Broyles: “This weekend has been fun. It’s been a grind, guys coming in, giving all they have.”

Posted by Tara Altman on May 13, 2012 – 12:17 pm

“Man, this weekend has been fun. It’s been a grind, guys coming in, giving all they have. Today I just woke up, had an offensive meeting, walk through and then went out here on the field just cleaning up the last few days, running a couple of plays. Today was just for guys to come out here and put in what they’ve learned throughout the process. I felt like guys were more comfortable. Like I said yesterday, they’re feeling comfortable with what they’ve learned, and just fitting in more than anything.

“You leave home, you have to come out here and it’s just a different world for sure. You understand that it’s a business and guys are preparing themselves. They might put too much pressure on themselves, so you have to find a balance. A lot of these guys have been playing football for a long time, so really it’s time for them to turn it on and the next step is making the team or not making the team. I hate that I couldn’t participate. It’s just crazy.

“We started out in the receiver room, I felt like it was eight guys, a few guys got hurt and then continued to move on. Then the last day we had four receivers and then two coaches with the Lions walked over to two players and the others just walked off the field. You come here and everyone is prepared to work and you start to build a relationship over the three days and then it just comes to an end for some of the guys.

“It’s just a sad deal, they have the conditioning test, then they don’t make the team, so it’s like, ‘What was the point?’ But it’s going to motivate guys that don’t make the team, and it will motivate guys that do make the team knowing that they have a place and can feel more comfortable and just go out there and play ball.

“My fiance MaryBeth left this morning, I think she’ll make it half way and then pull over and get a hotel and then make it the rest of the way. I think I’m done around 12 o’clock tomorrow, so I’ll probably hang out a little bit. It will be good to see her. My life has been in this facility for the last three days, between the hotel and here, so hopefully I’ll get to go see some things in the area.

“We start workouts next week. We’ll do some conditioning and weight room things, so I’ll be doing that, and therapy still. I’m just inching closer and closer to getting back on the field.”

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