Roary meets up with his fellow mascots on day 1 in Hawaii!

Posted by Tara Altman on January 24, 2013 – 4:44 pm

“Day one is in the books here in paradise and it was an amazing day at that.

“Kicked off the day with a meeting with fellow mascots from all over the NFL to find out what exciting events we would be doing together.

“Getting to know Sir Purr (Carolina), Captain Fear (Tampa Bay), Rowdy (Dallas), Rampage (St. Louis), Staley (Chicago), Blue (Indianapolis), Pat Patriot (New England), Miles (Denver), and T-Rac (Tennessee) has been a great experience not only sharing ideas, but getting to learn from them as well.

“After getting to know the guys at our meeting, it was time for me to explore downtown Honolulu for a while before we had our rehearsal in the afternoon for the Pro Bowl game on Sunday.

“Once we were all finished up with the rehearsal at Aloha Stadium it was time for an old fashioned luau to finish out the evening. Talk about awesome food and entertainment!

“My excitement is continuing to build as the Pro Bowl game draws closer and with each moment I spend with the local community who have graciously welcomed us with open arms.

“Make sure to keep watching my Facebook page as well as for more updates and my activities as the week goes on.

“Best Wishes Detroit, and I’ll keep trying to send some warm weather to you guys!


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