Lions show support for Michigan youth sports concussions legislation

Posted by Chrissie Wywrot on May 17, 2012 – 4:51 pm

(L-R) Speaker of the House of Representatives Jase Bolger, Lions Hall of Fame tight end Charlie Sanders, Lions Team President Tom Lewand and Senator John Proos

Lions Team President Tom Lewand and Hall of Fame tight end Charlie Sanders visited the Michigan Legislature earlier today at the State Capitol in Lansing to support pending legislation on youth sports concussions. They were joined by Jeff Miller, NFL senior vice president for government relations and public policy.

Similar legislation has already passed in 35 states.

During today’s session, Lewand and Miller testified before the Senate Health Policy Committee.

Lewand, Sanders and Miller met with several members of the Michigan Legislature throughout the morning. They spent time meeting with Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville in his office along with Senator Jack Brandenburg and Senator Jim Marleau. Marleau is also chairman of the Senate Health Policy Committee.

Another meeting occurred in the office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives Jase Bolger along with Senator Bill Proos, who is sponsoring the bill on youth sports concussions.

Lewand and Sanders addressed both the Republican and Democratic Senate Caucuses on this issue, and they spent time with Senator Morris W. Hood III and Senator Virgil Smith.

They also met with many representatives, including Rep. Thomas Hooker, during their visit to the Michigan House of Representatives.

NFL Health and Safety
As of April 2012, 35 states (plus the District of Columbia and the city of Chicago) have adopted youth concussion laws. The NFL supports and recognizes the laws as they represent the main principles of the Lystedt Law model legislation including:

  1. Inform and educate youth athletes, their parents and guardians and require them to sign a concussion information form;
  2. Removal of a youth athlete who appears to have suffered a concussion from play or practice at the time of the suspected concussion; and
  3. Requiring a youth athlete to be cleared by a licensed health care professional who is trained in the evaluation and management of concussions before returning to play or practice.

Concussion legislation by state

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Cosell: There’s one play that encapsulates Stafford’s 2011 season (with video)

Posted by ttwentyman on May 17, 2012 – 2:09 pm

NFL Films senior producer Greg Cosell is well respected around NFL coaching circles. His job is to essentially pour over hours and hours of game film and I tend to respect his opinion more than others because of the time he puts into the film preparation.

In Cosell’s latest blog post on NFL Films he talks about the rise of Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

“I had not carefully looked at their tape since January, and I always find it fascinating to revisit players, especially quarterbacks, with a fresh (and hopefully different) perspective,” Cosell wrote.

Cosell picked out one play from last year that encapsulates what he likes most about each player. In the case of Stafford, it was a 36-yard touchdown pass to tight end Tony Scheffler in Week 2 against the Chiefs.

“Go back to the second week of the 2011 season, against the Kansas City Chiefs. Stafford threw a 36-yard touchdown pass to Tony Scheffler that few quarterbacks would have attempted,” Cosell wrote.

“It began with his subconscious and intuitive belief that he could make the throw, and then it featured rare velocity and pinpoint accuracy. It was a snapshot of Stafford’s outstanding season, the kind of throw that distinguishes great NFL passers.

“When you get a chance to see every throw quarterbacks make, and just as importantly, the ones they don’t make, you get a clearly defined picture of the difference. Stafford is only in the early stages of his career, but there’s no question he’s near the top of the charts when it comes to throwing ability. The more snaps he takes, and the more he learns, the better he will get.”

Coming from Cosell, Stafford should take that as a great compliment.

P.S. I always love watching this highlight for the simple fact of Scheffler’s touchdown celebration.

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