Broyles: “Matthew puts the ball in places I wouldn’t think a quarterback could throw it.”

Posted by Tara Altman on May 24, 2012 – 4:38 pm

“Finally getting on the field was fun – just going out there. I’ve been working as hard as I can in therapy. I went out there and did a little bit in individual drills; they don’t want me to do anything with contact yet. I was eager to get out there today, I felt good, but coach was like, ‘Just hold off on it,’ but it’s been good.

“In the film room I’ve been learning the plays and then going out there and doing a little bit of that; got a little one-on-one with the offensive coordinator and the quarterbacks to go over some routes and get the timing down. That’s been fun.

“Matthew puts the ball in places I wouldn’t think a quarterback could throw it. He’s got a strong arm. He’s really poised, knows the offense, obviously, so it’s good to work with a guy like that. No matter where you are on the field, if he thinks he can get it there, he’s going to put it there. He’s got a great arm, the best ball I’ve ever seen thrown, so it’s cool working with a guy like that.

“Coach wanted us to come to the side after practice, we were dropping a lot of passes today. There’s a lot going on right now for the rookies, you try to learn the plays and you go out there and you can’t just play ball. You have to worry about where you’re set up and then you have to worry about reading coverages and things are moving a bit faster, so it was good to do some one-on-one stuff with coach after that and work on our motions and really just slow the game down as much as possible. The more you’re in it, the more comfortable you’ll feel, so that’s why we were out there after practice.

“The veteran receivers make you feel like you’re one of them. You see them on TV and it’s crazy and then you’re actually in the NFL now, so you’re just one of the guys. It’s a good thing. They take us in and I learn little things from them. I’m sitting back from afar watching every little thing that they do and really just try to implement it into my game. That’s the funnest part about it, just watching them work and try to do what they can.

“The Bocce event yesterday was pretty cool. I never heard of Bocce, never seen it played, so I went out there and gave it a couple of shots, it was fun.

“I’m heading back home for the weekend, leaving tomorrow to relax for a little bit, then I’ll come back in on Monday and get ready for Tuesday.”

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Report: Lions and Avril are $2 million apart per season

Posted by ttwentyman on May 24, 2012 – 2:26 pm

According to a report by’s Albert Breer, Lions defensive end Cliff Avril is seeking a four-year contract worth approximately $42 million, with half the money guaranteed.

The Lions have used their franchise tag on Avril, worth $10.6 million, for the 2012 season. Avril is one of eight franchised players around the league who remain unsigned and away from their respective clubs, hoping to instead sign long-term deals.

The Lions and Avril have until July 15 to reach a deal or he has to play under that franchise tag this season.

Breer, sighting sources close to the negotiations, says the Lions are offering approximately $2 million less per year, or around $8 million per season. He did not report the number of years the Lions are offering.

Lions president Tom Lewand told season ticketholders a couple months ago that the team has offered Cliff a number of multi-year deals.

Avril is coming off an 11-sack season in which he led the league with six forced fumbles. He’s been training away from the team while negotiations are ongoing.

If the report is accurate, it seems Avril’s asking price a lot less than the $60 and $72 million deals signed by the Chiefs’ Tamba Hali and the Panthers’ Charles Johnson, which Avril referenced after last season when talking about his value.

It certainly gives hope that the two sides can meet in the middle.

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Posted by Chrissie Wywrot on May 24, 2012 – 11:13 am

Daniel Jeremiah of has listed wide receiver Calvin Johnson as one of the seven most dominant players in the NFL today.

Says Jeremiah, “You aren’t given the nickname ‘Megatron’ for being just an above-average wide receiver. Johnson is the epitome of dominance. Everyone in the stadium knows where the ball is going and there is absolutely nothing a defense can do about it. If you are looking for a witness, give Rob Ryan or anyone in the Dallas secondary a call. As one NFC executive put it, ‘He’s a bigger, tougher Randy Moss.’”

Johnson is the only receiver on the list.

Other players include Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski, Jets CB Darrelle Revis, Cowboys OLB DeMarcus Ware, Vikings DE Jared Allen, Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul and 49ers DT Justin Smith.

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