Source: Lions complete their practice squad roster with two more signings

Posted by ttwentyman on September 2, 2012 – 9:03 pm

The Lions have rounded out their eight-man practice squad with the signings of defensive tackle Lorenzo Washington and fullback Shaun Chapas Sunday night, according to a league source.

They join receivers Kris Durham and Patrick Edwards, offensive lineman Rodney Austin, running back Stephfon Green, cornerback Ross Weaver and linebacker Carmen Messina on the practice squad.

Washington went undrafted in 2010 out Alabama, but was signed by the Cowboys immediately after the draft. He was released before training camp because of an injury and was later signed to the Patriots’ practice squad. He wasn’t on any NFL roster last season.

Chapas was a seventh-round pick of the Cowboys last season. He began the regular season on the practice squad but joined the active roster late in the season and made his NFL debut against the Cardinals in December. He played in three games and recorded one reception for nine yards.

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford will have a mini Georgia reunion come Monday morning. Both Chapas and Durham played with Stafford at Georgia.

The Lions have not announced a transaction to make room on the 53-man roster for cornerback Drayton Florence, whom the team signed Sunday afternoon, and aren’t expected to do so until Monday.

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10 Responses to “Source: Lions complete their practice squad roster with two more signings”

  1. By Tom on Sep 3, 2012 | Reply

    I’m glad they kept Stephfon Green on the practice squad. I’d like to see him mature into a future running back for the Lions.

  2. By JP O'Flaherty on Sep 3, 2012 | Reply

    Carmen Messina has a noticeably productive pre-season for the Lions. I think they are getting to the point where we have to start recognizing young talent and developing them, and using them. For too long the Lions have lived with Free Agent players who usually are out for the bucks and lack any loyalty to their team. I think the Lewis boys from OKLAHOMA are solid prospects, as is Messina. NOT all talent in football must fulfill the prototype. Many, many times it is a guy who simply loves football, and loves to play the game (ie Spielman) those are the loyal, dedicated players to build a franchise around. We have those in Stafford, Johnson, Suh, and the epitome of a company man in VandeBosch. They need to keep Vandy as a coach when he retires.

  3. By Ken on Sep 3, 2012 | Reply

    I like what the Lions did. Even the guys that were good enough to make the team but didn’t have room made the practice squad. I’m not a Logan fan. I just don’t see it with him. He had a good season in 2010 but stunk last year. I was hoping they kept Patrick Edwards to return kicks. He is on the practice squad so he is around if we need him. I think Logan is just too small and has lost his hunger to return kicks. Go Lions.

  4. By LionsinAZ on Sep 4, 2012 | Reply

    I, on the other hand, am the biggest Logan supporter, possibly on the planet. What’s not to like about a guy who plays slot receiver, running back, kick returner and punt returner, not to mention making more than his share of tackles on special teams. Yeah he’s undersized, but he’s a shifty change of pace back who, obviously is an amazing receiving threat out of the backfield. His lack of production last year, I attribute almost exclusively to kickoffs being moved up five yards. His opportunities were almost nil, and often he attempted to make plays out of nothing. Finally, the Lions support special teams around him is one of the worst in the game. This guy is worth his roster spot.
    As for Patrick Edwards, remember, speed is not the only thing that matters in returning. Often, it’s more abilitity to read the play as it develops. That is why Ryan Broyles had a ton of success in college and will probably replace Stefan Logan (unfortunately) when he gets healthy next year.

  5. By LionsinAZ on Sep 4, 2012 | Reply

    One more comment:
    We need to re-sign Ricardo Silva to the practice squad. Immediately!
    He is a capable back-up and is reportedly the hardest worker in the secondary. Don’t let him fall to another team- we need him in our injury depleted secondary.

  6. By Big KEV on Sep 4, 2012 | Reply

    EASLEY ANYONE? big receiver 4.39 forty 6’3 217lbs on the bills practice squad…

  7. By Beege on Sep 5, 2012 | Reply

    I was kind of sorry to see that Stovall was cut from the roster-he reminded me of (an admittedly slower and less agile)Calvin Jonson. He’s(Stovall) gonna find a home somewhere in the NFL, and be a great addition to somebody’s squad.

  8. By LionsinAZ on Sep 5, 2012 | Reply

    If the Bills can’t find a way to put him on the active roster, in no way do the Lions need him. We have too many receivers as it is, since we have two very capable pass catching tight ends who don’t get enough balls to begin with. Unless he’s a Special Teams stud, which he isn’t, there just isn’t room for him on the roster.
    Stovall, on the other hand, is a bummer. He worked hard for us, was a good blocker in the running game, and did his best on special teams. I hope only for the best, and can certainly see us calling him up if anyone gets injured or our special teams struggle.

  9. By LionsFanFlorida on Sep 5, 2012 | Reply

    LionsinAZ you obviously have not been watching much Detroit football in AZ. Whats not to like about a player (logan) who plays all those positions but is good at none of them?? He has no size, no real break away speed, and is not allusive at all!! I was so sick of Detroit trying to find ways to use him and I am so glad he is gone! On the other hand, I loved Stovall. He was big and had good hands. He can be a good or even great starter somewhere. And Brown, why in the bleep did we cut him?? He did everything he could to make this team and then gets cut. Why bother bringing him in if that was the plan.

  10. By category3 on Sep 5, 2012 | Reply

    One place not to use Logan as a RB is up the middle or as a wide across the middle. Figure out how to use him, or replace him.

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