Lions offense finding its groove in the first half

Posted by ttwentyman on November 22, 2012 – 3:27 pm

The Lions offense has found its groove.

Matthew Stafford and Co. scored a touchdown on it’s first possession of the game — the first time they’ve done that this season — and kept on clicking to the tune of 21 first-half points against the league’s fourth-ranked offense.

Stafford threw for 246 yards in the first half with touchdown passes to Calvin Johnson (22 yards) and Mike Thomas (5).

His 246 yards are the fourth-most in the first half of a game in his career.

His favorite target has been Johnson, who has 103 yards on five catches. It’s Johnson’s fourth-straight 100-yard game and he’s now passed 1,200 yards receiving on the season.

Defensively, the Lions have held a potent Texans offense to 165 yards with just 33 rushing.

Despite holding the halftime lead and playing well on both sides of the ball, there are still a couple adjustments the Lions can make:

–They need more production out of punter Nick Harris, who’s struggled to get both distance and hang time on his punts. This is the second consecutive game Harris has struggled. He’s averaging just 37 yards per punt on three attempts in the first half.

–Most of the Texans yardage on offense has come via big plays in the passing game. Receiver Andre Johnson has a 43-yard reception and a 37-yarder. That’s almost half of their entire first-half production.

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12 Responses to “Lions offense finding its groove in the first half”

  1. By JP O'Flaherty on Nov 22, 2012 | Reply

    Well, the Lions Offense played great today, until it came to the point of picking up another 10-15 yards to make it an easy field goal. Like they did in the GB game at the 10 yard line, they ran the ball 2x, instead of throwing 2-3 passes to gain additional yardage. WHY?????? The game is on the line, you don’t run the ball from the 34 yard line when you could throw 2 safe passes to CJ and make it an easy game winning field goal.
    I think Broyles and Thomas did a nice job replacing Young, Broyles should become the permanent starter. Also, bench Pettigrew and start Scheffler until Pettigrew decides he can hang on to important game changing passes. Both RBs did a nice job. You can see ther disgust and frustration in Matt’s eyes, and CJ has to be getting tired of the same old thing every game. Why is it our defensive line can’t break through and get some sacks? JJ Wattts did it almost at will today, and again today Matt took at least 2 late hits if not three, and one was helmet to helmet.

  2. By rockbo1955 on Nov 22, 2012 | Reply

    sounds like sour milk and they won that game that player was down and the ref did not see the play and refuse because of the red flag thrown to soon! they refused to look at it because of that! they gave the game to tex fact that created a ten point swing !NFL is a joke!

  3. By elbato on Nov 22, 2012 | Reply

    Not only did the Officiating Crew cheated the Lions on one play, but 2 plays. The officating Crews 2 decisions on 2 separate plays literally ensured a victory for Houston. The fumble return on a punt and the no call for a downed runner sealed Detroit’s fate. And then for good measure to ensure their incompentence cannot be displayed to the world again, Unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The NFL quick solution to a poor call. Meanwhile the NFL Bosses ket this kind of behavior of their Officiating Crews stand. But Suh, he is the black mark on the NFL. We must drive him out of the game when garbage fines and suspensions. Suh is the best thing the NFL has going for it. He is a hard nosed player not a pansy like so many so called superstars and elite teams in the league. I have just one question for the NFL Bosses: Is it now an Official NFL League Policy that all the Officiating Crew who are assigned to a Lions game do every thing possible have the most bias officiating against the Lions as possible. I have seen several games this season alone that it does appear that that is true. Even the analysis calling the games can’t figure out how the officals can make these calls. Please tell me I am wrong and I am imagining this. It has been happenning for the last several season. Please tell me there is no NFL Official Policy against the Lions or is this just rogue official spoiling the game.

  4. By jordan on Nov 23, 2012 | Reply

    BAD Call”s by the ref’s .

    The team looked good in the game and like usually the get rip off.
    just a down year. dam!!!!!!!

  5. By Sagmich on Nov 23, 2012 | Reply

    Wtih all the penalties that the refs did not call on the Texans. The asshole of a coach that we have in Schwartz throwing the red flag when he knew it was wrong to do so what a jerk. The Lions did not score. They were down there twice and did not even come away with a field goal. Of course not getting down close enough for an easier field goal old reliable was not. 47 yards he usually hits those and even though the toss was off Nick righted the ship and to be honest I never saw those things affect Hansen. Rockbo the red flag was not thrown to soon he should have never thrown
    it is a penalty and then they do not review the play. Schwartz is an idiot. He has no discipline keep the damn red flag in your pocket when you know you cannot throw the damn red flag!!!!! That just shows you if he has no discipline what does that say for this coach staff.

  6. By Josh on Nov 23, 2012 | Reply

    Why is bell not our featured back? I like mikel but bell is just more explosive. I appreciate what Jim has done for our team. It’s amazing how fast people forget how bad we were before his arrival. With that being said, he needs to control his emotions. It’s clear that it trickles down to the players. Tired of watching the dreadful play calling, the defense playing good till it really matters, and pettigrew dropping pass after pass. Unfortunately, I’m still gonna watch. My 4 year old switched teams this year cause I always come home and say the lions lost.

  7. By doug on Nov 23, 2012 | Reply

    once again a disgrace for the lions,, Ford,, first of all as a season ticket holder , the NFL is a scam,,, i want my money back,,, this is not a sport,,, it is a play,, the game was riigged,, just look this morning is “Swartze taking blame,, did ever one forget about the call, and that wasnt the only one ,, almost all lions recievers were tackled (called pass interferance) on every plaly, how much did the Texans pay the officials for this one

    FORD is advertising ford tough,, where is the toughness,,

    after that call swatz should have went out to the referee and took care of business, get into his face, stand up for your team,,
    how about the management stand up for team

    How about Ford,, stand up for your team,

    i told my family at thanksgiving dinner,, which were their to,, i am defintly not ever buyi a Ford vechical,, they dont stick up for their team,,their fans,,

    definitly thinking of ending my season ticket status


  8. By doug on Nov 23, 2012 | Reply

    nfl is a play,, and refs or deciding who wins

    let the players play,,

    the nfl is a scam

    and my last reply was deleted

  9. By Hogfish on Nov 24, 2012 | Reply

    Thanksgiving was a very emotional game. NFL has their favorites, and the Refs protect them from the booth to the tourquise shirt guy. Year end and year out. The Lions were the best team, and the Refs did everything they could to protect the league favorite Texans. The no whistle especially after the Houston RB got up and was running, Where was the whistle!!! Perfect example of the Refs protecting Houston. As a fan sitting there cheering on my team to see the non calls, the slighted calls, and the openly negligant calls. I guess the league hates Detroit so much they have to openly cheat and allow the world to laugh at us. The Suh issue was no issue. The Houston QB deliberately over reactted (the flop play). Shockingly the Refs who watched the play made no call. The QB tried to draw a penalty and it did not work. Oh, the networks have to make an issue out of nothing. Suh is not the dirtest player in the league that belongs to Urlacher, Mr. It is okay for you spear players. The Lions beat Houston and the networks and the League does not like it. Pettigrew had a bad game or the Lions would have easily won that game by two touchdowns.

  10. By Dave "Waz" on Nov 25, 2012 | Reply

    As good as a game that we played, we did more to loose it than win it. Dropped passes, an emotional coach making a bad decision on flag incident, and we played to “not loose the game” rather than “to win it”. We suddenly got conservative in OT and opted to run 2 plays rather than pass to improve our position. Jason Hanson is a class guy to take the bullit for the team but it is not entirerly on his shoulders. Ten yards closer and it’s between the uprights. We suddenly hit the breaks and loose our aggresiveness. On the Suh suject, in real time it certainly looked like BOTH legs were whipped around from going over an opposing player. His head is down, not looking at the QB, and accidently making contact. Of course they always show the slow-mo version because that does make it look a little closer to an intentional kick. The medias intention. You can take every player in the league and in slow motion make him look guilty of something. Boomer, you were a below averge QB on a high-market team. That doesn’t make you great. That doesn’t even make you good. When the day comes, I’ll let you know when your opinion means something to me. That’s if I even care to walk across the room and share it with you.

  11. By sm980268 on Nov 26, 2012 | Reply

    We know what the offense is capable of. The offensive line pass protection has been stellar,but run blocking is vanilla. Maybe with new Rookie running back Lassure there will be big improvement. Defense what can you say untill we have all secondary starters to help the front seven. The front seven have basically keep us in every game. The bad games have really been turn overs. Titus young thinks hes ready for a pro bowl, NOT!!!!. Burlesson is good but not motitvated. Rookie receivers look promising. Stafford just needs support with the run and not try to win on every pass. Sm MI>

  12. By RANDY on Nov 27, 2012 | Reply

    Yes!!!! Lions are so electrifying to watch,WOW! If Only Forsett would have stayed down by contact of Texans. That TD Did Not count. Lions actually won that game 31 to 24 in 4 quarters of Play. Well, They could still win the rest of their games and hopefully get the last wild card. I love to watch the Lions Play. Broyles Good addtion to team!!

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