Calvin Johnson returns to practice; three starters still missing

Posted by ttwentyman on December 27, 2012 – 1:00 pm

Fresh off last night’s announcement that he has received his third-career Pro Bowl nod, receiver Calvin Johnson returned to Detroit Lions practice Thursday after missing Wednesday with a sore knee and ankle.

Johnson was voted a starting NFC receiver in the Pro Bowl by the fans, players and coaches Wednesday night. It’s his third-straight Pro-Bowl selection.

Johnson needs 108 yards Sunday vs. Chicago to become the first receiver in NFL history to reach 2,000 yards in a season. He already owns the single-season record with 1,892 yards.

He’ll have to get around Pro Bowl cornerbacks Charles Tillman and Tim Jennings to get the record, though. The Bears held Johnson to his lowest output of the season (three catches for 34 yards) in their first matchup back in October.

The Lions were still without tight end Brandon Pettigrew (ankle), safety Louis Delmas (knee) and defensive tackle Sammie Hill (toe) for the portion of practice open to the media. All three players missed practice Wednesday, too.

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3 Responses to “Calvin Johnson returns to practice; three starters still missing”

  1. By simms on Dec 27, 2012 | Reply

    Delmas, what a sissy, gets paid to ride the bench and piss and moan about a sore knee, old man fool is going to keep all the coaches, shows he has no sense what so ever, get used to more losing years lions fans,, GO BEARS

  2. By Sagmich on Dec 27, 2012 | Reply

    So what’s new with this organization?

  3. By mickd on Dec 28, 2012 | Reply

    I don’t believe anyone on the Lions organization who says they need a win against the Bears. You don’t want to get your ass kicked but you definately don’t need a win. I understand to don’t prepare to lose but reduce your chances with restricted player play. Spare Delmas knees, their is no reason he should play and anyone else who has a lingering injury. With a loss their is a chance the Lions might get a team to move up the draft and get a needed quarterback. By only moving down possibly one or two spots and get a second and third this year and a first next year, in addition to some lofty picks in 2013. This is the true need of the Lions.

    You need to sign Delmas, with a bonus for games played( big money ) and a lower base salary saving you cap money if he’s injured and can’t play. You must draft a safety to play along side of Delmas to consolidate your backfield. That is your second pick. This safety needs to be tall and fast and can tackle. Must have a history of no major injuries. To many long runs have killed this teams winning ways.

    You must find a way to sign Cliff Avril. Mayhew must be a magician for this feet to occur. But I believe this is critical to the Lions having a impressive defensive line. Part of the winning puzzle piece is you must draft a freekish athletic defensive end to terrorize the NFC north quarterbacks allowing you a chance to win the division. I don’t know who that player is. Could it be Damontre Moore, the Germinator or Barkevious Mingo. That’s your first draft pick That means you must let Kyle go, and that sucks, because he was an important piece to show the young bloods how to be a winner in this league.

    Two conclusions need to be made if they haven’t already. Is Javid Best going to return and is Titus Young going to return? You need to compliment your brawn between the tackle running backs with speed. If Best is going to return and Young is not you need a tall speedy wide receiver to complment Calvin such as Jordan Matthews or Markus Weaton. If Best is not returning before the April draft I would pick Kenjon Barner or Michael Gillislee. Both have speed an can catch the ball out of the backfield. If both Best and Young are returning then I would pick a replacement for Logan by picking Denard Robinson. Robinson could help in the pass on flairs or end around in the running game. He could return kicks and possibly punts. That means if you pick a running back or a wide receiver you need to pick up a pick in the third to obtain Denard Robinson.

    Is there a fifth round pick from an obscure tier 3 college that has a gem offensive guard or center. . An offensive guard who could help out this year and replace someone the following year. This would be the icing on the cake for the Lions 2013 -14 season.

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