Lions top adjusted strength of schedule list

Posted by ttwentyman on January 9, 2013 – 5:10 pm

An interesting chart on offers a look at just how difficult the Lions’ schedule was this season. took a look at the adjusted strength of schedule, which removes each team’s head-to-head result from the combined winning percentage of its opponents.

Lions opponents were 12-4 against them this season, raising those teams’ combined winning percentage. When ESPN subtracted those 16 Lions games from the total equation, opponents finished with a .554 win percentage (144-110-2), which is the highest total in the NFL.

The Cardinals were second with their opponents having a .550 win percentage.

As the chart confirms, the Lions did indeed have the NFL’s toughest schedule in 2012.

It’s certainly no excuse, however, to end 4-12 on the heels of a 10-win season and a playoff berth.

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  1. By WILL ROCK on Jan 10, 2013 | Reply

    I have a few thoughts on this years draft. I have been a fan for my whole life as long as I can remember and my family is from Detroit. I though I would share some ideas and whether it gets to anyone or anyone cares is up to you.

    Why we dont draft a running back in RD 1? Why we dont draft the best available approach? This is what I am covering.

    You shouldnt draft a RB early because they cost too much money and most of them become a bust anyway and cap money is tight. The Lions can wait till a later round or free agency to get a solid guy to fill Javhid Best’s role. Most importantly Stafford needs a stronger line to keep him on his feet and healthy. The lions have 2 productive RB’s in Leshoure and Bell that were basically rookies in my eyes. Next year they will be more sure footed and comfortable in the system and healthy. Giving them a hole to run through and some blocking and the Lions will be a true threat on the ground. Its time to build the CORE and “DEFENSE” wins championships. By establishing a new core of lineman with Reiff at this point is the best option with 2 of the first 3 picks.

    Second, I would like to express that this approach of best available only works when you have the pieces you already need to win and your adding depth. The lions “NEED’ starters not developmental players for the future. Draft to fill a need and to “WIN” now not later!

    Lastly, I would like to add that the defense this year was horrendous! I mean a few plays on either side of the ball and its a playoff year again! What makes me sick is that no one played like a team when it counted. There were too many players up for contract and I feel they were playing for their own stats and health. By getting hurt or having an average or worse season they knew they were not marketable. The Lions cannot afford to have all these 1 and 2 year contracts. By giving longer term contracts and the players a sense of security to go “PLAY” football and most importantly the way they know how. Too much stress on the players mind about contracts and injury resulted in selfish play and locker room dysfunction.


    In this case I suggest drafting best available in that position not best available at any position. Oh and trade Cliff Avril or Nick Fairley…..Get some corners and safety’s and let Willie Young play

    I love my LIons and We will continue to buy season tickets as we have for 32 years as a family. Lets just hope theres some passion and fire this next year and the willingness to play as a team!!!

    GO LIONS!!!


    YOUR #1 FAN


  2. By kickaxe on Jan 11, 2013 | Reply

    This is just another excuse for a lousy season. I would like to know what same “adjusted strength of schedule list” looked like last year. I bet it was one of the easiest!

    This is the same crap the Lions suffered through under Wayne Fontes.
    Hard schedule= bad record “fire Wayne!” chants

    Easy schedule= “We are on our way to the Superbowl!”

    This team is mediocre at best. It will continually be exposed by the strength of it’s opposition. I’m sure the NFL will give them a powder-puff schedule this year and they will get back to around 10 wins and all will be well for another season in Detroit. All the fans will be suckered into believing that Mayhew and Schwartz got the message and turned this ship around.

    Unfortunately for us fans this will only prolong our suffering through poor personnel decisions in the form of more bad draft picks and over paid,under performing free agents. We will also have to suffer through Scwartz and his lack of discipline approach and stubborn unwillingness to change anything.

    I warn Lion’s fan now: Get ready for AT LEAST 2 more years of the “Same Old Lions” These clowns running the program are not going anywhere because they will barely beat the bad teams that the NFL will “award” them with, and in turn will provide the Lions with a favorable schedule for finishing with such a poor record this year. And because the Lions are a mediocre squad they should be able to escape with a winning record against inferior opposition like they did in ’11.

    Then when the ’14 season rolls around and they get a tough schedule we will have the same result as this season. This will also benefit the Ford family in only having to pay Schwartz for one buy out season as opposed to the 3 they SHOULD BE paying him now. After all, to the top brass “running” this team, football is a business to them, a BIG MONEY business. I don’t see any fans giving up their season tickets or burning their CJ jerseys so from the business aspect, the Lions are a profit making machine wether they are winning or losing. Kind of remind you a Lion’s era in the past. Mediocrity was the norm, the seasons went up and down based on the team performance from the prior year, the fans wanted a coaching change yet the Ford’s still were making money hand over fist (enough to get a new stadium deal) and we had one super star to keep us interested enough to come back for more. Sound familiar? SAME OLD LIONS!

  3. By Black Wolf Standing on Jan 12, 2013 | Reply

    Will Rock: Nick Fairley is quickly becoming the best DT we have. Have you seen some of the moves and plays he makes. Unless he asks for a $10 million per year contract (which he may be worth next year), he’s your budget DT.

    And I don’t think you get the concept of best available the Lions use in drafting. First, they get a list of all positions that have to be filled. Then they scout potential players to fill those positions. They also scout other talented players that may have the potential to become ‘core’ players even if they don’t have a desperate need at the position. They then place all the players on their board and rank them. Then when draft comes, they select the best available player on their board. So, the system they use does NOT totally ignore need. It just brings in talent.

    Now drafting for position or need tends to create reaches. The example: Last year there was two QB’s that stood out and that was about the depth of the QB’s. Five teams drafted QB’s in the first round because of need. Two of those first rounders made the playoffs. None remain. QB Russel Wilson was picked in the third round where his talent placed him. Besides Luck and RG3, all the other QB’s were a stretch to take in the first round. If the Lions started drafting on need, they will get into positions where they will be reaching to get talent. They could just wait a round to pick up a player they need and draft talent. But with setting up the entire draft for need, they would not have any talent outside the need on their board. Then everybody will be mad that the Lions picked a reach instead of some young stud that they really didn’t have a need for.

    We might just get this years Butkus award winner with the best talent available technique to improve our LB corps. But we may have to pass on him if we determined that we needed a corner more than a LB. Or vice versa.

  4. By Will Rock on Jan 12, 2013 | Reply

    Drafting for need doesnt mean your reaching or wasting available talent. There are plenty of good offensive lineman, linebackers, corners, safeties and defensive ends worthy in this draft to be starters. The Lions have pick #5 which means they will have a very good chance to get high talent picks. So my theory still remains that the Lions need to address the need and not depth. Look at this last years team. Too many injuries, too many players drafted with lingering injuries, too many players with attitude problems and too many players getting arrested!! Thats what you get when you draft for bargain players becAuse your CAP is too full. Its tine to address the defense and cut the slacker non producing arrogant players! Yes I do understand the system Mayhew uses. Ive been doing this for 32 years. I dont line his system and think theres better ways to go about having success. The lions cannot pass on an offense lineman fron Alabama or a corner ir safety from Georgia, south carolina or lsu. They definately cannot pass on a Manti Teo! Its not a usual pick 5 to go for a linebacker but hes a class act and great locker room guy which the Lions need most. Not to mention his physical attributes. I dont trust Fairley, Suh or Avril. Too inconsistant and too many off field issues or greedy play. Its time to go big or sell the team!

  5. By Don on Jan 13, 2013 | Reply

    Of course the Lions had the toughest adjusted strength of schedule! Each of their opponents got a free win when they played the Lions!

  6. By Will Rock on Jan 15, 2013 | Reply

    I firmly believe in a few of your remarks. The lions need to do a lot!! Period!! Firing all the assistant coaches was a good idea. But bringing in mediocre replacements!!???? Really??? Comon man!!! The Lions need big names and proven track records for coaches and assistants and hell the physical therapist too!! I give this coaching staff one more chance and if the team isnt 110% better next year then fire everyone, sell the team and I will find a new team myself. I mean, we have some really big pieces to the puzzle and the longer they wait the older they get and another Barry Sanders story is made. Like i said, its time to go big or go home!! Go after big name players, spend the money in free agency and or make some big trades for Cliff Avril, Fairley or Suh. The lions need a strong defense to win. Its a proven fact that teams with a top 10 defense, that make plays, get turnovers, are disciplined on both sides of the ball, win championships!!! Im sick of penalties and those that come at a critical time. I could care less about strength of schedule because every team can beat eachother on any given Sunday!

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