Matt Burke Travel Blog: Last day in Bangkok, then headed for adventures up North

Posted by Tara Altman on June 20, 2012 – 4:05 pm

“Today was my last full day in Bangkok and it gave me a couple cool stories. Did some more sight seeing (temples) in the morning and then was directed to this street called Soi Ban Bat, which basically translated means: Monk’s Bowl street or village. It is the last place that these artisans make the bowls that monks here use to beg for alms. They take you though this amazing process of melding the steel with copper and then hammering it out by hand and finishing it with lacquer. It was a cool off-the-path kind of adventure. I got to meet a few of the men that make these bowls and see the process (it takes five days to make one bowl).

“Then at night, reason 1000 why I love traveling. I randomly bumped into this family from Holland in my travels around the city. A father and his two college age kids, a son and daughter. After some chatting they invited me to dinner with them and we spent the rest of the night sharing food and drink and stories. Just a great way to experience the world and new people and cultures. We laughed together through the whole meal. I am finally getting settled into the city but am about to leave tomorrow for adventures up north.

“Wanted to make a correction – I actually travelled to Ireland with my friend Tim Barry (aka Sprinkles) first and then took trips with my friend Ken (as was stated in the story). Which goes to show you even travelling halfway around the world doesn’t mean you can escape the wrath of your friends who feel slighted. They will track you down!”

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