CB Aaron Berry waives preliminary hearing in DUI case

Posted by ttwentyman on July 17, 2012 – 2:18 pm

Lions cornerback Aaron Berry waived his preliminary hearing on a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence of alcohol in Pennsylvania on Thursday, according to a Detroit Free Press report.

Berry was arrested June 23 in his native Harrisburg, Pa. and was charged with DUI, two counts of accidents involving other vehicles and two counts of failure to stop and render aid and leaving the scene of an accident.

The Dauphin County (Pa.) district attorney’s office said no date has been set for his arraignment.

Berry is expected to play a major role on the Lions’ defense this season, competing for the other starting cornerback spot opposite Chris Houston.

Depending on how the legal process plays out, Berry could be facing penalty from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, though the league doesn’t typically suspend first-time offenders like Berry.

Berry’s arrest June 23 was the sixth incident involving a Lions player this offseason. Running back Mikel Leshoure pleaded guilty to two possession of marijuana charges and was suspended two games by the NFL. Defensive tackle Nick Fairley was arrested on possession of marijuana and DUI charges that are still pending resolution in the legal system in Alabama. Offensive tackle Johnny Culbreath was arrested for possession of marijuana and paid a fine.

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12 Responses to “CB Aaron Berry waives preliminary hearing in DUI case”

  1. By mike on Jul 17, 2012 | Reply

    he should have been cut, but with the shortage of quality at that position, he has to be kept……but Guther said he was their best cover man….if that is the case the Lions are in deep trouble…..

  2. By dcleve126 on Jul 17, 2012 | Reply

    it is not Just Berry it started on the field with Suh last year and has continued this off season six prime players in trouble. What is happening and who on this team will step up in the locker room and man up and let them know enough of this immature behavior for. You know the only one who can stop these Loins is these Lions and there assault on stupidity.

  3. By Oldcat on Jul 17, 2012 | Reply

    Who are these “six prime players”? You need to do a better job of comprehending the facts before commenting on solutions. Four of the six arrests involved two players. Two each for Leshoure and Fairley. Then one for Culbreath, and one for Berry. Four Lions were responsible for the six arrests. Not six…

  4. By Golferjohn on Jul 17, 2012 | Reply

    Lets not get too excited yet about the off field stuff. For the most part these are still young men who have had a bunch of money sent their way. I wonder back when I was younger along time ago, how would I have handled instant success and that kind of money and the problems it can bring. Hopefully the older and wiser veterans on the team will step up and apply a little peer pressure. For now lets get ready for camp and hope we don’t have too many injuries. Goooo Lions!!!

  5. By papavandini on Jul 17, 2012 | Reply

    If you look around, there are a lot of players on a lot of teams that have the same problems – players making the news because of off-field incidents. While I don’t condone them for their actions, it is hard to take this team to a different standard than other teams have. It is unfortunate that these young men, across the league, don’t have a higher personal integrity threshold than they do. It isn’t a problem only for the Lions, although the solution has to start somewhere, it might as well be here! Maybe they can blame the fact that due to the lock-out last year, they didn’t have to attend the otherwise mandatory training classes. . . . or maybe they just need to be taken to the woodshed.

  6. By wendymaddy on Jul 18, 2012 | Reply

    stupid is as stupid does. six incidents in the offseason say that some lions are really stupid and don’t care anything about their team or their careers. wise up, gentlemen, and don’t ever think that you will be the exception to the rule of common sense: you cannot get good out of bad. repeating the same stupid thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. o.j. simpson was a thief in the projects. he got a golden life of endorsements, movie roles, and so forth. but he did murder for money, having learned nothing and not changed his bad character a bit despite all his success, and he even beat his double murder raps, then still not having learned his lesson, he took a gun and tried to steal back his memorabilia sold to settle his debts. he thought because he got off on both murders that he could do anything he wanted and get away with it. so he rots in jail, having learned nothing and still the same rotten character he started out with. no drug, no alcohol, no thing or possession or person is worth compromising your integrity, ruining your body or your reputation, or hurting or injuring another person so you can gain from doing that. football is a game. the injuries are real. make sure you fight clean, and do your best without enhancement artificially. nature has its own rules, and you cannot win by breaking any of those rules of nature. wise up~! sleep early, get up early, do your job, keep your nose clean! Good luck!

  7. By dcleve126 on Jul 18, 2012 | Reply

    ok i got the player number wrong but you took that and dismissed the issue that there is a problem of behavior on this team. Oh yeah yes they are small and minor now but if it is not addressed does the bug hit our talented offense. You seen what happen to the steelers, letting egos and small mishaps go unchecked. I love the Lions I just want them to wiseup and play football.

  8. By Shane on Jul 18, 2012 | Reply

    This will all be forgotten when the season starts and the wins pile up.

  9. By raparisza on Jul 18, 2012 | Reply

    Lets be honest here. This is not the Vikings party boat, this is 4 individuals who each made mistakes SEPARATELY. Calvin Johnson, no problems, Mathew Stafford, no problems, Suh, no off-field problems. In fact, there are 84 Lions who have had NO PROBLEMS. So before deciding that its an “institutional problem”, look at the whole not the exceptions.

  10. By little on Jul 18, 2012 | Reply

    Why is this bum still a Lion? First of all, he couldn’t cover my 11 year old daughter. Secondly, he called US all broke and told us to go back to our nothing jobs. Third, he makes incredibly stupid decisions, both on the field and off. LOSER! He has got to go!

  11. By jaychristophercutler on Jul 18, 2012 | Reply

    Some of you people sound ridiculous lol. Even worse, you end up saying your Lions fans. There are fair points to be made here of course, but you sound like under cover Bears fans, you sound absurd. Read about the problems other teams have had during the off-season (and regulation). It’ll put this in perspective for you, and you’ll hopefully realize, while this needs to be addressed, it isn’t actually a big deal. The media is just sticking to the Lions because they are in the lime light, because everybody is expecting them to explode on to the scene this year and maybe win the NFC N in a flashy way.

  12. By UnknownWriter on Jul 20, 2012 | Reply

    I don’t see a behavior problem with this team. I see a few players making bad life choices and bad decisions. When those players underperform on the field, they will ultimately lose millions in contract money because they couldn’t keep their hands off illegal drugs or alcohol.
    If these players are going to drink or do other stuff, getting ready for training camp where they make their money that puts food on their family’s table is the wrong time to do it.

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