Ford Field FieldTurf installation continues

Posted by Chrissie Wywrot on February 8, 2013 – 9:42 pm

The installation of a new playing surface is continuing at Ford Field.

At the end of 11 days, a significant portion of the field has been laid out, including the visitor’s sideline.

FieldTurf installation

The old playing surface has already been removed, but the Detroit Lions will make some of it available to fans for purchase.

If you are interested in purchasing a piece of the original Ford Field surface, please submit your information!

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6 Responses to “Ford Field FieldTurf installation continues”

  1. By Anthony Miller on Feb 9, 2013 | Reply

    Hey could whoever is in charge of painting the field give us a lil’ more color in the end zones that green end zone just looks so boring to me!!! I like the fact that Indy and Dallas actually color their endzones and it looks nice!! Honolulu blue or silver would look sooooo much better!!! I also notice that teams with field turf don’t usually color the endzones!! It seems like teams don’t mind putting their names in there but don’t want to complete the job with a team color!!! The Bengals are another team that finished their endzones with color!! If we can’t win atleast we could have the nicest most colorful field!! Thats how we did it in Pontiac, we sucked, but we

  2. By Eric M on Feb 9, 2013 | Reply

    I agree the Lions need to make the end zones Honolulu blue with Lions in white.

    The green end zones are boring, especially in a dome.

  3. By frank ribble on Feb 9, 2013 | Reply

    i hope the new surface is safer for the players.

  4. By Tim on Feb 12, 2013 | Reply

    Please paint the endzones!! The Silver dome had such a better look to it because of the endzones. The endzones should stand out. The first memory I have of going to a Lions game is when I walked close enough to the stairs to see the field and that bright Honolulu Blue looked awesome! Please bring back the blue endzones!!

  5. By Randy Pitt on Feb 12, 2013 | Reply

    I had to take a job transfre out of state in late 1980’s to keep my job. I still came
    back for Lions home games as well as bring my children’s friends. (pretty cool
    since I live in NY). They wrote in 1997 a article about best out-of-state Detroit Lions fans. I won aS 1 OF 2 WINNERS,(1 FROM WEST COAST & 1 FROM EAST COAST). I’m ” SO PROUD ” to have so many people in the state of NY wearing LIONS GEAR, FLYING THEIR FLAGS on GAME DAY, & going to Michigan to LIONS GAMES in OUR wonderful DOME STADIUM. To be walking
    around & hear people see me & say, LOOK AT THAT GUY, HIS TEAM IS TERRIBLE YET IS WEARING ALL OF THEIR GEAR HEAD TO TOE!, now that
    is A REAL FAN. I love to brag on them too. I say, we may not have SUPER BOWEL WINS but NOBODY has a prettyier HOME UNIFORM COLOR.. And I
    will put Barry Sanders & Calvin Johnson up against ANYONE IN HISTORY OF
    THE GAME as more exciting players. And more, our LAST TWO STADIUMS
    WERE DOOMED, no sitting in blizard not seeing field or Rain or 30 below zero,
    or 100 degrees. But best of all, NY has 3 teams, with only 1 playing in the state,
    BUFFALO NY, (although last few years a few home games were 100 plus miles away in another country). Can you imagine driving from Detroit to OHIO to see
    your team play? I was totally DISABLED IN WORK ACCIDENT IN 1998 & have
    to lay down on air mattress in back of a SUV & be driven to a game, along with a Hotel stop now to attend a lions game. But what has made me PROUD? (Tears
    are running down my cheeks as I type right now), My Kids go back to LIONS GAMES, takeing not only their kids, (& their friends), but their work friends, boss,
    & neighbors. I have people in SEVERAL CITIES NOW BEING LION FANS &
    FLYING THEIR FLAGS, ITEMS ON THEIR CARS. Yes, one man can make a
    difference. You see, I remember being that little boy going to TIGER STADIUM
    with my big brother & his new UNCLE-IN-LAW, the late, great SONNY ELLIOT
    who was #1 WEATHERMAN IN DETROIT FOR DECADES. And him going up
    to the late great ALEX KARRAS, & he gave to SONNY ELLIOT, who gave to me
    HIS LAST HOME JERSEY HE WORE A A LION & then retired. I have it in a glass case, grass stained, still smells of manlyness I’m sure. HONOLULU BLUE!
    Yes we went 0-16 1 year, yes I slowly walked on crutches from lot to Sadium &
    back, on Morphine & Methodone, but I had ny friends from several states I have met traveling on my job when I worked, & who are now LION FANS TOO.
    The locals can make their cracks, BUT PLEASE SELL ME SOME FIELD TURF
    as it is a piece of the promise land. Yes, we went more than 40 in the desert but
    I see the promise land someday- ” THE SUPER BOWEL “. ps:to those who say they will never win in my lifetime, THEIR WRONG! My Lions won Championship
    the year I was born, 1957, I was alive even if I was a BABY. Thank you for a
    that let me attend some more games while I’m alive to see my HERO’S PLAY
    in wonderfull disabled section for fans.

  6. By Ric Hernandez on Feb 14, 2013 | Reply

    I agree with Anthony the end zones have looked boring ever since Ford Field opened. Whoever is in charge of designing what the field looks like should consider that the entire end zone needs to be colored and have the logo incorporated in it in a more modern way. Also the logo at the 50 yard line needs to be about twice the size. It’s so tiny now and it looks really weak.

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