted by ttwentyman on May 4, 2012 – 11:47 am

Lions left tackle Jeff Backus says he’s right on schedule in his recovery from offseason bicep surgery he had four months ago.

Backus injured his right bicep in the second half of the team’s playoff loss to the Saints and had surgery shortly afterward in January.

“It’s just building back the strength and getting back into the football stuff,” Backus told

He’s been rehabbing at the Lions’ training facility the entire offseason and has been participating in the offseason training program the last three weeks.

Backus, who was drafted by the Lions in the first round of the 2001 draft and has started 177 consecutive games at left tackle, signed a two-year contract with the team this offseason.

Backus says his workouts have been adjusted a bit because of injures and his age (34), but says physically he’s feeling great.

“I’m not in there doing some of the things the younger guys are doing, but I think at this point in anyone’s career 12 years in, they’re workout is a little bit different.”

When the Lions start organized team activities later this month, Backus will be on the field but said he doesn’t know how much he’ll participate, knowing that being 100-percent for training camp is the real goal.

“The goal is to just get stronger, get my peck stronger and my bicep stronger and once I get into OTAs be smart about things and see how it goes,” he said.

“Coming off surgery, it’s about working myself in. I feel great right now. There hasn’t been any setbacks or limitations, it’s just about getting stronger.”

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  1. By dreameagle on May 4, 2012 | Reply

    Nstill we subject ourselves to the Millen Curse–one player in a decade every team would want;

    I’ve been saying this for years, and it is still true…we will NOT win a SB so long as Sackus and/or Rollover are on the field…

  2. By Bob Glatter on May 4, 2012 | Reply

    The Lions SB prospects center around the offensive line. It must be able to protect Stafford, open holes for RB’s, and stay healthy as a unit. That’s a lot to ask.
    We will see if there is depth on the OL with Fox, Hilliard, and Culbreath in the exhibition games. Riley Reiff is a keeper. Cherilus could be cut.

  3. By dreameagle on May 4, 2012 | Reply

    newsflash–asking the offensive line to for once in their lives do their job they’re for some mystifying reason getting laid to do IS NOT too much to ask…

  4. By Andrea L. Molinari on May 4, 2012 | Reply

    To dreameagle…

    I, for one, am sick to death over hearing people rip Jeff Backus and Dom Raiola! Seriously dude, what do YOU actually know about playing OFFENSIVE line? Did you “start” in Pee Wee football? The TRUTH: NOTHING. Most football fans know little about how to judge an OL player.

    YET: do you notice that Coach Schawtz praises Jeff and Dom? That GM Mayhew WANTED these guys? They JUDGE players for a living and THEY WANTED Jeff and Dom.

    Jeff Backus has given everything to this franchise. He has been available through dings and dents and even more serious injuries. He fights his @$$ off and NEVER, EVER quit on this franchise!!! EVER! If you are a LIONS fan (which I question), how can you feel anything but gratitude and affection for Jeff.

    Same thing with Dom. Does ANY Lions player wear his heart on his sleeve for this team more than Raiola? Dom BLEEDS silver and blue. If I wasn’t in Florida, I would love to buy Jeff and Dom some beers and THANK them for sticking with us through some very bad times.

    Personally, I am ashamed of such ignorant and disloyal fans.

    For what is is worth, Jeff and Dom, remember that there are lots of LIONS fans who value what you have given to us and who you are!!

  5. By Titus Pulo on May 4, 2012 | Reply

    I have been a DETROIT LIONS Fan ever since they played at TIGER STADIUM. This is my first posting. I felt I had to give my support to the vets that hung in there. I do not quite understand the so called fans ridiculing the offensive line that played last year. Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t Mathew have a HUGE year last year? That could not have happened had it not been for his front line! Are these so called fans the same ones that was after Wayne Fontes who at least got them to the play-offs? I cant tell you how aggravating it was at that time. Even Barry couldn’t take the regime that followed! If you really want something to complain about how about the the pot heads that were arrested. Nick Fairley made little to no contribution last year. Should they keep a players that exhibits a potential problem? All I’m saying is you shouldn’t be so negative without looking at the facts!

  6. By dreameagle on May 4, 2012 | Reply

    with a name like Andrea, it’s pretty much a lock you never played a down of organised tackle ball unless it was for Victoria’s Secret;

    newsflash, dearie, Backus SUCKS!

    his arms are too short to keep bull-rushers away from his body, his footwork couldn’t even keep Jevon Kearse, literally on his last good leg at the end of his career, out of the backfield away from his QB;

    his upper body is way too weak, so he not only gets shucked by the first contact of a bull rusher, he has absolutely no drive whatsoever off the ball so cannot seal an end for a running game or create a hole in a zone for the back to cut through;

    bad as he is, Raiola is worse, the single worst OC in the game for ten years straight;

    Built let a lump of play-doh on toothpicks, opposing tackles for years draw straws to see who can pick up and throw him further into the QB or RB–don’t believe, just watch a game film for once, sweetheart;

    his anatomy also prohibits his ability to pull, not that you would EVER want your OC to do that and leave a gaping shortest path to your franchise QB…

    with no lower body strength, Raiola routinely gets zero, nada, zilch drive in the red zone and/or short yardage, which comprises the principle reason we have had no running game since before the Dark Time;

    only now have we drafted a legitimate offensive lineman who should replace Sackus in about ten minutes into the first practise;

    the tapes don’t lie, honey…neither do the injury tolls to our RBs routinely just crushed in the backfield for years, or the statistics that confirm ours the second or just plain worst rushing “attack” since after Russ Thomas and before Millennium in the history of the NFL;

    i defy you to find just two instances where Backus or Raiola put together have pancaked somebody in front of them off the ball IN THEIR ENTIRE CAREERS, let alone at a crucial point where a game is on the line and a crucial third and short is needed;

    and in case you missed it, sugar, the whole point in playing offensive line is to knock down or knock backwards or just knock the snot out of the guy across from you–i’m taking a leap here and presuming against the feel-good backdrop of the story, you may have picked up that was something of the gist of the movie, “The Blind Side”…

    of course, one might easily see how you may have missed that part of the movie as being too violent for you to tear yourself away from your daughter’s (for God’s sake, i hope it wasn’t your son’s) dollhouse tea party…

    now go return to your Backus fan club and bake more cookies and milk for the next bake sale you host for him, because it’s all he and Raiola are good for, dearie!

  7. By KIRK on May 4, 2012 | Reply


  8. By Andrea L. Molinari on May 4, 2012 | Reply

    Wow, what vitriol. I’m impressed that you can formulate sentences. (Although I see that the whole ‘capitals’ thing escapes you. You may also want to revisit the whole semicolon chapter, too.)

    First, I’m a man. I did play football. Note the last name: Italian. No “w” in the language…but I wouldn’t expect someone with your limitations to be aware of much outside of the barnyard.

    Second, your demeaning attitude toward women is interesting. What, I ask, would make a woman’s opinion on football less significant than a man’s? (You may have noticed that there are a significant number of women who are paid to offer their opinion on football.)

    Third, all you offer are your opinions on what Jeff and Dom can and can’t do. Based on what: your acute observations from the bar stool?

    Bottom line: Real, professional experts (Mayhew, Schwartz) view these two men as solid contributors to this team. Last year, when Jeff’s contract expired, those same men EXTENDED Jeff. What does that tell you, sir? (I will use small words so you can follow the logic.) It means that they think Jeff CAN play. They have said this repeatedly and publicly. What is unclear about that?

    On one hand, we have …well…you with your long list of qualifications. On the other, we have paid professionals whose JOBS hinge on their ability to judge talent.

    But YOU know… Gee, Coach Schwartz, Mr. Mayhew, why aren’t you listening to dreameagle? Can’t you recognize his ‘skills’ and ‘knowledge’?

  9. By UnknownWriter on May 4, 2012 | Reply

    Ok, here’s the deal. Detroit’s Offensive line is NOT the most skilled line in the NFL.

    But do you know what? It’s hard to get skilled offensive linemen. The skilled ones are keepers. Teams don’t let talented linemen go without a reason. So, the question becomes where do we go to get skilled offensive linemen to replace our guys?

    Draft? Well you have seen some of the talent we picked up since Schwartz came here. Which first or second round pick would you trade for getting a offensive lineman? Did that year’s draft even have a decent offensive lineman in the second round?

    Could we use FA? Not really, because like I said, good talented offensive linemen are keepers.

    Waiver wire? Since when are other team’s scraps better for us?

    So everybody, we have what we have. We just got a good OT in the first round and he won’t be able to unseat Backus at LT for at least a year maybe two. So it is up to us fans to support our team. Support our coaches. I know our offensive line is not the most talented offensive line in the NFL, but quit beating up on the players that we will rely on to take us to the SB.

    Thank You.

  10. By Sexy Nightmare on May 4, 2012 | Reply

    Ok, I know you’ve all been waiting for my opinon, but first… my qualifacations. I played Oline for 12 years ending my ultra impressive playing career midway through D2 football. I’ve had lots of high quality coaching and briefly played next to Raiders (soon to be) all pro LT Jared Veldheer (I taught him everything he knows). Backus and Raiola are DECENT linemen in the NFL. I think people see Backus get dominated by the Jared Allen and Julius Peppers and think that he sucks. Those are ELITE DEs that are suppose to poop on average tackles. Backus gets smoked by who he is supposed to get smoked by and he beats people he is supposed to beat. He is consistanly OK. I’d like an elite OT too but just because we don’t have one doesn’t mean our guy is terrible. Raiola is great at making calls, blocking in space, and walling off his guy. He is just small and you notice it everytime in short yardage situations and its frusterating. Would we rather have Mount Cody playing center for us? No. I’m all in favor of upgrading but that doesn’t mean those two suck. I wish we could all unite and realize that Stephen Peterman is truely the worst Olineman we have and we should be picking on him. WHO IS WITH ME!?!

  11. By dreameagle on May 4, 2012 | Reply

    let me tell you what WE, YOU AND I, have;

    ONE SEASON with a winning record in almost twenty–and this after making NAFL history at 0-16 (albeit with the overwhelming help of witness protection-quality referees not once, but TWICE, against Minn)

    the worst or second worst third and fourth down and short success rate in the league over that time;

    the worst rushing game over that same time;

    NO All-Pro selections out of the six offensive line positions over that time;

    perhaps the highest injury rate for running backs over that period;

    the oldest, near lightest and probably weakest offensive front in the league;

    do you really need million dollar coachesand retired players and colour commentators to tell you these things?

    no, but you sit there and let them pooh-pooh and dodge these factors, right, because they know so much more than you…

    i suppose you’d let ole Billy sell you a Pinto or a Mustang II or Edsel because he and his family have so vastly more experience with cars than you…

    that’s the kind of “stay-the-course” apathy that ultimately cost us an 0-16 season and almost took this country down the drain with first Mad George and then Boy George in the White House;

    there is simply no excuse to go that length of time with a continual plethora of slappy and near-slappy offensive linemen when other teams field wave after wave of stellar lines drafting from the same pool as you do;

    that’s called rank incompetence, plain and simple, because the index of performance in the NFL is simply winning–and that translates into your lines knocking their lines down, first and foremost;

    ANYBODY who’s played the game knows it is won on the lines–so what possible excuse can be offered for fielding such a collection of clowns for most of two decades?

    wait, we have the “years of experience” to improve?

    where…from years of WORKING UNDER MATT MILLEN?

    what a kaa-kaa cha-cha!

    wake up!

    we beat down the Cowboys, and in the space of one FA period and one draft, they have nearly rebuilt their entire offensive line–as did KC, Chicago, GB, Pittsburgh and NE;

    WHY HAVEN’T WE!!!!

    there simply is no excuse for this–Backus year in and year out can’t knock anybody down, nor can Peterbuilt (even with a headstart before the snap), Raiola or Chuckles–GET RID OF THEM AND FIND SOMEBODY WHO CAN;

    it takes 10-15-20 years to figure that out?


    with all your years of NFL experience, Mr. GM and Pres?


    and you guys believe this?

    and you really wonder why we haven’t been to a super bowl?

    and everybody in our division has?

    damn near everybody in our conference has?

    don’t you feel the slightest bit foolish–or are just another one of those other 50,000 flies…

  12. By Sexy Nightmare on May 4, 2012 | Reply


    How in the F do you think KC, Chicago, and GB have rebuilt lines? Also, there is alot more to playing on the Oline that knocking down the other guy (its not bowling) and injured running backs have nothing to do with it at all. We can all agree that everything that happened during the Milen era was terrible (except Calvin and Avril) so lets focus on the new regieme. Mayhew is rebuiding the lines. They started with the D line. Now they drafed a LT. Lets hope more is to come. I think when you put the bag over your head you forgot to cut eyeholes because you are clearly not weeing what is happening with this team. Since 0-16 we started with nothing, now we have talent on this team. All you have to say is we’re not fixing the team in the order you’d like. Let’s trade Calvin, Stafford, and Suh for a Oline of all pros and I’ll be the QB and you can run routes! do you wanna go to the high school game and get drunk and start fire the coach chants with me?

    P.S. I love you

  13. By Andres on May 4, 2012 | Reply

    We should probably pick up that guard from the browns., eric steinbach.

  14. By MIke on May 4, 2012 | Reply

    I give Jeff credit for being so tough all these years. If the Lions previous administration would have given him help with speed rushers (RB or TE) or moved him inside to LG he could have made a few problowls. His best 2 years have been the last 2.

    Happy to enjoy the Lions after so many years of pain.

    Go Lions!!

  15. By bizmarce on May 4, 2012 | Reply

    let me say this about our O line, on paper you can say whatever, they are old fogies, so what. these men still deserve our loyalty. WHY? because they kept matthew stafford upright enough to throw for 5000 plus yards, didnt allow a sack during what the first 4 games. look at those games again you meat head wanna-be GM. those old fogies play with enough heart to get the job done. yes the replacement is inevitable but not immediate. let em go out with a NFC title or superbowl ring. inconcievable? not really! they go into the playoffs hot and its possible. you armchair CEO’s are laughable at best, and spread your fodder to any clown who will follow your thread. the guys running the show get an A plus for turning mediocrity into mayhem. lion fever is spreading and the fact that so much is being written and said about it proves it, get a life outside of this forum

  16. By Kenny on May 5, 2012 | Reply


    First- No QB can throw for 5000+ yards if the OL sucks.

    Second- Our RB situation has sucked because our RB’s have been injury prone. By the way, when did one of them get hurt in the backfield? I can’t remember the last time that happened.

    Third- Your an idiot!

    Fourth- Why am I wasting my time to comment on your stupid, idiotic, worthless two cents of illogical garbage? Grow up! If you think you can judge talent? Apply for a job in the NFL. Until then, be content maybe try to be positive?

    Fifth- have a great day!

    GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. By Rick on May 5, 2012 | Reply

    How is the offensive line getting laid to do their job? I didn’t get that from this article.
    Eagle makes a couple good points, Backus is not so spectacular that they will make a “Blindside ” movie about him and Dom gets very little push. But I think even he realizes there’s a lot more than flash or “push” to make a good OL
    Dom calls the shots on the line and is good in space. Backus is consistent and protects the QB 99% of the time, and shows up for every game.
    You can examine almost any player hard enough to find faults and then exaggerate them profusely when their team doesn’t show up in the SB, if this is how you get your kicks because it makes you feel like a critical analyst, good for you, but most of us think that these guys are solid starters, but more importantly, the staff agrees.

  18. By Branden on May 5, 2012 | Reply

    I can’t stand people talking so much smack against our offensive line. Let me hit you with some numbers:

    Sacks allowed in 2010: 27. The rank was good for tenth or eleventh in sacks allowed that year, I believe?

    Sacks allowed in 2011: 36. A marked difference. It was still good for sixteenth in sacks allowed. Not great, but not that terrible either. I understand sacks are not the only thing to consider when evaluating an offensive line, that hurries, pressure and other things should factor in as well. But (dare I say it?) we have a good offensive line. Not great, not spectacular, but good.

    Stafford was able to throw for over 5000 yards last season. If our Oline is so awful, how the hell did he accomplish this? The guy is a stud a future superstar, but he relies on his offensive linemen for success.

    A lot of people say that it’s the oline’s fault that our running game is terrible. That with a good oline, you can plug in any back and get good results. This is nonsense, to a point. There’s a reason the Lions are called a TEAM. Before Best was injured, we had a pretty good running attack. Not a top notch one, but the guy was always capable of breaking a big play. Is it any coincidence that Best earned more yards in 5 (?) games than any back during the rest of the season? He’s our guy when he’s healthy. The Oline does their job. Not as well as they could, but they do do it.

    Offensive lineman are the unsung heroes of the NFL. What they do is the MOST IMPORTANT thing in the game, yet they get the least recognition because they are not throwing, catching, or running the ball, nor are they hitting people. The spotlight shines on them only when they fail, and it makes them look bad.

    The problem isn’t just with Backus and/or Raiola. Stephen Peterman and Gosder Cherilus barely deserve starting roles. BUT, they are apparently the best we have, and that was good enough to get us into the playoffs last year. Hopefully those guys (Gos especially) are only going to get better this year, along with some of the guys waiting in the wings.

    Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we play in one of, if not THE most difficult division in football. We play against the best defensive end in the NFL today and one of the best ever twice a year. We play against Julius Peppers, Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, BJ. Raji, Clay Matthews, and the Williams guys twice a year. These are top notch defenders in the NFL. Is it an excuse for mediocre play from our offensive line? Of course not. But it is a determining factor. There are teams out there (Cardinals) who play in soft divisions and have just terrible offensive lines.

    In short, lay the hell off the offensive line, especially Dom and Jeff. Those guys are the leaders of the line, the anchors, and though they deserve some criticism, they certainly do not deserve the majority of the flak that they get.

  19. By dreameagle on May 5, 2012 | Reply

    i’m sure most have figured out i meant GETTING PAID;

    on a line with an Ogden or a Pace or even a Winston and Grubbs, maybe we could get a way with ONE average journeyman-level lineman;

    but let’s face it, we start four to five journeymen level linemen, which is why we flat-out stink on third downs, fourth downs, and red zone production at crunch time–EVERYBODY knows we have to pass on third and two;

    sure, your QB throwing for 5000+ yards is great, but wouldn’t it have been nice to have been able to hold the Saints down for a time last playoffs when we were within six points despite another witness protection ref missing another clear TD catch?

    that’s why we weren’t in the super bowl last year, NOT the defence falling apart–look how even worse NE was on defence, and still it came down to one pass play their clearly injured QB couldn’t quite connect on with their best receiver–and we have at least five guys who could’ve caught even that errant pass;

    average in the NFL is okeh, but only if you want average results;

    clearly Raiola and Backus played over their heads talent-wise last year–which is good, but will not get you past superior talent across the line from you;

    NE realise this, which is why they went out and revamped their OL this off-season, as did Chicago, GB, Minn, KC, NO, Buffalo, Dallas, and now Philadephia;

    we finally started, but did not keep pace with these people, some of whom we beat last season;

    my point is this–you cannot win a super bowl with a totally average line;

    we should’ve bribed cajoled impressed (in the naval sense) Winston, the LT from Buffalo what went to Phila and any of half a dozen good guards from FA;

    then you and i and even Ms. Annette Funicello down in Florida could gain a yard or two on third down, and we will be carrying a Lombardi down Woodward Ave to Grand River, all the way to Dearborn;

    i know it, because i was there the last time we won it all
    –and 1962, when we should’ve;

  20. By wajiboy on May 6, 2012 | Reply

    I definitely agree we suck because of our line and even the GM now with the coach are not smart emough to admit it. We could have re done the line in the draft with taking the center Knoz and picking one up in FA easily. But no this idiots wonder why we can win and whats wrong with the running game. The OL we had when Kramer was the QB was much better than we have now. So they keep wasting there efforts and our money and you think were going to win. No too cheap perhaps they are pocketing the owners money or something. There not fooling me in fact on a nationally televised game I may run out in a complete lions uniform and line up before they get the play off. So what then I get arrested and get on a talk show and get to repeat my discuss over this organization on TV for everyone. Look out guys I am going to do this I won’t say what game kid.

  21. By gibbyfan23 on May 6, 2012 | Reply

    WOW, has the hair on EVERYBODIES neck been raised a couple inches, DOM & Backus are a little above average lineman, who do a great job, yes they played above average last year, as they will this year, because NOW they realize the spot light is on THEM to perform, to possible put us in position at a SB, they REALIZE, that average is not going to cut it now, expectations for the LIONS is to HIGH, as well as it should be, NO, there is NO reason to go 0-16, unexceptable, but it does fall all on the offensive line, to the reason for 0-16, it takes a team, committed to winning, attitude,ability and even a couple of missed calls for touchdowns, helps, i like most everybody else have been a DETROIT supporter, since i can remember, 35+ yrs and counting, the TIGERS,REDWINGS and PISTONS have given our state the thrills of championships in the MODERN ERA, we are NOW expecting the LIONS to do the same, we have cleared out the RUSS THOMAS’S and MATT MILLENS of our time, Martin Mayhew is UP. Mayhew,Lewand and Coach Schwartz are now in that position to build us a CHAMPION, as Schwartz as been referenced as a TOP COACH in the LEAGUE, NOW, it’s time for he, and the rest of the front office to deliever, by drafting, getting FA, cast offs, what ever it takes, we have a HIGH flying ARIEL offense, NOW, we need a little better Balance, i think Lashoure will give us a little better balance that we missed last year, i think we need a little jitterbug, change of pace back like a Barry Sanderish type back, to help and we need to solidify our DB’S and Safties, for which the office crew addressed in a half ass manor in this draft, the OFFICE GROUP is starting to piece together a solid team, 10-6 is a GREAT starting point after a 0-16 season, so this year is going to be interesting, for OBVIOUS reason that everybody is sqwacking about EXPECTATIONS are HIGH and Backus & RIOLA, are the leaders of this Group of young men, they’ve been here 11+ yrs and mediacrocy is NOT going to be exceptible, the Defense is going to have to shutdown opposing offense’s, ( see the greenbay game for reference, MATT FLYNN, REALLY ) This is the best amass of STARS, that we have had as a collective as of a team, that we have EVER HAD, STAFFORD,MEGATRON,PETTIGREW,YOUNG,RIEFF, SUH,DELMUS,TULLOCK,LEVY,DURANT,FAIRLEY,VANDENBOESCH,AVRIL these are house hold names NOW, they need to WORK together and DELIVER US A SUPERBOWL, NOW , it’s just that SIMPLE

  22. By RetiredK9 on May 6, 2012 | Reply

    Dreameagle, most folks would call you and idiot with a capital I. But I won’t. I think you are just sick and tired of the losing, and are taking an opportunity to point out what you think are the mistakes of Mayhew and Schwartz. But what would you have them change? Dominant offensive lineman are almost never allowed to hit the free agent market, so you almost have to get one in the draft. Now, do you blame Mayhew for not drafting one? A dominant lineman will probably be gone by the end of the first round, don’t you agree? So who should Mayhew not have drafted in the first round? Should he have passed on Matthew Stafford? Ndamakong Suh? Nick Fairley? These are all dominant players. Stafford and Suh dramatically improved the Lions the minute they stepped on the field. Fairley will do so once he gets healthy. The Lions are a helluva lot closer to the promised land than they are to that dreadful 0-16 season. You can’t expect them to get there right away. From the outside looking in (I’m a lifelong Bears fan) I’d say the Lions are on the right track, and I don’t look forward to playing them twice a year. Have a little patience. I know it’s hard – I’m also a lifelong Cubs fan. You’re management team is getting it done. Give them a break.

  23. By bizmarce on May 6, 2012 | Reply

    let me say this about our O line, on paper you can say whatever, they are old fogies, so what. these men still deserve our loyalty. WHY? because they kept matthew stafford upright enough to throw for 5000 plus yards, didnt allow a sack during what the first 4 games. look at those games again you meat head wanna-be GM. those old fogies play with enough heart to get the job done. yes the replacement is inevitable but not immediate. let em go out with a NFC title or superbowl ring. inconcievable? not really! they go into the playoffs hot and its possible. you armchair CEO’s are laughable at best, and spread your fodder to any clown who will follow your thread. the guys running the show get an A plus for turning mediocrity into mayhem. lion fever is spreading and the fact that so much is being written and said about it proves it, get a life outside of this forum

  24. By dreameagle on May 6, 2012 | Reply

    Retired, i’m sorry, but they are fresh out of breaks;

    you say dominant linemen are almost never available in FA?

    what about Grubb?

    what about Winston?

    what about that kid LT what just left Buffalo?

    what about the guy we had in here for a looksee from SD?

    ALL of them are better than Backus, Cherilus and Raiola;

    and don’t tell me we couldn’t have had at least ONE of them;

    remember, Mayhew and Tom Whoever-He-Is understudied from Millen–but for Schwartz, we’d still not have much of a team;

    call me an idiot, if you like, but the statistics are irrefutable–and they say we STINK on third/fourth and short and red zone production;

    funny how that lack of production just happens to coincide with a non-existent running game, isn’t it?

    and in order to run the ball, you must first create space for a runner to get through, right?

    and in order to create a space, your lineman has to knock the guy across from him down, or back, or over, right?

    and until this very draft, we have not had a lineman who can dominate his man in the running game, have we?

    am i still an idiot?

    i’m glad Matt threw for 5000 yards–but i’d MUCH rather see him throw for 4000 yards and our running game win half od their third downs and short, fourth and short;

    that’s what Eli Manning did–and look where it got him?

    or is he an idiot, too?

  25. By dreameagle on May 6, 2012 | Reply

    keep dreaming the dream, Gibby;

    until we get a running game we are going nowhere;

    remember, we have no dominant corner, so must depend upon the pass rush to see us through, thus the rotation Schwartz favours;

    but what happens when the rush doesn’t get there?

    pass rushing is the most tiring thing DLs do, so the defence tires quickly because we go three-and-out entirely too much;

    the way around tiring the DLs, revealing the soft underbelly of the defence at the corners, is to KEEP THE DEFENCE OFF THE FIELD;

    you do that by running the clock with long drives, and the way you make long drives is to convert third and fourth downs and short, especially in the red zone;

    and the only way to make a running play go is at least one of your OLs beats one of their DLs;

    in the red zone, there’s no room for gimmicks, intricate pass plays, tricks and mirrors;

    either your lineman knocks the man across from him down, or he doesn’t;

    it’s that simple, ladies and gentlemen–and Raiola and Cherilus and Peterman and especially Backus, even playing over their heads well beyond their skill levels, simply cannot knock anybody down;

    until we get some linemen who can–and it is patently inexscusable to not have this last off-season, when Buffalo, Dallas, KC, NE, GB, Baltimore, Minn, Chicago, Pittsburgh and NO have ALL rebuilt their offensive lines whilst we stand pat with a bunch of soft bums–we will not be going ANYWHERE in the playoffs;

    and that is ENTIRELY Mayhew and Lewand’s fault because as i said, good linemen, far superior to what we have now, most certainly WERE available this spring;

    all we needed was just ONE of them to go with Sims and now Reiff…

    let me make it even plainer…last season, even with our weak pass defence, we had SF by the throat, were within six of NO in the playoffs despite a homer call on the Young TD, had GB on their heels in the final game;

    a few running first downs were all the difference between 10-6 and a first playoff weekend ouster and a 12-4 season capped by a home game against a much weaker opponent, and possibly after having earned the bye week SF got;

    that’s how important having linemen who can knock somebody down is…but don’t ask me, i’m an idiot–ask the New York Giants;

    the (again) World Champion New York Giants;

  26. By dreameagle on May 7, 2012 | Reply

    wajiboy, i know exactly how you feel–and i’ve been following the Lions ever since 1956, about the time Billy Rednose first darkened the clubhouse door…and Buddy Parker left out the same door the next day in total frustration, much like Joe Schmidt would some years later;

    we haven’t had a decent left tackle since Charlie Cowens, but all these fans who are too young to have seen him play wouldn’t know that;

    just like they wouldn’t know how Billy Ford’s pet Milt Plum threw away our last chance at a championship to pay off a gambling debt in 1962, yet Rozelle suspended Hornung and Karras for gambling…

    they THINK they know the dark times of this team, but few of them were around to watch Billy and his GM buddy, Russ Thomas, destroy championship team after championship team (1957, 1962, 1964, 1970, 1981, 1990);

    none of these people here were around when all the sports publications once actually predicted as one WE would win the SB, long before Barry Sanders and even Billy Sims, but they know to call me an idiot because they know Backus and Raiola and Cherilus are good enough to carry us to a super bowl…

    they don’t know the reason Billy Ford got this team is because his family bought it for him to play with like a rich man’s Lionel train set, so he wouldn’t ruin the family business (guess who gave us the Edsel?)

    they don’t know this alcoholic family runt is such an imbecile even his fellow owners can’t stand him–and that’s saying a lot in a room with Jerry Jones, Denise York, Al Davis and Tom Benson;

    none of this and none of so much more do they know, but yet and still, i’m the idiot…

  27. By dreameagle on May 7, 2012 | Reply

    say Brandon, how are you with people too dumb to know you need a running game to win a super bowl…that football is a game of red zones and third downs…that you need offensive linemen who can DOMINATE the Julius Peppers of the league just once or twice a game on third and fourth downs and you will end up like the Giants and Patriots, in the super bowl with a weak defence (the latter) and/or no great running game?

  28. By dreameagle on May 7, 2012 | Reply

    Sexy Nightmare?

    more like wet dream…

    look at this last off-season and two drafts, dolt;

    Phila–picked up Buffalo’s OLT in FA and I think drafted another lineman;

    Pitt–drafted two OLs this April, designated Mike Adams their new OLT;

    Chic–drafted two OLs;

    NE–drafted an OL last April to replace Lyght, resigned Mankins;

    KC–stole Winston from us in FA, and I think drafted another OL;

    NO and Balt–exchanged OGs and each got another OL, as well;

    Buffalo and SD–resigned or replaced OLT;

    are you picking up a pattern here?

    let me make it real simple for you–the sooner Reiff takes the field at OLT and starts knocking people down on third and short, the sooner we’ll get to a SB, because paired with Sims, we’ll have at least one dominant side of the OL;

    5000 passing yards won’t get it, but 4000 with a timely 1500-2000 rushing yards by committee will–just as the New York Giants…again…

  29. By dreameagle on May 8, 2012 | Reply

    so, Twentyman, how does this domination of Backus by good DEs justify our NOT going out til this draft and getting a superior OLT?

    why not Tyron Smith last year, or Nate Solder, or the kid from some Ohio university this draft?

  30. By bizmarce on May 9, 2012 | Reply

    you should consider a rehab. Do you not have a life outside of this forum? You dominate it with such negativity. Consider all of the responces towards you. I suspect your ego wont allow for introspection but i am still going to attempt it. I think you could benefit from listening and watching this team as it grows and matures and sit back, relax, take a deep breath(or a hit off a blunt). with a healthy set of runners in the backfield we will be fine. Jeff and Dom will be gone shortly and then you can stress about someone else. until then just quit whinning about all that is wrong with the team and enjoy what is right about them. Just sayin

  31. By Sexy Nightmare on May 9, 2012 | Reply


    I am honored to fuel your wet dreams.

    By the way I think you’re right. We should be just put DOMINATE players at all of our positions. I don’t know why every team doesn’t do that. Someone needs to tell Mayhew that good players are better than bad players. You should run for GM. I’ll vote for you.

  32. By lookitup on May 9, 2012 | Reply

    eagle….they had a top red zone offense last year…if not THE top. I dont like the pass happy offense…running will help our defense TONS…but the league is pass happy now. We will never have a 1500 yard back again…Our line is a good pass blocking line. Stats say so…and as far as you say ‘stats dont lie’..(they work better when they are really looked at)..BUT our line cant run block to save its soul. Staffords DONE if he passes 40-50 times a game for too much longer…its in His best interest as well as the defenses to get a solid running game and throw 10 or more LESS times a game. I dont think its smart to throw so much…love watching it…but i want the Lions to control the most important part of the game : the clock.

  33. By Detroit Lions Junkie on May 18, 2012 | Reply

    Far too many injuries last year, that was our downfall. The talent is here!!!

  34. By on May 11, 2013 | Reply

    I feel like I’ve seen this blog before on , but upon taking a while on here it’s clear that this is a new web page.
    Still, I’m gonna bookmark this blog and start coming here regularly.

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