Would Dunta Robinson or John Abraham fit with Lions?

Posted by ttwentyman on March 1, 2013 – 11:06 am

The Atlanta Falcons got some salary off their books Friday with the release of running back Michael Turner, cornerback Dunta Robinson and defensive end John Abraham.

Almost immediately, my Twitter account started to erupt with the questions about all three of these players and a possible future with the Lions.

The two names from that list that could fit the most within some of the Lions’ immediate needs are Abraham and Robinson.

Robinson, 30, was scheduled to make $8 million in base salary in 2013.  He started all 16 games for the Falcons last year with 80 tackles, one interception, eight passes defended and 1.5 sacks.

The nine-year veteran has been a starter dating back to his rookie season in 2004 with the Texans.

He’d be an expensive option for the Lions, who would probably prefer to keep veteran free agent Chris Houston instead. Interestingly, Houston was traded to the Lions in 2010 when the Falcons signed Robinson.

If anything, it doesn’t hurt having another veteran cornerback to flood the market. The more talent available, the lower the asking prices get.

Abraham, 34, was slated to make $4.25 in base salary this upcoming season. He’s closer to the end of his career and would only be a stopgap for the Lions, but the 13-year veteran isn’t showing any signs of his age. He had 10 sacks in 2012 and has a combined 32.5 over the last three seasons.

The Lions will have a need for a veteran edge rusher if Cliff Avril leaves via free agency. The team has already parted ways with veteran Kyle Vanden Bosch.

If anything else, the free agent market just got a little more talented.

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18 Responses to “Would Dunta Robinson or John Abraham fit with Lions?”

  1. By William Bieke on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    We should look at Abraham for a stop-gap 1-3 year deal.

  2. By Kuncara on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    Honestly they both have their perks and they both have been doing great this past season but if i were to choose. Robinson will be the pick we need the back end to be stronger, with a stronger and hungry veteran, and this will open up us to get a good young DE in the draft to have a dominate young front line.

  3. By Nick on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    Turner and Robinson absolutely

  4. By Anthony on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    Robinson would be a GREAT addition to our defensive backfield, if the Lions will spend some of their money on someone who actually has the ability to be productive, but they will probably keep Houston and dump their money down the toilet on some whack third tier D Back or draft one out of Albion college or something.

  5. By Don on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    I wouldn’t mind picking up ALL three of them.
    But the Only thing is that I want Robinson to realize that the Starting cb slot is filled HOPEFULLY! And that he would be 2nd string to Houston NO 1.
    And why no mention of the RB Michael Turner? We need a RB that produces and Turner does just that!
    And as for the DE John Abraham, Sounds like a great Pickup and I agree see you later cliff. I like cliff Avril however I do not believe that he is a TEAM player.

  6. By ShyDog on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    Robinson for sure. Abraham would b great @ the right price. But no way would i want anything to do with Turner. He’s got a ton of miles & on downhill of his career. We need a quick guy with good hands. Get Reggie Bush if he comes at a reasonable price. He’d b a great fit here.

  7. By derekt on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    John abraham yes. Robinson and Turner no. Abraham is affordable and will put up the same numbers as Avril at half the price.

  8. By Shane Fountain on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    Uhmm Turner isnot gonna happen , Robinson and Abraham Should be given a serious look tho they both would fill two major holes in the defense and make the defense almost 100% faster and better then they already are , And yes i believe our defense has some issues but were and are still very talented toboot but if nothing else robinson should be at the least brought it that way we caan develpe ourt young guuys for another year or two , and Abraham well he would repplace van den bosch

  9. By Denny on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    i think john abraham would fit in the lions defense scemes alot more then dunta robertson

  10. By Michigan Man Marvelous on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    Abraham is a stud, and way better then Avril last season. He could save the LIONS from drafting one of these overrated DE’s in the draft,and so the team can secure a DB or a OLineman. 4.5 mil is better then 10 to 12 a year. GOOOOOOO LIONS. The D in Detroit this year stands for Dee Milliner at #5.

  11. By Sam Caulton on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    Both would be great, although I think there are more favourable players out there. I would much rather make a play for DRC at corner instead of Robinson. And as for Abraham, what I’d love to see the Lions do is bring back Vanden Bosch (obviously on a lower salary at his age) to be a mentor for who ever we draft. I’d love to see Margus Hunt at Ford Field next year!

  12. By Eric on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    To Don: Turner thread was worn out in Atlanta, he is nothing more than a third down back up option. We need speed we already have a third down slow back with Mikel. I do like Robinson but he be number one, he is better slightly than Chris Houston. The realms of this happening is low to none. We don’t have the cap space. If Abraham is willing to come here on a one yr deal id take it. He is better than KVB. Avril can leave and go to Cowboys and we should draft Moore or Mingo.

  13. By Paul Johns on Mar 3, 2013 | Reply

    I don’t want turner alreasy have him n better in Leshore hope we can get maybe Decker or DRC draft milliner then jones then best s or c/g avail (depending on where you play jones) not haavein 4th rounder hurts.

  14. By Don on Mar 3, 2013 | Reply

    Shydog, I do agree with the taking of Reggie Bush. He is also what we are looking for in a back that can run and catch out of the backfield. That is the thing about loosing Jahvid Best. He truly was the best RB that I have seen in this city since Barry. Those Concussions hurt everyone.
    I want to see Lawrence Jackson Back also I believe that if he would get the chance at a bigger role to play that he would work at it a lot more. I believe the first year he was here he had 6 sacks and that was playing part time, once a player thinks that he will all way’s be 2nd fiddle then is urge to compete drops a lot. Jackson also likes playing in Detroit and that means a lot too.
    Willie Young, Man I just do not get it? does he pay attn. to coaching? Does he just get so riled up that he misses instead of getting the QB? Does he think about hand placement? This Dude IS HUGE! And He is Fast, he gets into the backfield a lot! and then Grabs the QBs Face mask? WHY? He has The talent, in fact he should be one of the TOP DEs in this league and he ended up with 3 1/2 sacks last year I really don’t like railing anyone. Willie is strong enough and fast enough that he never has to go up top on any of these QBs except maybe Rothlessburger And maybe the New QB in Indy. If he takes them around the Middle and gives them a good Rip one way or the other they are coming down.
    I really Hope that Willie gets it and then we better sign him once he does, and keep him. Long winded again, Sorry.

  15. By Caleb on Mar 3, 2013 | Reply

    Forget Robinson. We dont have enough money to go for a corner via free agency. If we bring back Houston we will already have 5 on the roster. We need to think safety!! Jarius Byrd got tagged so Glover Quinn, and Dashon Goldson are left. How come no one is talking safety this year?!! It is a desperate need and a good safety will make our corners look MUCH MUCH better. A big reason everyone thinks our corners are so bad is bc our safeties are TERRIBLE!! Delmas has what, 2 INT’s in 4 years? That is awful, and Speivey is even worse. Delmas also misses tons of tackles. We NEED a quality safety in run support to replace Speivey and we need a quality ball hawk game changing safety to replace Delmas.

  16. By nighttrain1 on Mar 5, 2013 | Reply

    I keep saying over and over, Leshoure and Bell have the talent to be big-time runners if the Lions just once get real solid run-blockers. The Lions current starting offensive line has proven over and over they can’t block anybody on any team. 2 running plays of 20 + yards all year.

    The secondary is not as bad as people think they are, it’s the defensive scheme. For some reason the Lions seem to think the front 4 can bust through every teams 6 or 7 man blocking unit and don’t need them to blitz at all. 6 or 7 men blocking 4 every team can run on them, the same 6 or 7 blocking the front 4, the QB has time to wait until somebody gets open.

    The corners give every receiver on every team a 5 to 10 yard cushion, so teams 5 yard them all the way downfield.

    The Lions need a few tweaks here and there, but they really do have the team that can win, if the coaches stop playing not to lose and start playing to win.

  17. By Turfmonster on Mar 7, 2013 | Reply

    The secondary is horrible… the linebackers are continually out of position and the wide nine defensive scheme has proven to a bust here in detroit and our def line looks like the normal swiss cheese I’ve been watching for the last 45 yrs.. It’s the same thing.. I’m watching the same football games that I watched 20 yrs or so ago.. That could be Monte Clark or Daryl Rogers coaching still.. The Lions need to draft nothing but defensive backs and linebackers and sign a decent defensive lineman and go with the normal 4-3… They will never be winners until they can hold a team in the 4th quarter and cover receivers.. I heard the word coverage sack only a couple times last year and pay attention to our linebackers, where were they in the Indianapolis games and most other games for that matter… Defense Defense Defense!!! we’ve never had a good top 5 defense and that’s exactly why we never go far in the regular season of the once in a millenium playoff games… Get Abraham and Robinson in here… Freeney and now possibly Dumervil are going to be available.. get one of them atleast Mayhew!!

  18. By PureMichigan on Mar 7, 2013 | Reply

    Lets make it happen. These guys have something to prove. They were a big reason for Atlanta’s Success and they want to get to the Suoerbowl. We can get them there.

    Petigrew, protect the ball. Matt, hit the Gym, work on the short arching pass. The guys are open deliver the ball quicker.

    Defense..Can”t Stop..Won”t Stop..


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