Johnson has been oh so close to five more touchdowns this year

Posted by ttwentyman on November 5, 2012 – 12:24 pm

Every week Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson are made available to the media and every week, without fail, each one is asked at least once why they haven’t connected for more touchdowns.

Stafford and Johnson should just open up with their comments to the question, since they both know it will be asked soon enough.

Johnson leads the Lions with 48 catches for 767 yards, but only has one touchdown on the season. Sunday in Jacksonville, Johnson had seven catches for 129 yards and nearly had his second touchdown of the season, but was tackled at the 1-yard line following a 38-yard reception.

That scenario has been more common that you might realize.

Johnson has been tackled at or inside the 2-yard line five times this season, including four at the 1-yard line. That’s an amazing stat if you think about it. He gets in even three of those times and people probably aren’t asking the question.

Johnson’s Close Calls:
Week 1 vs. St Louis — 10 yard reception in second quarter — tackled at the 1-yard line
Week 3 at Tennessee — 9-yard reception in third quarter — tackled at the 1-yard line
Week 5 at Philadelphia — 20-yard reception in fourth quarter — tackled at 1-yard line
Week 6 at Chicago — 6-yard reception in third quarter — tackled at 2-yard line
Week 8 at Jacksonville — 38-yard reception in second quarter — tackled at 1-yard line

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7 Responses to “Johnson has been oh so close to five more touchdowns this year”

  1. By LionHeart on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Those are crazy stats. CJ is a beast. I love watching that guy. Nobody like him.

  2. By Edward Covey on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    Not too mention the one(s) he dropped in or close to the endzone. And of course the phantom offensive pass interference where the CB got an Oscar. His play is not as far off as the media would have you believe.

  3. By rockbo1955 on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    CJ is doing what he is suppose to do with all the double and triple team he still catching the ball and playing injured every week! The team must look at his professional and strong will to play with that bump knee and he is still producing out on the field that is why he is one of team captains and let his action speak for him! I am so thankful he plays for the lions! GO CJ GO LIONS!

  4. By JP O'Flaherty on Nov 5, 2012 | Reply

    I understand that CJ is the center of attention when the Lions are in the red zone, but still he is your surest bet for a catch and TD even if he is covered 2-1. I think soon Broyles will rise to that level, and Young could if he got all of the punk crap out of his head and concentrated on being a good football player. That is really where character comes into the mix. YOU could not ask for a QB with more character, or a superstar WR with more character than Stafford and CJ! Pettigrew needs to prove he can be the go to receiver if CJ is swamped with little CBs, and scheffler and Broyles are always great options. Young has yet to step up and be consistent as an open receiver, who makes the tough catches.

  5. By Sop Noch on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    It’s only a matter of time. You can’t stop CJ at the 1 everytime. He’ll get his TD’s. I’m just glad he such a team player. All he cares about is winning. He doesn’t care who get the TD as long as they get in the endzone.

  6. By Sagmich on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    Calvin will get his touchdowns no doubt about that. What I was happy about was that the Lions worked on things they needed to, like the running game. When you play teams that are subpar like the Jags and the Chiefs you work on your issues. The only thing I did not like was at the end of the game when the defense allowed those two touchdowns and one, two point conversion. The defense let up. The Lions should have gotten out of Jacksonville with a 31 to goose egg. Hope they can do the same to the Vikings Sunday.

  7. By j on Nov 6, 2012 | Reply

    Amen all, the important part is that he’s getting us to goal line situations, and that they’re converting the possessions to TD’s instead of FG’s. He will definitely get his. He’ll hit 1000 yards in the next 2-3 games most likely and that’s WHILE nursing an injury, imagine Megatron at 100%?!?! Scary!

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