Broyles on Day 2 of the NFLPA Rookie Premiere: “Overall, this has been a humbling experience.”

Posted by Tara Altman on May 19, 2012 – 1:44 pm

“Man, last night was a great celebrity flag football game, guys were out there competing, it was a good time. The guys that were part of the premiere, we went out there and got introduced, the crowd showed us much love, we got out there, threw the football around, signed autographs – so it was very entertaining.

“On top of that, the flag football guys, the celebrities that were a part of it, one of my favorite childhood artists, Mario, was there, so I got to talk to him and took a picture with him. Sean Astin, from the Rudy and Lord of the Rings, he was there too, so I took a picture with him and talked to him for a little bit. That was a great experience. I saw DeSean Jackson and took a picture with him as well. There were a lot of guys, old NFL guys out there, country singers were out there, people on television shows. Overall, it was a good time with everyone. We just overall enjoyed ourselves.

“I woke up Friday morning, signed some autographs, and I would say the best part was doing some stuff for Madden. We got our headshots, got to talk so they can put us in the video game, so we did a lot of interviews just talking about Madden and if we were a gamer or not. That was a good opportunity to embrace that and be a part of the new Madden that’s coming out here pretty soon. I just did a lot of interviews, signed a lot of autographs and things for an auction for breast cancer and cancer in general.

“Just overall, this has been a humbling experience, to be a part of something like this, getting invited out here. It’s been really fun. The days aren’t as long as camp or anything like that, but they’re busy days. They keep us busy and it’s been fun to just be around everyone and see how normal these players are. We’re magnified because we play on television, but we’re just normal guys, just hanging out. It’s really been fun.

“One of the best parts has been the hospitality room. I’ve been playing ping pong with my fiance. She’s getting better than she used to be; she’s catching on quick, beating all these guys, running these guys off the ping pong table here. We played against Andrew Luck tonight, had to run him off the table twice. I wanted to play RG3, but I don’t think he wanted to get beat. They have the cameras out here, so he didn’t want to get beat on camera, I had to laugh at him about that one. Tomorrow will be our last day, so hopefully I can get some more time in on the ping pong table and get our pictures taken for the rookie cards. It’s going to be a good time.”

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