Detroit Lions at the NFL Scouting Combine: What we took from Day 1

Posted by Chrissie Wywrot on February 22, 2013 – 12:06 am

Jim Schwartz

Day 1 of the NFL Scouting Combine consisted of head coach Jim Schwartz‘s media availability as well as interviews with some of the top offensive line prospects coming out for this year’s NFL Draft.

Schwartz spoke at the podium and then additionally to the local media outside the actual media room.

Key points from Day 1:

Friday’s availability includes Detroit Lions general manager Martin Mayhew, running backs and wide receivers.

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2 Responses to “Detroit Lions at the NFL Scouting Combine: What we took from Day 1”

  1. By Don on Feb 22, 2013 | Reply

    I believe that any of these 3 OL Men would fit perfect for our Team and the Needs that we have. Protection wise With BIG MEN is just what the DR. would order.
    Either as protection for Stafford or opening a hole for whatever RB we must open a hole for.
    As for a CB I believe that we could get one with the 2nd pick that we have.
    Or for the DE that we may or DO need now.
    It is Very hard to Place where to pick anyone when I do not know how many picks we have or what picks we have? Do we have 1 First rd? 1,2nd rd? 2, 3rds? What do we have. I have to say that I am pretty worried with the holes that we have to fill.
    And I just can’t see how we are going to replace all the Players that we have too? WE need Offense, LINEMEN, And we Want a RB,and WR besides all the linemen that we have to have.
    Defense: I would love to get Sammy Hill back and Cory Williams. Very good D-linemen, We Need at least one or two DE’s , and 3 Linebackers signed. and May have to draft one. Then We need 2 CBs, and 2 Safeties.
    I believe it can be done, When is it that we can start signing FAs?
    We have to find a way to sign enough players to different contracts so that we don’t end up with years like this. I hope we can change it enough so that we never have this many FAs contracts coming up at the same time:
    I know that this is a business, And I do not want the players playing for nothing, especially when you never know when or how bad an injury could be. But, I am hoping that not every player is going to want the Moon.especially when we are coming off a 4 and12 record. I am really hoping that Chris Houston gets signed, he should stay a LION! SO should Levy, Justin Durant Louis Delmas, Lawrence Jackson, Sammy Lee Hill, Cory Williams. and Others
    I am hoping that it all works out great and I am still hoping for a Superbowl!

  2. By Ken on Feb 22, 2013 | Reply

    Trading down a few spots is always an option. Some team is desperate for help and trading down will get us more draft picks. We will have to see how things shake out. If no trade options, I say grab an OL. Protect Stafford and help the run game. We can get a DE or LB in the later rounds. Didn’t we draft 3 DB’s last year? Are we counting on any of those guys to contribute? One of the DB’s didn’t even play last year (Greenwood I think). Maybe he surprises us and becomes an all pro? Go Lions.

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