Lions not taking care of the football again vs. Bears

Posted by ttwentyman on December 30, 2012 – 3:46 pm

There were five keys I pointed out before the game as vital for the Lions to play the role of spoiler today vs. Chicago.

Unfortunately, they aren’t doing a good job with any of them and trail 20-10 at the half.


The number that made the biggest difference in the Lions’ 13-7 loss to the Bears back in October was four Detroit Lions’ turnovers. The Lions lost the turnover differential 4-0, with two of them coming in the Bears’ red zone.

It’s more of the same today as the Bears have turned three Lions’ turnovers into 13 points.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford has been responsible for two of them with a fumble and a badly overthrown interception.

Joique Bell had the other with a fumble on a kickoff return.

The Lions aren’t good enough on offense right now to overcome turnovers.


The Lions have done a pretty good job pressuring Bears quarterback Jay Cutler but haven’t been able to finish the job. Cutler’s been on the run for most of the first half and fumbled because of pressure in the first quarter.

The Lions have failed to record a single sack, though.

Cutler is 8-of-15 passing for 155 yards with a touchdown pass in the first half.


The Bears scored five defensive touchdowns during their 7-1 start. But they’ve scored just twice since, both coming last week in a 28-18 win over Arizona.

They haven’t scored on defense so far in this one, but they’ve set their offense up at the Lions 24-, 23- and 10-yard lines after three Lions turnovers.

That’s almost as good as a score.


The Lions haven’t scored once on defense this season. When they won 10 games last season, the defense scored five times.

They were given a prime opportunity to make a big play and possibly score early in the first quarter on a Jay Cutler fumble, but defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch couldn’t pick up the football. Instead, it was recovered by Bears running back Matt Forte at midfield.

At the very least if Vanden Bosch falls on the ball the Lions are looking at great field position. The Bears punted after the fumble and the Lions took over at their own 9-yard line.

The ball hasn’t bounced the Lions way very much this season. They’ll need it to bounce their way over the next 30 minutes to snap their seven-game skid.


Calvin Johnson already broke the single-season receiving record and has 1,915 receiving yards and five touchdowns on the season. His pursuit of 2,000 yards is off to a slow start with two catches for 23 yards in the first 30 minutes.

Johnson is currently 85 yards short of 2,000.

Kris Durham caught his first NFL touchdown pass right before the end of the half on a 25-yard connection from Stafford.

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6 Responses to “Lions not taking care of the football again vs. Bears”

  1. By Moe Lester on Dec 30, 2012 | Reply

    cant even get one win on the way out the door, way to suck guys

  2. By lionnuts on Dec 30, 2012 | Reply

    Hey Gunther, the 90’s called it wants the wide nine defense back.

  3. By JP O'Flaherty on Dec 30, 2012 | Reply

    The absolutely most disappointing factor to me is that CJ did not get 2000 yards and Matt did not break 5000 yards again. Clearly CJ had several balls that he failed to catch, and Matt missed at least one. I was disappointed in how the Lions let the Bears dominate the time, and that limited CJ’s chances to make catches. Both the 2000 yards and Matt’s 5000 were easily attainable with better play calling. This was a totally F—ed up season. I am not at all happy with all of the time Delmas takes off during the year, and Avril’s production per his raise in salary. I would try to make a trade for either or both. This would be a good year to pick up an extra #1 in the draft. Also, I’d keep that tall kid (Matt’s buddy) around, and Robiske. We got allot of defensive players taking up allot of cap $$$ for questionable production.

  4. By ghost on Dec 30, 2012 | Reply

    Things will never change as long as things do not change from the top down. William Clay Ford needs to turn this over to his son. Then a review of the GM and coaches need to take place. We need to take a close look at Stafford. What happened this year? We may need all new coaches, GM and look at quarterbacks. I don’t know. I’m feeling like it is really hopless. The lions will always be also rans basement dwellers.

  5. By Dennis on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    Wide receivers, TE’s are obviously the strength of this team. Robiske is no slouch. I think the Lions need to shore up that secondary if they are ever going to compete in this Division. Cornerbacks and Safety should be targeted in this up coming draft. In addition add a linebacker or two and replace Tullock .

  6. By Cashed out on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    Just like any other business, it starts from the top down. It’s the ownership who is allowing all the bad to continue and keep giving it another year, it is embarrassing and as long as William clay ford owns the team nothing will ever change. The couches and the GM’s are not going to fire themselves, they are getting paid great money to do a bad job, as long as the ford’s own this team we will never be winner, and for that reason I will never cheer for the lions until we get a owner who truly cares about giving this city a winner. mCome on wiiliam ford, I’m sure you don’t need the money, and its not like you really care about the team winning a Super Bowl, why don’t just sell the team, make us all happy and let us enjoy a good football team on a consistent basis.

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