Rookie receiver Ryan Broyles on the field for Lions first OTA practice

Posted by ttwentyman on May 21, 2012 – 5:10 pm

There were little expectations that receiver Ryan Broyles would be a participant in Organized Team Activity practices this week only five months removed from ACL surgery in his left knee.

But there he was Monday, catching passes from quarterback Matthew Stafford and taking part in individual drills.

“You guys (media) have a lot more preconceived notions of where guys are than we do,” Lions head coach Jim Schwartz said when asked about Broyles’ participation after Monday’s practice.

“Every thing he does is part of a structured progression. He’s doing some individual stuff. He’s doing a little different pace than the rest of the guys. He’s still not full speed. He did some individual routes with the quarterbacks.”

Broyles was a spectator at last week’s rookie mini-camp and there was some question as to actually how much the Lions’ second-round pick was going to be able to participate in practice before training camp.

“You are not going to see him competing against any defensive backs and things like that, but we’ll start increasing his workload and increase his workload based on how his body feels.

“We sort of take each day as a new day with no real preconceived notions with him. He’s had a very good rehab. He’s doing very, very well and we’re expecting a contribution from him this year.”

Broyles is hopeful he’ll be 100 percent by training camp and fully expects to be in the lineup Week 1 against the Rams.

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14 Responses to “Rookie receiver Ryan Broyles on the field for Lions first OTA practice”

  1. By Lancemanly on May 21, 2012 | Reply

    Dang… Sounds good looks good!

    And look … there’s a spot open at third reciever if Young wants to be a boxer instead of a football player.

    Can you imagine going four wide with Young and Broyles… indefensible.

    I think long term goals is Broyles will be Nate’s replacement; age happens to everyone and the salary, but that is 2-3 yrs down the road. Nate could take a couple rings with him!

    Go Lions!

  2. By Tom Miles on May 21, 2012 | Reply

    This is awesome news, more weapons for Matt and the Lioins to open up even more touchdowns for the 2012 season. If this guy can catch passes for the Lions like he did in college, WOW!! With Megatron, Nate, Brandon, Titus, Best and the rest of the O and with the new OL protecting Matt, who will the other teams be able to cover??

  3. By Paul Notheis on May 21, 2012 | Reply

    I see an offence similar to that of the saints when they won the superbowl. Great quarterback and weapons all over the field. I think a superbowl title is closer than I have ever seen.

  4. By carol wadsworth on May 22, 2012 | Reply

    i hope all the players that have been hurt will be ready to go come September. ive been reading different things, about the new players, like Rieff, WOW what a guy, hope he can perform.i hope we see more of suh out there this year.from what i have seen you lions have an awsome team this year. Broyles is finally getting straightened out i think they all will do fantastic this year. i sure want the lions to beat the cheese heads this year, they so need to do that.hope stafford can perform and not get hurt this year, all the new guys that detroit has , it will be hard to keep track of who,s who this year.i did enjoy seeing Herman Moore this year playing basketball, he still looks good.what a wide reciever he was for the lions, he has nice hands,and can dunk a basketball. cant wait to see the first game with the lions&rams this year. Tony scheffler dont do to bad himself in basket ball.this year, i enjoyed cory schlesinger 2. he, pretty cool . i think all the lion player,s are great and i hope theycan perform well without getting hurt.i was at ford field last November, during the state championship Game with the Mendon Hornets &Fowler. what an awsome game that was this year., the Mendon coach is a fantastic coach, he knows his boys, and the boys play their hearts for him.i think it,s 11 championships in the 17 or so years he has been there. ya cant get better than that , and it,s something to be proud of. i want to thank you Tim for letting me send messages to you, you are quite the man. i really enjoy doing this.when i talk about the Mendon Hornet,s it,s a high school im talking about.

  5. By Estebanico on May 22, 2012 | Reply

    Broyles is going to be a beast but let me tell you guys this kid Edwards is gong to be the surprise! Not a surprise to the coaches or me but to those who don’t know about the kid. He is fast and was injured just like Broyles and if healthy he would have been drafted. He ran a 4.6 after surgery but this kid is 4.4 speed once healthy which he finally is getting there. He is going to be like Cruz. The Lions going to be 5 receivers deep. People thought the pass game was tight last year wait until this year. They are going to have play makers everywhere. All of these guys are great after the catch and fast. Even tho Broyles is not considered a outside and been slotted to the inside he is a kid if he sees daylight is gone and so is Edwards. The both will be good in the slot but when they get on the outside will be just as good.

  6. By Estebanico on May 22, 2012 | Reply

    Also, people are worried about the corners. Bentley and Greenwood are going to be much better than people think. It just depends on how fast these kids pick it up and progress. Plus Lacie and Aaron Berry are solid but Berry needs to stay healthy. Plus these guys will be going against Megatron and a excellence reciever core and quarterback which will challenge them everyday. Tehy are going to learn form the best. Also both Lewis from Oklahoma are going to be good and add depth. The reason the Lions pick Oklahoma guys is because the systems are the same the only difference is the terminology so these kids will be able to get up to speed fast. They already know the basic concepts. The other Lions rookies didn’t even really contribute so its almost like the Lions had two drafts in one year. A draft A and B. If the Lions can find a safety to replace Spievey and one of these kids step up and take it from him. I think the defense is going to be good. Suh get back on track and Delmas healthy we good. I like what Mayhew has done and they still not finished making the team better. We haven’t even gotten to training camp. They are building a deep team with young players behind veterans to give the young guys a chance to learn and play behind veterans. Some of them will take the veterans spot. They have gotten better as a team and actaully they where better last year not due to rookies but guys they picked up in free agency and been here for awhile. Now the Mayhew era draft will start coming to play and we really will see how much better this team has gotten. They didn’t make a splash but what people haven’t noticed is they are getting solid players that fit what they are doing and have a role for each guy based on his strengthens and weaknesses and they believe in their ability to coach a guy up. They also go after guys who want to do that and are overachievers and hard workers.

  7. By Estebanico on May 22, 2012 | Reply

    Think Leshoure, Fairley and Hogue are almost like part of this years draft. Especially Leshoure. Its funny but we drafted our back for the year and a lottery nose tackle in Fairley. FI you think of it in those terms. We had one hell of a draft!

  8. By shaun on May 22, 2012 | Reply

    All the good info about the wide receivers, and the o-line being able to work together in the offseason. So much talk about the running backs being healthy and the defense is upgraded. Wow can’t wait for this year to start. Edwards at wr is a beast and no-one is talking about him! Special teams will be upgraded as well as we get the “hammer” on the field. This guy has knockout power and plays with a chip on his shoulder. Want to take a minute and thank mayhew and schwartzy for the job they do in the draft!!!!!

  9. By Rebelyankee on May 22, 2012 | Reply

    I wish Broyles the best as with any pick if he proves worthy he will be a great asset down the road hopefully soon.
    However i gotta say i hope Leshoure is the new big star of this offense in 2012.


  10. By rockbo1955 on May 22, 2012 | Reply

    I apologize to young for my statements yesterday and i see they our not here and i am thankfull. as they say ignorance is no excuse for breaking a law so is in judging a person I no room to stand here and criticise anyone especially a player on my favorite team THE LIONS! please except my apology to the whole team for knee jerk reaction humbly william r rhoads

  11. By pat Pron on May 23, 2012 | Reply

    But what about the terrible ? and I say this nicely ? garbage secondary !! houston sucks as does berry !! spievey maybe worst safety I have ever seen anywere ? Delmas overrated and always hurt ? alphonzo smith-maybe worst cb in nfl history. please please just put in the rookies and give them a chance. I wanted to puke during the G-bay- Oakland- N,orleons games !!!!!!!!!!! We felt so bad for the offense as they gave everyone hell. maybe fairley and suh grow up and play like they are capable.

  12. By comebackcat88 on Jun 6, 2012 | Reply

    @pat Pron… the secondary is unlike any position set on the field for DB’s, more times than not you cant just throw someone in the positiion and expect a breakout season from them. those are usually reserved for the patrick peterson first round cb picks of the world. I wont argue with you that the word “Terrible” is just to describe our secondary as a whole, but individually we have some solid guys. Houston is a SOLID veteran corner who can deff step up as a dominant 1 cb this season has about as much ability as Wright did in my opinion and he was not by any stretch a db that “sucks”. Berry is basically in the same position as young and the rest of the class last year not getting much of an offseason to mesh into the team D. and the position in general. Spievey was drafted a couple yrs ago as a cb and was transitioned to a safety his rookie yr and spent a second yr with no off season as well in a new position. If you ask me jumping from a college cb to a starting safety in three yrs with no offseason gives no one the right to call him the worst safety to ever seen anywhere. if thats the case, then I take it last year was your first real look at the NFL. Delmas is deff. NOT overrated in fact I still think he is a bit underrated to the fact that he is a safety that can cover, tackle inside the box, not afraid to go up against an O-Tackle or Guard, makes big plays, and makes big hits..the only flaw in his game as a young safety I honestly see is with injuries. Now, I have nothing to argue with you in regards to Alphonso Smith and I believe one of the rookies may undoubtebly take him out of the 53 man roster in a year or so, maybe even this year. I mean J.nelson this year and Branch last year made a sad example of Smith in the DB world. as far as us covering teams like G-bay, N.Orleans, and even Oakland we were dealing with either good intelligent QBs( i.e. Palmer, Brees) or an damn near unstoppable receiving corp regardless of defenders (i.e. N.O. and G.B.) I can understand the frustration but unlike any other position set on the field the secondary is usually not an overnight fix, but rather a mesh of players abilities, consistencies and ability to read the QB and the play as a unit. deff. IMO the hardest position set in todays NFL has to be in the secondary, but no worries unlike many teams in the NFL our organization and staff see the problems that plagued the team last year and are looking for LONG TERM solutions to this problem via draft picks. and as far as our fairley and Suh. Fairley is %100 and has alot to prove, also it looks like Suh will be moved around next yr so dont be surprised if his numbers take a drastic spike from last year. People are really sleeping on Leshoure too, I personally think this kid will be a standout this year and will be a big impact in the lions run for the playoffs.

  13. By Coy on Jun 17, 2012 | Reply

    Ryan Broyles = will make an imediate impact, was the best reciever in college football, is the best at finding the open space, unbelievable vision, body control, awareness and hands.He will be the go-to guy when a first down is needed. Not just over time but from day one. I say all this one because his history and two because the other weapons on the field. It’s going to be awsome to watch the other teams pick their poison. When or how long has it been since the lions could say that.
    BTW because the lions play on turkey day i chose to have the lions as my favorite team at a very young age. like the rest of my family and almost everyone else in the great state of Oklahoma they are all dallas cowboy fans.

  14. By Coy on Jun 17, 2012 | Reply

    Been made fun of for many years by almost everyone that recognized the plates on my truck or when i would wear something with the lions on it. cant wait for all to eat crow. Also maybe now some stores where i live will have lions gear available with the train thats running from Detroit to Norman

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