Broyles: “They don’t see what we’re developing into”

Posted by Tara Altman on October 13, 2012 – 4:41 pm

“We’re putting the first quarter behind us. We have to go out there and do what we can offensively. We’re in the top five in the league in total offense and coach has said all along that people have been writing us off, but I feel like our offense and defense is playing well.

“People who make negative comments, they just see the final score, you know, and that means a lot, but at the same time, they don’t see every play. They don’t see what we’re developing into. Just a few mistakes on special teams have put us in the hole, but we know what we have in this offense. Coach Linehan and other coaches do a good job of putting guys in the right places and we just have to continue that. I believe we’ll have a good stretch.

“Against Philadelphia, it’s going to be a man game. It’s going to be a tough game, a competitive game, especially as an outside receiver. There will be a lot of man coverage, bump coverage, so we just have to work on our technique, as far as the receivers go, and that’s what coach has been coaching all along.

“I’m back into my regular routine. I feel real good. I’m just looking for opportunities, doing what I can, and continuing to develop.”

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  1. By JP O'Flaherty on Oct 13, 2012 | Reply

    Ryan, Don’t believe for one minute, that we who criticize you Lions just see the score! I watch every second of every game and have for some 50 years! Your offensive teammates NEED to step it up and help out Matt Stafford, when they are double teaming CJ. How many catches do you, and Young have together? How about Scheffler and Pettigrew? ONLY Burelson has made a difference in some games by being an alternative. That is FIVE other talented receivers who are not doing their job, NOT doing enough, and NOT earning their paychecks! Your offense should NEVER Be stopped no matter how POORLY the running game is!
    This next draft we will target a real EVERY down RB like Trent Richardson for the Lions. Someone who plays every down, plays every game. NO injuries, on an every other game. NO POT smoking, or drunk driving, or fighting with teammates!
    You sounded like a real go getter in pre-season. You sounded like you love to play football, and want to be the best. NOW PROVE IT! Make Coach Schwartz put you in because you are too good to sit on the bench.
    The LIONS are once again a DISAPPOINTMENT so far this year! The Defense is overpaid, and lack the fire and intensity of MOST other defenses in the league, but supposedly have more talent??? SUH, FAIRLEY, DELMAS, AVRIL, LEVY, TULLOCH….they are NOT playing up to their POTENTIAL! We NEED younger, faster LBs, and some kind of DB and at least ONE new Safety!

  2. By lion O on Oct 14, 2012 | Reply

    Look here Broyles this isn’t Oklahoma where you pad your winning record with DII scrub teams and talent trumps most every week. Your right “They don’t see what we’re developing into” because, This here the Big Boy Man’s Game NFL and if ain’t know what it is. Let me break it down for you it’s a bottom line business Wins above all Scoreboard look at it he who scores more wins. Oh and way to throw you special teams under the bus.

  3. By Don on Oct 14, 2012 | Reply

    Wow, well I have to admit that our Team hasn’t started out as well as I had hoped for. Or that any of us fans had hoped for.
    However, I don’t think that I want go on the Negative.
    How are you guy’s doing at keeping this a TEAM?
    And 2ndry, You guy’s have to stick together and work this thing out Now!
    Houston and Bently can play the ball, I know cuz I’ve seen them do it before.
    Sometimes you can play that CB Position like a WR. You know what I Mean.
    Start Looking for that ball a little more and stop worrying to much about the other teams wr’s.
    And as for the Offense I don’t know what to say? Except that I know that Pettigrew can catch and it is high time that he atarts catching that ball again.
    Man that Ball is the most important thing on that field ya now? and Pettigrew you are one of my favorite players Man! Lets go! Time to rock the world Man!
    And Stafford I know that I can’t tell any QB what to do really, Cept, RELAX MAN!
    Find your Man and hit’em!
    This TEAM is More OK then everyone thinks and that includes the players that are 2nd guessing thierselves also!
    I just think that you guy’s were in a little bit of a dreamland like you were going to go out there and the other Teams were going to fall like flies stuck on fly paper.
    Well, NOPE! You guy’s have all the ability in the world to go out there and kick all of thier behinds. But Man You have to go and take it man!
    We go out believing that we cam win and they go out thinking they can win, and the Team that wants to win the most is probably going to win.
    SO, LIONS GET OUT THERE AND WIN! Make it happen.
    And try to start a little earlier, Everyone loves a comeback win. But a lot of us also enjoy blowouts. So Lions start going out and getting blowouts!
    NO EXCUSES! NONE! Don’t want to hear it !(:
    This TEAM is a GREAT TEAM! But it is a Better and happier TEAM when it is WINNING! GO LIONS!

  4. By Paresh on Oct 14, 2012 | Reply

    Well, let me first state that i am no expert of football as i was immigrant to US. and then one of my friend back in 1999, explained me this great game and i got hooked. By virtue of i was in detroit when I learned this game i became Lions fan.. but i must admit i am utterly disappointed fan now.. why this team doesn’t grow, why even Huston could quialify for play offs but Lions.. when was the last time Lions qualified for Playoffs…..

    Please pull up socks and prove that we are not just one team who plays ball.. we also know how to win and win consistently…

  5. By ron on Oct 14, 2012 | Reply

    The problem is defences are playing the pass and getting it dune. we need to switch to a two back set when this happens. Our offence is predictable and a single back is easy to key on . We should never leave the redzone with only three points.

  6. By ed on Oct 14, 2012 | Reply

    This is going to be a shootout with these terrible defenses and i tell you how to bet it right here!!

  7. By Wajiboy on Oct 14, 2012 | Reply

    You need to 2 running back set for the running game that is correct. We need to fire some of the coaching staff replace with college or even Brett Farve. And we need a big receiver to compliment CJ that guy on the practice squad we got from seattle because those little other rats we got aren’t doing anything. The defense only has 3 players with potenial and everyone esle needs to be let go or perhaps the coach the sucks too. The team is not as wonderful as everyone made them out to be that actually were a 6 or 8 game team in the previous. So if you idiots can’t see that then you need to watching tennis or some other sport ok. If I was coaching now I would be very aggressive on offense trick that silly running game in the quarters 1 and 2 and use it later. I would bliz on defense even if they scored because they score anyways as we can’t hold them on a third and long. Then I would clean up in the draft and with trades. They had an opportunity to strengthen our team team but stupidness once again. Just think if we got Marshal and the running back Chicago have what a difference that would have made.

  8. By Sagmich on Oct 14, 2012 | Reply

    A few mistakes on Special Teams??? Give me a break. I do watch the entire game and have seen so many missed tackles on both offense and defense. Awful route running by the Wide receivers. Stafford getting clocked because the O line cannot protect him. The RB’s not able to get anywhere due to poor blocking. Just way to much going on. Stupid penalties. Broyles, shut your pie hole and go out onto the field and prove you are a NFL wide receiver. Prove by doing Broyles!!!

  9. By hiloguy on Oct 14, 2012 | Reply

    Broyles?That draft pick and the rest of our F’dup draft picks are why we took a step back this year!The lions are weak on special teams because we had a bad draft and we did not address the secondary. The lions can not draft for best available anymore,the could in the past because they were so bad that anybody they got was an upgrade,those days are over thank you jesus!

  10. By rockbo1955 on Oct 14, 2012 | Reply

    I want to apologize for the remarks being made here on this site! Real fans support the team first and foremost! These QB,RB,GM,Head Coaches or all armchair caller and have no jobs in the NFL! this is not fantasy football or Madden football game! This is a good team that will come through and win! This can be a positive team and Schwartz is a good coach! If the constant self destructive comments on here and the sports reports! become more positive and we our behind the Team ! were more prevalent on these boards It would go a long way in helping the problem! Instead of constant bashing and acting like spoiled children! The team might be able to come out and play the football we know they can play! GO LIONS!

  11. By LionHeart on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    Hey Ryan! Thanks for the post. I love getting your take on the season.
    Don’t pay attention to the haters, even when they post on this site. You’ve been a great addition to the team, as have all the 2012 class. Keep working and keep posting. I can’t wait to read your posts from the playoffs.

  12. By Ryan Broyles on Oct 16, 2012 | Reply

    Shut up fools. Go Coach Soccer.

  13. By Bjorn Toulouse on Oct 16, 2012 | Reply

    Broyles is a standup guy. He always supported his team mates here at OU and was a team Player. He will be a pleasant surprise for the Lions because he is a character guy who runs great routes and has fantastic hands….. wait and see.

  14. By marty on Oct 16, 2012 | Reply

    Go coach soccer,That’s a good one!!LoL I for one would like to see Ryan out there more. my bet would be he could turn in to another big threat.

  15. By jordan on Oct 16, 2012 | Reply

    real fans only just wait

  16. By soph on Oct 17, 2012 | Reply

    Broyles, please forgive our fans for being too critical. There is a reason why we are fans and not coaches or players. Many of us have watched a lot of football. Many of us has played football at some level. But the only people who really know are you guys who put in all of the blood and sweat and time on the field. Many don’t realize you only have a couple seconds to get open 10-15 yards down field with someone all over you. I bet most of us can’t even get down field that fast without anyone covering us! Routine catches and plays only look easy because you guys practice it again and again. Keep ballin out and we’ll keep on cheering. Winning is the cure for all the haters out there, so if you want to shut them up, that’s how you do it. Good luck!

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