Broyles: “This month that we have off is when I’ll be putting the work in.”

Posted by Tara Altman on June 14, 2012 – 10:04 am

“Over the past few weeks I’ve just been working, practicing, getting acquainted back home, found my house here – that’s really the big news besides football right now – coming here, continuing to learn the playbook, fitting in with the guys, building relationships – it’s been fun.

“You go from college, and you see that speed everyday, then you come here and it’s a little bit faster, but once you see that everyday, it becomes normal just like anything else. I feel like I can fit in. You start to pick up coverages and rotations, so I know what to expect.

“I’m still taking it step-by-step. When you start to feel a little bit better – which I have – that’s a blessing. I’m still doing therapy, taking precaution and things like that. I’m just doing as much as I can at this point with the physical therapist, going out there and learning the playbook and working one-on-one with the quarterbacks and the offensive coordinator everyday during special teams. It’s a learning curve, so I’m just putting in as much as I can right now just to keep me safe and then when training camp comes, I expect to be out there and ready to go.

“The meet and greet with season ticket holders was pretty cool to get an opportunity to interact with the fans. We did that a lot at Oklahoma. I’m a rookie and not many people know me, but it’s pretty cool to see them come out and support the Lions as much as they did back at home supporting the Sooners. You definitely have to have the fans on your side.

“After the final mini-camp I’m going to keep staying on my therapy, conditioning and learning my playbook. I don’t really have much time off. I’ll be taking about a week-and-a-half off for the wedding and the honeymoon overseas. It will be our first time going overseas, so that will be fun, but at the same time, I’m going to be working on my playbook, so I won’t have much of a break. Not having been out on the field with these guys, I feel like I’m a step behind, so you have to gain that somewhere. So this month that we have off is when I’ll be putting the work in.”

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